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  1. Sleestak

    New FM3 - And Now For Something Completely Different...

    Matt tells me it wasn't him. That's all the proof I need.
  2. Sleestak

    New FM3 - And Now For Something Completely Different...

    I'm a FractalBot and I'm OK...
  3. Sleestak

    New FM3 - And Now For Something Completely Different...

    Not to brag, but my FM3 was personally inspected by Monty Python. See tag for proof.
  4. Sleestak

    Vendor New Screen Protection system for FM3... coming soon!

    I'm 100% onboard as well. Everything Sukh does is pretty awesome. Also, he seems to have some kind of magic radar to locate dodgy late-night kebab in London suburbs.
  5. Sleestak

    Is It Penis Envy?

    Look, it comes down to one critical question: does it djent?
  6. Sleestak

    SOLD AX8 for sale $850 - Original Owner - Includes Extras

    MY number came up on the FM3 list, and I'm selling my AX8 to fund the purchase. I'm the original owner of this AX8, and it will ship in the original box. I've always had this unit mounted on a pedalboard which travels in a padded ATA flight case. It's in excellent condition, and has zero issues...
  7. Sleestak

    Best-Tronics now offering cables specifically designed for Fractal Audio Products

    +1000 Great company with super high quality.
  8. Sleestak

    On the fence...help me jump off :-)

    My pre-Fractal rig was a pretty big pedalboard with boutique pedals + Mesa Boogie Lonestar. I've owned a Triaxis, MKII, and MKIII as well, and also had a TC Electronic G Force in my rack rig. I took the plunge into the AxeFX II many years ago, and less than two years later had sold ALL of my...
  9. Sleestak

    Sad news

    Sorry to hear this news.
  10. Sleestak

    Questions about the Flanger in the Axe-Fx III

    I have owned three different models of the Electric Mistress pedal, one of which is from the late 70s. The emulation in the AxeFX III is incredible. It's literally a combination of the best characteristics of my original pedals.
  11. Sleestak

    Axe Fx III on USB-C of 2020 Macbook Pro 13''

    I have the same question. I've done a lot of searching for this, and what I have read indicates that either (1) the chip set for Thunderbolt can't support parallel hub connectivity, or (2) there is a "shortage" of the controller chips. Those both seem like terrible answers to me. I have a...
  12. Sleestak

    Solutions for using Axe-Fx as an in the room amp?

    I have used a few power amp / cab setups with the AxeFX, and the best results I've gotten so far is using a XiTone FRFR monitor-style powered cabinet. That cabinet it pretty lightweight, sounds amazing in both monitor configuration and when sitting on its side like an amp cab (in my backline)...
  13. Sleestak

    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    Seems legit
  14. Sleestak

    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    Thank you for the reminder, and for keeping that nonsense out of this forum. I'm an admin for the Fractal Audio FB group, and the same policy applies there. My expectation is that people follow "Wheaton's Law". Fortunately, most people abide by the simple rules in my pinned post for that group...
  15. Sleestak

    New AX8 Owner With a Mac OS 10.15.5

    Thanks @Steve South for this link. I was just looking for that same entry :)
  16. Sleestak

    New AX8 Owner With a Mac OS 10.15.5

    Use the Finder to go directly to the application, then OPEN it from there. You only have to do this once, the system will remember that you approved it. Apple's security updates are good, but they block software from anyone who doesn't use their signing protocol. It happens to me all the time.
  17. Sleestak

    FRETS ... Mainly Strat type guitars

    I am 56 and find that medium jumbo stainless steel frets are ideal for my playing. I find jumbo frets to have noticeably less precision in intonation, even when plek'd. The best fretwork I've seen is on my multiscale Strandberg Boden, and on my Suhr strat (both of which came from the factory...
  18. Sleestak

    Using an Axe-Fx III with my Fender Twin for effects?

    Very true. I also have an AX8, though I'm not using it much at the moment. It's a fantastic unit, and I use it as my "grab and go" board. At this point, there isn't much "going", so it's just sitting in a flight case here in the studio.
  19. Sleestak

    Axe-Fx III mkII spiffy logo LED

    You can process hexes? I'm still using a voodoo doll. Jealous.
  20. Sleestak

    Using an Axe-Fx III with my Fender Twin for effects?

