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    Neverland by Dryland Marillion Tribute played with a Axe FX3

    Bit pitchy at times both vocally and guitar. Sorry for the neg feedback but go back and have a good listen.
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    Live videos from my last gig

    Excellent playing and recording
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    2 Minute Jams | #03 | Aurora

    Can you post that preset please
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    "Hope" by Stel Andre

    Can I purchase this preset separately from your bundle which seems to be the only thing on your website. Thanks nickxmix
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    I Just Play #6 - Ibanez AS83 - FM3 : Marshall Plexi 1970 🎸

    Fabulous sound playing is pretty good too.
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    My first try to record

    That GR 55 Sounded quite convincing.
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    Monty's Guitars PAF Pickups

    Great sounding pickups and riffs.
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    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    How and where can I download the 3.46 version of Fractool. There is no reference to the version number at the first page. I never can tell what I am downloading. Can this be rectified. Thanks
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    The shadows Wonderful land

    Where can I get those backing tracks. They sound great and so did you. Thanks.
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    Coronavirus "Free" Preset

    Thanks Andrea, I can't see anywhere on your site to get this preset?
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    How to display Preset Numbers Greater than 1-9 correctly on FCB1010

    Using Ripwerks I can get (01-09) showing presets 1-9) ok, but a bright dot (00.- 09.) for preset 10-18. How can I get it to show 10-18 on the number screen of the FCB1010. See attached Program and Pictures showing my program and the problem. Anyone able to help me reprogram the numbers. I'm...
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    David Gilmour 5AM - With preset

    Gorgeous. Love the Guitar sound.
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    Some Christmas guitarrings - Axe-Fx III

    Nice should work well
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    POD X3 Live makes a great Floor Controller for the Axe-Fx

    can you set up scenes with this also
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    Gary Moore - “The Loner”

    Nice tribute great playing and sound.
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    Direct to FOH Rig with IEM and vocals?

    I use a Rolls PM351, I send Axe-2 ouput 1 to FOH, output 2 to gtr input on the rolls in stereo. The mic input has a thru to FOH. The other input of the Rolls is the band mix from FOH mixer. Works a treat is compact and has plenty of drive for the IEMs. I tell the house mix not to give any of my...
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    FCB1010 + UnO, problems with Axe-Fx II

    Try My Ripwerks File. Should do what you want. You are using the ripwerks software? You get 5 stomps on 6-10 set as Drive, Mult Dly, Dly, Rev, Pich and 5 Scenes on 1-5, plus 19 presets on the up/down switches. Hope this helps
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    Lead tone live on The Voice

    Can't view the link it is blocked in Australia
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    High Frequency Buzz on anything with some gain

    I think I have found the problem at home at least. It is the new ducted air conditioning system with Electronic control, recently installed. I'll try it at church on Sunday.
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    High Frequency Buzz on anything with some gain

    I have had this buzz for about a fortnight now. Have it at different venues and at home with different guitars even when wireless. Cables changed, earth lift switch either way. Changes of firmware from Ares 1.3 back to 10.1, etc. still the same . I am a Technician and nothing has changed in...
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    FCB 1010 with EurekaPROM

    Hi Chris, The FCB1010 with UNO can do that. If you check my post further back I have mine setup so that the UP/Down switches the presets, as soon as you hit scene 1 the first time it selects that preset and scene1, after that you can use the scene1 switch as Tempo or come back from any of the...
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    Pink Floyd - "On the turning away" (cover)

    Great sound Preset please. Thanks
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    FCB/UnO ControlCenter, "Connection Timeout Occured!"

    I'll see if I can attached a screen shot from Ripwerks. See attached Files. These have a Tap tempo After selecting Scn1 to select the preset. Then Scn 1 can be tap Tempo. but you can still go to each scene. Hope this is helpful. Nick
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    FCB/UnO ControlCenter, "Connection Timeout Occured!"

