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  1. don_joe

    I’m not ok today.

    I hope you're feeling better today.
  2. don_joe

    WTF with Windows 10 Unannounced Updates/Reboots?

    What a coincidence, I just read an article "Why does Windows 10 suck" right before.
  3. don_joe

    Any examples of a bad cab choice?

    It sounds always perfect, already per default.....but no, we just have to look further for some other "perfect" IR. :)
  4. don_joe

    ValhalIR Z-2 Zebra free for 24 hours. RIP Eddie

    Thank you Piing and thank you generous people at Valhallir.at.
  5. don_joe

    Men's fashion for 2020

    No, I mean a suit as a convention, it's so outdated. The most of men wear it, cause the others wear it and "you're supposed to". But the cut is funny and not exactly practical. It's actually close to a straightjacket, it limits you in almost every activity other than sitting or standing around...
  6. don_joe

    Men's fashion for 2020

    If you really think about it, a regular suit isn't much better than that.
  7. don_joe

    How Can a Chubby Aging Guitarist Get in Shape?

    At the end you need a 1 min double bass blast, for the cardio.
  8. don_joe

    All This Downtuning

    Sorry guys, I've posted recently more than usual...don't worry I'm not hyperactive but I would just like to share this short story with you, it fits well. This summer, I was talking to some guys from a cover band my wife and I were just listening to, outside a bar on the seaside. And after they...
  9. don_joe

    7 String Classical Guitar

    Sorry, I realized that I've posted this in the wrong forum, it should be under "Guitars". If someone could just easy move it there, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  10. don_joe

    7 String Classical Guitar

    I'm thinking about buying a 7 string classical guitar. I got so used to 7 strings that I sometimes miss this extra string when I occasionally play a classical guitar. Since I have a 7 string electric guitar, I've moved the action a lot toward this additional B string and I'm not talking only...
  11. don_joe

    All This Downtuning

    I got hooked on them too recently, great and creative riffs and an excellent pop singer with the best growls. :) I also like their song The Beauty of Suffering.
  12. don_joe

    All This Downtuning

    And people used to say that rock'n roll was nothing but noise...
  13. don_joe

    Guitar store riffs

    You could play Stairway To Heaven backwards. I think no one would complain.
  14. don_joe

    Collecting guitars for fun. Thoughts?

    You're just a polygamist in the guitar realm. If you enjoy it and bobody's hurt, it's completely ok.
  15. don_joe

    This has to be a joke right?

    It's a fair price cause you can use it not only as a capo.
  16. don_joe

    Single coils, low output for metal?

    I'm too lazy to have separate guitars for different kinds of tones, so I have just one guitar that covers the most of the ground from jazzy-funky over vintage rock to a lot of metal. I was experimenting a bit with different pickups and to my surprise, I found out that the juiciest tones come...
  17. don_joe

    I am fast!

    Has anyone tried to touch a snake? It feels like a wallet.
  18. don_joe

    Covid empties guitar stocks?

    Same with bikes. I tried to buy a bike for my daughter, there were only 2 bikes of smaller size left. It was no discounts, take it or leave it. The shop had a +400% turnover and a supply shortfall.
  19. don_joe

    You don't have natural ability

    It's only an opinion and opinions are subjective. For him "natural ability" probably means something you would never think of, cause I really don't know what it is, related to guitar playing.
  20. don_joe


    First, the government should have a plan and strategy to keep the production in the country. It should never depend on the patriotism of the individuals only. Secondly, outsourcing to other countries proved so many times to be wrong, due to evident drop in the quality...even already complained...
  21. don_joe

    F*&@#$^% Microsoft

    Is it Office 365? Stay away from it...if you can. It has one bug on top of the other.
  22. don_joe

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    I'm not a collector, I'm a player. :)
  23. don_joe

    Reamping / Tracking in Reaper

    I'm not a professional but I never record DI tracks. The reason is that I don't have much time beside my job and kids, so I like to make as much decisions as I can right away and I like to start working with what I have. I fix if something is to fix or record a new track with another preset if...
  24. don_joe

    Swapping out a Dimarzio Super Distortion for a Duncan JB

    I got my Mayones Regius Core 7 with JBs. Never played or had any JBs before. I planned to try them out first and then to swap them if I don't like them. First they sounded like a mess, definitely too hot and without any definition at all. I thought ok, the Mayones guys don't put JB in their...
  25. don_joe

    I have no idea how to record decent sounding metal tones. Everything sounds a little muffled?