    I'll admit there are some effects that the AxeFX III cannot currently emulate, but they are extremely few. I've been an AxeFX user for many years, and have owned a large number of high-end processors from Eventide, TC Electronic, Ensoniq, and so on. Also, I have owned a ton of boutique pedals...
  21. Sleestak

    Elixir strings

    I can't get accustomed to coated strings. As the coatings on Optiweb / Nanoweb strings lose integrity, the strings begin to look "flocked" and feel like they vibrate less freely. They also feel like there is slightly more friction against the frets. Granted, I am a total nerd about efficiency in...
  22. Sleestak

    So I would love to hear from anybody using the Axe FX 3 OTHER than as a guitar processor?

    In addition to playing guitar, I run my other electric / pickup-equipped instruments through the AxeFX for processing: bass, Warr guitar, banjo, oud, mandolin, and keys.
  23. Sleestak

    Guitar tuning / setup question

    I remember reading an interview with him, where he described his string gauges. He must have a very light touch on his picking hand to avoid the Doppler effect sound wherein the action of picking the string pushes it sharp, and then it settles back to normal tension. It's weird. I can't play...
  24. Sleestak

    Looking for a controller for Axe-Fx III

    Mastermind controllers are the best I've ever used. Strongly recommended.
  25. Sleestak

    Axe-Edit Disconnecting on Mac

    The only times I've had problem with maintaining connectivity from my AxeFX to the Mac have always been resolved by switching the USB cable. It wasn't that I needed to use a more expensive cable, but the super cheap ones that often come packed as freebies with other gear can be problematic. Hope...
  26. Sleestak

    K, so I just ordered some Stringjoy strings to try them out....

    I did use some of their 10-48 strings. I liked the sound on my tele especially. I put the 9.5 gauge on a Strat as an experiment, and loved the better balance of tension when bending. Interesting, I didn't have to do anything to my Strat's setup to accommodate the slight difference in the gauge...
  27. Sleestak

    My New Guitar, Warmoth build.

    +1 for Warmoth. I live in Seattle, and used to go down there all the time to look at their necks and bodies. Great company, and really great people.
  28. Sleestak

    K, so I just ordered some Stringjoy strings to try them out....

    I usually use a 10-46 set on my guitars, but started to experiment with the Strinjoy 9.5 - 46 set recently. It feels really like the strings are somehow more musical and responsive, as compared with my usual D'Addarios.
  29. Sleestak

    So you like guitars with a bit of history?

    I have played that guitar. I worked for Experience Music Project (now "MoPop") in Seattle, and was in the room where this guitar was first unpacked after being purchased at auction. It definitely wasn't an exceptional example of 68 strat. If someone handed it to you off the rack at Gruhn's or...
  30. Sleestak

    Securing your wireless pack to your strap

    Ditto for this. I have one of those pouches on each of my guitar straps, and it makes it super easy to deal with the transmitter. I like the fact that it blends in to my black guitar strap, and it protects the unit against bumps / scrapes.
  31. Sleestak


    Best-Tronics for the win. I make most of my own cables, but I'm a longtime solderhead. For anything you need in a custom length, or for things like a tour-worthy seven pin MIDI cable, Best-Tronics is the place to go.
  32. Sleestak

    Best MacBook for Axe 3 and Protools?

    I have a MacBook Pro with USB - C / Thunderbolt 3, and it's fantastic. Yes, I do need to use an adaptor dock for USB - A peripherals, but that is a pretty minor thing. At home I have a Kensington dock with a bunch of connectors on it, and it just plugs into a single USB - C port on the Mac. On...
  33. Sleestak

    This has to be a joke right?

    Those vintage capos are really the secret for great tone. I have a reissue, and it's just not the same.
  34. Sleestak


    I watched that demo yesterday. It's fascinating, and obviously a V1.0 product. The capability to provide assistive tech to stroke victims, those who are paralyzed, and to enhance quality of life in general... that's amazing stuff. Regardless of anyone's opinion of Elon Musk, he thinks big and...
  35. Sleestak

    Backup question ...

    Same as above, I exit and close Axe Edit when using Fractal Bot.
  36. Sleestak

    K, so I just ordered some Stringjoy strings to try them out....

