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  1. Rexxyboy

    AX8 5.03 or straight to 6.00???

    Quantum 6 just dropped for AXE MK1/II.. Trade-off is no older modelling revisions, which i don't mind at all. That said i'm still keen to sell off my MKII rack, RAC12 and MFC and go AX8 as my glory days are past me now !!
  2. Rexxyboy

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    Thanks so much Cliff, from myself and my MKII !!
  3. Rexxyboy

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Public Beta

    I would happily forego old models to allow v6 on my MKII !!
  4. Rexxyboy

    Is the Matrix GT1000FX Enough?

    My matrix is waaaay too loud :D:p:D
  5. Rexxyboy

    Selling AXE MK II and MFC for an AX8. Is that a vibe?

    2 years a happy AXE FX II and MFC owner for daily home studio use and gigs, love the thing. Should i take the plunge? Does it sound identical? I can work around only having one amp block and less CPU. The convenience of taking one less heavy case to gigs is a bonus. I'll miss the headphone...
  6. Rexxyboy

    RAC12 - New limited series batch launched

    I'm very happy with my purchase. I made a quick video going thru the functions. I have more to learn about the unit of course, but here is what i know thus far.
  7. Rexxyboy

    Teach me Sensei: Drive Pedals?

    As others have said, your neck pickup is driving way too hard, no fault of your own. Bridge is a lot nicer, better mids and less bottom end, Neck add s a ton of flubbiness which s you are hearing. But there might be other factors at play here, his I/O settings and global EQ settings may be...
  8. Rexxyboy

    A question about EMG pickups and red input lights....

    My guitars sound awful when Input 1 is set to anything above 10% on high gain amps, just turns to mush, its very sensitive, i'm using high output passive humbuckers.
  9. Rexxyboy

    Removing Top End Fizz

    The FIRST thing you should tell us is what your signal chain is from the guitar to your speakers (and what speakers they are) If you use SPDIF and your sample rate is set to 44, its FIZZ CITY, and its the only time i've ever had FIZZ on an AXE FX . And as for this tip i saw "..Maybe try cutting...
  10. Rexxyboy

    Just got a shipping notification for my new RAC12!

    I was really on the fence about getting one, but took the plunge, its on its way. Besides but i can't handle the empty space in my rack :D
  11. Rexxyboy

    AxeFX II XL+ sightings... x10

    Cool Post! Nice Rack.
  12. Rexxyboy

    Post Amp Moddeling FXloop EQ-ing Filtering low & highs & separate Block

    Are you using the real EL34 amp as a power amp only for your stage cab (EL34 FX return), or using the front input (EL34 pre-amp) ? Power Amp simulation is part of the AMP Block itself, I think you'll find it will sound fine leaving it on for your real cab setup, will give you some extra balls...
  13. Rexxyboy

    Vaping in front of your axe fx

    i'm gonna google the meaning of "Vaping", and then just move along.
  14. Rexxyboy

    Ultra Owner thinking of the big upgrade to the Axe Fx II XL+ -- Lots of questions!

    Just do it. Its a no brainer. AND there are still people on the hunt for old ULTRA's, so if you did want to sell it, that's a rebate right there.
  15. Rexxyboy

    Do Pro Users Record the Axe-Fx through a mic pre?

    I have an RME UCX as my primary audio interface, and I choose SPDIF. I do't see any point in going through an external pre-amp. I record every day in a DAW for a living. I have a neve MIC pre which i use for bass guitar and vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar. LOVE the RME drivers, they are...
  16. Rexxyboy

    Suggested tweak to the user manual

    On page 4, where it says a. Change USB ADAPTER MODE to “ON”. b. Change SEND REALTIME SYSEX to “NONE”please add: PLEASE ADD c) Change MIDI THRU to off. In all my Fractal Bot and MFC experiences, leaving this on when SENDING data FROM my MFC TO Fractal bot results in files around 67k in size...
  17. Rexxyboy

    4Cm method not working

    try a basic preset from scratch, so brand new guitar to axe front input out 2 left to amp in front input amp FX send to axe in 2 left axe out 1 to amp FX return FXL block engaged in preset make sure out 2 is UP full and out 1 to taste (halfway) MAKE sure the effects loop on your amp is...
  18. Rexxyboy

    FOH and onstage traditional cab set up for AX8

    just use the volume of the power amp for the stage volume
  19. Rexxyboy

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Just another note to say great job. I've used this quite a bit. It so good to able to get XL only patches other fractal users, and finally be able to load then up in my MK II. The fact that your app AUTO UPDATES is just brilliant too !
  20. Rexxyboy

    Confirm latest plugin version versus Stand Alone?