    I had a Carvin DC727 with C26T and C26N pickups and I would recommend you any new set of pups. These are sounding really bad. I swapped mine with Bare Knuckle Rebel Yell but if you want more metal tones, check some other pups according to the style you're looking for.
  26. don_joe

    CA3+ Clean anyone?

    After reading this yesterday, I've tried it out. What a beautiful sounding amp for cleans.
  27. don_joe

    Vendor Dr Bonkers Has a Free Gift to Get Your Mind Off of Shelter in Place

    Thanks again for the tips. I've spent a few hours now with your IRs and had a lot of fun playing actually. Sometimes I forgot I was testing and just kept playing. :) Here's my feedback. Guitar centric: I started with the 4x12 PVH 515 and made a preset with each of the suggested amps which I'm...
  28. don_joe

    Vendor Dr Bonkers Has a Free Gift to Get Your Mind Off of Shelter in Place

    Thanks a lot! Great, a lot of amps that I rarely or never use, it will be fun to experiment. I'll let you know. 🙂
  29. don_joe

    Vendor Dr Bonkers Has a Free Gift to Get Your Mind Off of Shelter in Place

    Thank you dr B for your kind gift. Could you maybe also give me a suggestion, which cab would you pair with which amp to start with and for what instrument, bass or guitar? I'm not familiar with all of these cabs but I would really like to try them out properly. Thanks!
  30. don_joe

    Describing Sounds

    In your face?
  31. don_joe

    Describing Sounds

    Mojo? Secret sauce? Sweet spot?
  32. don_joe

    help with pitch shifter!!

    I don't have the AXE FXII in front of me and I'm not sure if I understand you correctly but maybe you're looking for this: Fixed Harmony Voice 2 to 0% Voice 1 to 100%, pitch were you want ...and adjust the mix to your preference.
  33. don_joe

    Is something wrong with my Axe-Fx II or me?

    Try to download a few presets and see if some are working for you. If you have more success, analyze how they are built.
  34. don_joe

    Staying positive / calm? (during a pandemic)

    Sure, it's the same here in Europe. I understand you, some things are necessary, someone has to do it. Thank you for keeping our basic standard and take care.
  35. don_joe

    Staying positive / calm? (during a pandemic)

    There is a big downside to that. Italy has the highest corona mortality rate due to the fact that they can not discipline themselves. I've just read an article mentioning that even 60% of the population is ignoring the precaution measures. Because of that here are many more infected than...
  36. don_joe

    Rhetorical Question About the Avengers

    Because it is obviously a parallel universe in a more advanced state of entropy.
  37. don_joe

    BREAKING NEWS: Kirk Hammett Loses to Mrs. Smith in Wah-Off

    I really don't understand why people enjoy bashing an old legend. And the argument that even 5 year olds play today better is crap. There are millions of shredders today but the music in general didn't get better, au contraire. In the '80. and '90. people mentioned his name with due respect...
  38. don_joe

    Advanced parameters for the incorrigible tweaker

    Thank you all for the tips. I tried all of them today and have to say that the variac is a true discovery for me. All the other mentioned parameters have a subtle impact and depending on the amp model some of them are a good fix for a certain situation. Reducing the variac (for 2-10% depending...
  39. don_joe

    Please recommend me a pickup

    Bare Knuckle Rebel Yell.
  40. don_joe

    How’s Win 10 treating you?

    Totally unhappy with Win 10. Never had more problems than now. I won't even start to list them...and troubleshooting and problem solving has costed me a bunch of time. Thanks Microsoft!
  41. don_joe

    Have you ever been embarrassed for an artist?

