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  1. adew

    MUSE FULL DISCOGRAPHY ON GUITAR [Quantum 2.01][Andre Antunes]

    Wonderful stuff, Andre. Loved it! Now, about those presets... :)
  2. adew

    invite to buy fx8

    Plus she mentioned that a larger batch is due "very soon", and that they expect that it will take a few weeks to clear the wait list. Seems like rather good news.
  3. adew

    I have a bizarre urge...

    Update: I'm now a proud owner of a Roland V-Drum kit! Took a couple of hours to set it all up, not because it's particularly difficult but, not being a drummer, I didn't really know the optimum positioning for the pads, bass drum and hi-hat. I also didn't know anything about setting the bass...
  4. adew

    My gain staging was totally messed up tonight - CLR wedge

    Unless I've misunderstood your post, I think you're mixing up two things: gain-staging of the CLRs, and levelling of presets. The former you should only need to do one time, once you've got your presets levelled, not on a preset by preset basis (we're talking about a band situation, yes?) I do...
  5. adew

    Perhaps AxeFx meaning of "preset" could be defined better?

    I have some sympathy with the OP's point. Interesting to note that the vast majority of people responding in this thread have high post counts, therefore are well versed in the terminolgy used and hardly likely to respond positively to the OP. Personally, I find "preset" infers something that...
  6. adew

    Active or passive FRFR speaker/s?

    I have two active CLR wedges. With hindsight, I wish I had bought passive wedges and a Matrix amp for more flexibilty. YMMV
  7. adew

    How many presets do you use?

    This is what I wrote in a recent, similar thread: Just to add: - Effectively, the main reason for one preset = one song is to have the tempo programmed at preset level, and no two songs have exactly the same tempo. - Balancing levels is very simple for me as I only use one amp and it's a...
  8. adew

    40 Synth presets available to download!

    Amazing stuff, Simeon. Thanks! Donation sent!
  9. adew

    POLL: How do you use your Axe-FX live?

    Poll choices are a little confusing - are we talking about FOH only or FOH+monitoring? If the latter, the choices are a little limited (as evidenced by several previous replies). It's a fun poll, but I'm not sure I would rely on its results, OP, to help you decide what will work best for you...
  10. adew

    I have a bizarre urge...

    That's an interesting perspective, which I hadn't thought about. Cool! Absolutely agree. Although I didn't really enjoy being "forced" to learn piano as a kid, I have been eternally grateful for that ever since I started to take guitar and music seriously in my twenties. Yes! :lol
  11. adew

    I have a bizarre urge...

    That's great info, Strumzilla. Thanks! :encouragement:
  12. adew

    I have a bizarre urge...

    I was waiting for that. :lol
  13. adew

    I have a bizarre urge...

    Haha! :) You're right - showing him would be much better, lol. I think anything that stretches the depth of one's musical experience is a good thing. :encouragement:
  14. adew

    CLR active wedge - too bassy?

    Finally got some quality time with my CLRs at band volume this evening, and spent a couple of hours listening to pre-recorded stuff and my presets. Yes, I think there is some room effect going on, as mounting them on stands and flicking the eq switch to FF vastly reduced the boominess I was...
  15. adew

    CLR Active Cab noise: Is it normal?

    Spent the evening playing through my CLRs at volume - yes, there's hiss with the settings I mentioned in my earlier post in this thread (CLR master at noon, input at 2 o'clock, Axe output around 11 o'clock). Not excessive by any means and really only noticeable within a couple of feet of the...
  16. adew

    I have a bizarre urge...

    Thanks for the encouragement! I'm sure you're right on all those points. Funnily enough, if I listen to favourite tracks by artists I love, I generally have the urge to do "air drums" rather than "air guitar", lol. On a slightly more serious note, being the principal writer in the various...
  17. adew

    I have a bizarre urge...

    Excellent! My motivation is similar to yours. Did you teach yourself or did you have a teacher, or do online courses? If the latter, any recommendations? (There seems to be a lot out there, so I'm sure the quality varies a little.)
  18. adew

    I have a bizarre urge...

  19. adew

    I have a bizarre urge...

    ...to learn how to play drums. Am I mad? :? :mrgreen Anyone taken up drums or a different instrument at a "mature" age? If so, what was your experience?
  20. adew

    New Blacktop Tele, buzzes when not touching pickups or controls plate

    Not a recent article, but full of good troubleshooting tips: Sound On Sound - Minimising noise in electric guitar rigs.
  21. adew

    Marshall-esque amps for high gain tones?