    Sorted i think guys.. I had 2 versions of the plugin, old one deleted now, Slate Mix Master Bright Rock preset straight after Cab Lab, its a great thing!
  21. Rexxyboy

    Confirm latest plugin version versus Stand Alone?

    Hey Guys, is the latest plugin version - 26/11/205 ? I could not find a plugin update online, just the stand alone update which is 3.0, my stand alone app updated itself when i launched it. I have a licence for the bundle, Using Windows 8.1 The stand alone works fine, just trying to...
  22. Rexxyboy

    I love Cab Lab 3 but the plugin is crashing Logic Pro X

    Interesting. I use Slate Virtual Mix Rack on a LOT of my channels, and i Use Cubase Pro 8.5 on windows. Cab Lab Plugin crashes EVERY time i use it. Such a shame, love to be able to use it.
  23. Rexxyboy

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    It works great on Mac and Windows! WoW.. Good Stuff, will donate ;)
  24. Rexxyboy

    Mark IIC+ Tips

    So I dialled up Cliffs settings, with stock cabs F060 and F061 as Stereo Ultra res. That was 30 minutes ago.. so much for my lunch break!! Here is the offending preset. Scene 1 is rhythm, Scene 2 is lead; same blocks, just alternate settings on "Y" to solo your lunchtime away. Never explored...
  25. Rexxyboy

    Favorite amp for 80's hair?

    Just discovered the Atomica High last week. It has changed my life! The Friedman HBE was not working that well on stage at high volumes with my FR212 cab. Not really sure why, but the Atomica has more hair, more attitude, and i can crank it without the issues I was having before.
  26. Rexxyboy

    Mark IIC+ Tips

    Was just about to ask the same! Stock cabs F060 and F061 would be the closest to Cliff's reply.
  27. Rexxyboy

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Brit Silver (Marshall Silver Jubilee)

    I had one of these for a while on loan from a friend, the 50/25 watt version. Loved it.
  28. Rexxyboy

    Can somebody guide me with 4 cable method?

    spill-ova mate, spill!! Ken oath!
  29. Rexxyboy

    Can somebody guide me with 4 cable method?

    I used 4CM for a while, but for now i've gone FRFR. I plugged GUITAR direct to the FRONT INPUT on the AXE FX. I plugged from my AXE FX OUT 2 LEFT to the FRONT GUITAR IN of my EVH 5150 50w. I plugged EVH FX SEND to the AXE FX IN2 LEFT. I plugged AXE FX OUT 1 LEFT on the back to the EVH FX...
  30. Rexxyboy

    Bass - Middle - Treble on the fly

    I emailed RAC12 recently to buy one. They replied back and said they are no longer producing these units. So its all over for RAC12, for now.
  31. Rexxyboy

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Brit Brown and FAS Brown

    Its such a great amp.. Rocco did a brilliant video of it, still one of my fave's..
  32. Rexxyboy

    Fractal Audio AMP models: 5153 (EVH 5150-III)

    I own the 50watt head, and its a GREAT amp. That said, since getting my Matrix amp and FR212 several months ago, the amp and EVH412 have been living in my cupboard o_O
  33. Rexxyboy

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Atomica (Cameron Atomica)

    Read this post, dialed it up.. lost 90 minutes, in a good way :D
  34. Rexxyboy

    My Bad Habit With The Axe FX

    What brand of strings do you use? Do you perspire a lot when playing? I find Ernie Balls sound awesome on my guitars. I switched from D'Addario 2 years ago, difference was night and day for clarity and sustain.
  35. Rexxyboy

    Friedman HBE with C45 switch

    I havn't tried the real Friedman with c45, but play with the AMP block saturation switch and settings if its more gain you are after. The amp EQ might get you to shape the voicing. Set up X/Y so you can compare tones with and without saturation modes. Also, the AMP block input boost switch is...
  36. Rexxyboy

    How do you use the X/Y functionality on your Axe II?

