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    Post here if you've received an invite for the Headphone Jack model!

    Sorry forgot, singed up 7/11/19 invite 8/10/20
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    Post here if you've received an invite for the Headphone Jack model!

    sup bros....i just recieved my invite. Can I just wait until whenever to use it? like say november or december? No im not using the search function tonight because im drinking whiskey
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    OMG Those Reverbs

    WOWW Im wondering, is this patch possible with the AX8?
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    A depressing realization (and unpopular opinion): most of the amps sound very similar.

    So much this!!! And great analogy about the wine also. Two amps may sound the same to a listener but it wont be until you play it that you can FEEL the difference. To me its all about how the amp feels when youre playing. Is it smooth? Harsh? in between? How does it react? Does it have...
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    AX-8 Price

    I agree about reaching a certain price point....which is why I mentioned that if Fractal could have they would. I imagine they didn't add it because it would have elevated the price too much. Ill just have to get a mixer....no biggie
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    AX-8 Price

    Exactly! denying certain functions because its designed as a live device is ridiculous. If Fractal could have added it they would have I imagine. Trust me, most people who will be buying the AXE8 WILL NOT be playing live (like me). Making a product specifically and only for live use is...
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    AX-8 Price

    alright....big question from a living room rockstar How would I connect an Mp3 player to this thing? Or how would I connect my Macbook and play backing tracks through to monitors if it doesnt work as a sound card? Am I obligated to buy a small mixer to be able to set this up or can I connect...
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    I know it's been asked-but AX8-

    Cmon man!! at least an approximation of a price!
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    AX8 Price Point - At what price do you get upset?

    2K price is too much and not worth it to ME. In that case Id rather buy a used AXE2 at around 1800 (fair used price) Its going to be priced at around 1300-1500.
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    Ready for the Amp Show

    Cmooooon maaan! No pricing info yet?
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    Axe FX2 overkill for me?

    Life is short. What if you die next year? You never got to play an AXE2 because you couldn't decide. Buy it, play it, have a beer and be happy. If you die after it won't matter because you've already won
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    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    Why would this be limited to just a "stage" rig? Thats ridiculous. The product should have all the functionality of an audio interface, usb recording etc. Most consumers would only own this or the AXE2....not both
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    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    Actually its a good idea if you're rackin up miles like I am. I always pay my credit card off in full immediately
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    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    Cliff....I got my credit card ready to go bro. Lets do this! whats the word?!
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    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    Hmmmmm....why not do both? Sell both options 1. AX8 with a few built in models XXX$ 2. AX8 with all models XXXX$ Id definitely be in for the full shebang. It'd be nice though to have both options available. Probably not possible but it'd be awesome
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    Frozen green screen at boot :(

    ok guys update time: Problem fixed! Fractal Support sent me the eprom chip plus jumper and a set of instructions. Super easy to do...took about 15-20 mins tops. Updated to new firmware and all is working again Thanks to the support group you guys saved me. I was really sweating this one...
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    Frozen green screen at boot :(

    Ohh sorry :). Nobody told me, Im just guessing. Ive just seen that other user have had this same problem after installing a firmware
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    Frozen green screen at boot :(

    It has to be authorized by the Fractal support team once they've reviewed your case. You can't buy repair parts unless they're authorized or else they'll cancel it.
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    Frozen green screen at boot :(

    The support guys are sending me the EPROM to fix this. Ill give an update once I've fixed this. Apparently this has been happening a lot recently. Something to do with fractalbot and the new firmwares. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Frozen green screen at boot :(

    I definitely think it must have been the last firmware 17.02 as I haven't been able to play it. Power cycling hasn't done the job though...still doesn't boot. I might have to ship it to Fractal which sucks as I live in Panama....shipping to NH is gonna be a pretty penny :miserable:
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    Frozen green screen at boot :(

    Tried that a couple of times but still no go. How long should you press? Should it happen automatically? thanks for the tip though
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    Frozen green screen at boot :(