    Thanks for the tip - I've been hankering after JCM2000 tones recently, so I'll give the Atomica a go.
  22. adew

    Dialling in speaker resonant frequency

    I just re-read Cliff's Tech Notes - About Speaker LF Resonance thread. I agree with you, RDH, the +10Hz "rule" seems to be completely out of whack for 4x12s and probably 2x12 closed back cabs. I also agree that "do it by ear" isn't always very helpful advice - certainly with this subject.
  23. adew

    Dialling in speaker resonant frequency

    I asked the same question in the Amp Speaker Page matched to cab? thread but, as it sank without trace, here it is again. In that thread, during discussion of dialling in the low resonant frequency in the Amp block Speaker tab, Simeon mentioned this: What is the rationale for adding 10Hz to...
  24. adew

    Demo IR's (BigBox)

    Worked for me. Thanks!
  25. adew

    IR Capture Guide 2015

    Any recommendations for the "speaker level di box" mentioned in the IR Capture guide (method 2)? Thanks.
  26. adew

    CAB block frequency range?

    Yes, that's clear. However, I'm not comparing with amp in the room, I'm talking about a comparison with a miked amp/cab. But the point is that the useless bass isn't produced to this extent by a guitar cab (assuming room acoustics, master volume setting, amp eq, ,etc, being equal). So, why, if...
  27. adew

    CAB block frequency range?

    Excellent question. I want to know the answer to this too.
  28. adew

    Amp Speaker Page matched to cab?

    Why +10Hz? Thanks.
  29. adew

    Just about to give up with my CLR

    Mike, There were some good suggestions in my CLR active wedge - too bassy? thread.
  30. adew

    Blue Mo-Fi Headphone review.

    In my experience, my presets which sound good at volume through FRFR don't sound as marvellous through my headphones, even good ones like the Mo-Fi (which I own). I actually have a couple of "headphones" presets for home practice/jamming, with stero delay, enhancer, etc, for a more enjoyable...
  31. adew

    CLR active wedge - too bassy?

    Good point. There was quite a bit of discussion about this in a recent thread, although that seemed to conclude that the differences would not be that great. Absolutely! However, I think you understand the point I was making that, ideally, accurate modelling combined with good quality IRs...
  32. adew

    CLR active wedge - too bassy?

    Sure, I do some of this already. However, that always raises a little niggle in my mind which is this: if the amp modelling is accurate (which I have no reason to query), and latest generation Ultrares IRs are accurate, why do I have to make such drastic eq-ing of the bottom end? I don't have...
  33. adew

    CLR active wedge - too bassy?

    Thanks. Indeed, could be a room issue. I'm going to try them in FF mode next time I'm at my rehearsal space and will report back.
  34. adew

    Serious Wireless Woes

    It's to do with national frequency licensing, not what's plugged into it. For the UK, take a look here Shure UK - ULXD4 Receiver.
  35. adew

    FX8 relay switching with Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster

    You've got a couple of options, either 2 TRS to TS Y-cables (long enough to reach from your FX8 to your amp), or MIDI via something like the RJM Mini Amp Gizmo and an interface cable to connect to the amp's footswitch port. The cable option is cheaper. Set up/tear down time is probably no...
  36. adew

    Finding User Cabs that are used in Axe FX II

    I've always thought that it would be great to track that somehow, especially when I clean up my user cabs from time to time to make room for new ones, and quite often end up moving a cab and then wondering why my preset sounds different. I end up scribbling notes on pieces of paper - which I...
  37. adew

    CLR active wedge - too bassy?

    I'm struggling with overpowering bass with my presets running through CLR active wedges, and wonder whether I would be better off using them in FF position (ie on poles), or whether my AxeFX preset-making skills are crap. Given the overwhelmingly positive opinions on CLRs, I suspect the latter...
  38. adew

    CLR Active Cab noise: Is it normal?

    If my active CLRs have their masters at max, I get hiss. Difficult to say whether it is the same level as yours though. As someone posted earlier, you don't have to run the masters at maximum. I use mine in a band environment with the input levels at around 2 o'clock and masters at halfway, with...
  39. adew

    Tuner issues

    Agree re neck pickup. I also like to back off the volume pot to half or so and hit the strings lightly. Remember, that with the MFC there is some latency, hence (as mentioned earlier) it is important to pluck and wait for the tuning indicator to settle before hitting again or turning a...
  40. adew

    Pretty quiet here, don't you think?