    I had Stringjoy create two packs of strings for me, so that I could set up a guitar in Fripp's New Standard Tuning (CGDAEG). The strings are really great and to my surprise, the guitar did not require any setup changes.
  37. Sleestak

    I opened the gates of hell with my Axe-Fx ...

    Nice! What a great soundscape.
  38. Sleestak

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.03

    Another lightning speed update! Thank you.
  39. Sleestak

    Axe-Fx IV release estimate?

    Also: buy the AxeFX III. It continues to astonish me with its power and tone capabilities. This is the best gear purchase of my life, hands down.
  40. Sleestak

    Axe-Fx IV release estimate?

    AxeFX IV speculation is so eight months ago. The cool kids are arguing about the AxeFX V. The general consensus is that it still won't have a KLON model. :)
  41. Sleestak

    Music Room/ Hideout

    A dedicated music room is such a wonderful thing. Mine is a bedroom in our house that occasionally serves as a second guest room.
  42. Sleestak

    Two Expression Pedals?

    Nice. I have a local friend that I helped get set up with GT10 for his rig. He was previously an AxeFX II user, and over the past few years has switched over to using Gig Performer. His setup has 4 pedals and is pretty wild.
  43. Sleestak

    Two Expression Pedals?

    As long as the stomp switch is separate from the pedal's travel. If it were in the toe-down position of the pedal (like a wah), you'd have to go to full volume to engage the stomp switch. I use a Mastermind GT10 controller, and you can reassign the pedals on the fly (with scenes, or just a...
  44. Sleestak

    Two Expression Pedals?

    I volume-level all of my presets, and have two pedals: (1) mix for delay / reverb and (2) modulation (wah / pitch / rotary speed). I have dedicated buttons on my board for +3 / -3 dB, but I try to never change my volume onstage. My solo scenes are adjusted for appropriate level of boost per preset.
  45. Sleestak

    Best practice with locking tuners

    +1 to all the posts here. Pull it tight and lock it.
  46. Sleestak

    Which Expression pedal to get?

    I have 2 of the Fractal EV-1 pedals on my main touring board, and 2 of the EV-2 pedals on my "grab and go / fly date" board. They are impossible to beat for quality and perfect linearity. If you're accustomed to the feel of a CryBaby, go with the Mission pedal. I have used several of their...
  47. Sleestak

    macOS Catalina

    I haven't had any problems with Catalina
  48. Sleestak

    New BOSS SY-1000. The Hex-pickup is not dead. Long live the 13-pin plug!

    I I have one that I intend to sell as well. Mine is white with a rosewood fingerboard.
  49. Sleestak

    Help me get this mic working with my XR-18 mixer?

    I'm not at in the studio with my XR18 right now, but as I recall, when I power it up and connect the GUI to manage it, the XR18 always defaults to a muted state. I always need to explicitly unmute the channels and main outputs.
  50. Sleestak

    Does storing/hanging a guitar from a wall hanger damage?

    Well, every time I try to nail it to the wall, I miss the stud and it just falls down. And then the flying lizards get it.
  51. Sleestak

    Does storing/hanging a guitar from a wall hanger damage?

    I have been keeping my guitars on the wall for decades. I use String Swing commercial slatwall fixtures and hangers. The main concern is that nitrocellulose finishes will react with the padding on the hangers, That means a few of my guitars can't be hung on them. Also, I have a Strandberg Boden...
  52. Sleestak

    Drive Pedal Heaven

    That's my approach as well. I like having two gain stages with differing characteristics, and stack them for additional mayhem.
  53. Sleestak

    5-way Super switch (Strat)

    I put a superswitch in most of my Strats, largely because they each have some different strengths / weaknesses, so it lets me experiment with the combinations while I'm dialing them in. When I'm doing that experimentation, I wire up the pickups with longer leads, and use a special pick guard...
  54. Sleestak

    What is your favorite beer?

    That is it. Fantastic, bright IPA with a lot of nice balance.
  55. Sleestak

    What is your favorite beer?

    Ninkasi Tricerahops
  56. Sleestak

    What weird tunings do you have your guitars in?

