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  1. adew

    I have a bizarre urge...

    ...to learn how to play drums. Am I mad? :? :mrgreen Anyone taken up drums or a different instrument at a "mature" age? If so, what was your experience?
  2. adew

    Dialling in speaker resonant frequency

    I asked the same question in the Amp Speaker Page matched to cab? thread but, as it sank without trace, here it is again. In that thread, during discussion of dialling in the low resonant frequency in the Amp block Speaker tab, Simeon mentioned this: What is the rationale for adding 10Hz to...
  3. adew

    CLR active wedge - too bassy?

    I'm struggling with overpowering bass with my presets running through CLR active wedges, and wonder whether I would be better off using them in FF position (ie on poles), or whether my AxeFX preset-making skills are crap. Given the overwhelmingly positive opinions on CLRs, I suspect the latter...
  4. adew

    Dual Delay in mono

    It's been a long time since I ran my AxeFX in mono (Output 1 Copy L>R), and seem to have forgotten some basics. So, a question about Dual Delay pan parameters. When outputting in mono, should I be setting L and R Pan parameters in the DLY block to 0% (they default to -100% and 100%...
  5. adew

    Problem editing Modifier Parameters. Bug?

    Not sure if this is an actual bug or lack of understanding on my part... I notice when opening the Modifier panel for a parameter, AE doesn't let you enter numerical values for the top row of modifier parameters (ie Start, End, Min, Max). With any other parameter in this panel, it is possible...
  6. adew

    Teach me about DMX lighting systems

    This is related (a little) to this thread discussing backing tracks. The discussions in that thread about Showbuddy got me thinking about putting together a small lighting rig to give our stage a bit more pizzaz. However, knowing nothing about lighting, Google gives a bewildering array of...
  7. adew

    MIDI In and Ethernet possible?

    For live use I want to send MIDI from Ableton (MacBook Pro) to control AxeFX scene changes and X/Y states, and have the MFC-101 connected via ethernet for manual intervention as needed. Is it possible to use the MIDI In and Ethernet ports at the same time? If not, any suggestions how I can...
  8. adew

    QSC Touchmix 16 vs Behringer X32 rack

    My band (4 piece) has been tip-toeing around going IEM for some time ago (I posted a question about IEM gear a year or so back) and, after lots of head-scratching and hesitating, we've decided to go for it - especially as there seem to be some powerful and reasonably priced digital mixing gear...
  9. adew

    NGD: Manson MA-2 EVO

    Had to wait a little while for this (thanks to quite small production runs), but it was worth it. Beautifully put together, excellent finish, and the electronic gubbins (Fuzz Factory, Fernandes Sustainer and kill switch) give plenty of options for ridiculous sounds. Now, where did I put my Muse...
  10. adew

    Oh oh! We're gonna need "grill cloth" options in those IRs!

    We all know about IR baked-in mics. Perhaps we need baked-in grill cloth options, too, for ultimate authenticity. Clark? :mrgreen He also does some great speaker comparison videos (check out his channel). I admire the time that people like him put into this sort of demo-ing. Cool!
  11. adew

    Opinions of ESP LTD TE-407 seven string guitar

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced 7-string guitar and stumbled on this one: ESP LTD TE-407 BLKS - Thomann UK and wondered if anyone has one or has played one and can provide any feedback. Although I've used "proper" ESP's for years and own a couple, I don't know much about the LTD brand. Is...
  12. adew

    External source (ipad) via Input 2 - levels matching issues

    This isn't really an issue (as I can work around it) but wondered if others had experienced the same thing. Like many others, I run my iPad into the AF2's Input 2 to practice songs, riffs, etc, using a 2x1/4 to 1/8 trs cable. I then add a FXL block to the grid just before the grid Output. Works...
  13. adew

    Muse - Arpeggiator effects

    Muse - Map of the Problematique (thread renamed) I'm on a Muse kick at the moment and was wondering how (if it's even possible) to create effects similar to the main guitar part in Map of the Problematique? Any pointers? Any presets? I did search, but most Muse tone-seekers seem to have been...
  14. adew

    Wireless MIDI transmitter/receiver

    I'm looking for recommendations for a wireless MIDI transmitter and receiver. I think the M-Audio Midair system is no longer made and wonder what alternatives people may be able to suggest. My google searches have so far turned up these possibilities: The Panda Audio Midibeam Kenton Wireless...
  15. adew

    Wish Block library Save As dialogue box improvement

    When saving a block to the Block Library, the dialogue box contains only a name field. It would be much more useful to also show the names of all existing blocks stored in the relevant block type sub-folder, so that it is easier to track naming conventions already used for existing saved blocks.
  16. adew

    Amp models - relative volumes

    I'm sure this has been covered before, but here goes. Each amp model has its own gain structure, naturally, and each model's default settings have their own master volume, presence, etc, etc, which results in differing volume levels from model to model, correct? Well, at least that is my...
  17. adew

    Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe

    Used to own one of these and loved some of the sounds I could get, particularly the pulsating "chorus" setting, which is sort of like a cross beween a rotary/vibe effect and tremolo, especially on slow speed settings. Just wondering if anyone has every tried to recreate these sounds with the Axe...
  18. adew

    The Joy of Stereo

    Just wanted to share a magical 10 minutes[1] spent with my Axe2 and 2 x CLR wedges this Sunday. Up until now, I've been running in mono, but, now that my band has reorganised its rehearsal space, I couldn't resist switching to stereo, cranking up to gig volume and running through some of our...
  19. adew

    How to get the best out of the Looper?