    Scenes are great, but I use X/Y a lot as well. I use X/Y on amp block 1 it to change Matchless DC 30 from a clean tone to a mid gain, same for Amp2 for 2 different High gain settings. I have 2 different delay settings on X/Y, and my favourite? 2 different cabs on X/Y, just awesome. OH! Just...
  37. Rexxyboy

    Howling Feedback on High Gain amps problem AXE MK II

    Reporting back in! Its been a couple of weeks between gigs. The howling has gone now on the loud high gains. It was combination of Rex's gain re-structuring, angling the FR212 back and a metre closer, and having the rack off to one side instead of on top the cab. I 've reverted to the Friedman...
  38. Rexxyboy

    Quantum 2.00 Tips Part 1

    Thanks Cliff, a great read. I know nothng about amp design, but as hard as i tried tweaking both suppy sag and other parameters,, i could only get the meter to reduce by -0.1 of a dB. Not saying its a bad thing, I was really excited to see a new meter on the hardware and wanted to see it go...
  39. Rexxyboy

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" 2.00 Public Beta Deux

    Great Quote Diego!! :D
  40. Rexxyboy

    Howling Feedback on High Gain amps problem AXE MK II

    It was a drum solo, so my guitar volume and volume pedal were off, just the drums playing on their own, just the axe fx doing its microphonic thing! Your patch tweak did help Rex so thanks again mate. As well as that I bought the longer speakon cable today and put the rack a metre or more to...
  41. Rexxyboy

    Howling Feedback on High Gain amps problem AXE MK II

    Tmro is the day i set up in a rehearsal space and make ton of noise, will report in! Its funny, at the last gig i left my high gain rhythm patch on with my guitar volume down during a drum solo - i leant over to my my FR212 and i could hear drums coming thru my speaker, not super loud, but...
  42. Rexxyboy

    Howling Feedback on High Gain amps problem AXE MK II

    Not sure if my pickups are potted, i use Suhr Aldridge pickups in my Jackson and my Les Paul, similar to a Dimarzio Super Distortion. My Axe FX input level is Zero.
  43. Rexxyboy

    Howling Feedback on High Gain amps problem AXE MK II

    Thanks Rex, i'll run it up at gig volume at my earliest opportunity which can't be today unfortunately. A/B'ing both presets in headphones right now and i'm liking the difference for sure. I applied the your X (Blue) Input Gain and MV settings over to the Y (Red) as well, balances up well.
  44. Rexxyboy

    Howling Feedback on High Gain amps problem AXE MK II

    Indeed taking the rack a few feet away has helped a bit before, will try that at the next gig. Here is the preset, for your convenience I unlinked global blocks and removed the vol and wah blocks which are linked together to external controllers. Scene 4 is the main high gain, and Scene 5 is the...
  45. Rexxyboy

    Howling Feedback on High Gain amps problem AXE MK II

    Ok, so after doing 2 gigs this month i'm no closer to solving my problem. My high gain block is a 5153 Blue and a 5150 Red, and if i stop playing in between chords or during a solo, hello low mid howling feedback sound! Those MV's are backed off between 4 and 5 as per your recommendations, and...
  46. Rexxyboy

    New FAS Amp Models Gallery & More Ares 02.00 - Axe FX II

    Merci Beaucoup! C'est fantastique! :D
  47. Rexxyboy

    Howling Feedback on High Gain amps problem AXE MK II

    I've applied everyone's tips to a degree and there is an improvement. I'll only know for sure at rehearsal later this week but I can go louder than before without howling now (ie: bash my rack with Axe and matrix dimed with no howling, its a good real world test!) So: using Out 1 as my overall...
  48. Rexxyboy

    Howling Feedback on High Gain amps problem AXE MK II

    Yeah, real world testing! hehe... True about 4CM, i used that method for a while with my real 5153 50watt, which still sounds better straight in, tons of controlled gain on the Blue..
  49. Rexxyboy

    Howling Feedback on High Gain amps problem AXE MK II

    I test everything at gig level, pulling gain back to around 7ish improved things a little of course, but anything lower than that is not ideal for high gain, sounds more mid gainy, and lacks 'hair' to my ears..
  50. Rexxyboy

    Howling Feedback on High Gain amps problem AXE MK II

    Here is the updated preset without global blocks. I actually removed Amp 2 from convenience, as my Amp 1 is the high gain amp. Re Out 1 being full and using the matrix level control as a MV is common, There are never clip lights coming on the matrix, Its 500 watts into a 4 ohm Matrix cab .
  51. Rexxyboy

    Howling Feedback on High Gain amps problem AXE MK II

    I will try this too.. as hard as it may be for a gainiac like me :D
  52. Rexxyboy

    Howling Feedback on High Gain amps problem AXE MK II

    Thanks for your input I'm aware its pretty high gain, i made a two videos HERE AXE HOWL 2 - this was done with NO input plugged in at all. I think after this test i the AXE's microphonic tendencies might be my enemy when the volume gets loud in the room and on stage. The rack here is away...
  53. Rexxyboy

