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  1. zecure

    Wish Hoping for AX9 or whatever name you will give it Cliff

    Dear Cliff, dear FAS team, I am a Belgian client owning most of your products. This thread is just to say that I am really looking forward to the next generation of the ax8. I don’t need a smaller version as mentioned on some threads but one that is offering close to the quality of the axe III...
  2. zecure

    For the next AX8 gen : Headphone connection/Bigger preset names

    Probably been said already on other posts but for the next version it would be great to have the potential to connect a headphone. I am tweaking most of my presets that way on my Axe II. For the rest bigger preset names on the LCD screen and I would be a very happy person. Zecure
  3. zecure

    First Gig with the AX8 ... wow !!

    After having played live many times with my axe fx II, I finally gigged twice this weekend with my AX8.... and wow.... it sounded incredible. First of all, I would like to thank AlGrenadine (vive la France) for having created with some developers the Fractool. It transformed my Axe presets...
  4. zecure

    Fx8 need quick advice

    Hi all, Need quick advice on the fx8. May be stupid question but got invite to buy from Sussi. It looks like you need a real amp to use with this unit. Is that true? Is it possible to use it FRFR with matrix amp or active speaker? I understand there are no amps/cabs in the unit and that it is...
  5. zecure

    Axe FX II Mark I getting slower since FW 17

    All, I noticed since FW 17 that my Axe is getting slower. When scrolling through the presets it takes much more time to move from one preset to another one. I have to admit that most of my presets use a lot of CPU (in or around the 90%) and that I tend to have both the Cab and the Reverb...
  6. zecure

    Downtuning with pitch shifter in FW15.. sound not great

    Let me start by saying that FW15 sounds fantastic (after noise problem in FW 15beta being solved ). It all sounds better. So thumbs up for whole FAS team. The only issue I have left is downtuning. I have a few presets (U2 presets) where I use a pitch shifter in front of the chain to...
  7. zecure

    Message to those of you having issues updating presets to fw 11!!

    I have a lot of personal presets and at first i was disappointed when updating from fw11beta to fw 11. The result was that my Patches sounded loud, had clipping, too much distortion on my cleans, too much delay sound etc. if you witness the same dear friends it is my advice to hang in there...
  8. zecure

    After going from 11b to 11 some presets sound loud and have clipping: normal?

    I tweaked all my presets in FW 11b and they sounded great. I updated to FW 11 yesterday and now some (not all) of my presets sound very loud and I get some clipping without having changed my input level. Am i doing something wrong? Is there a quick way to solve this? is it linked to a specific...
  9. zecure

    Newbie question.. filtering out lows and highs on different effects/amp/cab

    Guys, Am a bit unexperienced in filtering out lows and highs in the sound chain. I read a lot about it on internet and it looks like to get a sound right you can put low cuts at about 100hz and high cuts in the upper end of the range. Also with filter and eq, one can boost some mids to make...
  10. zecure

    My first V7 preset : For the gothic fans... Sisters of Mercy : Marian

    All, This is my first V7 preset. I tried to copy the sound of the early Sisters of Mercy days... includes a lot of delay, verb, chorus flanger etc... All feedback welcome off course. Delay is set to go with the song "Marian" (bpm 133, 1/4th delay) from the First and last and always album. I...
  11. zecure

    Nirvana : 4 presets from the Nevermind album

    Hi all, I have tried via tone matching and hours of tweaking to create some Nirvana presets from the Nevermind era: Smells like teen spirit, Polly, Come as you are and lithium. The toughest part for me was to add some decent drive. Anyway hope you will enjoy them and hope you can give me...
  12. zecure

    The Cure : Disintegration album preset

    Hi dudes, Tried to make a preset for the Cure's famous Disintegration album. You can use it for most of the songs. Just need to change the tempo per song as the preset has dotted eight delays. Enjoy. all feedback welcome ! PS : preset created with Fender US 79's reissue stratocaster and...
  13. zecure

    Axe FX II : What's the best combination of effects in order to get a "SLICER" sound

    Guys, proud owner of a new Axe II since a month now and learning every day. I used to be a GT 10 boss guy before and sofar for sure no comparison with the Axe. One thing that I am puzzled about is the slicer effect (which was on the GT10). Has anyone a clue how to create it on the Axe...
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