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  1. Starfighter

    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    +1 Pretty please :relaxed:
  2. Starfighter

    Tuning a Rickenbacker 330-12

    Yep, Ricks are strung oppsite - that´s part of what gives them that special ring :)
  3. Starfighter

    Does your band run mono or stereo guitars live?

  4. Starfighter

    Does your band run mono or stereo guitars live?

    To quote the great Anand: Stereo. Always stereo :) Axe FX II in stereo to FOH, also with stereo cabs for stage fill. One guitar, U2 cover band.
  5. Starfighter

    Best Wishes For Cliff on His Upcoming Spinal Surgery!

    Best wishes! May the Force be with you!
  6. Starfighter

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Link to the wait list in Europe, please? I couldn´t find anything at G66
  7. Starfighter

    Power supply

    Are you using MIDI or Faslink between MFC and Axe FX? I'm using CAT 5 with no issues myself, but I know you've had a lot of trouble with it - so I understand you want to stay away from CAT 5. But if I'm not mistaken, the Axe FX can power the MFC through either 7-pin MIDI or Faslink?
  8. Starfighter

    Commercial U2 preset packs

  9. Starfighter

    Axe Fx Funk Wah U2's mysterious ways

    Great work, man! I wanna sell my A3 as well :)
  10. Starfighter

    Legacy Firmware Solution

    Awesome! Thanks a million, boss!
  11. Starfighter

    NEW AX FX....3 WHEN????

    Lol, best post in this thread - guaranteed! :)
  12. Starfighter

    U2 - Mysterious Ways Clip

    Try playing around with the settings in the filter block, that does a lot for the swoosh. That said - I have not nailed MW on the Axe FX yet. I know some guys are very close, but I gave up - even with a Rick 330/12 I was not close enough. Bought a Korg A3, and running it into the effects loop...
  13. Starfighter

    Fractal Audio AMP Models: Yeks PDF Guide

    Feels great to finally be able to thank you for all your contributions to the Fractal community - and what a classy and noble way to handle the donations!
  14. Starfighter

    Vox AC30CC2 relay switching?

    Thanks - I know you do, and I did, waiting for their reply. Just thought maybe someone else might have the same amp, and already checked it :)
  15. Starfighter

    Vox AC30CC2 relay switching?

    Does anyone use the FX8 with a Vox AC30CC2 or similar with external reverb/tremolo switching? Is the AC30 "short-to-sleeve" per the FX8 manual?
  16. Starfighter

    Axe-Fx Norge

    Hepp. Har en RAC12 som jeg ikke bruker noe særlig, er det noen som kunne tenke seg å kjøpe? Er ikke så sugen på å sende utenlands. Mint condition.
  17. Starfighter

    Axe-Fx II Quantum Rev 3.00 Public Beta

    Yeah, seems like the range is changed from -10 to +10 before update, to 0 to + 10 after update
  18. Starfighter

    Preamp bias default on fw 2.0X (question to fas)

    Just noticed this as well. Haven´t played around much with preamp bias before (I'm quite the noob on advanced amp parameter), it sure has a noticeable impact on the sound of the AC30-model. In my U2 presets I find that I prefer the -0.02-setting.
  19. Starfighter

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.04 Firmware Release

    Just updated to 2.04 from 2.02. There is now lag when changing scenes within my presets, which wasn't there before. I haven't tried rolling back to 2.02 yet. My scene changes are mostly drives on/off, delay x/y, shimmer on/off. Anyone else experiencing this too? Edit: Lag occurs when changing...
  20. Starfighter

    Axe Fx 3 needs to have a dedicated cab output.

    I second this. A topic for the wish-section, perhaps?
  21. Starfighter


    Nah, Cooper´s gonna win it anyway ;)
  22. Starfighter

    ""AXE FX 3"" AT NAMM - who would have known! Far Out!

