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  1. GitarKnut

    Not a Bug Pitch Follower not working/responding - Input Source for the Pitch controller was (factory) set to Input 2

    FW 1.05 and FM3 Edit 1.01.07. I have tried to allocate the Pitch Follower to Input Trim (in the amp block) both from the FM3 Edit and front panel of the FM3 but the FM3 does not respond on pitch changes from the guitar. I also have an Axe Fx III and there it works as supposed so I am quite sure...
  2. GitarKnut

    Change Bypass status on some blocks and Channel on another block with one switch

    I have searched the forum and owners manual but without success on how to achieve this. My intention is to have a "lead" switch engaging e.g. GEQ in front of the amp, volume boost (GEQ post amp) and delay (using a Control Switch to control the Bypass status of the relevant blocks) and with the...
  3. GitarKnut

    Fixed Q9b; Amp2 goes quiet when "Out Comp Amount" is set above 0.0

    I installed Q9b and found that all my Amp2's were silent, both x and y. I have two Amp blocks with x and y in most of my presets. After some investigation I found that setting the "Out Comp Amount" to 0.0 brought the sound back. There is actually some sound up to approx. 0.3 but after that it is...
  4. GitarKnut

    [NOT A BUG] Q. 4.01b - Strange behaviour of Plexi 100W 1970

    I have a XL and noticed that when attaching an external controller to the Treble Drive on the Plexi 100w 1970 the CPU-usage increases with 10% or more. I have an Ext.ctrl. on the Drive (or Treble Drive) on several other amps/presets and the CPU usage is fairly stable when attaching and using the...
  5. GitarKnut

    Bug? Large volume difference on Nuclear-Tone when switching modellin-version

    After installing Q 2.04 i went through my presets and checked the options on modelling version (i.e. Q2.00, Q2.01 and Latest. On the patch with the Nuclear-Tone it was a very large volume difference between Q2.01 and the other two. I have an XL and it is connected to a MFC-101 MkIII and a RAC12...
  6. GitarKnut

    Bug? Negative Feedback

    When checking my presets after upgrade to FW18b i noticed that the Negative Feedback was inconsistent across my presets. A further investigation showed that (at least on my XL) the Neg.Feedback value from the X-state of an amp was copied over to the Y-state. Checking a number of amps showed that...
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