  41. adew

    My cover band "Roughhouse" Live - Part 2

    Guitar sounds good. Anyone playing classic Cult songs gets my thumbs up! :encouragement:
  42. adew

    Pretty quiet here, don't you think?

    Sales. 8) PS: CK - what happened to that Diezel cab you (kind of) promised us a while ago? [/kidding - sort of] Oops, wrong forum! lol
  43. adew

    What amp for the most neutral sound?

    Does your Fishman preamp have a balanced XLR line out? If so, perhaps try connecting this to the rear panel Input 1 rather than front panel. I would be tempted to run with the Tube Pre, no cab block, then maybe COMP, GEQ(s) for tone-shaping and null Filter blocks for level matching between the...
  44. adew

    Romeo Rose - Libel and Slander against FAS

    I think Chris should have communicated his chat logs privately to FAS and not on this forum. I don't see anything positive coming out of this type of thread at all, except a "pile on", which is exactly what the subject thrives on. Although the innocent party, I think this type of discussion...
  45. adew

    Dual Delay in mono

    Got it! Thanks. :encouragement:
  46. adew

    Dual Delay in mono

    It's been a long time since I ran my AxeFX in mono (Output 1 Copy L>R), and seem to have forgotten some basics. So, a question about Dual Delay pan parameters. When outputting in mono, should I be setting L and R Pan parameters in the DLY block to 0% (they default to -100% and 100%...
  47. adew

    Wow, so cool!

    Ha! Incredible! :)
  48. adew

    Amp Speaker Page matched to cab?

    Thanks, Rex, for your detailed explanation. Am I correct in saying that the Amp block speaker impedance curve is an idealised curve? Or is it based on a particular speaker? What I'm getting at (and I think you've explained this but I'm still struggling a bit, lol) is that, ideally, the Amp...
  49. adew

    Where to buy ATOMIC CLR in EUROPE?

    This AXM-12A looks a very interesting alternative for us in Europe. Based on the photos on Dynacord's site, seems rugged, and the specs appear to be good. The Sound On Sound review gave it high marks too, though they were looking at it more in a traditional PA application rather than as guitar...
  50. adew

    Line 6 launches a AX8 like Modelling Processor.

    Looks stunning, IMO. The scribble strips and overall UI look great, too. Looking forward to hearing it in action.
  51. adew

    Stuck in a hotel room with my Axe and some headphones...

    I always use stereo output when practicing with headphones - much more enjoyable experience.
  52. adew

    Walk me through how you use scenes

    Just a suggestion, but for those Delay blocks which are identical except for Mix and tempo, you could use a Global block then save the tempo in the preset and use a Scene Controller for managing the Mix parameter. As I say, just a suggestion.
  53. adew

    iLok Registrations Woes

    This. I had a similar issue when requesting to reset my iLok password. I think it took 12 hours or so to receive the email from iLok. Anyway, glad it's sorted!
  54. adew

    Strange noise when switching between scenes

    When I use Delay in parallel I set Mix to 100% (to kill all dry signal) and dial in the amount of delay with the Input Gain. Obviously, you need to cable it in parallel in the grid.
  55. adew

    I have a new girlfriend and she's called Tucana

    Yek, What are your Cab preferences for the Tucana? Thanks.
  56. adew

    Walk me through how you use scenes

    For my originals band, I work on the principle of one song = one preset. Each song's preset is based on the same template of WAH > COMP > PHASER > DRIVE > AMP > PEQ > CAB > DELAY > FIL. My MFC is set up with Bank Size 0 and the bottom row of IA's mapped to Scenes 1 to 5. Rather than using...
  57. adew

    Amp Speaker Page matched to cab?

    Very interesting topic. I have always struggled to understand (despite reading the relevant part of the User Manual many times) what, exactly, the Amp Speaker tab is all about. Re-reading the Manual, it says "These parameters shape the virtual speaker impedance curve and the resulting resonances...
  58. adew

    iLok Registrations Woes

    Are you talking about receiving the activation code from FAS? I received mine about 1 hour after purchase and logging into iLok (with an existing account). Not sure whether this helps or not.
  59. adew

    Where to buy ATOMIC CLR in EUROPE?

    I think they only sell direct.
  60. adew

    Where to buy ATOMIC CLR in EUROPE?

    Online via their web store: Atomic Amps Store | Purchase Amplifire & CLR Monitors. There is a specific link on that page for European customers.
  61. adew

    Problem editing Modifier Parameters. Bug?

