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  1. steve_k

    FX8 audio throughput

    exactly. thanks....i guess its a line mixer or nothing.
  2. steve_k

    FX8 audio throughput

    Is everything from the input converted and digitized or can the unit as a whole best set to pass an unaltered audio output through it with the mix level of the effects preset being added to?
  3. steve_k

    Cab Pack 7

    Hell yes. Awesome return on $24.95. These are all Mesa Boogie 412 Traditional mixes. Very nice indeed and very useful for me. Steve
  4. steve_k

    Help with Hetfield live tone

    Use mine. It will get you close.....this is for an XL+ and FW19. If you don't have this set up, let me know and I will help you with settings. I am also using Cab Pack 7 MB Traditional mixes (which are awesome). You will have to substitute cabs depending on what you have. Set them to NULL and...
  5. steve_k

    Triaxis L2Y/VH4 and a Het Clean patch

    Triaxis L2Y + VH4. Using the Mesa 412 Trad. Cab Lab 7 cabs (which are awesome BTW). PEQ on the TA and a few other FX for punch (Multi-Comp). Also, a clean patch with the JC120 with a bit of chorus/phase and short delay/verb. Set up direct. But, I am running output 2 thru a Matrix and a...
  6. steve_k

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Public Beta #3

    loaded up 19 beta yesterday. sounds great.....no issues.
  7. steve_k

    Turbosound iQ12 - Anyone checked it out with an AxeFX yet?

    Our band replaced our PA system with the Turbosound gear. I haven't tried the speakers as a stand alone FRFR for the AFX, but as a PA system, it is good gear for the money. I have used the CLR's for a few years now. RCF is still my favorite though for AFX monitoring.
  8. steve_k


    Wonder if she had the right tools?
  9. steve_k

    Offspring Axe-Fx Rig Rundown

    I think if Kevin knew how to take a screenshot or share the patches, he would.....
  10. steve_k

    Het Live Preset

    updated the preset after i found the SATURATION control under the other tab on the IIC+. very nice indeed. re-eq'd the output. also, output 2 i have running to a matrix to a 412 mesa traditional cab.
  11. steve_k

    Het Live Preset

    Dusted off the XL and loaded up FW 19 beta. IIC+ and VH4 Silver both with 412 Mesa Traditional new mix. Using some Fostex headphones. Need to get out the CLR's and check it out. You Will may need to EQ with the EQ block at the end of the chain depending on what you are playing through. Power...
  12. steve_k

    CPU overload with 86% usage

    i try and stay away from dual high res cabs and don't seem to have any problems. they hog the CPU.
  13. steve_k

    Power amp Help

    I haven't looked around lately, but I don't think there's anything out there to compete with the Matrix for power amp duties and letting the Axe FX do its job. Good price point too with all the right connections.
  14. steve_k

    A few words about live sound

    i love it when Chad steps in. Always awesome advice.
  15. steve_k

    Things I've Learned after 3 Days with Axe-Fx

    Head straight for the EQ and get started with great tones and sessions. Take your time on the rest. It will all come together.
  16. steve_k

    Phase inversion

    thanks cliff. so, its an aural illusion then? since that is the case, i think it just a matter of finding and pulling down a frequency or range that may be unwanted using filters. maybe alter the L/R separation too.
  17. steve_k

    Cowboys from Hell Intro

    Anybody got something dialed in for the synth into to Cowboys from Hell? Maybe just a phase and trem block?
  18. steve_k

    Phase inversion

    Sounds like a few have had the same issues. Will just stick to one amp on at a time until I can figure it out.
  19. steve_k

    Story time: Directly into FOH and props from soundguy!