    I have a couple of baritone guitars (B to B), a 10 string Warr Guitar (Trey Gunn tuning), and few basses (both 4 and 5 string, plus a fretless 4 string). Other than that, all my guitars are in standard E to E tuning, with one exception: I've just started to learn New Standard Tuning (CGDAEG) in...
  57. Sleestak

    Who are your biggest musical influences?

    In addition to those fantastic entries already listed, I'll add a few to the pile: Guitar Davey Johnstone (Longtime guitarist of Elton John) Adrian Belew David Torn Pat Martino Bass Tony Levin (my favorite overall musician, and a fine human as well) Mick Karn Bill Laswell Jah Wobble Other...
  58. Sleestak

    Guitar Fall - Emotional?

    Oh man. I get it. I'm always a little bummed when my guitars get a nick or something. I can identify the time and location of every significant injury to my guitars (and I tour a lot!). At the same time, I try to remember that my guitars have earned those scratches, dings, and chips in the line...
  59. Sleestak

    OT: Trogly trades up for an Axe Fx III

    Not specific to this review, but my $0.02 is as follows.... Sophisticated technology requires a sophisticated user. I'm not saying anything about capabilities or intelligence here. What I mean is that a review of a device as complex and powerful as the AxeFX III requires a minimum level of...
  60. Sleestak

    FM3 Ground loop plugged into a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus

    Can you post a picture of your setup?
  61. Sleestak

    FM3 Ground loop plugged into a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus

    Are you getting a ground loop with the FM3 plugged directly into the wall power? If you're getting a hum / buzz with the FM3 and amp plugged directly into the same outlet WITHOUT A GUITAR INPUT, then it's either (1) a bad AC cable (2) something inducing a hum (transformer / dimmer / appliance /...
  62. Sleestak

    FM3 Ground loop plugged into a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus

    It also might be something else causing RFI or a hum. The PP2 is a good power supply, and I'd be surprised if the internal transformer is inducing a hum, but it's possible. Assuming your gear is all using 3 prong cables, a ground loop would be caused by voltage differential between the...
  63. Sleestak

    What's your hobby?

    Damn straight! I love the silver ball.
  64. Sleestak

    New Schecter Guitars Route 66

    Absolutely. As a professional player who loves classic strat tones, I want all the vintage goodness and look, with all the modern advances. My Suhr strat is the best of my (many) strat style guitars. It has stainless steel frets, noiseless single coil pickups, a great trem bridge, locking...
  65. Sleestak

    Removing all guitar strings for about a week?

    I never take the strings off my guitars. I just add a new set every so often. It's hell on the truss rod, but talk about BIG TONE...
  66. Sleestak

    What is your player level?

    I think of an "advanced" player as someone who (1) is technically capable of learning and performing any guitar part they wish to (aside from insanely virtuosic playing, e.g., Buckethead) and (2) is able to play what they hear inside their head or heart, with expression and passion. With respect...
  67. Sleestak

    Hideous FRFR discovery.

    Ultimately, our tone through the PA is dependent on the FOH operator. When I'm working with someone that hasn't mixed me before, I explain that I'll be giving them a direct, fully realized tone that I've dialed in using studio reference monitors. I let them know that it's OK to adjust EQ to fit...
  68. Sleestak

    New Fractal Merch

    I would definitely rock a Fractal coffee mug. Another super handy Fractal-themed merch item would be a pick tray that I could put on top of my rack. I'm currently using an antique brass tobacco tray for that purpose, a nice anodized aluminum (not plastic) Fractal pick tray would be awesome.
  69. Sleestak

    F*&@#$^% Microsoft

    ACK! It looks cool, but thirty bucks a month would impact my pizza budget AND NOBODY PUTS THE SLEESTAK'S PIZZA IN THE CORNER.
  70. Sleestak

    F*&@#$^% Microsoft

    I don't see any pricing on their site. How much is it?
  71. Sleestak

    Worth getting AXE iii in 2020?

    I was happy with the purchase of my AxeFX III when I paid $2499 for it, and now they're even less expensive. Hands down THE BEST piece of music gear that I have ever owned. I would recommend it without reservation.
  72. Sleestak

    Where Has Integrity Gone?