    This is hilarious. 😁
  42. don_joe

    Classic Axe-Fx moment

    Axe FX is surely a nice piece of gear but it was also a compliment to your tone. :)
  43. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    I had to tweak a lot after the update. I would say that there's more than just a subtle change in the sound between FWs. I had to reduce input drive on the amps on all of the first few presets. I need more time to be able to figure the impovements. Anyhow, a big thanks to FAS for still...
  44. don_joe

    Song Writing with Axe-Fx

    There's nothing wrong with listening to some music and being inspired by it. It's very hard to come up with a completely new and original riff. The point is to be creative in the variation that will sound unique. Think of a hook that will make the riff different and interesting. This might be...
  45. don_joe

    My AFII is slightly microphonic. Is yours?

    I had this problem until I learned to use the high cut in the cab block. On default there are no cuts at all. I found out that I don't need frequencies above 7500 Hz, that's almost a behaviour of a real guitar cab. It was one of the best advices I got here and it solved my problem.
  46. don_joe

    There's always time ...

    I hope you didn't forget the charger, your battery is low.
  47. don_joe

    Greatest band of all time?

    The greatest band of all times is the Cantina Band from Star Wars.
  48. don_joe

    Greatest band of all time?

    I smell some formalin here. :)
  49. don_joe

    Modern Metal makes me laugh...

    Trust me, I am looking. I desperately want to be excited by new music but it doesn't happen. And I give every crap a chance.
  50. don_joe

    Modern Metal makes me laugh...

    Metal turned into boy bands with fancy haircuts and detuned baritone guitars. Basically a pop production, loaded with samples, sampled drums, all guitars surgically cut. The structures of the songs are all the same: ambient guitar intro coming from the distance, percussive riff A, percussive...
  51. don_joe

    Modern Metal makes me laugh...

    Golden years of metal are over. I'm still open for new music but there's not much happening. There are probably more bands with better skills than ever but so much generic and uninteresting stuff.
  52. don_joe

    Axe-Edit constantly loses connection

    In my case it started a few FWs ago but only randomly, now it's happening on regular basis.
  53. don_joe

    Axe-Fx 2 XL USB computer communication problem

    I had this problem even before Ares, so I suppose it has nothing to do with the newest FW.
  54. don_joe

    Ancient Aliens - History channel

    You're absolutely right except about that "knowing" is a mistake, although we have a bunch of bad examples...Sure we know only what is yet discovered. Not everything is wrong, a lot of knowledge will survive the test of time. The fact that hunter-gatherers existed probably won't change, only the...
  55. don_joe

    Ancient Aliens - History channel

    Göbekli Tepe is even more fascinating. For pyramids there was at least a society and man power there to build it. The temple in Göbekli shouldn't exist at all. At that time there were only hunter gatherers there. It's against logic or against what we were taught from historians and...
  56. don_joe

    Mayones Regius 7 - should I?

    Not Setius...it's Regius Pro that I was thinking of. :) Maybe you don't like it as much as Setius though. Visually it's just a different headstock. It's a neck through instead of bolt-on. Same pups. The wood combination is a probably the reason why it's more expensive, it should be top quality...
  57. don_joe

    Mayones Regius 7 - should I?

    Thanks for the tip. To be honest, I checked the resale market here and I can't find many that are for resale. It might be that it is a keeper. I also rarely sell my stuff. If it works for me, it stays with me. Unless if there will ever be any financial reason. But I don't want to think that far...
  58. don_joe

    Mayones Regius 7 - should I?

    Thanks. I'm just curious, what is it that makes this guitar better than the other ones?
  59. don_joe

    Mayones Regius 7 - should I?

    Regius Pro model has a Floyd Rose. https://mayones.com/page/regius-pro-6-dirty-red/
  60. don_joe

    Mayones Regius 7 - should I?