    That joke is getting pretty old, mate.
  23. Starfighter

    Gear for backing track/click with easy control

    Ok, so I kinda figured this out I think - I bought an iConnectivity Audio 4+ interface. I am using the app Bandhelper for iPad (upgraded version of Setlist Maker). The app controls preset changes on the Axe FX II via bluetooth, using the mi.1 bluetooth-midi device. And it sends audio via an...
  24. Starfighter

    Gear for backing track/click with easy control

    Hi! Looking for a solution to play some click tracks and backing tracks in a live band setting. Using a Behringer X32 rack mixer, with IEM monitoring. I use the MFC 101 and an iPad with the app SetList Maker to control the Axe FX II via bluetooth, using the mi.1 bluetooth midi device. Wishes...
  25. Starfighter

    1965 Vox 2x12 SM58 ir

    Depends on the preset, really. I like to experiment a little. I generally use one stereo cab, panned 50% in most of my U2-presets. Some have two stereocabs. For example, my Streets-preset presently has two stereo-cabs, one with ML Class-A SM57 A1 and 65 VOX 212 58 8 panned 50%, and one with two...
  26. Starfighter

    1965 Vox 2x12 SM58 ir

    So I played around with the second one too, and they kind of complement each other. I find #5 really useful for those chimey highs, while #8 is a bit more mellow. I use them blended with each other and other IRs, and sometimes only #5. Great stuff!
  27. Starfighter

    1965 Vox 2x12 SM58 ir

    I only saw the first one. There goes my weekend too :)
  28. Starfighter

    1965 Vox 2x12 SM58 ir

    I love this IR for U2. I've been through hundreds of different IRs for my AC30-based U2-presets, but this is the closest yet. This IR has replaced my previous IR's on about 70-80% of my presets so far. And only after a couple hours of testing. Works equally well for the strat-, LP-, explorer-...
  29. Starfighter

    The Edge

    Managed to miss this.. As a dedicated fan and Edge-wannabe, this is just the coolest ever. And the icing on the cake? I get to say I started to use the Axe FX before The Edge did ;)
  30. Starfighter

    Strap locks

    Ernie Ball here :)
  31. Starfighter

    Controller/modifier help

    I did try it as is, without any modification. I thought Scene 3 sounded different, so I did some a/b-comparison with the original preset. And the shimmer (pitch+multidly) sounds louder in your version. I'm going to explore a bit with level settings tomorrow, it's 1 am here right now :) Thanks...
  32. Starfighter

    Controller/modifier help

    Lol - thanks anyway man, my head hurts too :)
  33. Starfighter

    Controller/modifier help

    Yes, now we are on to something! By using the scene controller 1 to Pitch mix and multidly input gain and setting it to 0% in scene 2 and 100% in scene 3 - and assigning pitch mix and multidly input gain to Extern 1 - I get the pedal effect I am after in scene 2. However, the sound in scene 3...
  34. Starfighter

    Controller/modifier help

    Extern 1 - see the pics in the first post
  35. Starfighter

    Controller/modifier help

    Here's the preset, btw:
  36. Starfighter

    Controller/modifier help

    Ok, only scene 2 and 3 is interesting here - and the PITCH, MULTIDLY and CHORUS block. The remaining blocks will be unchanged between sc 2 and 3. Scene 2: PITCH: Expression pedal not engaged: Bypassed. Expression pedal fully engaged: Engaged, mix 44,9% MULTIDLY: Expression pedal...
  37. Starfighter

    Controller/modifier help

    So if I understand what you are suggesting correctly: If I put the CHORUS in parallell, with a VOL-block to cut it out of Scene3 - I could bring in PITCH, MULTIDLY and CHORUS with the pedal in Scene2. In Scene3, i would have to keep the pedal engaged all the time so PITCH and MULTIDLY is...
  38. Starfighter

    Controller/modifier help

    Hm. Maybe I am missing something - but how will this allow me to bring in PITCH and MULTIDLY with the expression pedal?
  39. Starfighter

    Controller/modifier help

    Hi guys! I think that there is a way to do this - I just can't figure out how. Ok - here's the issue: I have multi-scene preset that I use for the song "Magnificent" by U2. I use 4 different scenes for the song. (Scene1: Intro) Scene2: Bridge (not using the word "chorus" to avoid confusion...
  40. Starfighter

    EV-1 update

    Yep, an update on this would be great. Been waiting "a while" for the EV-1 black to show up in Europe :)
  41. Starfighter

    invite to buy fx8

    Awesome, thanks Matt! :) (Back to Quantum Bliss...)
  42. Starfighter

    invite to buy fx8

    Will G66 get some EV-1s too? Cheers
  43. Starfighter

    curious-Anyone use Kinman pups with Axe?

