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    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    My experience has been a massive improvement using ARES. Most of my patches use Austin Buddy Dream Rigs ASA start point, and I build from there. AB has done most of the hard work in my scenario!
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    Morningstar MC6MKII and Axe-FX III

    Roby Rocks, your videos are a fantastic resource. I've always struggled with midi footswitches and your tutorial videos are really clear and so useful. Thank you!
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    [Solved (mostly) thanks to a Friedman ASM-12] FM3 sonic quandary: CLR versus real power amp and cabs: A review from a newbie, and Do I need a XiTone?

    I've never played a CLR unfortunately.. it was on my possible list but became too impatient with the wait. They are meant to be the bees knees of FRFR from what I know. I have played true FRFR through my studio monitors and the Axe is amazing this way. I just really enjoy the extra Oomph that...
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    [Solved (mostly) thanks to a Friedman ASM-12] FM3 sonic quandary: CLR versus real power amp and cabs: A review from a newbie, and Do I need a XiTone?

    I really like the sound of my ASC-12 with most IRs. I know it's not true FRFR like a CLR but I like the way it fattens and flavours the sound. To my ears, it retains the character of the IR but gives an amp like sound that I'm accustomed to from using regular tube amps for years. I've also...
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    Don't Overlook Smoothing

    Is there anything like smoothing on the AxeFxII ? Dephase is a nice thing to experiment with but I'm guessing it's totally different.
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    AustinBuddy's 200+ Bass TonePack for Axe-Fx XL/XL+ and Mark II/Original for ARES 2

    Thanks AustinBuddy. The manual update is appreciated! These presets are awesome and I highly recommend for anyone looking for killer Axe FX bass tones.
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    [AustinBuddy] 1000+ Dream Rigs TonePack for Axe-Fx II Available NOW!

    Brilliant news Austin Buddy! Thank you
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    [AustinBuddy] 1000+ Dream Rigs TonePack for Axe-Fx II Available NOW!

    Loving these presets AustinBuddy! Thank you so much
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    [AustinBuddy] 1000+ Dream Rigs TonePack for Axe-Fx II Available NOW!

    Thanks Austin Buddy. As a Mark 1 owner I'm so thankful that you're keeping our tones alive. I'm also very excited up future effects libraries for us. If they're anything like your amp tones (which I do not doubt) we are in for a treat! Webby
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    [AustinBuddy] 1000+ Dream Rigs TonePack for Axe-Fx II Available NOW!

    Thanks Austin Buddy We all really appreciate your hard work!
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    [AustinBuddy] 1000+ Dream Rigs TonePack for Axe-Fx II Available NOW!

    I'm really excited about this final update to ARES! Your patches are amazing Austin Buddy and I've been holding off updating to ARES until your Dream Rigs is updated. Thanks so much for keeping us Axe II owners updated!
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    Axe-Fx Live Tips

    Thanks for the great tips Peter. I'm still on the Axe II and have started using the Supremo cab #95 on most if my patches. Its so balanced and natural - its really improved some of my recording tones too! Thank you from a fellow Sydney sider!
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    [AustinBuddy] 1000+ Dream Rigs TonePack for Axe-Fx II Available NOW!

    Such great news! Thank you Austin Buddy!!
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    [AustinBuddy] 1000+ Dream Rigs TonePack for Axe-Fx II Available NOW!

    I absolutely love these 1000+ Dream Rigs patches Austin Buddy, Thank you x1000+! Is there any chance you will do a final release using Ares 1.03 final firmware? This would be a great conclusion to Axe FX II on what I believe are the best possible patches for this Unit. Your hard work is greatly...
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    Time out problems back with 9.04?

    I have a very similar scenario. Axe edit works perfectly for hours when used alone. As soon as I open a pro tools file and use axe edit at the same time, time outs occur. Likewise with any other program where USB audio is used such as Garageband, iTunes, iRealpro etc. I'm using a 2015 MacBook...
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    Friedman ASM-12

    Absolutely love mine too! I really am not phased by the weight, when it sounds this good and natural. I even wonder if the weight and solid wood construction adds to tone. There is also a standard cab ( non wedge) that has come out recently - the ASC 12 which I'm considering as a backline.
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    When are they going to elect a new USB Driver?

    I also have axe edit freezing every 20 mins roughly. Newish MacBook Pro with osx. No problem last 3 years previously.
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    M@ , just wondering if you had any luck with Mr Rosenwinkel? cheers, Webby
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    Kurt is incredible! I believe he's been using Kemper for his twin sound and Axe for effects for the last year or so. With so many advances in the amp modelling of the AxeFx I wondering if Kurt will be convinced to use Axe for everything.
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    Buying new FRFR for myself for Xmas. Plz help me decide

    Love my Friedman. Really has a great feel and punch to it with solid mids. Haven't tried the others but it translates well with my Event BAS studio monitors.
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    BigBox librarys OUT NOW!

    Wow! Is 40% off sale still on? I've been wanting platinum bundle but haven't been able to afford it recently particularly because our weak Aussie dollar. Fingers crossed!
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    More Friedman ASM-12 Love.

    I really love the look of this cab too and seems like a great option sonically. I'm used to a cab and this seems to bridge the gap. If anyone was really hell bent on a 'normal' amp look, I guess you could put a dummy head on top, like a Friedman Pink Taco! A lot of money for the look so a...
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    More Friedman ASM-12 Love.

    Would it be a useable option to have the ASM-12 sitting forward i.e. so that it looks like a regular cab with space to put fractal on top? It may mean taking off the handle and putting feet on that side. The idea would be to use it as a standard backline - with the aesthetic of a regular cab...
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    More Friedman ASM-12 Love.

    Who did you buy through in Aus? I'm thinking of going for one myself.
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    Matrix = sterile for me... need a tube power amp? Help !

    Sounds really interesting TexasChris. Are you able to elaborate any more on this project. If not, please keep us posted :)
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.10 Released

    I also had failed update on OSX Yosemite. First glitch I've ever encountered!
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    Studio monitor best options

    Love my Event 20/20bas monitors.
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    Real ADT Britt800 FW 14!!!

    The enhancer block on the Axe II may do a better job at this artificial double tracking? Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
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    Hi Kurt, This might seem out of left field.. have you tried tonematching one of your own tones i.e. pick your favourite recorded tone of yourself, use the stem, and then tonematch. It might sort out the eq issues. I'm not sure how it would translate to a live tone though?
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    best FRFR to put on rider?

    Hi Kurt, I'd be asking for the highest quality monitors the venue/ hire have at their disposal. Getting 2 would be great to run in stereo. btw, I'm a big fan of your playing and compositions, really looking forward to seeing more of what you do with the Fractal too! cheers, Webby
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    Dorthal new track (metal/jazz/prog thing...)

    Killer track! This is the most original sound I've heard for a long time - some of the musical flavours that come to mind are Bungle, Coltrane, Meshuggah but really your own thing happening. Bravo
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    Axe-fx 2 for the aussies!!!

    Hi Manning, I joined the IM waiting list on 23rd of May and still haven't received a coupon. I wonder how many are still waiting?
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    Considering new speaker cab for Atomic Reactor 50/50.... What to get?

    I just came across these Rivera cabs. They're extension cabinets designed for the Sedona Acoustic Amp. They are supposed to be full range and contain an EV speaker and tweeter. I like the idea that they look very guitaristic.. I'm keen for FR but also want an amp aesthetic. Sedona 112 EXT
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    Blue in Green (live)

    Sounds great, very melodic playing. What are you using for amplification? It's a really great jazz sound. Thanks for posting.
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