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    Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction solo cover

    I said the same thing on instagram but damn this is awesome!!
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    Virtual Capo

    Is the virtual capo in the FM3 as well as the Ax III?
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    Headphone output

    No it was up and no sound. Started working all of a sudden. I checked for a loose cable but can't figure it out.
  4. F

    Headphone output

    Never mind. Just started working. Really strange.
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    Headphone output

    I just sat down with my FM3 for the first time and I cant get the headphone jack to output any audio. Is there a setting somewhere to link it to an output? Do I have to set up each preset for use with headphones?
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    FM3 Now Shipping

    Got my invite today and I was on the waitlist at 5:30 eastern on the first day.
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    Mesa/Boogie Studio Pre Tone Match for FM3

    I have a Quad Pre that I haven't used in years. I should break it out and play around with it. Once I got the Axe FX though I haven't been using any of my tube amps. I have to go through and decide what to sell.
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    FM3 Now Shipping

    Can't wait!! I was on the wait list as of 5:30 PM Eastern on 4/23/19. I definitely should NOT be buying one with the way things are right now but I definitely WILL be buying one!! :tearsofjoy:
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    FM3 with Headphones Jack - Now Shipping

    Yes!!!!! Can't wait!
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    "Beat It" - Solo Cover

    Awesome! Thanks man!
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    "Beat It" - Solo Cover

    That was awesome!!! What was your signal chain?
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    ALICE IN CHAINS - “Them Bones” cover video (ft. Leon Todd & Tyler Brittan)

    Cool! do you mind me asking what you used for the drum track? Are they actual mic'd drums or is it EZ drummer or something like that? I am new to this and trying to figure out how to program drum tracks. Thanks!
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    ALICE IN CHAINS - “Them Bones” cover video (ft. Leon Todd & Tyler Brittan)

    Were the drums the original studio track?
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    Slipknot Tone Test

    What amp model are you using?
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    ALICE IN CHAINS - “Them Bones” cover video (ft. Leon Todd & Tyler Brittan)

    Doesn't even sound like a cover!! That was amazing!
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    The Fryette amp + Pitch delay

    What does the pitch delay do? Awesome playing BTW!
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    FM3 Now Shipping

    Ok that clears it up! Thank you! So it seems Like I would be in line in order with only those who passed on the first version. So hopefully not a long wait. Have they made any updates on when they expect the new units. I'm sure it has been pushed back a bit, just wondering if there is any...
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    FM3 Now Shipping

    I got my invite but I am really confused about something and the email does not really make it clear. I really want to headphone version but not if I have to wait until august for it. If I wait, will I be able to buy one as soon as they come out or do I enter a new waitlist? I'm sure this...
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    FM3 Now Shipping

    If you get your email to purchase but want to wait, can you then purchase at any time or do you have to get in line again? I am debating waiting for the headphone unit. Or if I buy one now, can I then buy a headphone unit when they come out or will I have to enter the waitlist from the...
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    FM3 Tone Challenge #1: Adam Jones

    Leon, Where can I find this Schism tone video?
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    USA IIC++ What is the equivalent of the "Overdrive" control on the real amplifier?

    I think I remember hearing on the Mark V when they got rid of the overdrive knob, it is fixed to a setting of 7. I Don't remember where I heard it or if it's 100% true.
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    SOLD AX8 for sale

    Hi Kenny, I apologize for the late response but I did sell it.
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    On the fence...help me jump off :-)

    Just do it. For the price of a reasonable head, you get hundreds of amps, effects, and so much more. I have a Dual Rectifier, Triple Rectifier, Mark IV, Mark V, Quad Pre, and a TSL100 and I have literally not used any of them since I got my II, 3 years ago. Time to start unloading some...
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    SOLD AX8 for sale

    I have an AX8 that I bought as "B-stock" from fractal almost 2 years ago and literally never even took it out of the box. I know it's a travesty but I got busy and then got the Axe Fx III and it is still in the box. $899 and I'll ship it anywhere in the US. Thanks!
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    Mesa vs Marshall - Which one do you prefer?

    Mesa for me hands down!
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    What are your favorite guitar tones ever?

    Metallica's Black Album ( Even hardwired has some great guitar tones) Megadeth's Countdown to Extinction. I also like Killswitch engage's tone on their cover of holy diver
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    BMT knobs be assigned to faders?

    Can these knobs be assigned to specific sliders on the Mark series amps or are they limited to the actual BMT controls on the amp? And if so, is this a global setting or can it be done present by preset? Thanks!
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    Metallica 'Frayed Ends of Sanity' Recording!!

