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  1. steve_k

    FX8 audio throughput

    Is everything from the input converted and digitized or can the unit as a whole best set to pass an unaltered audio output through it with the mix level of the effects preset being added to?
  2. steve_k

    Cab Pack 7

    Hell yes. Awesome return on $24.95. These are all Mesa Boogie 412 Traditional mixes. Very nice indeed and very useful for me. Steve
  3. steve_k

    Triaxis L2Y/VH4 and a Het Clean patch

    Triaxis L2Y + VH4. Using the Mesa 412 Trad. Cab Lab 7 cabs (which are awesome BTW). PEQ on the TA and a few other FX for punch (Multi-Comp). Also, a clean patch with the JC120 with a bit of chorus/phase and short delay/verb. Set up direct. But, I am running output 2 thru a Matrix and a...
  4. steve_k

    Het Live Preset

    Dusted off the XL and loaded up FW 19 beta. IIC+ and VH4 Silver both with 412 Mesa Traditional new mix. Using some Fostex headphones. Need to get out the CLR's and check it out. You Will may need to EQ with the EQ block at the end of the chain depending on what you are playing through. Power...
  5. steve_k

    Cowboys from Hell Intro

    Anybody got something dialed in for the synth into to Cowboys from Hell? Maybe just a phase and trem block?
  6. steve_k

    Phase inversion

    Is the Axe so advanced such when running two amps together with odd gain stages that it will actually phase invert the combined output as is the case with a real rig? If so, how to overcome it and invert the phase of one of the amps? Thanks, Steve
  7. steve_k

    Internal or External Wah?

    I am undecided. Both have advantages/disadvantages. What is some of the boards preferences? I kind of like my Dunlop Rack wah and have better luck on the higher gain presets with it. Still trying to dial up the internal one though. Steve
  8. steve_k

    Quickest way back to the Axe FX

    ....is to put together a massive rig. Here's my 3xTriaxis rig, along with a VH4. probably, when I finish wiring it up, I will be right back to the Axe FX....
  9. steve_k

    XL FW15 MB Red/Plexi Tone Stack - USA Clean

    Bad ass DI rig I have been working on using FW15 for XL. Recto Red Modern 2 with a Plexi tonestack. Stereo #149 cabs with 421 mics. Multi-comp shaping the output and a few filters to cut some of the bottom and top end. Delay/Verb and 3 outs to the Output mixer. The Y side of the amp is the...
  10. steve_k

    FAS 6160 with Bogfish Tonestack

    Working on this preset using the FAS 6160 with Bogfish Tonestack. Check it out. Using F149 and F159 stereo cabs with 421 mics. Could of filter blocks in there if needed for bottom control. Steve
  11. steve_k

    VH4 Channel 3/4 Preset for XL

    Been tweaking on this preset for myself. X amp is VH4 Ch. 3 and Y amp is Ch. 4. Stereo OH Mark 412 V30 cabs with 421 mics. A few FX for affect.....
  12. steve_k

    How to Axe Change XL presets?

    Bot or Axe Change will not handle the new 13KB sys files for XL. The forum will not handle the file attachments either.....
  13. steve_k

    Fractal Bot saving file sizes @13KB

    Anyone else have this problem? I am using 2.0.2 for Mac and my Axe XL. Files are all coming over to my computer at 13KB.
  14. steve_k

    TMA of my IIC+

    Was going to put it here, but they have files limited to 12KB. WTF? It's on Facebook...... Steve
  15. steve_k

    Guitar volume roll-off

    Still trying to sort this on a couple of presets. Guitar volume roll-off on some of the mid-higher gain presets I am working with results in a bit of scratchiness and crackle. Is there a target parameter to go after in the amp set up or is it more an impedance issue between Axe and guitar...
  16. steve_k

    TMA's using a Two Notes Torpedo Live

    Gonna set up to so some TMA's of some of my tube amps using the TNTL. Should be easy enough with the line level compensated output of the TNTL. But, does anyone have any experience or pointers? Going to get me some true Mark IIC+ TMA's and some with my Fortin NATAS as well as some good...
  17. steve_k

    Question for M@ or Cliff

    Any interest in designing a small footprint Fractal branded plug and play controller with only a row of presets or Scene switches and a bank up/down and LED window? Many of us, including myself, do not need all the IA switches and are set up in Scenes for switching. I find the switches being too...
  18. steve_k