    Not sure if this is an actual bug or lack of understanding on my part... I notice when opening the Modifier panel for a parameter, AE doesn't let you enter numerical values for the top row of modifier parameters (ie Start, End, Min, Max). With any other parameter in this panel, it is possible...
  62. adew

    Muse - "Reapers" Video

    You're welcome! :encouragement:
  63. adew

    Muse - "Reapers" Video

    Sorry to make you even more jealous (lol) but it was one of the best concerts I've seen, and even older stuff like Hysteria, New Born and Stockholm Syndrome sounded fresh and full of energy. They already are Fractalites - Matt uses AxeFX2 for some FX (but Kemper for amp sounds). However, I...
  64. adew

    Muse - "Reapers" Video

    Thanks for posting. Great track which repays repeated listening, IMO. Saw them live at Sonisphere Festival here in Switzerland this weekend, and I can say that this song is even better live. Great to hear (and see) Matt Bellamy showing off his guitar skills in a flashier fashion than usual...
  65. adew

    Share Your Delays

    Did you see this thread?
  66. adew

    Recti & VH4 blue + Diezel IR`s from the cabIR.eu DZ-212FL-G12K100 - Preset incl.

    Sounds good. Shame the presets are XL... PS: Whilst I'm in a grumpy mood, lol, please kill the music on autoplay on cabir.eu. I don't think anyone does autoplay anymore. :)
  67. adew

    Atomic CLR problem

    I had the same problem with one of my CLRs - tweeter cutting out intermittently and unpredictably. After some to-ing and fro-ing by email, Tom King talked me through removing the amp to check the connections, all of which seemed fine and were seated properly at both board and speaker end...
  68. adew

    X32 mixer and in ears

    Anthony, I'd love to see some photos of your band's X32 / In Ears rig. Cheers!
  69. adew

    Simple Lighting Rig help?

    Take a look at this thread. Lots of good info here.
  70. adew

    AOTK: Week 2 EURO UBER (based on Bogner Uberschall)

    It's on AxeChange Axe-Change - Download 4x12 - AXE-II-a 4x12 Metal - by swasshole, assuming that this is THE "4x12 Metal" IR that was popular at one time.
  71. adew

    Clark Kent Job - First Time (Official Music Video) [CHECK OUT MY BAND]

    Not quite my style of stuff, but really well done - catchy song, well recorded and mixed, great video! :eagerness:
  72. adew

    Eb with a mission pedal?

    The digitech Drop pedal sounds great in the demos I've seen on YT, but I think the best solution is to have a second guitar tuned to Eb. OP, presumably you were a gigging musician before you got your Axe FX, so how were you handling different tunings in the past?
  73. adew

    Question (hope its not a stupid one)

    Doesn't this indicate Global Amp Block 2?
  74. adew

    Positioning for gig volume tweaking

    The answer probably depends on whether you're running FRFR, direct to FOH, amp+cab, and any combination thereof. I'm dialling in for direct-to-FOH, so I use two CLRs, positioned as floor wedges about 8 feet apart or so, and I stand in the sweet spot in front and between them, ie on-axis, about...
  75. adew

    Forum Section Idea - Support vs Discussion

    Is there truly a problem with "real" support questions going unanswered? It seems to me these are answered very quickly with little "noise". The problem with a Support vs Discussion split is that the line between these is very blurred, which means someone has to define where that line is and...
  76. adew

    Share your rig video

    Agreed! Really good video - thanks for putting it together! Interesting to see different approaches, for example not using scenes (at least not in the featured presets). So, a question Rosh, what do you do if a song needs to switch between a super clean, rock rhythm and lead sound? Do you build...
  77. adew

    some U2

    Great sounds and playing, Edo. Like it! :encouragement:
  78. adew

    Source for Professional Backing Tracks?

    Hmmm. Just bought my first multitrack from Song Galaxy and I'm rather underwhelmed. I honestly do prefer the ones I've purchased from KV. FWIW, YMMV, etc, etc.
  79. adew

    Source for Professional Backing Tracks?

    I'm a fan of karaoke-version.com and find (for the songs I'm interested in) that the tracks are good quality and sound authentic. Very easy to download individual parts or do you own custom mix. I tend to download the individual parts and then do my own mix in Logic.
  80. adew

    Anyone tune down a 1/2 step? re-tweek presets?