    I'm just starting to mess around with the Looper block and am slightly confused about a couple of things: 1. Placement of the Looper block in the grid: what are the pro's and con's of placing the Looper at the start of the grid rather than at the end? 2. I notice that when I hit Record on my...
  20. adew

    Behringer Eurolive F1320D powered wedge - any experience?

    No, I'm not considering this as an Axe-FX FRFR solution, LOL, but rather for vocal monitor use in our rehearsal space. Anyone ever had/used these? They are insanely cheap, hence my interest. :-) Behringer: EUROLIVE F1320D Thanks. PS. Apologies if I should have posted this in the Lounge...
  21. adew

    Easy way to see active modifiers in a preset?

    Possibly a dumb question but... Having called up a preset in AE, is there an easy way to see which (if any) modifiers have been activated, other than scrolling through each block one by one and looking at the various controls? The scenario I'm thinking of is when testing out other people's...
  22. adew

    Wish Indicate active X/Y state on Effect Block

    A very minor wish, but would sure make life a little easier when quickly reviewing Scenes and multiple preset setup (for example): have a visual indicator in the Effect Block in the grid showing which X/Y state is currently active.
  23. adew

    Recto lovers - come on in!

    Being a relative newbie it's possible that there has been lots of discussion about the Recto Vintage and Modern amps in the past, but I haven't seen much talk about these models (any Mesa talk being mostly focussed on the Mark models) so, given the FW11 release and much talked about new OH IR's...
  24. adew

    Wish Offline capability

    Ignore! Just saw that this is already discussed here.
  25. adew

    Tips for a good wah modifier curve?

    I'm struggling a bit to find a satisfactory wah tone with a high gain amp block. (Currently using FAS Lead 2, Euro Red and Recto Red Modern.) In the past (ie pre-Axe), I've never been that happy with Crybabys in combination with a high gain amp tone and humbuckers - until I got the Zakk Wylde...
  26. adew

    Sending tempo via IA scene switch

    I'm sure that this is possible - I just haven't been able to figure it out (or I've missed the bleedin' obvious and there's an easier/alternative way of doing this). My preset contains a DLY block and I've saved the base tempo for the song within the preset, say 120bpm. What I would like to do...
  27. adew

    Wish DC power outlet could be cool

    For those people using the ethercon connector to phantom power the MFC, and who either use a pedal tuner on their board and/or use expression pedals with leds (eg some Mission pedals), it would be really cool if the MFC had a 9vDC outlet (say 100 - 200 mA). This would save having to run separate...
  28. adew

    Moving to IEM - what gear and what to know?

    I didn't want to hijack the Alien Ears thread so thought I'd start a new one... My four piece band (drums, guitar, bass, vocals) is considering going the IEM route, the main reason being that we want a quieter stage. Additionally, the drummer is going to play to a click and, now that I'm an...
  29. adew

    Newbie owner - first impressions

    This "review" thread is aimed at people who are about to take the leap and buy an Axe FXII, and for those in the very early stages of ownership. Seasoned Axe pros will probably just smile fondly, and get a little misty-eyed remembering their own Axe baby-steps... :) Background I've been...
  30. adew

    Editing Global Blocks directly?

    Is it possible to edit a Global Block directly, without editing a preset that uses the Global Block as described in manual section 6.2.1, page 118 ? I suspect the answer is no, but the reason I'm asking is that in setting up my live presets I'm relying heavily on Global Blocks to keep things...
  31. adew

    Display screen - symbol next to certain fx parameters

    Honestly, I'm really trying not to post a daily "stupid" question, but it's still very early days with my Axe, so here's today's... lol What does this symbol mean: -o- (best I can type it, I'm afraid) displayed alongside certain parameters in the edit pages? Thanks.
  32. adew

    Mission EP-1: spring loaded or not for wah auto-engage

    Still in early stages of getting to grips with the Axe FX2 and haven't even unboxed the MF101 yet. :-) I already have a Mission EP-1. Will this work fine with the wah auto engage feature, or do I need the spring-loaded version? Sorry if this is a stupid question... :? Thanks!
  33. adew

    Well, it arrived! (New Axe content)

    My shiney new Axe FX2, MFC101 and Ethercon cable arrived from the good folk at G66 today, together with a box of choccies and a personalised letter from them (nice customer service touches, btw). After the obligatory "new gear" unpacking frenzy, all I've done so far is slot it into my rack...
  34. adew

    Axe FX II - case depth

    I promise you that I have searched! However, I haven't managed to find a definitive answer... Can some kind soul please give me the depth of the Axe FX II case, measuring from "behind" the rack ears to the rear panel? I would measure mine, but it doesn't arrive until next week, and I'm in...
  35. adew

    Getting to grips with Scenes vs Patches

    In the lull before receiving my new Axe FX-II and MFC101, I'm trying to read as much as possible (manual, wiki, etc) to give me a bit of head start once the unit arrives. All good so far. However, I'm struggling a little to fully understand the scenario in which Scenes are preferable to...
  36. adew

    How do FRFR wedge users handle limited FOH PA situation?

    Hi, New member here! :D I'm currently making plans to switch to an Axe-FX and FRFR wedge setup (probably the RCF), from traditional amps/cabs. Stages can be rather varied where I am and, from time to time, I will be playing venues which only supply a vocal PA (perhaps with a mic for the...
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