    I just tell them to give me a flat EQ and no FX. I will do the rest....
  20. steve_k

    Phase inversion

    thanks. don't want to go too nerd about it......will try a filter. there's also an invert in the enhancer block. will give them a try. for the delay, yep, i don't think it takes much to flip the phase. - maybe 0.05ms or so. will give one of them a go.
  21. steve_k

    Phase inversion

    Is the Axe so advanced such when running two amps together with odd gain stages that it will actually phase invert the combined output as is the case with a real rig? If so, how to overcome it and invert the phase of one of the amps? Thanks, Steve
  22. steve_k

    Update Amps All Presets vs. Deselect - Reselect method

    confusing, but updating now. initial thoughts though, this has been one of the bigger tone changing FW updates in a long time.
  23. steve_k

    Internal or External Wah?

    More than likely operator error on my part and set up. I use a spring loaded Mission pedal which is convenient with the auto engage. My biggest problem so far with the models is really getting the wah to hit hard like it does up front with an external wah. Seems with the models that the wah is...
  24. steve_k

    Metallica tonematches/patches extravaganza v3.0! (FW15.03)

    So, is anyone else taking Jon's left/right TMA's and saving them as cabs, then combining in one preset? I've been doing that an adding a bit of EQ for a live tone. So far, the Battery TMA's are working out best for a generic Hetfield live tone. When mixing them together though, be aware of some...
  25. steve_k

    Internal or External Wah?

    I am undecided. Both have advantages/disadvantages. What is some of the boards preferences? I kind of like my Dunlop Rack wah and have better luck on the higher gain presets with it. Still trying to dial up the internal one though. Steve
  26. steve_k

    New passive graphic EQ is the $hit

    I use the 4 band in all my presets. One on the DI line at the end of the chain and one on the FXL line going to the power amp/cab. Played Boogie amps so long that the frequency centers are what my ears are accustomed to for reference. Good stuff. Steve
  27. steve_k

    Quickest way back to the Axe FX

    ....is to put together a massive rig. Here's my 3xTriaxis rig, along with a VH4. probably, when I finish wiring it up, I will be right back to the Axe FX....
  28. steve_k

    Mark Five vs Mark IIC+ - John Petrucci Mark IIC+ Comparison

    And, after all that, he has gone back to the Triaxis for the 2014 tour dates.
  29. steve_k

    Metallica tonematches/patches extravaganza v3.0! (FW15.03)

    My weekend will be spent.....thanks!
  30. steve_k

    New Axe-Fx II Driver for Windows (Public Beta)

    People actually still use Windows?
  31. steve_k

    XL FW15 MB Red/Plexi Tone Stack - USA Clean

    Bad ass DI rig I have been working on using FW15 for XL. Recto Red Modern 2 with a Plexi tonestack. Stereo #149 cabs with 421 mics. Multi-comp shaping the output and a few filters to cut some of the bottom and top end. Delay/Verb and 3 outs to the Output mixer. The Y side of the amp is the...
  32. steve_k

    Factory Preset Banks

    I deleted all the presets on my XL. Didn't realize that selection actually deleted ALL presets.....but, I never used anything loaded from the factory anyway, and all my personal presets I use my own template. Loaded my own presets back up and working on new ones..... BTW, FW15 is great. Best...
  33. steve_k

    FW15 - Backwards Compatibility Compromises Development?

    I want my cake and to eat it to. No........ FW15 is the best to date when building fresh presets in it. No need to go backwards.
  34. steve_k

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.00 Public Beta

    I don't spend much time obsessing on whether this amp model sounds like the real thing. Knowing what I want to hear, I just pick a decent amp model to start with and make it sound better. As a matter of fact, when I get done, everything sounds like a Mark IIC+...hahaha. Either way, the beauty of...
  35. steve_k

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.00 Public Beta

    Really liking the new variable Q's on the amp block GEQ and GEQ blocks. Just what the doctor ordered.........
  36. steve_k

    FAS 6160 with Bogfish Tonestack

    ^^^ oh, for XL....
  37. steve_k

    FAS 6160 with Bogfish Tonestack

    Working on this preset using the FAS 6160 with Bogfish Tonestack. Check it out. Using F149 and F159 stereo cabs with 421 mics. Could of filter blocks in there if needed for bottom control. Steve
  38. steve_k