    Using Woodstock regulars in a Mexico Classic 70s Strat, use it for U2-stuff. Happy.
  44. Starfighter

    Who is running a 2nd midi controller parallel to the MFC?

    Hey Roadrunner! Probably NOT an answer to your question, but: I use 3 midi devices with my Axe in addition to my MFC (with your magnificent EXT MODULE): Focusrite Saffire Pro40 audio interface iPad through iRig for the Set List Maker-app RAC12 from fxunits.com To facilitate this, I bought a...
  45. Starfighter

    Cab-Pack 1 is now FREE!

    Yay! Thanks a lot, FAS! :)
  46. Starfighter

    Thank you Chris@AxeFxTutorials

    Cool! Well deserved Chris, one of the main contributors here. Nice of Fractal to acknowledge this! Double-like.
  47. Starfighter

    When will the EV-1 in black be available again?

    I did email G66 a couple of times, Sussi answered 5 weeks ago that they would be in stock two weeks later, but they are still not. Hence the thread, I thought maybe Fractal could provide more accurate info. I guess we have seen stranger threads than this one, haven´t we? ;) Besides - I might...
  48. Starfighter

    When will the EV-1 in black be available again?

    Trying again. The EV-1 black has been out of stock at G66 for a long time, when can we expect it to be available again?
  49. Starfighter

    Brit Floyd Presets

    This. Is. So. Awesome.
  50. Starfighter

    Acoustic to Electronic Drum Kit Conversion Project...

    This is awesome, great read! I love projects like this. Looking forward to see the final result!
  51. Starfighter

    Video: The Power Of A Single Preset [updated 2018 video]

    Awesome! Want! (Btw, in the next video, we demand a demo of your "Gay Bar"-preset) :shock
  52. Starfighter

    Lightning Strikes My Axe-FX II XL+

    I mean no disrespect - but what did your Axe FX do to piss off God? ;)
  53. Starfighter

    When will the EV-1 in black be available again?

    ...at G66? Cheers
  54. Starfighter

    NBD :) Dingwall Combustion 5

    Feit bass :)
  55. Starfighter

    Walk me through how you use scenes

    Agree, with bank size 0 preset mode on the MFC will be basically the same as song mode. However, I use Set Mode on the MFC, and I use MFC Edit to edit my set lists in the MFC. If you use Preset Mode, you will need to rearrange the order of your presets each time you want to change up the set...
  56. Starfighter


    I want to understand this...
  57. Starfighter

    Walk me through how you use scenes

    I have one preset for each song I am playing. Bank size on the MFC-101 is zero, so I use the MFC in set mode (thanks, MFC-edit) with a reverse setlist and switch to the next preset/song using bank down switch (easier than bank up, since it is at the bottom of the MFC). Or I just use my iPad with...
  58. Starfighter

    Live PA setup guide - speaker placement?

    Hi guys! A while back, someone linked to a very good video on PA speaker placement. It showed examples of how to place your PA speakers in different venues, and different rooms. Among other tips, it recommended an asymmetrical placement for oblong rooms. I´ve searched both this forum and...
  59. Starfighter

    Matrix customer service

    Nope, only good experience with Matrix customer service here. Had an issue with the GM50 in my Q12a, and they promptly sent me a new GM50 - not even demanding that I send the faulty one in return. Something must have happened in this case, their customer service is overall very high rated on...
  60. Starfighter

    Separate Ways Solo at work

    Great stuff as always! Keep it comin´! :)
  61. Starfighter

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    Wow, that was fast! Thanks a lot! :)
  62. Starfighter

    Cab Pack 11 and 12 Released

    Very tasty indeed, Anand!
  63. Starfighter

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    Hey guys! Still loving my RAC-12; works great and looks cool too! :) I want to bring an idea to the table: When I fire up my Axe FX, I always fire up my computer as well (Axe-edit, backing tracks, Reaper, interface control, etc...). Since my RAC12 is USB-powered from my computer, it is always...
  64. Starfighter