    Frozen green screen at boot (FIXED!) So I come home from work today, plug in and turn on and all I get is this! My AXE II doesn't boot up and just freezes with a blank green screen and the colored leds. Has anybody experienced this before? Any idea what the problem could be...
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 17.00 Released

    I have no idea how any of this new stuff works and even doubt ill use any of it.....but im updating anyways!
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 16.01 Released

    Then probably not....Cliff said there was going to be 2 separate models of VH4. The blue face with less gain and the Silver face with more gain. Probably next firmware
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 16.01 Released

    Did any new amps get added.....was the VH4 Silverface put back in?
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    What's the worst that could happen ???

    You should be able to get the same sound with the SLO, however the settings on gain, bass, middle, treble, presence, MV, depth will most likely be different. I know you've heard it before but its true.....use your ears on this one. What type of music are you playing? For anything from...
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    dizzy ch3- what the heck happened to it?

    I agree that Ch3 and 4 is what made the VH4 famous...although CH4 has always had way too much gain for me to find it useable. I don't really find much use at all for VH4 Ch2 in the AXE2, as there are MUCH better crunch channels available. I prefer the crunch channels to be as open as possible...
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    dizzy ch3- what the heck happened to it?

    Ok so from what I understand the only difference between the Blueface and Silverface is that the Silverface has more gain on tap and the Blueface is less compressed? Is this correct?
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    High gain amp With good note definition.

    Fryette Deliverance 60.....thing is badass.....also try the SLO
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    Which amp sealed the deal for you?

    once it arrived in late 2012 it was the Bogner Blue and SLO 100. Today its the Diezel VH4, Herbert, Bogner Red and Blue, SLO, both Triptiks, AFS100, BE and HBE....its so hard to choose now!
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    It Never Fails

    Im super excited but have no idea what this is for! How will I use it with my guitar tone??
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    Better than friedman and 5150 on axefx?

    boosted vh4 ch3, Herbie ch2+, Triptik Modern, SLO
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    Good reactive load?

    wondering if I could use a Badcat Unleash for this
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    Good reactive load?

    Looking for something under 400 to use with a tube amp and the AXE 2 IRs. The torpedo is way too expensive. Just need a reactive load box with line out and good feel
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    The Dumbles, holy crap, the DUMBLES!

    My favorite out of all these models is the ODS LD Mid....sounds huge!
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    Deciding to Sell

    The only thing that bothers me about the AXE is that it definitely isn't a easy portable solution.....not grab and go. Hope the AXE 3 comes in a much smaller format.
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    Changing amp feel....which parameter?

    I know this must have been explained somewhere but just too lazy too look right now. Sooo.....if I want to make the Bogner Ecstasy Red channel feel tighter for example, what would I need to do? Is it just the Sag, a mix of that or something else?
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.02 Released

    the X Y amp thing still hasn't been fixed
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    Recto Clean - How?

    Instead of looking for a Recto clean....why don't you just try to get the best clean possible out of the AXE? Twin Reverb
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    opinions on the new Tv ultrares cabs?

    The Lerxst 4x12 is huge sounding. Great tone
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    Changed to Trip Tik

    I think its been slightly improved. Theres a bigger audible difference between the Classic and Modern mode now.
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    Fryette D60M tweaking to sound like Sig: X ???

    Hey man what does the Sig:X sound like compared to the D60M? Ive never heard one before. I love the Deliverance, especially the thick feel of it. Its super tight though...just a tad tight for me since I play mostly rock and blues and was wanting it to be just a tiny bit looser so I turned up...
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    Mission Engineering Gemini amps (FRFR)

    I used to be interested until I saw the price....damn! expoonsive Gemini 1 | Mission EngineeringMission Engineering
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    Quilter ToneBlock 200?