    I'd love to learn how to make drum tracks too.
  29. F

    Knight Rider Theme

  30. F

    The Black Album Collection

    Is it weird that I listened to the unforgiven clip over and over and over?
  31. F

    The Black Album Collection

    I love this thread!!!
  32. F

    Dialling in the USA IIC++

    Awesome video!!!
  33. F

    Recto and Diezel: A Perfect Couple?

    That sounds sick when the drums come in!!!
  34. F

    Help me mix. Mesa and Darkglass tones

    Being a newb at recording as well I would be very interested to hear what everyone's response would be. I think you need a little more high end. Maybe mastering is the key to making it pop?
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    Vendor The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - v3.0 AVAILABLE NOW!

    When I first got my XL+ cooper's course is what got me through the learning curve. Definitely looking forward to this!
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    Megadeth “Holy Wars” (up to the break)

    Love these Megadeth recordings! Your playing is phenomenal!
  37. F

    Megadeth “Hangar 18”

    Amazing job!!!! That was awesome!
  38. F

    A Can of Worms - New Tune

    That was awesome!!
  39. F

    Architecture of Aggression solo (attempt)

    Great job!! That whole album is amazing.
  40. F

    No more real cabs for me

    Cliff, do you think the Matrix is the best option for a power amp? And do you have a preference on which one?
  41. F

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Got my invite at 1:39 today and ordered!!!! I'm not 100% sure when I got on the wait list but I am pretty sure it was around 9:15-9:30ish on 1/29.
  42. F

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Unfortunately I deleted my confirmation email after I got it so I don't know exactly when I signed up. I'm pretty sure it was around 9ish am eastern. Fingers crossed!
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    Preset feature request: Notes

    That would be a great feature!!
  44. F

    To the guys who already have a III.....

    To all of the beta testers out there.....What's it like? Are there firmware updates almost daily in preparation for official launch or has it been pretty much static since you got it? Just curious. Now that I think of it, can you even talk about that stuff? Starting to get really excited...
  45. F

    Hit me with some vids!

    Cooper do you think you are going to release a tutorial series on the III? The one you did for the II helped me tremendously when I first got my Axe.
  46. F

    Axe II vs Axe III... DIFFERENCE now vs Difference in 6 months from now??

    I think at this point we should be looking to the III for the added features and processing power. Not to mention the constant firmware updates that we will surely get with that purchase. I am excited to see how the new pitch block works and I'm just excited for the III in general. It is...
  47. F

    Who's Planning To "Eventually" Move Up To The III?

    I'm getting one as soon as I get my invitation! I may sell my XL but not until I have the III in my hands.
  48. F

    Fixed 48k Sample Rate Impedes Recording Studio Integrations

    How do you do it? Set one of the outputs to be dry?
  49. F

    Fixed 48k Sample Rate Impedes Recording Studio Integrations

    Can you still record a dry track and re amp if using analog outputs?
  50. F

    Cliff, has it been hard keeping this a secret?

    How long have you been working on the III? It must have been agonizing to not be able to tell anyone. Were you anxious when it was finally time to make the announcement? There must have been some energy in the air at FAS when the info was released.
  51. F

    I wonder if the pitch block will be better.

    Yeah a quad is definitely a reasonable request!
  52. F

    I wonder if the pitch block will be better.

    Due to the increased processing power will the pitch block be able to drop tune with less latency? I am excited for the new unit!
  53. F

    Merry Christmas jam.

  54. F

    Neither power amp + cab nor FRFR are doing it for me anymore? What's wrong with me?

    Have you tried running both? I generally do.
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    Sennheiser HR280 Pro/ QSC K12

    Cool! I also have the deep off and Ext sub off.
  56. F

    Sennheiser HR280 Pro/ QSC K12

    I've noticed that my patches always sound bass heavy. Especially other people's patches. It just started to dawn on me that it might be my k12's that are bass heavy. I wish I have another speaker to try. Has anyone else who has used multiple speakers found the k12 to be bass heavy?
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    Just picked up a B stock Ax8!!

    I'm not sure if it's there still but it was $1,149. Not a huge savings. Just enough of a motivation for me to pull the trigger. More of a rationalizing it to myself than anything. haha
  58. F

    Just picked up a B stock Ax8!!

    That's what I have heard as well. It wasn't a huge savings but just enough to push me over the edge!
  59. F

    Just picked up a B stock Ax8!!

    Same thing happened to me a few times. I just got lucky this time.
  60. F

    Just picked up a B stock Ax8!!

    Yeah I have an XL but always wanted an 8 for gigging and impromptu jams.
  61. F

    Just picked up a B stock Ax8!!

    I am so excited! I have heard that the b stock units are basically perfect. Was on facebook and happened to see a post about it. I was surprised they weren't already sold out.
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    ML USA Djent vs Cab Pack 13 ML USA Bulb!!