    Forum Section Idea - Support vs Discussion

    Great idea, Chris! I think the best argument for this is that it will probably be a lot easier and less time consuming for the forum barons like yourself, Yek and others to help people with their issues (Fractal Audio-related, that is ;) ) - since all the support questions would be located in...
  65. Starfighter

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.12 Released

    A semi- or completely anonymous internet forum will always be riddled with whining and bitching. Such posts are quite easy to ignore, to maintain focus on the really helpful contributions on this forum; of which there are plenty. I am sure the beta or released 19 will be available shortly, to...
  66. Starfighter

    Now we just need Neil

    Goddamn it, Matt! :D
  67. Starfighter

    Amp settings for "The Edge"

    Wow, threads do derail a lot these days... Check out post #42 by Toopy14, and everything Edo said. I think I even Dallas learnt something here ;)
  68. Starfighter

    Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

    Nice setup, pima1234! I am considering swapping 2 of the 3 Mission pedals on my board for Fractals, since I use them for volume. I figure the size and sweep of the Fractals will be better suited for that purpose. Will keep one Mission with spring and switch for effects.
  69. Starfighter

    For new guys. FRFR vs real cabs - what to buy?

    This is intended for the less experienced/new Axe FX-user. I know this is a can of worms, but it´s been a never-ending debate as long as I have been on the forum - and I know a lot of people new to the Axe FX have difficulties choosing among all the different options of amplifying and presenting...
  70. Starfighter

    New Product Announcement! MFC-EDIT

    This is a great program! I´ve always known there were modes called "songs" and "sets" in my MFC, but embarrassingly enough I never really tried to figure out how they worked - because at first glance the programming involved looked daunting (I know, I am lazy). But I´ve missed the ability to...
  71. Starfighter

    On top or underneath?

    Slightly off topic - looks like you guys are using the Matrix GT1000FX 2U. I just got it, running two NL212s with it. After playing a couple hours with the NL212s at ear-splitting volume, I could hardly feel any heat whatsoever from the amp. Does this amp run particularly cool, or is it just...
  72. Starfighter

    Axe-fest Germany 2015 | Marshall 1960AX Greenback loaded now available

    You Germans gave us Kriminalpolizei Derrick - and the AC-30 IR from last Axe-fest, so any language deficiencies are easily forgiven :eagerness:
  73. Starfighter

    Preset layout for FRFR and amp+cab

    The preset was not made by me, I will attach it so maybe it makes some more sense :) I am not sure why the second mixer block is there, as faders 2-4 are at 100% and not setup with any modifiers. Should be ok to delete it, I suppose.
  74. Starfighter

    Another praise for Fractal Audio support

    Yup, it certainly adds a lot to the value of the product!
  75. Starfighter

    Please help me choose power amplification.

    Sorry for the hijack, but I have a GT1000FX and two NL212s on the way - will use them to complement my current FRFR rig. Just curious; how do you run the two NL212s? In stereo or mono? Side by side or on top of each other?
  76. Starfighter

    U2 in the New York Times (Gear Content)

    Not jealous. Nope. Not at all.
  77. Starfighter

    Pops and crackles when used as audio device, help!

    Can recommend the wiki btw: Help and answers - Axe-Fx II Wiki CPU usage - Axe-Fx II Wiki
  78. Starfighter

    Pops and crackles when used as audio device, help!

    Check CPU usage, CPU>90% might do that. Using the Axe as interface increases CPU load. I always record/play through my Saffire for that very reason.
  79. Starfighter

    Preset layout for FRFR and amp+cab

    I guess you are right :) Thanks for helping out guys, much appreciated! Axe Masters, you are indeed! According to UPS, my amp and cabs will arrive tomorrow so I look forward to experimenting!
  80. Starfighter

    Preset layout for FRFR and amp+cab

    Thanks Chris, good read! Your article confirmed my understanding of the basics of using the FXL for routing the output 2 signal to an external amp+cab. So I think I know how to create a preset from scratch for this purpose - the challenge is adapting existing presets, like "The Fly"-preset i...
  81. Starfighter