    Integrity, decency, and generosity are in short supply. It's especially prevalent in business, where we've adjusted our expectations so low that it's surprising when we receive even the slightest hint of genuine customer service. If you are lucky enough to be a customer of Fractal Audio, XiTone...
  73. Sleestak

    What Mic Are You Using?

    Yes, I have used my computer speakers with this mic, as well as my studio monitors. I don't get any feedback or echo. That was a problem with the mic in my webcam (and on the laptop). The larger element in the USB mic, along with pickup pattern, greatly improves the usability. I don't like to...
  74. Sleestak

    What Mic Are You Using?

    I have this microphone on each of my computers for audio https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=600202 They're surprisingly good, and you don't need to be right on top of them to get good sound; they sit right below my monitor and are aimed at my face.
  75. Sleestak

    Want a plug in system for computer.....help please.

    For the plugin approach, check out Gig Performer https://gigperformer.com It's a VST host program, and I know a lot of players who are using it as a big part of the rig. I sometimes run it alongside my AxeFX III for processing loops and other stuff in a live setting.
  76. Sleestak

    Where to buy a new Strat neck?

    Another vote for Warmoth. You can custom order the neck you want from them, and they're very good. They have CNC profiles for neck and bodies, and can create one that matches your needs. For vintage tone / feel, I like rosewood or maple, but I love stainless steel frets. I have had a few of my...
  77. Sleestak

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.11

    Well, I can vouch for the healthy effects of FW 12.11 as a supplement to my tone. I spent a good hour just reviewing my existing patches, and they all sound incredible. Tasty work, Fractal crew!
  78. Sleestak

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.11

    Officially acknowledging myself a weirdo, I actually like kale. It can be a little tough, and sometimes I blanch it or steam it for a salad (especially dinosaur kale). For smoothies, you have to blend the hell out of it, but you still get all the goodness. However, I'm not insane. A friend of...
  79. Sleestak

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.11

    I'll add this: I've been an AxeFX user for many years, and have never had a single issue with my systems. This was a pretty minor blip, and it was the first time I'd played through the system since updating to 12.11 FW. Obviously, if I were touring at the moment, I'd never make a FW update; and...
  80. Sleestak

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.11

    I had a brief bit of strange behavior with my AxeFX III after this update. The unit wasn't passing a signal, and although it was connected to Axe-Edit, and I could change patches via Axe-Edit, the AxeFX wouldn't save any of my edits. I looked at the AxrFX I/O configuration, and input 1 had been...
  81. Sleestak

    Wireless Bidirectional MIDI

    I have looked at that unit as well. They indicate that they've successfully tested their bluetooth system over a range of 20 meters, which is probably sufficient. It's much less expensive, and apparently it is possible (or planned to be possible) to set the BT connection between devices once...
  82. Sleestak

    Wireless Bidirectional MIDI

    This looks like an interesting product https://lite-time.com/wireless-midi It's not cheap, but would potentially solve one my onstage nuisances: dealing with long MIDI cable runs from my AxeFX III to my MMGT control pedal. I already have a good rechargeable power solution that would allow me to...
  83. Sleestak

    Vendor ZenRigs new site goes live tonight! Store-wide launch discounts!

    (in your best Sir David Attenborough voice) The majestic Sukh is most often observed in his native northern UK, but in recent times has been sighted in greater London, following the seasonal migration of herds of kebab. Surely one of nature's apex snacking predators, resplendent in luminous...
  84. Sleestak

    Vendor ZenRigs new site goes live tonight! Store-wide launch discounts!

    The new site looks fantastic! Well done, Sukh. I never play a gig without ZenRigs products. I have tags on my "big rig" pedalboard, and on my AX8 board. Plus, tasty GloRisers and expression pedal labels for the win. I need you to convert our Dishoom receipt into a glow label... DISCLAIMER: I...
  85. Sleestak

    Why do people criticize guitar covers or band covers?

    After one of our performances, someone commented on the band's FB page about our version of "Slow Burn", saying that while my recreation of Pete Townshend's guitar part is technically spot-on, they were let down because (1) was playing the "wrong" kind of guitar (I use a Strandberg Boden for...
  86. Sleestak

    Why do people criticize guitar covers or band covers?