    The man who's post I've quoted himself...If I buy it, you will be the one to blame. :) Thanks, I'll check these Dragon, Zoo and the Lundgren pup later, when I come home. It could also take some time until I post some pics. Now I have to deal with the next level, my wife. I'll have to think up a...
  61. don_joe

    Mayones Regius 7 - should I?

    This post in the "Suhr vs PRS vs" thread: ...made me check these brands and I got a serious GAS for Mayones Regius 7 Core Classic. I just want to ask, is there a reason not to buy this one? I'm a pretty impulsive buyer and I buy based on my gut feeling before I try the goods (I bought Axe FX...
  62. don_joe

    Axe-Edit constantly loses connection

    I have the same problem and I have to close Axe-Edit in task manager and then to restart my FX II to make Edit work again.
  63. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    I dig the Rectos with Ares, they are now so easy to dial in. Pure meat.
  64. don_joe

    Thoughts on ‘chasing tone’

    Even if you find the very tone you're chasing, it probably means nothing if you don't nail the playing style of the artist who's tone you're chasing too. For example, Phil Anselmo told once that he would take Dimebag's guitar during a rehearsal break and in his hands it would sound like shit...
  65. don_joe

    Vai saying Modeling is not there yet :)

    Modeling isn't there for Vai, cause he has other guys to carry his gear around. If he had to do it himself, the modeling would be there.
  66. don_joe

    Axe-Fx III sighting in new Periphery Blood Eagle Guitar Playthrough

    I'm listening to this song for the last few days. Yesterday I saw this playthrough on YT and I like it even better than the official video for some reason.
  67. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    As a matter of fact, I still use one of your old bass presets for some of my recordings. I can't find your original post, but I think there were two presets...maybe something with 555 and 666 in their name. I think I use the 666 or the one with more grit for heavier stuff. It still works very...
  68. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    Nice update, the sound is more open and organic. Minor tweaking will be necessary but it's only fine tuning and searching for the sweet spot again here and there. Many thanks to Fractal, I'm happy as it is, I was happy with the previous FW too but this is a wonderful finale for the II. Not in a...
  69. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    When should I get back here for a new FW?
  70. don_joe

    Most used fx blocks

    Delay, reverb. Mostly nothing crazy. Multi delay sometimes on cleans. Compressor here and there. And noise gate, at least the one on the grid input.
  71. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    It goes until the melting face.
  72. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    This FW has too much mojo, how can I return to the previous FW?
  73. don_joe

    Axe 2 Post 4.x FW Updates ..... any chance of a definite / formal announcment now ?

    Why should I repair it? I'll buy another used one that's still working and use my presets again. :) You're right, I'll probably have a III or a IV or something else but someone else in my family will have the pleasure to play with the II, if it's still working and the chances are not that bad.
  74. don_joe

    Axe 2 Post 4.x FW Updates ..... any chance of a definite / formal announcment now ?

    "Obsolete" would mean that the FX II would end up in a recycling can like an old PC. I'm sure this ain't gonna happen except in some extreme cases. FX III is a HW upgrade, not a paradigm shift. Such a product doesn't have a life cycle of a typical IT product. It's rather like an old amp or many...
  75. don_joe

    Axe 2 Post 4.x FW Updates ..... any chance of a definite / formal announcment now ?

    It's hard to imagine that if you plug an Axe FX II in a socket in let's say 10-15 years, that you wouldn't be able to use it any more. Even with no more FW updates. This product is a classic, there are so many of them around the globe. The only danger is that the sound card driver will not be...
  76. don_joe

    Time off guitar and practice

    Sure, it would be impossible not to practice at all. I didn't mean that :) My observation is that there are probably and roughly two types of players: a) those who naturally focus firstly on melodies and harmonies and then they learn techiques on the way and b) those who first learn techniques...
  77. don_joe

    Time off guitar and practice

    I somehow have a feeling, based at least on my own experience with other musicians I've played with, that those more creative ones practice less. Those who struggle with writing their own stuff practice substantially more. Maybe it's a coincidence but I've seen this phenomenon very often.
  78. don_joe

    Is there any need for a tone knob on a guitar?