    Preset layout for FRFR and amp+cab

    Thanks for chiming in, Yek! So, for the two last presets I presented... move the cabs to the end of the grid (merging/splitting signal paths as required to acheive this) - and insert an FXL in parallell just before the cab(s)? That won't change the tone/effects in any significant way?
  82. Starfighter

    Another praise for Fractal Audio support

    (We all know the Axe FX 2 is top of the line already, I mean The Edge, Metallica, Dweezil Zappa, etc.. So I am gonna say a few words about their customer support) I bought the MFC-edit program today, but couldn't for the life of me enter the license key. Emailed support (on a Saturday...
  83. Starfighter

    Preset layout for FRFR and amp+cab

    Hi guys (and gals)! I've run strictly FRFR for a while, but have ordered a power amp (GT1000FX) and a couple of NL212s from Matrix - to hopefully add some "amp in room" and punch to my setup here at home. My question is how to rearrange my presets for an FRFR AND amp+cab setup. More specific...
  84. Starfighter

    Stormy Monday with firmware 18.01 and 18.10 Plexi 50W and factory cabs

    Love it - give us more of da blues!! :)
  85. Starfighter

    Just watched "It might get Loud". Floored!

    Love that movie!
  86. Starfighter

    Axe-Fx II XL & Matrix vs. 1964 AC-30

    Tonewise, I am happy with the FRFR-setup I have now. I like playing around with IRs, and being able to just plug into a mixer and a PA and getting the same tone as I have at home is great stuff. However, for my home playing I do wonder if I am missing out on the infamous "amp-in-room"-feel...
  87. Starfighter

    Axe-Fx II XL & Matrix vs. 1964 AC-30

    Revisited this, as I am looking to improve the "amp-in-room" feeling when playing at my home base (plus, I'm a total gear junkie). Currently running a strictly FRFR setup with 3x CLRs (L/C/R) when I want to crank it, 2x Adam A3X for when wifey is home - and a Sennheiser RS 220 for when she is...
  88. Starfighter

    RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL

    Just want to drop a little more praise for this; works great - tweaking is now a lot faster, easier and more fun than before. It has enabled me to dive a little deeper into the Axe FX, increasing my meagre understanding of it. BTW, love the new tuner functionality. Keep up the good work, guys! :)
  89. Starfighter

    Can anyone recommend me a travel guitar?

    I like the look of that. Wasn't aware of this model. It sure seems like a far more complete guitar than my Traveler.
  90. Starfighter

    Blackened (Metallica cover)

    Hell yeah! \m/ Awesome cover, nailed it! Great production too!
  91. Starfighter

    Timeout error when doing backup

    Had this error about a year ago when doing full backups, had to do one bank at a time to avoid time-out. However, the problem disappeared and I have been able to do complete backups with no timeout-problems for the last year or so. It suddenly reappeared today, with backup timing out...
  92. Starfighter

    Can anyone recommend me a travel guitar?

    My job IS to travel. I use the Traveler Pro, as I need it as small as possible with a full scale neck. Happy with it, quite comfortable to play and stays reasonably well in tune. With a Line6 Pocket Pod and some headphones it´s about as portable as it can get I think :-) Traveler Guitar Pro...
  93. Starfighter

    Cab-Pack 10!

    True dat! But still... you know what I mean :)
  94. Starfighter

    Cab-Pack 10!

    Thanks, I already baked that IR into a few of my presets. Would be stellar to have a DI'd (we soon gotta get our own language, Fractalian...) AC30-IR though..
  95. Starfighter

    Cab-Pack 10!

    Sweet. Are there any plans to DI a nice Vox AC30 TB 2x12? To help you along, let me suggest this one: :)
  96. Starfighter

    FW 18 beta AC30 TB + rotary demo (U2 One)

    Try this: Axe-Change - Download Preset - U2 One P2 - by Starfighter Still not there, but a lot better imho. Edit: User cabs are the German Axe-fest AC-30 IR in stereo with my own Cab-lab mix of different AC-30 IRs. Use the German Axe-fest IR in both stereo channels, the difference is almost...
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