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    Not a Bug FM3 UI sluggish, sometimes overreacts to inputs

    I've just received my FM3 (with 1.06 on it from Fractal), and I'm noticing that the on-device UI is really sluggish to respond to inputs intermittently, and occasionally overreacts to the inputs that were made while it was being unresponsive. For instance, sometimes when pressing the nav...
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    Wish Signal Meter on Input 1 block and Gate/Expander

    Similar to the new Headroom meter on the AMP block, it would be great to have a signal meter on the IN and GATE/EXPANDER blocks. That way you have a visual representation of the amplitude of your signal as you're setting thresholds.
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    Wish Axe-Edit: Indicate which settings are at default values

    This is a similar wish to this one to display the default and currently saved valeues but not the same: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/default-currently-saved-block-setting-values.146175/ I think it would be nice if Axe Edit indicated which controls are still at the default values for a...
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    Wish Assign multiple actions to single FC Footswitch press

    Looking at this thread about Linking the Amp and Cab block channels, a really generic solution to handle this and many more use cases would be to be able to assign multiple actions to a single FC press. Consider this: you program FC switch 1 to increment Amp1 channel, and increment Cab1...
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    Question about the USA IIC++ model

    Can I get some confirmation on what the USA IIC++ model is? Previously the Wiki just showed a photo of James Hetfield's "CrunchBerries" Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ amp with the IIC++ mod (a mod offered by Mike B at Mesa Boogie). But Metallica's techs have specified this is not James' specific amp...
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    Glitchy noises from Drive Block

    First, I think this only happened because I tried to import a preset to this preset number before an it set everything to 0, and this persisted past me deleting/resetting the preset to blank. So a lot of blocks I add to a specific preset number just default to 0s now. But because of this, I...
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    Bug importing large preset?

    Hey everyone, I just got my Axe FX III this week, and may have come across a bug. I'm on the 12.03 firmware it shipped with. When I try and import this preset from Axe Change my CPU usage jumps to ~90%, and both the Axe and Axe Edit become unresponsive (as expected, at that level of CPU usage...
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