    Howling Feedback on High Gain amps problem AXE MK II

    Hey Chris, In order to eliminate the guitar i used the loop pedal for the main part of the test and it howls in exactly the same way. Help Me Obi Wan! FYI The Guitar is Adrian Smith Jackson USA with a Suhr Aldridge..
  54. Rexxyboy

    Howling Feedback on High Gain amps problem AXE MK II

    I'm having howling low-mid feedback at gigs when i turn up my GT1000fx on high gain scenes (5150 100w Red Amp). If I turn the GT back down of course it goes away, (also if i pull my volume pedal back a touch (VOL/PAN block). Input gate and a gate block help a little, but that aside, i feel like...
  55. Rexxyboy

    Do you guys use scenes or patches to change "channels"?

    I use mostly one preset with 2 amps and One x/y cab for an entire covers gig, with 5 scenes, and all other IA's for toggling FX on/off, X/Y, vol boost / cut etc.. (via filter block NULL) CLEAN-DRY, CLEAN-WET, MID GAIN AMP 2, HIGH GAIN AMP 1, LEAD. Pretty much a bread and butter setup that...
  56. Rexxyboy

    4CM, Boogie Mark V 35 Combo Help No Output.

    So you have: Guitar going to the Axe FX Front input A cable going from Axe Output 2 L to the Front input of the Amp A cable going from Amp FX SEND going to Axe Input 2 L A Cable going from Axe Output 1 L to the Amp FX return Input 2 in I/O Menu at around 30% (10 o'clock), maybe even 50% Both...
  57. Rexxyboy

    Quantum 1.02 | Van Halen - Unchained | FULL VIDEO + PATCH

    quite possibly, i can't remember now, apologies. How did you go with the patch with your guitar?
  58. Rexxyboy

    WISH: Remap F8 (Pause Communications) to another key

    Holding Function then pressing F8 on a Macbook Pro (or any laptop with the function modifer for function keys) is 2 handed job, or a mega stretch with one hand. I'd love to be able to map 'Pause Communications' to just a single alphabetic key.
  59. Rexxyboy

    Join the AxeFxTutorials & ML Sound Lab Twitch stream!!

    Great news! I'm excited. I bought Cab Pack 20 last week (thanks to Rocco's ridiculous "Unchained" video which has changed my life re amp settings and cabs).. I'm sure i'll add more to this list, but off the top of my head I'd love to see a little segment dedicated to Cab Lab workflow with a...
  60. Rexxyboy

    Quantum 1.02 | Van Halen - Unchained | FULL VIDEO + PATCH

    Here you go. I used the screenshots to rebuild Rocco's patch. Please note that if you don't have Cab Pack 20 you wont get close at all to Rocco's exact tone. Other cab packs may get the job done too, you'll just have to tweak out. There's a stock Greenback 4x12 cab on the Y block of the cab.
  61. Rexxyboy

    Do you record mono with axe?

    I go mono Left, then double, or triple the part. I use SPDIF.
  62. Rexxyboy

    When should I use the saturation controls?

    Jose Mod..!! Interesting.. gonna sus this out immediately! EDIT: Tested with Brit Brown / 5153 50w Blue / 5150 Red / Very nice. Adds warmth and more useable gain. The tradeoff is it makes the overall amp controls a bit more sensitive to tweaking
  63. Rexxyboy

    Misha Mansoor + ML Hangout and Cab Pack 19 talk!

    New Firmware this morning after playing with Cab Lab 3.0 and all my packs, including Cab Pack 20, and now this. Life is Good!
  64. Rexxyboy

    Quantum 1.02 | Van Halen - Unchained | FULL VIDEO + PATCH

    The patch sounded awesome thru my Focal Twin6 speakers. Today I ran the preset thru my Matrix rig (GT1000FX and FR212).. played 4 chords then my jaw broke when it hit the floor. FYI i rebuilt the preset from screen shots posted in this thread as i don't have an XL. I used Cab Pack 20 cabs as...
  65. Rexxyboy

    Quantum 1.02 | Van Halen - Unchained | FULL VIDEO + PATCH

    Great Video! Thanks for the Screenshots. And wow, what a great stereo cab combo, Cab Lab 20 is Awesome.. worth every penny. Any chance of some DeMartini videos? Lay It Down? Top Secret?
  66. Rexxyboy

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release

    More Everything! Memory Man! Thank YOU YOu You you ou u..u.... .. .
  67. Rexxyboy

    Wah set up

    What is the pedal connected to 2 on the MFC.. Is it an expression pedal? You cannot connect a real analog wah to the MFC. Check out Chris's (KKMusic) Mission SP-1 video on youtube here, it helped me get my expression pedal going, and has the killer 'dual function' mode so when the wah is off, it...
  68. Rexxyboy

    MFC Sends CC#0 on MIDI Channel 2 with preset change?