    Thanks for the review man!
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    Dual amp setups

    Im still having trouble getting a good Dual Amp tone. Have any of you evolved your dual amp rigs with the new firmwares? Please share a new patch to see how what the layout looks like so I can have a good starting point. Thanks!
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    FW15 - Convinced there is something awry with the Dizzy models

    I totally agree...Vh4 definitely something wrong with it.....thanks for the fix Cliff
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    Mesa Stiletto amp?

    isn't this just Mesa Boogies take on a modded Marshall? Im sure you can get the Stilleto tone with the over abundance of Modded Marshall models the AXE 2 already has.
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    Not to be a negative Nancy, but am I the only one not digging the Tucana model?

    I think theres a difference in opinion because of the feel. The OD is much more on the American side of things which it why it reminds me of the Mark series amps alot. I like it alot but prefer the Triptik because of the more british flavor
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    TUCANA 3!!! The best tone I ever heard! Cliff, PLEASE model all channels :(

    Ok so now that Ive had much more time to experiment with the Tucana Ive found that its character changes drastically and is very adaptable to different IRs. I REAAALLLY like combining the TUC3 with the OwnHammer 4x12 Bogner G12M IRs and similar. The Tuc3, although it has a lot of gain its very...
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    Help with Joe Bonamassa tone.....

    You know.....for some reason I have not been able to dial in a good 2 amp preset that Im satisfied with. They all end up sounding too boomy or lacking something. I don't know, Im just not very good at it. Ive gotten better results looking for the Bonamassa tone with just one amp (Jube...
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    Help with Joe Bonamassa tone.....

    With the AXE its really not that difficult to get a reasonable Bonamassa tone Try these amps: 1. Jubillee 2. Tucana 3 3. CA Triptik Classic The patches recommended are great starting points and if you are comfortable dialing in a 2 amp rig it'll get even closer. Another thing that gets me...
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 15.00 Public Beta

    Something Ive noticed is that with each FW Update its much easier to choose IRs For example a Greenback or V30 cab should work reasonably fine with most amps even if its not the "ideal" speaker for that amp and thats exactly whats happened since FW 13
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    TUCANA 3!!! The best tone I ever heard! Cliff, PLEASE model all channels :(

    After playing with the Tuc3 model for a few more hours another amp keeps coming to mind....the Mesa Mark Series. IMO the Tuc3 is like one of the best sounding and easiest to dial in Mark IV. I know they're totally different but there is definitely a similar DNA in the OD, but this is the type...
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    TUCANA 3!!! The best tone I ever heard! Cliff, PLEASE model all channels :(

    Actually its from the Ownhammer Studio Mix Modern bundle
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    TUCANA 3!!! The best tone I ever heard! Cliff, PLEASE model all channels :(

    So what speakers is everyone else using here? Im actually liking the Ownhammer Scumback M75/H75 mix
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    TUCANA 3!!! The best tone I ever heard! Cliff, PLEASE model all channels :(

    Im glad I could finally play the Tucana 3. Im loving this amp, however the Triptik is more my taste since it definitely has a more british OD vibe to it. I also feel the Clean Triptik model on the AXE could use some work. Ive never played the real thing but from hearing clips and reading...
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    Is it hard to get good tone with AXEFX using Carvin Neck Thru all Koa guitars?

    Dude Keep it Simple If it sounds good somewhere else...itll sound good throughout the AXE
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    Quilter ToneBlock 200?

    Anyone check this out yet? Looks interesting and versatile. May not be super flat but it definitely sounds good. Quilter Amps
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    Dayum, Carol-Ann Tucana 3

    Whats the Tucana like? an OD2 with more gain? That would be awesome because since a few firmwares back I could swear that the OD2 model seems to have lost a lot of gain and I have to boost it to where I like it
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    Horrible noise issue instrument input

    Just saw your video....yup, thats exactly whats going on with my unit also
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    Help, sudden problem with Axe-FX II

    Just saw the video....this is EXACTLY what is happening to my unit. Thankfully support is going to be able to fix the issue. Apparently its a broken ground in the input jack
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    Horrible noise issue instrument input

