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    Axe FX 3 ... Unity Gain on Front Panel Output Knob 1 ... Is it at 12.00?

    Hi all ! On the Axe FX 3, is Unity Gain on Front Panel Output Knob 1 at 12.00 ......... -or- ........ does Front Panel Output Knob 1 need to be on full for it to be at Unity Gain ? Thanks, Ben
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    Calling FM3 Owners ... attached is one of my Axe-Fx 3 Presets .... will it load / run on the FM3 (?) .... and .... what FM3 %CPU?

    Hi FM3 users ! I currently have and use an Axe FX 3 - and am on the FM3 waitlist. Attached is one of my Axe 3 presets - in the Axe 3 it uses %44 <-. %48 CPU. I am hoping one of the FM3 users here could please load / try to load it into their FM3 and let me know (a) does it load and work...
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    FM3 Amp / Speaker Parameters ...... are these in FM3 (?)

    Hi all Current Axe 3 owner / user and on the FM3 HP List. There are key controls I always dial in to suit me - not in front of my Axe 3 so bare with me:- -> Output Compressor Gain Enhancer ? -> Speaker Compression ? -> Impedance Curve selection and settings ? -> lastly, is there a list...
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    FM3 Amp / Speaker Parameters ...... are these in FM3 (?)

    Hi all Current Axe 3 owner / user and on the FM3 HP List. There are key controls I always dial in to suit me - not in front of my Axe 3 so bare with me:- -> Output Compressor Gain Enhancer ? -> Speaker Compression ? -> Impedance Curve selection and settings ? -> lastly, is there a list...
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    AX8 AC20 -vs- Axe FX3 AC20 ....... anyone else noticed a big difference (?)

    Hi all ! Finally decided to " port over " my AC 20 AX8 FW 10.01 preset to my Axe 3 FW 12.08 PB 3. The preset in question is AC20 based with some simple drives on it and a stock cab It has 3 Scenes => 1. Clean => 2. Pushed Clean 3. SOLO => see attached AX8 Preset File -> it...
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    Current Latest Firmware ... is the Matchless DC 30 EF86 Side already in there (?)

    With the current 1.04 Public Beta in the FM3 ...... are both "sides" of the Matchless D 30 in there ..... ie the pre-existing 12AX7 side ..... and specifically the more recently modelled EF86 side (?) Thanks, Ben
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    Australian FM3 Shipment ... willl these have -or not- have the Headphone Jack?

    Hi all From memory / emails, the 1st major FM3 shipment for us in Down-Under-Land is only days away ....... so ....... will these have or not have the Headphone Jack ? Ben
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    FM3 ..... USB 2 Type B Port on the back of the FM3 ......No Power Provided ** UPDATED **

    ** UPDATED => See Post # 40 ** Hi all ! I emailed Fractal pre-sales support re: the USB 2 Type B Port on the back of the FM3 - they got back to me super quick and super friendly - below is my note and their response in blue. Ben ________________ Hi Fractal Sales ! I currently own both...
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    FM3 ..... USB 2 Type B Port ..... can it be used to power a Morningstar MC6 (?)

    Hi all ! Im on the FM3 wait list down here in Oz ...... I also already have a Morningstar MC6 6 Button Midi Foot switch which can be USB Port powered. So ..... now that the FM3 is officially shipping ..... my plan is to connect the Morningstar MC6 to the FM3 via the 2 Traditional Midi I/O...
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    Axefest 2019 + AX8 ..... what do people think is coming?

    Hey all ! More curious than anything but now that I have paid for my AX8 - Im getting it after my colleagues last show with it next weekend - what do people think we will see or get - if anything at all - from next weekends Axefest (?) I may be being optimistic, but I reckon we will see a new...
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    AX8 Footswitch Configuration ..... is this possible (?)

    Just realized I posted this before in the wrong thread so here goes:- Read the manual and it was really confusing about this ... so ...... regarding configuring the FSW's in the AX8, is the following configuration Bank-Layout possible all in one Bank-Layout:- => assign FSW's 5, 6 and 7 to...
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    AX8 FW 10.01 .... is there an up-to-date CPU block useage chart anywhere ?

    Hey all ! Been offered an AX8 from a colleague at a very fair price and was trying to work our if it had enough CPU juice to run my type of presets ...... so is there an up-to-date FW 10.01 CPU block useage chart around ? Thanks, Ben
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    Shout Out to " Burgs " ..... " Vox in Blocks Preset " is GOLD !!!!!

    Hey all In case some of you missed it - recently fellow Aussie :) Brett Kingman posted an A3 preset called " Vox in Blocks " It is amazing .... period !!!! To my ears - much nicer than any other A3 preset Ive tried or dialled in myself or bought !!!! If you are into Vox's or vox like...
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    Keith Urban and Axe-Fx 3 ... seeing him tonight ... is he using the Axe 3 yet (?)