    Glad i stumbled upon this. Been trying to stop my amp from changing channels every time i change a preset (its an AXE->4CM rig with midi channel switching). For the life of me every preset would seem to randomly change my amp channels. PRESET Menu / turn OFF PC's on CH2 and all fixed! Amp set to...
  69. Rexxyboy

    Anyone Other Than Me???

    I've quit my day gig and hired a monkey to hit refresh every 90 seconds, while i sit and wait!
  70. Rexxyboy

    Little confusion over mono vs stereo tracks

    I record from my Axe in Mono, always. And then double track or layer different parts on other mono tracks. I use stereo if i'm using ambient soundscapes, but bread and butter parts all mono with mono cabs.
  71. Rexxyboy

    5-Cable Method Achievable

    Not sure you can freely split the I/O this way, if anyone can figure this out, its Chris Luke! You could possibly skip step 5 and do the split internally with a STEREO cab block, where one cab is set to NONE (or NULL?) and panned left to the left output (this out goes back to your AMP return...
  72. Rexxyboy

    Why I won't be using the cab block for recording any more

    You had me at 'wow', I just bought CAB pack 10 :D
  73. Rexxyboy

    Wish - 'Always On Top' added to Settings/View menu

    An "always on top" added to the Settings/View menu to toggle AXE edit staying on top of my DAW windows when crafting tones :D:D:D
  74. Rexxyboy

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.06 Released

    Hey Chris, can you do a quick TUT on getting phaser/flanger blocks to always start at the same place each time when engaged? I can't get my head around it, i've read the updated WIKI and tweaked “LFO Bypass Reset”, i'm using a "white noise" patch to test, a great way hear it all working as I...
  75. Rexxyboy

    Axe FX versions and 4cm

    I've not tried an XL, but I have no noise problems with my AXE 2 Mk II and 4CM. Oh do make sure to get the MFC101, don't bother with other foot solutions, MFC and one or 2 mission pedals are worth every cent, and will save you a lot of time and mucking around. I you want some help with 4CM...
  76. Rexxyboy

    FRFR Monitor question!

    I own a HD1221, and its awesome, and i plan on getting a second one ASAP, not for volume, but for more stage vibe as I come from a loud 4x12 background! For high gain sounds i use the new 5153 50W Blue (this just replaced the Friedman HBE), and the Matchbox-30 for semi-cleans and cleans. I...
  77. Rexxyboy

    4CM and feedback at high gain.

    Just done the "too loud" gig volume test with all the effect blocks and scenes in play, its pretty damn loud, and its sounds pretty damn spectacular! Guitar Input 1 on 27% and Input 2 on 50%, i am over the moon with this. Axe Rack now back on top of the cab, no more gaining up in Global...
  78. Rexxyboy

    Horrible Buzzing on sustain

    Your gates are kicking in too quickly, so its hard to tell. Also where is your Input volume set on the I/O page?
  79. Rexxyboy

    Tuning presets for live use

    Make sure the FOH mixer channel for your AXE fx is FLAT, no EQ, no compression, and if you rely on him for stage sound, that your foldback send is pretty flat too. I use a PEQ Block just before the FOH output in my AXE chain and use 'blocking' filters to roll off everything below 100 and...
  80. Rexxyboy

    4CM and feedback at high gain.

    Dude, i love testing, all good.. Test complete.. RESULT: SUCCESS!!!! Ok, Out 1 behaved the same way as 2, so a faulty output is ruled out, all good. The gold here was the Input volume you mentioned. I had these on Zero, (all the way off).. I always figured they were noise-floor volumes and...
  81. Rexxyboy

    4CM and feedback at high gain.

    ok, i'll try these right now.
  82. Rexxyboy

    4CM and feedback at high gain.

    It patches back into the FXL block (by design) and continues along the blank shunts to output 1.
  83. Rexxyboy

    4CM and feedback at high gain.

