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    Frozen green screen at boot :(

    Frozen green screen at boot (FIXED!) So I come home from work today, plug in and turn on and all I get is this! My AXE II doesn't boot up and just freezes with a blank green screen and the colored leds. Has anybody experienced this before? Any idea what the problem could be...
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    Good reactive load?

    Looking for something under 400 to use with a tube amp and the AXE 2 IRs. The torpedo is way too expensive. Just need a reactive load box with line out and good feel
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    Changing amp feel....which parameter?

    I know this must have been explained somewhere but just too lazy too look right now. Sooo.....if I want to make the Bogner Ecstasy Red channel feel tighter for example, what would I need to do? Is it just the Sag, a mix of that or something else?
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    Quilter ToneBlock 200?

    Anyone check this out yet? Looks interesting and versatile. May not be super flat but it definitely sounds good. Quilter Amps
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    Horrible noise issue instrument input

    I have no idea what it is maybe you guys can help me figure this out - past month as soon as Ive been inserting the guitar cable there is buzzing noise coming through my monitors. Tried different cables, same thing - Updated the firmware just now to 14.02 and still the buzzing. -...
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    Following master volume recommendations

    Its only until this last firmware that ive actually been sticking around the default MV settings put in each preset by Cliff. Should have been doing this sooner as i play mostly with the higher gain amps. The firmware is also sort of forcing me to do this as higher MV settings are clipping the...
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    Can anyone point me towards an awesome clean delay preset?

    Looking for some exaggerated delay sounds for some Pink Floyd type fun. For some reason I can't get my delays to work that well besides the basic stuff (leads). Looking for something flexible
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    High end too polite?

    Although Ive been loving the feel of the new firmwares Ive started noticing that the treble on alot of my favorite amps have lost its teeth! Im guessing this is what they sound like in real life but for example the Bogner XTC sounds naturally like theres a blanket over the speaker somehow, a...
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    Share your Cab Lab Recipes!

    I just bought the Cab Lab and due to my tweaker sensibilities prefer not to fall into the nether dimension of hours and hours of mixing cabs to get it just right! Its happened before.... Anyways...I thought it would be great to make a thread with every users favorite go-to cab recipes for...
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    Just discovering the Diezels

    The VH4 ch 3 and the Herbert ch 2+ have been quite the discovery for me. These two models are extremely similar and the only difference im noticing is the feel. The Diezels seem to have everything I love about the SLO model but are much much easier to dial in. The problem with the SLO is that...
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    On controlling output clipping...

    Should i just focus on the levelontrol in the amp block? I see some people only bring the level down to at most -26 dbs. Is there anything wrong with going lower than that? Or should I use the global level control also?
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    Guitar clean signal coming through too loud on some amps ODs

    I dont know if anybody has been noticing or having the same problem as I, but in some of my patches....specifically higher gain patches, the clean guitar signal seems to be mixed in with the OD way too loud. I can hear the clean strumming and picking loudly over my overdrive. This is...
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    11 seems much warmer/darker

    Anybody else notice this? Ive been having to up the treble and presence on alot of my patches much more than before. Im not afraid of the Treble anymore :lol Obviously its more noticeable on some amps than on others. No more ear fatiguing high end
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    Used to hate headphones.......Not Anymore! V11

    I dont know what Fractal did but playing through my headphones is actually a pleasurable experience now! Before, it was just tolerable...even in fw 11b. Great job with this whatever it was
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    Plexi 100 + EV12L 4x12

    The new standard in TONE
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    Will another Axe-Fx II Firmware be released soon?

    just hopin:mrgreen
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    Soldano Rythm channel....mighty impressive!

    Im REALLY liking this patch. Who said the SLO is a one trick pony...no way! Amazing plexi style crunch sound...very versatile. Another thing Ive noticed in FW10 with the SLO lead channel is that my pregain is super low now.....3 is already too much....2 to 2.5 perfect.
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    Turn off all effects first!!!

    I have to admit once I tried FW10 at first I wasnt very blown away like everyone else.....until I reset everything on my patches and turned off reverb and delay. O.....M.....G I know people make fun of AXE users when they say something is bester....but I dont know how to explain it. It just...
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    Brit Brown....STILL my favorite plexi style model

    and IMHO...the best. Anyone else feel the the Brit Brown is grossly underrated by the community?
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    Looper tips and tricks ??

    Wusup guys! Ive been trying to get the looper to work for me as a jamming tool in my home studio but its a steep learning curve and a bit harder than I initially thought. I was contemplating buying the MFC 101 just to ease my use of the Looper but came to the conclusion that 750 is a bit...
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    Scene Noob question

    Ok so Im trying to do something very simple with the scenes but Im having a brainfart and its not working all I want to do is this: Scene 1: Amp Drive at 3 for "crunch" Scene 2: Amp Drive at 6 for "lead" every time I save one, the setting is the same on the other scene. I...
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    Surprised by Two Rock and Fuchs

    I thought Id be noodling blues on them but Im pumping out massive riffs on the Fuchs especially. TOTALLY not what I expected. They have so much gain on tap. Is this how they are for real?
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    Favorite AXE2 IR? Bogner V30 4x12

    I dont really gravitate towards V30s at all but I usually use this as my base IR when dialing in patches with high gain amps. It brings a nice warmth and body to the patches, something I would have never guessed with the V30s. Must be the Bogner cabinet build...very nice. This of course for...
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    Pardon my ignorance if I just realized this.....