    Definitely going to purchase!
  63. F

    New ML USA Djent cab pack - short rock/metal piece for a horror film (no djenting though, sorry)

    I have been waiting to hear a non Djent clip from this pack! Sounds great!
  64. F

    6505+ Power Section: Am I Doing Something Wrong?

    Yeah I think it's supply sag.
  65. F

    Metallica backstage part 2!

    Cool thank you!
  66. F

    Metallica backstage part 2!

    Jon, For a dual amp setup can you run both amps into the same cab block or do you use 2 separate cabs? I run in mono so I wouldn't want to do a stereo cab.
  67. F

    Dual Amp - High Gain Tones

    Can you do each amp into it's own cab but combine them after the cab? I don't typically run stereo so that is the reason why I would want to do this. Also, If I want to run both amps into the effects loop for output to a typical guitar cab, how would I do that? Sorry don't mean to steal...
  68. F

    Fractal Audio AMP models: USA Clean / USA Lead / USA Rhythm (MESA/Boogie Mark IV)

    USA Lead. I get it to sound very very close to my real MarkIV
  69. F

    NAD: Peavey VTM 120

    What do those dip switches do?
  70. F

    Anyone have any good Diezel VH4 presets?

    Yek, do you mean your amp guide? i didn't see any Tool settings in there. Can you point me in the right direction. Thanks guys for all of the help.
  71. F

    Anyone have any good Diezel VH4 presets?

    I want to like this amp. I keep hearing so many great things about it but I can't get it to sound good. Every time I try I get a fizzy mess. Any ideas?
  72. F

    Sometimes, the speaker really does do it

    Absolutely. For years I used cheap guitar cabs until I eventually got my first mesa cab. I hated it at first. I couldn't stand the vintage 30's. They were so in your face and noisy that I couldn't take it. I kept plugging into that cab here and there wanting to like it because that is what...
  73. F

    EVH - Panama

    I agree. It is certainly right in the ballpark but it needs more gain and more power amp distortion. Like JT2 said it needs to sound like the amp is about to explode.
  74. F

    tablet as a remote display

    I just got fracpad and I can say that it is amazing! I love the fact the it doesn't have to pause and there are no hiccups.
  75. F

    Reaper users I need some advice

    Oh that's not a bad idea at all!!
  76. F

    Reaper users I need some advice

    If I set that path so that the project file and all of the audio files are on a cloud drive it would be too slow to work properly or do you think that would work ok? Thanks again for your help.
  77. F

    Reaper users I need some advice

    Do you know where reaper would keep the midi data and overall project data? I'm guessing that I could somehome point reaper's default location to a cloud drive so that I could open it on either computer.
  78. F

    Reaper users I need some advice

    After help from from this board in another thread, I have purchased Reaper and EzDrummer 2. I have even made a few drum songs already. I would like to be able to set up both of these programs on my desktop and my laptop. I will most likely make the drum tracks on my desktop and then use my...
  79. F

    Downloading songs to EZ Drummer 2

    Oh cool! Thanks! I am totally new to this whole midi world.
  80. F

    Downloading songs to EZ Drummer 2

    I had posted another thread asking how everyone is getting their drum sounds. I am totally new to this. Seems like a lot of people are using EZ Drummer so I think that is the way I will go. I got to thinking about it.... Is there a place where people swap midi drum songs? Almost like we swap...
  81. F

    What DAW should I get?

    This thread is turning out to be very informative!
  82. F

    What DAW should I get?

    What does ASIO4ALL mean? Is it a standard that allows multiple sound interfaces at the same time?
  83. F

    What DAW should I get?

    These are all great responses thanks guys! And wow I remember Cool edit pro!!!! I forgot about that.
  84. F

    What DAW should I get?

    Brock, How come you are thinking about switching?
  85. F

    What DAW should I get?

    I posted a thread earlier about with drum software to get and got some great responses. So I figured I'd find out what DAWs you guys are using. Is anyone using Cubase? And what version? Any other good popular ones worth looking into?
  86. F

    Getting great drum sounds

    That brings up another question. I don't have a daw yet. Any suggestions? Anyone using cubase anymore? I have all PC's
  87. F

    Getting great drum sounds

    Oh this is awesome guys! Thanks for the help. It looks like it might be easier that I thought to come up with some tunes. Maybe lol. I like the idea of being able to make a track and then tweak it, possibly with drum triggers. I actually have a few triggers laying around. What is the best...
  88. F

    Getting great drum sounds

    Thanks for the help! I did some googling and found EZ Drummer 2. Do you have any experience with that? I watched a video with Ola Englund and it seems pretty straight forward. I will check out the others also.
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