    Hey Chris, here is the test as an audio file, its just with my phone, but you get the idea of how i lose something.. First clip, Guitar -> Axe, Out 2 direct to amp's front input, with the Amp's fx loop off . 2nd Clip , Guitar -> Amp, with the Amp's fx loop off. AXE patch is as you said, an FXL...
  84. Rexxyboy

    4CM and feedback at high gain.

    "..GLobal AXE out Graphics are flat, but I do max this out now at 12db.." I'm talking just the master level here, not the frequency sliders, EQ's are flat at zero ;)
  85. Rexxyboy

    4CM and feedback at high gain.

    Output 1 feeds the return of my amp's fx loop.. so it is acting as a master volume. Output 2 feeds my amp's front end, and this is always turned up full, and this is what i've been internally gaining up on the axe to get the same tone.. GLobal AXE out Graphics are flat, but I do max this out now...
  86. Rexxyboy

    4CM and feedback at high gain.

    Guitar to AXE Front Input 1 AXE Output 2 into EVH Mini 50w Amp Front guitar input EVH Amp SEND cable plugs into Axe Input 2-Left AXE Output 1 cable to EVH Amp RETURN.. Output 1 is my master volume as my EVH does not have one. Using blue channel, all dials at 12 o'clock. It all works, i just...
  87. Rexxyboy

    4CM and feedback at high gain.

    Cheers Rex, the new patch i used to sort it out was a blank patch with nothing but an FXL Block, and i just cranked up 12db OUTPUT 2 EQ Master. Still missing a certain something tho in the tone as i described above. The signal going to the amp seems weaker that when i plug in direct, not quieter...
  88. Rexxyboy

    4CM and feedback at high gain.

    Happy to report i have solved much of the feedback problem, by putting the AXE rack off to the side of the head and cab (instead of in-between). My AXE rack is a frame (doesn't have panels like most other rack cases) so maybe it's more susceptible to sonic interferences than standard cases...
  89. Rexxyboy

    4CM and feedback at high gain.

    Its a MK2 unit, less than a year old. My Out 2 volume on the front is always up full. At one point I zero'd the FXL input (back down from 20db), and added 12db on Out 2 Global EQ level, but i found the tone was still not as full and 'gainy' on the Blue Channel, so i reverted back to the other...
  90. Rexxyboy

    4CM and feedback at high gain.

    Hey guys, Been using 4CM at times and i find that to get the same amount of “gain” tone that i would normally get just by going straight into my amp (with no AXE FX), i need to slam an extra 25db of level into output 2. So on the FXL edit page/screen, I’m maxing the Level 2 input knob all...
  91. Rexxyboy

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.04 Public Beta

    I'm astonished how good the new 5153 Blue 50w sounds (thru 4x12 Basketweave G12m25 (RW). I'm Gobsmacked! I'm taking the day off work. This smokes my favourite Friedman HBE away. Thank you so much for this Cliff. :o:o:o :D:D:D
  92. Rexxyboy

    Bypass states not updating in Axe Edit

    Ok, thanks for the reply. I do remember scenes updating, but perhaps you are right.. I approach Axe edit as a "plugin" every day in the studio, MFC and Missions for real time on the floor, so i probably got confused amongst all the AXE lights, so many buttons, so much programming, so much...
  93. Rexxyboy


    Man i really feel for you.. i do suspect its a windows USB layer that's gone funky.. i had the same issue with an NI Maschine controller.. took ages to sort it out. Anyway try toggling the USB mode on your Axe FX to to OFF, then back to ON.. set SEND SYSEX to ALL, and toggle the MIDI thru as...
  94. Rexxyboy

    Bypass states not updating in Axe Edit

    Hi all! Since updating my Axe and MFC to the latest version, i've noticed the bypass states do not update on the AXE EDIT screen. Program and scene changes to update but not the bypass or X/Y when pressed on the MFC-101. Is there an obvious setting i should be changing in my AXE or MFC...
  95. Rexxyboy

    How to have 2 MFC setups for 2 different Gigs. 1 x Bass, 1 X Guitar?

    Yeah man, love to! 4CM is working pretty well so far, still more tweaks, actually, i don't think the tweaks will ever end!
  96. Rexxyboy

    How to have 2 MFC setups for 2 different Gigs. 1 x Bass, 1 X Guitar?

    Greetings to all! I’ve had my AXE FX II rig for a week and its fantastic. I play bass in one band and guitar in other bands, so i need two completely different setups for my MFC-101. The guitar one is quite complex as I use the 4 cable method to my EVH 5153, has lots of blocks and uses up 3...
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