    If you can use ripwerks. I can give you a file that has the top 5 switches as stomp box and bottom 5 switches as scenes. the up/down swicthes select preset up or down. I've been using it that way for upto 19 presets. This way the scenes light up individually, the stomp boxes act with 2 presses...
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    Ambient Cleans For Mark Holcomb's Darksun Riff

    Hi Scias. Could we please have the patch. I would like to dissect as this is a sound I can really use. Thanks Nick
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    Bit Crushed synth soundscape

    Love that sound, please post the preset. Thanks Nick
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    Melodic Improvisation by Stel Andre

    Me like very much. Beautiful tones and very melodic. Like the guitar also and I might buy that Preset.What is the Patch name so I can order it. Nick
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    Axe-Fx III FW 3.0 Reverb samples - these verbs sound killer

    Hi Brian, good to see you on this forum. I've been using my Axe-fxII mainly for worship for the last 5 years and enjoy your guitar tutorials. Love those Verbs and hope the patches convert to my unit with Fractool ok. Cheers Nick
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    Free presets from Fremen

    Sorry just realised this had already been explained. Thanks Nick
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    Free presets from Fremen

    Hi fremen, I just received your free pack and want to save your cabs from my scratchpad to the user cabs area. I can't find any notes or video tutorials and cant remember how to save the bundle files. Do you have time to give a step by step procedure for this. Would be much appreciated as I've...
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    Legendary Times demo for ML Soundlab ML Legends IR pack

    I can only receive a html file I can't seem to get just the sysx file.
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    Angels We Have Heard on High

    Great version sounds good well done. Congrats on your purchase.
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    The amazing Fryette Deliverance 60

    Absolutely enjoyed that feeling and sound. I'm keeping this in my iTunes library.
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    “Coming Back to Life” (Pink Floyd)

    Nice sound. Please post the Patch.
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    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Ok Thanks that puts me at ease. I'll just stick with Win7.
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    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Hi Al, I can't get past "this application failed to start because dwmapi.dll was not found" error. this is only happening on my 2 Win Xp laptops. Win7 computers are ok. I tried to find the dll file but a search failed to find that dll. Any ideas? Fractool used to work upto 2.55 I think. I copied...
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    Walter Trout Maries mood Cover part 1

    Could you post the actual preset please. Thanks
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    FREE Capt Hook Patch

    Thank You Andre. Nice preset as usual. Much appreciated.
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    Walter Trout Maries mood Cover part 1

    Nice preset, well done.
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    Hank Marvin Theme from the Deerhunter (cover)

    Hi David, could you post your preset please. I have a HSS strat and pole all Shadows preset help I can get. Thanks Nick
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    GM Arts v4 firmware for ALL BJ Devices models

    Sorry I was able to download the Editor and emulator so I will have a play with it. Could you send an example Of the best way to setup my buttons for the setup as stated above if there is a better more efficient way I'd love to see how the BJ 11P device can handle it. I have Tap tempo on Scene 1...
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    GM Arts v4 firmware for ALL BJ Devices models

    I recommend you download the editor and play with the options, basic mode first. The guides also cover all of the features available. Hi, could you Link me to the PC Editor w/Emulator I can't find it on the BJ devices page. All I really need is the top row for effects and the bottom row for...
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    Computers not finding my Axe-FX

    What was the problem?
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    Hank Marvin - Alfie ( cover)

    Hi maidenmaniac. What is special on the Hank Marvin strat and can you post a picture and some details as I'm always trying to get his sound. Thanks Nick
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    Leonard Cohen Hallelujah ( instrumental cover)

    Lovely sound. Please post the preset and firmware version. Thanks Nick
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    Hank Marvin - Alfie ( cover)

    Please post preset when your happy with it. Great sound. Exactly could you describe your guitar in detail as I'm still trying to find a Fender that will give that smooth bridge pick up sound which is such a signature of Hank's sound. Thanks Nick
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    My latest template for worship presets

    Thanks Jason much appreciated. Saves me a heap of work as I tend to try to find a patch I've used before but end up with to much tweaking which is very time consuming and takes away from practice. This should help a lot. Thanks again
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    FCB1010 with UnO