    A monitor for serious live use

    I had a pair of RCF NX12SA's prior to my CLR's. Wish I had them back. Loud, flat, punchy and clear. Another plus on the cosmetic side was that the control was on the sides as opposed to the back and they have Neutrik power connectors. Will keep some schmuck from in front of the stage...
  39. steve_k

    VH4 Channel 3/4 Preset for XL

    Been tweaking on this preset for myself. X amp is VH4 Ch. 3 and Y amp is Ch. 4. Stereo OH Mark 412 V30 cabs with 421 mics. A few FX for affect.....
  40. steve_k

    About the Axe-Fx II XL

    Today? No. Maybe soon though. I posted this in another thread and Cliff responded and is having the programmers looking into it. I am sure it won't be long until we get an Axe Edit and Fractal Bot update to handle this.
  41. steve_k

    How to Axe Change XL presets?

    Thanks Cliff.
  42. steve_k

    About the Axe-Fx II XL

    I have an XL and a MkII. So far, everything is compatible from II to XL. The one thing I have found though is that XL sys. files are 13KB, instead of the usual 6KB. Axe Change will not allow files this size. Neither will this website. So, exchanging files created on n XL is a bit limited for...
  43. steve_k

    How to Axe Change XL presets?

    Bot or Axe Change will not handle the new 13KB sys files for XL. The forum will not handle the file attachments either.....
  44. steve_k

    Fractal Bot saving file sizes @13KB

  45. steve_k

    Fractal Bot saving file sizes @13KB

    Saving presets. TMA + cabs. But, it is the same for either my own presets or Fractal presets. All are coming over 13KB. /s/
  46. steve_k

    Fractal Bot saving file sizes @13KB

    Anyone else have this problem? I am using 2.0.2 for Mac and my Axe XL. Files are all coming over to my computer at 13KB.
  47. steve_k

    TMA of my IIC+

    Was going to put it here, but they have files limited to 12KB. WTF? It's on Facebook...... Steve
  48. steve_k

    Guitar volume roll-off

    Not when the pot is being turned. At low volume. Thanks for the replies but I need to be looking deeper than that.
  49. steve_k

    Guitar volume roll-off

    Still trying to sort this on a couple of presets. Guitar volume roll-off on some of the mid-higher gain presets I am working with results in a bit of scratchiness and crackle. Is there a target parameter to go after in the amp set up or is it more an impedance issue between Axe and guitar...
  50. steve_k

    TMA's using a Two Notes Torpedo Live

    Those are very valid points on the GEQ of the actual amp. I can try it both ways and see what comes best. While we are on the subject of the IIC+, here's a couple of things with their EQ and trying to achieve "that" tone. The frequency centers of 80/240/750/2200/6600 on the faceplate are not...
  51. steve_k

    TMA's using a Two Notes Torpedo Live

    Will certainly share both of them...... Thanks for the info Cliff.
  52. steve_k

    Mark IIC+ difference from FW13 to FW14

    Or, just add the text in the pop up window that comes up telling you to shut down for 5 seconds and restart.
  53. steve_k

    TMA's using a Two Notes Torpedo Live

    Gonna set up to so some TMA's of some of my tube amps using the TNTL. Should be easy enough with the line level compensated output of the TNTL. But, does anyone have any experience or pointers? Going to get me some true Mark IIC+ TMA's and some with my Fortin NATAS as well as some good...
  54. steve_k

    Headphones usage

    I find open back headphones to be a much clearer representation of the Axe FX through a live system for tweaking. I was using Grado's but recently changed to Audeze LCD2's. Both are great (and pricey) but I spend so much time with them on, I figured what the hell. The Audeze are a little flatter...
  55. steve_k

    "Correct" EQing techniques

    Excellent advice here and I was doing something similar, by chance. For the few patches that I like to use, I save 3 versions of them......1) DI + Amp/Cab, 2) Headphone Noodling, 3) Desktop Monitors. Each will have a PEQ at the end of the chain to alter EQ for the different output device. Steve
  56. steve_k

    Poll, Would you buy a relic, or distressed looking new guitar

    This is a question that many trolls post on about every forum. Same answers by some douchebag on each forum.
  57. steve_k

    Welcome Robin Finck!