    Music is ephemeral, and performances will vary. I perform in a couple of bands, and one of them is a tribute to David Bowie. As the band's only guitarist, I'm responsible for recreating soundscapes, tones, and specific performances by some ferociously talented players. Given that context, I feel...
  87. Sleestak

    Travel with AXE FX III

    I have an AX8 that I use for fly dates (and as a grab and go rig for other gigs). Initially, I thought I might use it for rehearsals for the sake of portability. But honestly, l just use it for those situations where it isn't logistically feasible to bring the full rig. I always use my AxeFX III...
  88. Sleestak

    Travel with AXE FX III

    I would think that's perfectly fine, unless you need to travel on really rough roads - or are a professional stunt driver :) Both those pieces of equipment are tour-worthy, and built with durability in mind. I toured with my AxeFX II (and now my AxeFX III) in lightweight SKB racks, and never...
  89. Sleestak

    FM-12 III in progress

    My AxeFX III lives in a 6u rack with my instrument and IEM wireless units, and a power conditioner. When I'm programming tones - or doing technical rehearsals - I use my laptop. At many of our shows, my rack is offstage. I run a MIDI cable to my MMGT10, and that's my control interface for live use.
  90. Sleestak

    Is Kiesel worth the wait?

    When I ordered my Suhr custom strat, they told me up front that it would be five months before they even started the build. They delivered my guitar about seven months after I placed the order, and it is incredible. A fully spec'd custom build from Kiesel, at 12 weeks, is pretty reasonable. The...
  91. Sleestak

    Where did you purchase your Suhr?

    I bought mine from Rogue Music. It's a SSS Strat with the antique finish (in white). It's really a great guitar. I ordered it through Rogue Music, and knew that it would need to be built, which took around four months. Suhr got in contact with me immediately so we could discuss some minor...
  92. Sleestak

    Adam A7X studio monitors...whoa

    Last year I switched out my Behringer reference studio monitors for a pair of Focal Shap Twins. The Behringer monitors were actually pretty good, and I had spent enough time with them to know how to dial them in for fairly flat response. I had experience with several high end monitors in other...
  93. Sleestak

    Just wanted to say thanks.

    One of the things that music has done for me is to give me a community where I feel challenged and supported. I know how difficult it is to manage depression, and I hope you continue to find inspiration in music - even during the difficult times. No matter what, always know there are people that...
  94. Sleestak

    Happy Birthday Matt!

    A big super happy birthday to @Admin M@ ! Thanks for all the great support, humor, and for being an all-around awesome human.
  95. Sleestak

    Covid + and recovered?

    Zoinks! Glad to hear you are recovering. Be well, my friend!
  96. Sleestak

    So this is interesting spam.

    ๐œ๐š๐ฌ๐ž ๐ฌ๐ž๐ง๐ฌ๐ข๐ญ๐ข๐ฏ๐ž, ๐๐ฎ๐ฉ๐ฅ๐ข๐œ๐š๐ญ๐ž ๐š๐ง๐ ๐ฆ๐ข๐ฑ๐ญ๐ฎ๐ซ๐ž ๐ข๐ญ, ๐š๐ง๐ ๐ญ๐š๐ค๐ž ๐š๐ฐ๐š๐ฒ *** ๐Ÿ๐ซ๐จ๐ฆ ๐ข๐ญ I wouldn't even know how to comply with this ominous threat.
  97. Sleestak

    Baritone guitar recommendations

    I own several baritone guitars. My current favorite is a Fender blacktop tele baritone. The longer scale length is really important to me; I tune mine B - E - A - D- F# - B (same are a regular guitar, but down a perfect 4th), and the string tension on the longer scale length is what gives the...
  98. Sleestak

    Looking for advice on working with effects

    I have found that "major" (full number) FM revisions often include a significant overhaul of certain effects, or the additional of new ones. I like to experiment with the updated effects just to see if they add a little something that I was missing before. Case in point, when the rotary block...
  99. Sleestak

    Selling Cab packs and preset packs with equipment? Yes or no?

    My answer is no, that's not OK. You have the right to use them yourself, or transfer them to someone else. But not both. Similarly, you can sell (or give away) a CD, but it's not OK to keep / sell / give away a copy of it. Just my $0.02
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