    Hi Jason, I have my stomp boxes on the top row. If they are on in your normal preset the LED wont show on. When you press a stomp the led will lite. You then have to press it again to turn it off.The Led will now be off. to turn it back on in the said preset press it again, it will turn on and...
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    FCB1010 Help (No Mod/No Chip)

    Update. Hi Ken and anyone else who may need this setup. I now have 5 Stomp boxes on buttons 6-10 and Scenes 1-5 on the bottom row. Tempo active on Scene1 Button after Preset selection.The Bank up and down buttons select patches 1-18. Your scene change Leds lite up individually as you step on...
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    AxeFx2 Into "Caught In Space"

    Very well done, sounds great.
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    FCB1010 Troubles

    Read and use my post in the one above. Cheers Nick. nickxmix
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    FCB1010+UNO chip+control center

    Update. Hi Ken and anyone else who may need this setup. I now have 5 Stomp boxes on buttons 6-10 and Scenes 1-5 on the bottom row. Tempo active on Scene1 Button after Preset selection.The Bank up and down buttons select patches 1-18. Your scene change Leds lite up individually as you step on...
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    Pink Floyd Cover!

    Love the sound you created for this. Could we please have that preset.
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    Second video. Some New Country (Welsh style).

    What an absolutely gorgeous and relaxing song and it goes so well with the scenery. I'm filing this under laid back instrumentals in my library. Will you be posting any presets?
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    Tyler Childers Tattoos (fiddle patch)

    Could we have that upgraded preset please, sounds very realistic. What firmware are you using. Thanks Nick
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    5F1 Tweed EC + Celestion IR

    What a fat sound out of a Telecaster
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    Jake E. Lee era Ozzy- Killer of Giants (Live)

    Any chance of posting the presets used in that song especially at the start would be great. Thanks Nick
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    A tender little ballad

    Nice sound I could really use that preset please.
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    Bassman Q8.02 Ownhammer cab

    Great sound wound love the preset please. nickxmix
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    Emotional Melodic Guitar Solo 3 | Stel Andre

    Beautiful Lead sound. I'd buy that patch. Cheers nickxmix
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    Anyone Using the XL+ with FCB1010/Eureka Prom III?.....

    I have mine setup the same as "beyond". I also just read someone on here just explained how to set up a line6 X3 unit to work with the AXEFX and he said it should also work with the HD500. Have a look thru the midi posts. Cheers nickxmix
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    New album, ton of Axe-FX tones

    Love the guitar tones, Sounds synthy at times. Care to share any of the guitar presets. Thanks nickxmix.
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    Land Down Under

    Well done, love the video and arrangement. nickxmix Aus.
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    Taking the Vader out for a spin

    Love the sound. Preset Please. Thanks nickxmix
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    Echos From God - vid and preset demo

    Gorgeous. Preset please. nickxmix
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    Rock, Prog, Fusion - not sure what to call this

    Are there a couple of presets available from this. FW8? I like the rhythm and lead sounds, certainly something I can use. Thanks nickxmix
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    Horror gig - Axe stopped working mid-gig!

    That is, straight into an FRFR
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    Horror gig - Axe stopped working mid-gig!

    Hey Burgs, What does the Tech 21 fly rig sound like thru your FRFR? Thanks nickxmix
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    Moody as hell clean channel stuff and B7K Ultra on bass

    Love that bass sound!!!. Please post the preset, been trying to get that sound for ages. Thanks nickxmix
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    Acoustic/Electric (Tone Match)

    Beautiful. Preset Please? nickxmix
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    Matchbox D-30 new preset from bank A for a a blues to chill...

    What a tasty sound and playing. Must check it out. Thanks nickxmix
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    Smooth solo tone!

    Please post your preset. what firmware. Thanks nickxmix
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    Anyone tried the Eurekaprom 3.1?