    Hey all ! Seeing Keith Urban tonight here in Melbourne at " Rod Laver Arena " .... + 15,000 seat auditorium. Am a big Keith fan for his playing and his recorded and live tones - they are - and always have been - stellar. => is he using the Axe 3 on this tour and if so is it for amps / efx /...
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    Axe-Fx 3 Input "Noise Gate" Threshold Setting ... is this normal ?

    Hi all ! When I had my Axe 2, and when using my Tele or Jazzmaster, my mid-gain / higher gain patchs only needed a Threshold DB of around [ roughly ] -55db <-> -65db. The same / similar patchs with my Axe 3 are needing a much lower Threshold DB of around [ roughly ] - 35db <->...
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    Global "Cabinet Modelling ByPass" -> other than the Cab Block, what else does it bypass?

    ......does by-passing the Cabinet Modelling globally also by-pass all the Amp-Block "Speaker" Tab controls and all the Amp-Block "Speaker Drive" Tab controls (?) Ben
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    Dirty Shirley 1 .... small tip / tweak that helped a *lot* with my S/Coil Guitars

    Hey all ! Far and away my favorite amp in the A3 [ and my old A2 ] is the Dirty Shirley 1 - I've said before its probably worth the price of admission just for this one model - the DS2 is a bit too gainy for my liking. I've been setting up some DS1 tones with my Tele and Jazzmaster - so this...
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    Axe 3 Cab Smoothing / De-Phase ..... has this changed / been improved for the Axe 3 (?)

    Hi all When I was using my Axe 2 XL whenever I applied some De-Phase it never really "did anything" for me .... I could hear the change to the tone but it wasnt, to my ears, preferable .......I was used to Pure Cab in my Kemper [which I liked] and my Helix has no such equivalent "effect"...
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    " De-Phase " ....... has it been replaced by " Speaker Compression " (?)

    Hi all ! Has De-Phase been replaced by " Speaker Compression " (?) Cant seem to find de-phase in the latest Axe Edit 00.09.10 Beta (?) Ben
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    Padding Down the Guitar Analog Input by -6 db .... is this the best way .... ?

    Hey all ! On the Axe 3 I want to pad-down the analog guitar input by -6 db - and I dont want to use an external pedal before the guitar input. So far, my best thought / option is setting the "Input Block" Output to -6db [ from its default of 0.0db ]. To my ears this "sounds right"...
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    SPDIF Output -and- Global Out EQ's ... 2 x quick questions

    Hey all 2 x quick questions -> is there a reason why Global Out 1 EQ & Global Out 2 EQ have no effect on the SPDIF Out ? -> is there a way to apply the Global Out 1 EQ & Global Out 2 EQ to the SPDIF Out ? My apologies in advance if I am missing something really obvious re: SPDIF Out...
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    Wish Copy Channel " X " to all Channels

    Handy to have added:- -> Copy Channel X to all Channels Thanks, Ben
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    Wish Global Out EQ: toggle bypass

    The ability to toggle-by-pass Out EQ 1 and Out EQ 2 on / off Suggested implementation => when on the pages for Out EQ 1 and Out EQ 2 , encoder A, C and D button-presses are currently blank, so I'd imagine it could be added there to one of these as an encoder button press to engage /...
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    Global Out EQ ..... can it be toggle by-passed on / off (?)

    Hey all I suspect the answer is no, but once the " Out 1 EQ " -or- " Out 2 EQ " is set, is there a knob / button to toggle it between bypassed / engaged (?) Thanks, Ben
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    Amp Block / Input EQ ....... where-abouts in the signal chain is it (?)

    Hey all This might sound like a strange question .... re: the Input EQ Tab in the Amp Block 1 => is the Input EQ actually done and applied to the incoming guitar signal " pre-grid" (?) or 2 => is the Input EQ actually done and applied in the Amp Block (?) Im assuming its (2) but just...
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    Timmy Settings in Axe 3 ........ 12.00 Bass / Treble .... what are they (?)

    Hey all ! Quick question re: the Bass / Treble 12.00 settings in the Timmy. With the real pedal, when the Bass and Treble are set to 12.00, the respective Bass and Treble is neither cut nor boosted. In the Axe 3 model, what would be the matching Low Cut / High Cut settings to mimic the...
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    "Audible Glitch" When Changing Channels ....... Audio Clip Attached .... ?

    Hi all Sorry for all the questions but been digging in to and making some Axe 3 pre-sets in the last day or two ... :) The clip below is one single Pre-set with A B C D Channels set up. It has only one amp [DC30] and one Cab [MBritt IR] plus other blocks - CPU is only at %46. Ch A =...
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    Scroll Through the 4 Channels *in their entirety" on the unit ...... can this be done (?)

    Hi all => is there a way on the unit itself to scroll through the 4 Channels in their entirety ie:- like you can scroll through Scenes ? From what I can tell from page (43) of the manual, you can scroll through the Channels of a Single Block [no problems there] but there seems to be (?)...
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    Axe-Fx 3 .... Channels and Bypass States and Delay Spillover ?

