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  1. bob_sheeth

    Bug? Modeling Version in Global Amp Block

    I've got my amp blocks that I use regularly set up as global blocks. I noticed last night that different patches with the same global amp block have varying 'modeling version' settings. ie. amp block G1 modeling version can be set as 2.00 in one patch and 'latest' in another. Should this...
  2. bob_sheeth

    New track by Transience [Prog Rock/Metal]

    My band Transience has just released 'Nails', the second single from our forthcoming album All guitars (x3) and bass recorded with AxeFX II
  3. bob_sheeth

    Transience - 'Endless Change', first single from debut album

    My band Transience has just released the first single from our debut album. All guitars and bass recorded direct with AxeFXII - as per usual. Really happy with how this came out, video and soundcloud links below. I'd love to hear thoughts and feedback! Transience - 'Endless Change'
  4. bob_sheeth

    Rock/metal cover of True Blood theme song 'Bad Things' by Transience

    All guitars and bass recorded direct with the Axe FX II Apologies in advance for the drum content! ;)
  5. bob_sheeth

    Ultra 'Output 1' Issue

    Hey guys, I am posting this issue on behalf of the other guitarist in my band who is an Axe FX Ultra owner. (AxeFX-II owner myself) We hooked up his Ultra at rehearsal a couple of nights ago before a show and about half way through our set run through we noticed his guitar level had...
  6. bob_sheeth

    Prog rock/metal from Australia (Transience - 'Chimera')

    Hey guys Thanks for all the support shown for previous recordings, it's been great to hear positive reviews from the forum. We have just released the final instalment of our debut EP with all guitars & bass tracked at home with the trusty AxeFXII. Would love to hear some more feedback...
  7. bob_sheeth

    New Transience track, Prog rock from Australia

    Thanks for everyone who checked out and enjoyed our first track Memory [http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-recordings/60287-prog-rock-metal-australia-transience.html] We've released our second single 'Recreate' today and would love to hear your thoughts. Cheers
  8. bob_sheeth

    Tower of AxeFX's!

    On the weekend my band Transience shot a video clip for an upcoming single release. Here's some eye candy of our 3 guitar rigs and bass rig stacked up at the shoot 8) (2x AxeFXII's and 1x AxeFX Ultra) Normally on stage we'll stack one axe into the bass rig and the other two are on the...
  9. bob_sheeth

    Prog rock/metal from Australia (Transience)

    I'm one of three guitarists in Transience, a progressive rock/metal band from Australia. We have just released our debut track with all guitars & bass tracked at home with the trusty AxeFXII. I'd love to hear some of your feedback! Cheers
  10. bob_sheeth

    Recording Bass Help

    I've just been recording bass for the first time today with my AxeFx2 and need some help from you guys out there who may know a bit more than I do. I'm just recording dry signals from the front input of the axefx through USB straight into reaper. I have set the levels so they aren't clipping...
  11. bob_sheeth

    Missing 'X' from X-Y buttons

    I just received my AxeFXII over here in Australia from the first batch of units from Independent Music. The 'X' label is missing from the X-Y button on the front of the unit, see the attached image. Anybody else have the same issue or is it just my unit? No real concerns from my end, I...
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