    Low volume or extremely low volume playing sounds better (bigger) scooping the Mids High volume playing sounds better (IMO) cranking the Mids At least for the styles I play. I should have realized this earlier, its probably why the V eq shape is so popular in home stereos and such.
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    Ecstasy + plexi tonestack = perfect

    Just putting this out there. I really didnt like the Euro model that much before (too soft, compressed). Now this is tonal bliss
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    Amp voicing parameter = awesome

    Its just the little bit of salt that makes your meal that much better. I leave my amp settings the same but sometimes I might want to hear a warmer tone...bam! warm...more vintage...bam!vintage.....edgier?boom! neutral or modern. I never really used it much before but now I use it...
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    Any opinions on Jensen Blackbird and Scholz Classic?

    Ive been hearing good things about both of these speakers and they seem to be versatile enough to use with the AXE, I also on Scholz website that the Classics are Full Range. I already have an FRFR setup with my NF monitors and EV 112p but am also looking to get a good 1x12 cab (port city...
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    Some wierd things going on in AxeEdit once 8.0 loaded?

    Am I crazy or were the db markers always there? My presets on AxeEdit the settings are all crazy once loaded and the they seem to go to negative numbers. I dont recall seeing that before. Anyone else experiencing weird stuff in AxeEdit?
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    Tone Match question

    I keep seeing on the AXEchange of TMA presets to turn off the TMA block in order to try different cabs. So....Even if I turn off the TMA block the amp is still tonematched? I was under the impression that for the tonematching to be possible the block had to be on. Can anyone clarify this?
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    New Hot Rod Amp Comparison: Brit Super (AFD100) vs. FastRod (Splawn Quickrod)

    It would be great If anyone has tried these in real life and can reaffirm what Im hearing. AFD100: Bright, Thick, Fuzzy...... similar to the HBE in feel and sound although this one is just a bit warmer. Can get a bit fizzy with too much gain so I usually back it off QuickRod: Tight with...
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    V. 7 I dont know what it is.....but its awesome

    I have absolutely no idea whats going on with this firmware or what exactly it is that Im liking more but its amazing. I actually find this update to give me more of a WOW factor than V6.0 which everyone was going gaga over. V6 is great but....V7 theres something weird and stupid good...
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    Tone control sensitivity....thats what makes a model for me

    I like many of you have not been able to try out most of the real life counterparts of many of the amps on the AXE 2, although I have been able to try out some of the most popular ones like JCM800, Dual Rec, Bogner XTC. These classic amps however do not have very sensitive tone controls as...
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    Anybody else prefer the BE to the HBE?

    Ive always loved the Friedman BE/HBE model but the Browneye mode is just perfect, it just seems to be much thicker and have more body than the HBE model.
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    Anybody Tonematch a Silver Jubilee or a Splawn Quickrod/Nitro yet?

    would love to try them out if anybody has some!
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    Hiwatt...crazy cool Hi Gain too

    I never really payed any attention to this amp model because I usually stay with the same few Hi Gain amps (SLO, OD2, XTC, Shiva etc.) Then I ran into this demo video of a Hiwatt clone and was really intrigued by the tone: I really liked the cool clarity, crispness and especially the lowend...
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    Chorus question......widening sound?

    I usually dont like to wash my tone with chorus but just add a tiny bit of it to get a 3D effect which is just about 10%-15% or even less on the mix for me. Ive always done this on other modelers and the effect as soon as I turn on the chorus is quite pronounced such as when I use it on my...
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    Just out of curiosity....why would you delete a forum account?

    Ive seen this happen time and time again on many different forums not just this one and Ive always wanted to know why someone would go through all the trouble and effort and time to get their account erased if all they have to do is just .....NOT LOG IN AGAIN?! Unless of course you probably...
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    Fryette Deliverance.....A MA Zing!

    This amp has become my favorite model of all, and I hadnt even given it a second thought before I got the AXE 2. It does everything and feels exactly like Ive ever wanted a Mesa Mark, Hot Rodded Marshall, SLO, Bogner to do. Im amazed at all the things the amp can do in Less or More mode...
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    Anybody got any cool deep trumpet/horn type synth patches?

    I have absolutely no idea how to setup the synth blocks but Im really looking for a deep bass like horn sound to record with
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    Any difference between the stock Axe2 Redwirez and the ones sold separately?

    Im about to buy some IRs on the Redwirez site but dont want to get something redundant. Definitely getting some Mesa 2x12 C90s and EV12s libraries. Any other good IR recommendations that arent included on the AXE2 already that I could purchase?
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    Another noob question.......custom presets farting out

    Every time I try to create a preset from scratch as soon as I get the volume going my monitors and headphones start to fart out. I know im doing something wrong because if I use an existing preset to create a patch it sounds beautiful. For example if I take an existing preset and change the...
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    Noob question....cant hear downloaded presets?

    I know I must be missing something here. I just downloaded a violin patch but get no sound when i load it on axe edit. What could I be doing wrong?
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