    6 Big Rig Presets ->Power Amp/Cab + FOH

    Made these all from a template I generated that I really like. FX Loop in the preset to send to my Matrix power amp and out to two Bogner 412 cabs. DI to the FOH via output 1. Cabs in the DI are stereo Ultra Hi Res OH 412 Marshall V30. Both the DI and the out to the cab have a PEQ to adjust tone...
  19. steve_k

    Harmonizer settings for Blackened Intro

    Anyone ever played with the intelligent harmonizer and the intro to Blackened. Try to find some decent settings. I had them wrote down when I was using an Intellifex, but lost the paper. Seems like it was 3 down and 3 up +/- a few cents. But, having a hard time getting it right. Thanks, Steve
  20. steve_k

    Dual Delay and FOH

    What are you experiences with the Dual Delay and time setting for L and R into the FOH for general purpose lead work. Toying with the timings of 500/250 m sec. Any magic number or recognizable delay time that is in the sweet spot? Tempo is off. Thanks, Steve
  21. steve_k

    Another Papa Het Preset

    VH4/Lead 2 Yellow. Cabs are stereo Hi-Res OH 412 Marshall V30 with 421 mics. Compressor in front of the VH4. Lead 2 Yellow with a PEQ with V parameters as per the IIC+ freqs. Engage the vol pedal at the end of the chain for boost. The VH4 has been tweaked but the Mesa has stock settings. I think...
  22. steve_k

    VH4/IIC+ Preset

    Been working on this a while and using it a lot. Pretty much the only preset I use. Load it up and check it out. I just flip a few of the FX on and off. Sounds great in FOH. Anyway, feedback appreciated. VH4/IIC+ amp models tweaked and GEQ's up front. Ultra Hi-Res cabs. No TMA. Thanks, Steve
  23. steve_k

    MFC 101 MkIII Help

    I bought a used MFC101 MkIII. Connected via Ethercon and when it started up, it showed $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ across the screen. IA's and presets lit up and worked. Went through the FW update and Fractal Bot showed updated properly but still a screen full of $$$$$$$ signs and nothing...
  24. steve_k

    2nd Mark II coming....

    Finally, my email came yesterday and my number was up on the Mark II. Order placed....Now I don't have to keep dragging one out of my rack and into the house and changing settings all the time. Looking forward to having a pair of Axes again. Thanks Matt and Cliff...... Steve
  25. steve_k

    Musikmesse 2014

    Finally getting to go this year. Who's going? Any Fractal Audio representation? Steve
  26. steve_k

    What happened to Copy 1 -> 2 in I/O

    Where did it go after the FW13 update?
  27. steve_k

    Line/Mic level pad

    Needing to pad the line level signal from Axe to the FOH consoles that don't have a pad reduction. What are you using? Thanks......
  28. steve_k

    Guitar volume roll-off with TMA's

    What causes the bit of static and loss of clarity when using a TM preset when rolling off the guitar volume knob - especially on a moderate/high gain TM? Anyone else notice this or am I just dumb and how to correct? Thanks, Steve
  29. steve_k

    Grado Reference Series headphones

    I spent a lot of time dialing in the Axe with headphones only to find myself having to re-EQ for live play and the tone from the CLR's. I got to thinking maybe to invest in a good set of reference series headphones. I started out looking at the Audeze LCD2 but ended up buying the Grado RS1i's...
  30. steve_k

    Back up Mark II or wait for an XL?

    Grab a second Mark II for back up? or Wait for an XL? Having a main that doesn't get messed with and a back up for goofing around with and experimenting with is an option I like.
  31. steve_k

    Live rig with CLR's

    One active CLR cab and two active CLR wedges.....stage overkill or justified? Thinking about picking up a cab for a little stage reference for me and cross noise for the band and audience for gigs where the FOH is well in front of the stage.
  32. steve_k

    Time Out.....