    OP, Is this something you notice live, or in recordings? If the latter, perhaps you could post a couple of clips to illustrate what you're hearing. I use my patches with LP style guitars tuned to either E standard, Eb standard or drop D, and have not felt the need to tweak my sounds. Once...
  81. adew

    Line 6 G90 users: still like?

    My comment was based on my personal experience and may not apply to all. It's not a consistent thing and there could be other factors. Also, in a typical 3 hour band rehearsal, I'm talking about one or two glitches during that entire period. So, let me re-state: the G90 has worked fine for me...
  82. adew

    Teach me about DMX lighting systems

    @mwd I've been playing around with the Showbuddy demo and have watched their tutorial vids. However, it seems a bit of a performance to align MIDI chunk messages with the backing track. At least in a DAW there are bar/beat markers to help do this. Am I missing something, or is it always a...
  83. adew

    Teach me about DMX lighting systems

    For a relatively simple set up, that looks really effective. Cool!
  84. adew

    Connecting Iphone and guitar at the same time

    Just to clarify - yes, I have to turn down the guitar (or up the ipad) in the Output mixer to get a decent mix. Generally, I'm cutting the guitar by 10 to 12 dB in the Output block. I posted about this a few months ago, and Cliff's response that this level difference is normal with consumer...
  85. adew

    Line 6 G90 users: still like?

    Had the G90 for almost 4 years now. Generally, solid as a rock, and tonewise no issues at all. However, I do get occasional drop outs, either because I'm too close to the receiver, or with wifi at one of the places we play quite regularly. I replaced the guitar/belt pack cable with good quality...
  86. adew

    Teach me about DMX lighting systems

    Good to know. Thanks!
  87. adew

    Atomic Amps - Tom King won't return my amp - IT'S BEEN A YEAR!!!

    Obviously, I don't know the ins and outs of the OP's case, but I don't think it is odd - based on my own experience. If you want to know why, you can PM me, no problem.
  88. adew

    Teach me about DMX lighting systems

    Good point, which I hadn't thought about. Ha ha! I see what you mean, but I have seen a couple of local bands using this kind of set up and they didn't look too ghoulish. (We're a little ghoulish ourselves, so no worries there, lol) Most of the places we play have some kind of overhead...
  89. adew

    Teach me about DMX lighting systems

    Really useful posts from everyone - thanks!
  90. adew

    Teach me about DMX lighting systems

    Clive, Thanks so much for your detailed reply. (Great pics too!) Ha ha! Good question. :) I've seen some examples of very effective use of a few moving head lights, either on the floor or on flight cases near the rear of the stage, that really add to the visual experience. Sounds like...
  91. adew

    Teach me about DMX lighting systems

    This is related (a little) to this thread discussing backing tracks. The discussions in that thread about Showbuddy got me thinking about putting together a small lighting rig to give our stage a bit more pizzaz. However, knowing nothing about lighting, Google gives a bewildering array of...
  92. adew

    Atomic Amps - Tom King won't return my amp - IT'S BEEN A YEAR!!!

    :o I can imagine your frustration. I don't normally like this type of thread, as all the facts are rarely given and people pile in. However, I'm still waiting for a reply from Atomic about a longstanding issue with one of my CLRs. Communication does not seem to be their strong point.
  93. adew

    Running live backing tracks

    Showbuddy looks interesting, though the MIDI event editor seems a little cumbersome compared to (say) the Logic event editor. How is it in use? Stable, etc? Thanks.
  94. adew

    Running live backing tracks

    Thanks for that. Very useful! I was also wondering about connecting the Axe's Midi In and ethernet ports simultaneously, so that I can also use the MFC-101. Apparently this is possible, though I've yet to try it.
  95. adew

    MIDI In and Ethernet possible?

    Thanks! So what I want to do should be possible.
  96. adew

    MIDI In and Ethernet possible?

    For live use I want to send MIDI from Ableton (MacBook Pro) to control AxeFX scene changes and X/Y states, and have the MFC-101 connected via ethernet for manual intervention as needed. Is it possible to use the MIDI In and Ethernet ports at the same time? If not, any suggestions how I can...
  97. adew

    Running live backing tracks

    I'd love to know about this too. How did you set it up?
  98. adew

    FW18b G3 Ownhammer V3 Marshall TV cab demo! Les Paul, Friedman HBE!

    I always enjoy your stuff, GJon. Sounds great! :encouragement:
  99. adew

    Fw 18 Dizzy Silver Ch 3 [FIXED]

    I'm sure I saw somewhere, buried in the Beta release thread, that bugs should be reported in the Bugs Forum, ie here.
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