    Not for me, I never touch it.
  79. don_joe

    All Default Presets Clip — Why?

    But we do. :) Don't take it seriously, just kidding. There are really to many buttons though. :))
  80. don_joe

    All Default Presets Clip — Why?

    What do you need these pages and parameters for? You turn those 3 knobs and rock'n roll.
  81. don_joe

    All Default Presets Clip — Why?

    Any device needs just 3 buttons. They put just to many buttons on the damn FX II.
  82. don_joe

    How many tried the III and decided to just keep using the II?

    I know too I'll buy the III one day but there's no hurry. At one point I was obsessed with the idea to buy it, then I realised I'm not missing that much with my II. It works still great, there are no frequent updates any more and I'm tweaking less and playing more now. Finally I can relax and...
  83. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    You're absolutely right. My tracking of FW is out of date. Ok, that means, I can lower my expectatons. Cheers.
  84. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    Well, I'm too lazy to look for it. But I remember reading something similar to that. Maybe it was some kind of a statement that some of the Ares algorithms will be ported to the II. That sounds pretty close to a promise to me. But I don't want to discuss the semantics.
  85. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    There's probably gonna be one last FW whenever, cause FAS made a promise. But honestly, I don't think it's gonna be a fun job to do, since all the enthusiasm has gone to the Axe Fx III too. The last FW will only be a FW of honour, nothing more than that...which I perfectly understand. I'm happy...
  86. don_joe

    First 7 String Bought Today

    Nice. I remeber the day I received my first 7 string. I would lose the orientation all the time because of this additional bass string. Now it feels strange to me to play a 6 string.
  87. don_joe

    Gibson Announces New CEO and Other Executives

    I hope it's not just another case where the same people that caused the problem are going to fix this problem.
  88. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    As long as it is soon, it will never be now (unknown author).
  89. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II with Atomic CLR active cab

    Great, I suspected this approach to be better. Thanks!
  90. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II with Atomic CLR active cab

    Thank you all for your advices. I've RTFM again and I ended up with CLR input on 1 o'clock again, like a few of you wrote too. This didn't solve my problem. But I did take one of my usual presets and started tweaking all over, this time with a lot of volume. I'm surprised where it took me, MV a...
  91. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II with Atomic CLR active cab

    Thanks, I'll check this out.
  92. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II with Atomic CLR active cab

    It sounds indeed, maybe not exactly as overdriven but overboosted somewhere in the signal chain. I don't know where. I've messed with the Axe FX input, it's certainly not clipping there. Than the presets are tickling only the mark in the middle of the VU meter, so it's not clipping there too...
  93. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II with Atomic CLR active cab

    Yes, I did read the manual but it never worked properly.
  94. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II with Atomic CLR active cab

    I somehow missed your post. I find it very informative and will try your tricks. Your post confirms me that it's not so easy to dial CLRs in. Now I know for sure that I have to put some more effort in it when I play with a band next time. It's hard to turn on the volume in my cellar and to...
  95. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II with Atomic CLR active cab

    Great, this is some useful info. I've tried both CLR inputs, they are the same. But I'll check it out again, just in case. I'll upload a preset in a day or two. I just got informed that I have to travel tomorrow. I'll be back to you. Thank you for your help.
  96. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II with Atomic CLR active cab

    Carvin DC727 with BK Rebel Yell set. I'll send you a preset with one of the factory cabs soon. Thanks, that's kind of you.
  97. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II with Atomic CLR active cab

    OK, I gave it a try with the high cut in the cab block. I've messed with every parameter in the amp block. Nope, I'm not just another victim of Fletcher-Munson. The pick attack is the problem, not the EQ, it's abrasive all the time. It goes partly away only if I turn the master volume in the amp...
  98. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II with Atomic CLR active cab

    OK, you've convinced me to try again at loud levels. I'll do it tomorrow and I'll get back to you. Thank you all.
  99. don_joe

    Axe-Fx II with Atomic CLR active cab

    The output is too hot.
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