    In EF mode if you were to have the top 5 switches as effects and bottom 5 as scenes, will the previous scene leds change per scene or stay on as you proceed to the next scene. I would presume so since it is seen as an effect. That is a problem as you would not know which scene you are on. Thanks...
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    Rhiannon - Acoustic

    What a beautiful time to have with your daughter. brought back fond memories. She's got the package musicality and voice. Cheers nickxmix
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    Shadows Presets for Quantum 7.02

    Thanks you very much as usual. nickxmix
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    DOKKEN - Will The Sun Rise cover

    Absolutely gorgeous photos and nice playing too.
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    Instrumental Blues/Rock Fusion song with the AxeFXII

    Love to have the preset, What firmware are you on. Cheers nickxmix
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    Opinion on Eureka Prom vs Uno Chip

    Could you post the Ripwerks program screen shot of this setup so I can program mine to have 18 presets available. Thanks Heaps nickxmix.
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    Anyone using a Vox Tonelab LE to control AXE FX II

    I would like to use the VOX Tonelab LE as a backup to control the AXE. So I need a way to set this up. Thanks Nick H
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    Anyone using a Vox Tonelab LE to control AXE FX II

    I'm thinking of trying this as a backup.Can I get patch changes with scenes on bottom row and stomps top row. Anyone care to show there procedure in setting this up. Someone posted they used the VOX some time ago but I can't find the post. Thanks Nick H.
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    Want a backup alternative to axe +FCB1010

    Hi Paranoid, were you able to have scenes say 1-5 on the bottom row after you selected the preset? Thanks Nick H
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    Want a backup alternative to axe +FCB1010

    I saw a post ages ago of someone using a Vox Tonelab LE to control the Axe FxII. I can't find the post and would like to get in touch with that person. I'm thinking this would be a Cheap alternative for me as : 1. The Behringer FCB1010 fails, I have a midi controller. 2. If the Axe FXII fails I...
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    Limelight Cover

    Can you redo this preset in the latast firmware and get that sound. That would be great and post please. I haven't heard a preset like this for ages. Thanks nickxmix
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    Anyone tried the Eurekaprom 3.1?

    Can you have 5 scenes on the bottom row after selecting the preset and still retain the top first 5 switches as stomp box function. In people showing demos I never see a situation where to select your preset you can press the bank switches up or down. Then the bottom row retains the scenes for...
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    The uno chip also allows you to have latching or momentary switches How to

    ↑ The uno chip also allows you to have latching or momentary switches How to. How does this look in Ripwerkx. I'd like to utilize an on/off momentary switch for no.9 on the FCB1010. Could you post a screen shot please. Also the two switches on the back. How do I use them to switch something in...
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    Can the Behringer fcb1010 buttons be used as momentary switches for External Controllers?

    How does this look in Ripwerkx. I'd like to utilize an on/off momentary switch for no.9 on the FCB1010. Could you post a screen shot please. Also the two switches on the back. How do I use them to switch something in the axe I presume a cable connection between it and AXE exp input on the back...
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    Eurekaprom vs Uno

    How do you program and use the relay switches to use a foot switch. At the moment I have a footswitch programmed to use the input on the axe but would prefer a shorter cable near the FCB1010. Thanks nick mix
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    Captain Hook, Strat, Edge of Breakup, Blues, Funky, Thang

    Love to have that preset. Please post. nickxmix
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    What Cabs are you using with the Hook Amp Channels?

    I know Yek's notes say they use V30's, G12H, G12-65 or WGS speakers. I'm interested to know your favourite cab with this amp. Cheers nickxmix
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    Something to fall asleep to...

    Beautiful sound would love to have the preset please. I'm always after this type of sound can't nail it like you did. Thanks nickxmix
  91. N


    Beautiful sound. Could you please post the preset. nickxmix
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    Using 2 inputs at the same time

    Hey Chris, what model/brand of Guitar are you using to get both a fabulous acoustic tone from your electric. Is it a Godin, Brian More etc? Thanks for the Tutorial also nickxmix
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