    What does that mean, other than everything stops and freezes up? Was banking up through a preset and get the "Axe FX Time Out on my MFC. Just like a PC, turn it off then back on and all is cool. Anyway, what causes it and how to ensure it won't happen on stage? FW10 Latest revision on...
  33. steve_k

    Pitch/Harmony FX

    Been trying to make a simple pitch/harmony patch but not sure I am trusting my ears. I am wanting to use this in a couple of my Metallica presets for solo's in Blackened and One and not exactly sure how to go about it. I can RTFM, but think it can be better. Any advise on setting these up...
  34. steve_k

    My thoughts on the Axe FX

    As an amateur musician and part time gigging guitarist I feel quite confident that there is absolutely no way I could achieve the awesome FOH direct tone with amps/FX that I can with the Axe FX rig. I tried for years to be pleased and content. Took only a few hours with the Axe to accomplish...
  35. steve_k

    RCF Active Monitor Fatigue

    I have been using these RCF 12NXSA's for a while and I am wondering if it is my ears or the active amps in the RCF that seem to be fatiguing. Seems like after a couple hours of messing around on the Axe, that the monitors seem to change tonally, some what. I've noticed this with two different...
  36. steve_k

    New MFC's

    Are the new ones shipping (just received this week) with "scenes" already onboard, or do we have to set it up? I haven't taken mine out of the box yet.... Steve
  37. steve_k

    Output leveling for presets

    For 5 selected presets to use live and direct to FOH/stage monitors, what's the best way to get the output volume leveled across all your programmed presets? By ear, dB meter, something else? Or, point me in the right direction... Thanks, Steve
  38. steve_k

    My Axe Rig

    The grab and go rig......first gigs this weekend. Looking forward to the direct FOH onslaught. No amps/cabs.....all A2.
  39. steve_k

    Controlling OUT2 - Volume Pedal Question

    Looked in the manual and and can't find it, or missed the topic. I am setting up for the first live gigs this weekend with my A2 rig. Direct to FOH with all sims and I am running 2 - FRFR powered monitors out of OUT2 with OUT1 copied to to OUT2. My volume pedal is controlling on OUT1 to FOH...
  40. steve_k

    EQ opinions....

    Probably a noob question, but....is there much, if any difference in using a GEQ block or using the 9 band EQ on the amp tabs? I guess the GEQ block would allow you to set it on or bypassed in a preset. But, other than that is there much advantage of one over the other. If using the block, where...
  41. steve_k

    Every new Axe rig deserves a new Suhr

    Funded by amp sales caused by the A2 rig. Inbound.....
  42. steve_k

    Mark IIC+ Preset

    Anybody build on the existing Mark IIC+ preset for a good early Metallica (Master of Puppets) tone? Working on one, but still messing with the PEQ a bit. I haven't even plugged into a computer yet with the A2, but will attempt an Axe Exchange upload in a few days. I didn't see any on there...
  43. steve_k

    Crossed over to the "Dark Side"

    Finally did it and went all in on an A2 rig. After years and years and a multitude of the finest amps and mods available, I have given in. Some of the interest was sparked by the growing list of "heavy metal" converts - but the biggest motivation for me was to find something to go direct to FOH...
  44. steve_k

    Wireless opinions with the Axe II

    How many are using wireless with their Axe II for gigging and any issues to be aware of? With traditional amps, I went back and forth with wireless. Steve
  45. steve_k

    Digidesign 003 Rack / Axe Users

    Guys ~ not only am I only scratching the surface with the Axe FX, I just got my Digidesign 003 rack set up too. Running through a Mac OSx system. Question - How come I cannot get the same volume out of my active monitors when the Axe is plugged into the Digi 003 rack with the monitors plugged...
  46. steve_k

    AFX thru a line mixer to two heads...

    As I don't have a dedicated stereo power amp yet (but have an abundance of amps) and was going to try hooking up the AFX as a preamp to run through the power sections of two of my heads, do you think I can do this? Guitar Axe Output1 R/L from AFX to line mixer (rack) MixR out to FX return of...
  47. steve_k

    Axe through two heads?

    Guys: Just got my Axe and having a nut with it...I am using a 4CM through the VH4's power end just to mess around with it and get some EQ dialed in. Then, I had a brain fart :idea: :o ? As I have a VH4 and an Uberschall in a road case, I was wondering could I use the Left inputs/outputs...
  48. steve_k

    Bradshaw RS10 or Ground Control Pro

    Just got my AFX today and been farting around with it manually. Running it using a 4CM through my VH4 parallel loop and a 4x12 Diezel FL cab. Must say, I haven't had this much fun in a while and that is just messing with the presets. Question - which controller set up are you finding you like...
  49. steve_k

    Effects Only - Axe FX worth it?

    Hey guys~ New over here and thought I would pop in. I am not a huge effects user, but am thinking of pulling the trigger on an Axe FX. I don't have any desire for the amp/cab sims, but only to use as an FX processor. I have plenty of midi controllers and what not. Currently, I am running a...
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