    It definitely helped but its not the cure as there shouldn't be any noise at all. Ive had the AXE 2 since 2012 and never had this issue which leads me to believe as Cliff said that its a broken ground with the input jack. I have to use the noise gate in the meantime. Fractal will be sending...
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    Horrible noise issue instrument input

    I already contacted support but will definitely give this a try...thanks!
  64. P

    Horrible noise issue instrument input

    Ohhh noooo! thanks for the reply. How would I go about fixing this?
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    Horrible noise issue instrument input

    - I checked before if there was some sort of interference (wifi, computer, lights, tv) turned everything off and still the buzz. - Just to make sure it wasn't an issue with my monitors I plugged in my headphones and same problem with the noise. - Could it be the power outlet on the wall...
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    Horrible noise issue instrument input

    Ive tried it with two different guitars but as you can see from the video the noise comes immediately as I plug in the guitar cable
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    Horrible noise issue instrument input

    ok heres a video of whats happening....you can hear the buzz in the background Any clues? I know it has to be something simple and stupid. I never had this much noise before...im stumped
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    Horrible noise issue instrument input

    Ill have to do a video and put it up to show whats going on exactly
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    Horrible noise issue instrument input

    That was my thought at first however - Im getting the noise with only the instrument cable plugged in, when I touch the end (not the point) of the jack the noise goes silent. I tried this with all three of my instrument cables and same result. - All presets are doing this...clean and higher gain
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    Horrible noise issue instrument input

    Just tried that thanks. It fixes the noise gate issue but Im still having a huge noise buzz. The only remedy is to attenuate a lot with the noise gate but that was never necessary before. - The noise is lessened if I put my fingers over the strings..i don't know what that means though -...
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    Horrible noise issue instrument input

    I have no idea what it is maybe you guys can help me figure this out - past month as soon as Ive been inserting the guitar cable there is buzzing noise coming through my monitors. Tried different cables, same thing - Updated the firmware just now to 14.02 and still the buzzing. -...
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    Following master volume recommendations

    Its only until this last firmware that ive actually been sticking around the default MV settings put in each preset by Cliff. Should have been doing this sooner as i play mostly with the higher gain amps. The firmware is also sort of forcing me to do this as higher MV settings are clipping the...
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    Can anyone point me towards an awesome clean delay preset?

    haha no not at all. Ill look that one up
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    Can anyone point me towards an awesome clean delay preset?

    Looking for some exaggerated delay sounds for some Pink Floyd type fun. For some reason I can't get my delays to work that well besides the basic stuff (leads). Looking for something flexible
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    Axe FX II Amp of the Week

    These are AWESOME ideas guys!!! make these sub forums happen!!
  76. P

    Cliff. Firmware 13 - now what? :)

    I know we have enough amps as it is but the AXE can always add more amps regardless….thats always a bonus and fun when you get to try out new amps even if you don't end up using them in the end that much. Would like to see the Friedman SStevens and Carol Ann Tucana get modeled.
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    Can you get these tones out of the Axe? Axe vx CAE 3+SE

    Its just typical spanish pop music better this than a lot of the crappy reggaeton I hear on the radio. Well not all of it is crappy to tell you the truth
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    High end too polite?

    I don't think so man…..unless of course I did something wrong setting up 12.04 I wasn't digging the SLO or Bogner XTC for example….waaaay too dark. But now the edge is there…its back!
  79. P

    High end too polite?

    OK so FIRMWARE 13…..And the treble is back somehow! Cliff says its identical but I feel definitely something has changed.
  80. P

    Tips/help for 13

    Really? 13 feels and sounds a bit different to me….for the better actually. Some of my go to amps in 12.04 seemed to have lost their teeth….not enough high end and a bit dark. Now with 13 the bite is back
  81. P

    High end too polite?

    Hmmm Ill have to try this out!
  82. P

    High end too polite?