    Awesome news indeed!
  58. steve_k

    Question for M@ or Cliff

    Any interest in designing a small footprint Fractal branded plug and play controller with only a row of presets or Scene switches and a bank up/down and LED window? Many of us, including myself, do not need all the IA switches and are set up in Scenes for switching. I find the switches being too...
  59. steve_k

    6 Big Rig Presets ->Power Amp/Cab + FOH

    Made these all from a template I generated that I really like. FX Loop in the preset to send to my Matrix power amp and out to two Bogner 412 cabs. DI to the FOH via output 1. Cabs in the DI are stereo Ultra Hi Res OH 412 Marshall V30. Both the DI and the out to the cab have a PEQ to adjust tone...
  60. steve_k

    Who has gone FRFR and prefers the sound?

    FRFR without a doubt. The simplicity and quality of DI is amazing.
  61. steve_k

    Harmonizer settings for Blackened Intro

    Anyone ever played with the intelligent harmonizer and the intro to Blackened. Try to find some decent settings. I had them wrote down when I was using an Intellifex, but lost the paper. Seems like it was 3 down and 3 up +/- a few cents. But, having a hard time getting it right. Thanks, Steve
  62. steve_k

    Dual Delay and FOH

    That's the numbers I was looking for. Thanks.........
  63. steve_k

    Dual Delay and FOH

    What are you experiences with the Dual Delay and time setting for L and R into the FOH for general purpose lead work. Toying with the timings of 500/250 m sec. Any magic number or recognizable delay time that is in the sweet spot? Tempo is off. Thanks, Steve
  64. steve_k

    I'm on the fence. Convince me...

    I am on my 3rd go around with the Axe FX and as the saying goes, the 3rd time's a charm. I own two of them now. One for the house and one in the rack. I quit being concerned about TMA's and trying to copy a certain musician's tone and started dialing in my own until I have found a template that...
  65. steve_k

    BBE Sonic Maximizer

    Or, another option on some amps is to run the block with the SAT on and open the "bright" control a bit to let the amp breaths. It will behave much the same way.
  66. steve_k

    BBE Sonic Maximizer

    I used to run a BBE in the loop of some of my amps. It runs more subtle there and behaves much like a parametric EQ. So, as a matter of fact, on the Axe FX, I place a PEQ after the amp block with very slight boosting of the frequency bands to bring out whatever it is in the amp you want to hear...
  67. steve_k

    Blackmachine B2 Tonematch

    I have 4 of them. Two B2's and two B6's. They are all different, but they all have different PU's. The B6's are going to have a more traditional rock tone and I end up playing them most. The B2's are a little more tight and controlled. With the B2's, Doug used so many different wood...
  68. steve_k

    Another Papa Het Preset

    VH4/Lead 2 Yellow. Cabs are stereo Hi-Res OH 412 Marshall V30 with 421 mics. Compressor in front of the VH4. Lead 2 Yellow with a PEQ with V parameters as per the IIC+ freqs. Engage the vol pedal at the end of the chain for boost. The VH4 has been tweaked but the Mesa has stock settings. I think...
  69. steve_k

    Iron Maiden Somewhere In Time V2.0

    Nice man. Sounds great in the headphones. Since you are a Maiden fan, have you worked up a good preset with scenes for The Number of the Beast tone? Post it up if you have, or can please! Thanks, Steve
  70. steve_k

    Parameter Elimination

    I like the thunk tighten things up a bit when needed.
  71. steve_k

    VH4/IIC+ Preset

    Thanks buddy!
  72. steve_k

    Axe-Fx II fw14 Released!