    Although Ive been loving the feel of the new firmwares Ive started noticing that the treble on alot of my favorite amps have lost its teeth! Im guessing this is what they sound like in real life but for example the Bogner XTC sounds naturally like theres a blanket over the speaker somehow, a...
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    Who Wants to Test Some New Firmware? (12.03 Beta 5 UPDATE)

    To me the dynamics and feel has really improved with this firmware. Must be the whole pre power amp connection
  84. P

    Friedman BE review in GP

    dont read too much into it. Theres no need for the BE clean channel on the AXE2 because you can get what youre looking for in the already existing models. If you want to hear really great Plexi cleans my choice would be the 50 Watt Plexi bright or jumpered. Awesome cleans with personality and...
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    Just discovering the Diezels

    Vh4 and SLO both do smooth huge sounding high gain with marshally flavor
  86. P

    Share your Cab Lab Recipes!

    Exactly.....its just really about sharing what you like and your favorite tones no matter what they are. The point is to just share and let everybody figure out if it works for them or not
  87. P

    Share your Cab Lab Recipes!

    I just bought the Cab Lab and due to my tweaker sensibilities prefer not to fall into the nether dimension of hours and hours of mixing cabs to get it just right! Its happened before.... Anyways...I thought it would be great to make a thread with every users favorite go-to cab recipes for...
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    Just discovering the Diezels

    They are different, however The Diezels being so versatile, I found I could do the same thing with them as with the SLO
  89. P

    On controlling output clipping...

    The reason im going so low is because i like to use three parallel paths after the cab block. One dry, one delay and one reverb.
  90. P

    Just discovering the Diezels

    The VH4 ch 3 and the Herbert ch 2+ have been quite the discovery for me. These two models are extremely similar and the only difference im noticing is the feel. The Diezels seem to have everything I love about the SLO model but are much much easier to dial in. The problem with the SLO is that...
  91. P

    On controlling output clipping...

    Should i just focus on the levelontrol in the amp block? I see some people only bring the level down to at most -26 dbs. Is there anything wrong with going lower than that? Or should I use the global level control also?
  92. P

    Dumble Lead Mid Boost

    Wow...I just found this model....its AMAZING!! The ODS model was awesome but this is just mind-blowing. Like the poster above me said it sounds incredible even at low volumes, you can hear all the dynamics...very cool. Definitely going to be one of my go tos from now on.
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    Guitar clean signal coming through too loud on some amps ODs

    Gonna check this out once i get home. Its currently only happening with my Slo patch. Im playing at about 90 dbs and the clean sound would just get louder
  94. P

    Guitar clean signal coming through too loud on some amps ODs

    I dont know if anybody has been noticing or having the same problem as I, but in some of my patches....specifically higher gain patches, the clean guitar signal seems to be mixed in with the OD way too loud. I can hear the clean strumming and picking loudly over my overdrive. This is...
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    Need Help From Bedroom Players

    Dont be afraid to turn up treble and presence. The new firmware seems darker to me overall.
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    Own Hammer - Mix IR's Mix Bundles - Modern/Vintage

    wow! I just got these today....Ive only been able to mess around with a few of them but I have to say The Jensen BlackBird IRs......holy shnikes!!! I think these are my do it all go to IRs for everything! They have such a nice feel...I love these! So balanced and smooth, very nice bottom...
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    Matrix Neolight NL212 traditional cab

    Dammit! this is not helping my gas...and I just bought a new LP. These are definitely going on my xmas list...now need to decide if 2 1x12 or a 2x12
  98. P

    Matrix Neolight NL212 traditional cab

    Awesome thanks. So I guess they would be somewhat comparable to an EVM12L ? And that speaker usually sounds great with alot of amps. Id like to hear back in the future about experiences with a tube amp + NL12´s
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    Matrix Neolight NL212 traditional cab

    So guys.....which speakers would these compare to? V30s? Greenbacks? Etc? They seem to be very versatile by your accounts
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