    I knew it was Operator Error! Reloaded and updated all presets....duh. Change the Global Noise Gate offset to 0. It's all good now.
  73. steve_k

    Axe-Fx II fw14 Released!

    Seems like a lot changed with it. Presets got a bit muddy and clipped sounding. Went right back to 13.07. Although, it could have been a short between the seat and the keyboard....Will wait and see what I may have been doing wrong with it or didn't approach it in the right way.
  74. steve_k

    Metallica tonematches/patches extravaganza v2.0!

    Jon - any way to combine the left and right TMA's into one preset?
  75. steve_k

    Metallica tonematches/patches extravaganza v2.0!

    Man, you need to be summoned immediately to Metallica HQ. Some of these patches are great. Awesome job. Steve
  76. steve_k

    Metallica using Axe Fx's on stage!

    Hot damn. This is a great day for FAS and me personally. Thanks for all the info Chad.
  77. steve_k

    VH4/IIC+ Preset

    Thanks. Yeah, with the stereo mix it gives a bit of delay in the left and right sides. Fairly wide image for a single guitar band. With the chorus off, some of that goes away. I've worked on several configurations of the FX, but it was the amps I was dialing in more than anything. Whether...
  78. steve_k

    VH4/IIC+ Preset

    OH Marshall 412 V30's mic'd with 421's.
  79. steve_k

    VH4/IIC+ Preset

    Been working on this a while and using it a lot. Pretty much the only preset I use. Load it up and check it out. I just flip a few of the FX on and off. Sounds great in FOH. Anyway, feedback appreciated. VH4/IIC+ amp models tweaked and GEQ's up front. Ultra Hi-Res cabs. No TMA. Thanks, Steve
  80. steve_k

    TAF "The Legends" UltraRes IR OUT NOW!

  81. steve_k

    Any RCF NX12 users left ?

    Did you not find the CLR's sounding more scooped in comparison to the RCF? Not bagging on the CLR. Maybe they need to be broken in more. At present though, I cannot EQ to them and get a FOH tone that is dialed in right. Maybe I am doing it all wrong!
  82. steve_k

    Any RCF NX12 users left ?

    I find the RCF's much nearer to the tone being sent to the FOH when setting up and EQ patches for use as stage monitors.
  83. steve_k

    Any RCF NX12 users left ?

    Wish I had mine back. Got these Atomic CLR's and not too happy with them.
  84. steve_k

    MFC 101 MkIII Help

    I bought a used MFC101 MkIII. Connected via Ethercon and when it started up, it showed $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ across the screen. IA's and presets lit up and worked. Went through the FW update and Fractal Bot showed updated properly but still a screen full of $$$$$$$ signs and nothing...
  85. steve_k

    Thin lead sound question

    The use of filters in your patches will work wonders. Good thread.
  86. steve_k

    2nd Mark II coming....

    I am lazy......cough.
  87. steve_k

    2nd Mark II coming....

    Finally, my email came yesterday and my number was up on the Mark II. Order placed....Now I don't have to keep dragging one out of my rack and into the house and changing settings all the time. Looking forward to having a pair of Axes again. Thanks Matt and Cliff...... Steve
  88. steve_k

    Fourth time...the charm?

    Cliff loves us. I am on my 3rd one....
  89. steve_k

    Musikmesse 2014

    Finally getting to go this year. Who's going? Any Fractal Audio representation? Steve
  90. steve_k

    Line/Mic level pad

    ah......ok! thanks chris.
  91. steve_k

    What happened to Copy 1 -> 2 in I/O

  92. steve_k

    What happened to Copy 1 -> 2 in I/O

    Where did it go after the FW13 update?
  93. steve_k

    Line/Mic level pad

    Needing to pad the line level signal from Axe to the FOH consoles that don't have a pad reduction. What are you using? Thanks......
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