    RESOLVED - See Post #8 Below Hey all Am setting up the Axe 3 with my BJ Devices TB-12 midi controller ..... although 2-way comms isnt there yet ...... so far:- - P.C's are good via Midi - CC's are good via Midi - Scence Selection and/or Channel Selection is good via midi 2 quick : "...
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    Which Amp Control is best to mimic a Solid State Rectifier -or a- Tube Rectifier ?

    Hey all => is there a specific switch or control in an XL running FW 8.02 to mimic the effect of running a "stiffer" Solid State rectifier compared to a "spongier" Tube Rectifier ? Thanks, Ben
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    Axe XL + FW 8.02 -> Amp Block " Modifiers " make CPU usage *really* high .... is this normal ?

    Hey all Just creating some new classic rock presets from scratch and its the first time Ive used modifiers ... everything is fine and working A.O.K ... but I noticed something Ive never seen before ... I hitting the CPU wall really quick. I will give a quick example and am hoping others can...
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    Input + Gate .... " Level Setting " .... can this be used as an Analog-Stage Guitar Input Pad ?

    Hey all Ive got some FW 8 presets where I would like to apply a pre-AD [ Analog Input Stage ] Pad to my guitar input signal ..... So I noticed in the " Input + Gate " Page in Axe-Edit that the Gate has a " Level " setting ...... however I dont use the Gate - I run the " Threshold "...
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    Matchless DC30 ..... dual 5V4 Rectifier Tubes ..... which settings to change ??

    Hi all With my old [real] DC30 clone, I used to run 2 x 5V4 Rectifier Tubes instead of 1 x GZ4 .... the 2 x 5V4's took a *lot* of the harsh-very-strident edge off the amp - especially when running with a Strat or Tele. In 7.02, what would be the best way to emulate the effect of...
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    Can you toggle the on/off state of 2 Blocks simultaneously with 1 x Midi CC ..... ?

    Hi all My hardware = Axe FX XL (w) BJ Devices TB-12 Midi FSW [ I dont own or run an MFC 101 ] Scenario example:- -> 1 x Preset (w) no Scenes [ other than the default Scene 1 of course ] -> Block 6 is a Phaser -> Block 7 is a Delay My question:- -> is it possible to configure the Axe...
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    XL " Boot Rom " ..... is it the *same size* as the XL+ " Boot Rom " ..... ?

    Hi all Just want to check to be sure / clarify. I know the XL+ Boot Rom is 4 x the size of the Boot Rom in the Axe FX 2 MK II ..... so ..... => is the size of the Boot Rom in the [ non-plus ] XL the same as the size of the Boot Rom in the XL+ ? Thanks, Ben
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    Can you copy a Scene from one Preset to a different Preset ?

    Hi all I *think* the answer is no ... but just checking:- -> is it possible to copy+paste, say for example, Preset 5 Scene 3 -to- Preset 46 Scene 2 ? Thanks, Ben
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    ** UPDATED and CORRECTED ** Multi Block Compressor Settings .... tighten you low end !!!!

    Hi all Please ignore my post and pics in my original post here - it has some "very not right" settings in it that I have now fixed below See the following 2 picks for the fixed / correct settings:- In short -> put a MBC Block immediatly after your Cab Block -> use the above sttings as...
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    Rocktron Velocity 300 ..... any users here ? ..... if so ..... a few quick questions .....

    Hi all Looking to set up a secondary rig with A local 2nd hand store has a Rocktron Velocity 300 in stock - %100 working fine .... 2 x 75w stereo @ 8 ohm or 150w bridged mono @ 8 ohm is more than enough for me ...... so looking for some advice / opinions:- -> is it Class AB -or- Class...
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    INCORRECT / WRONG SETTINGS - Multi-Band Compressor .... tighten bottom-end

    AS AT 28-10-2016 - PLEASE IGNORE THE SETTINGS AND PICS IN THIS THREAD AS THEY ARE WRONG - THE CORRECT SETTINGS AND PICS ARE IN THIS THREAD HERE:- http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/updated-and-corrected-multi-block-compressor-settings-tighten-you-low-end.120625/ SEE POST #9 Below for...
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    Axe 2 Post 4.x FW Updates ..... any chance of a definite / formal announcment now ?

    Hi Fractal As I posted elsewhere ....... from reading all the posts across the 2 main threads on this issue ....... all I think we are now looking for is a formal / official / definite announcement from Fractal -either way- re: whether or not there will be any post 4.x FW's for the Axe 2...
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    Dumbo Question ..... How do I save / extract a " Cab " from an existing preset ... ?

    Hi all ! This is a bit embarassing ... but here goes:- -> I have an Axe 2 Mk 2 -> the other guitarist in our band also has an Axe 2 Mk 2 -> he recently created a preset where the Cab Block in the preset contains an IR of his own 1x12 Cab which he made with his Axe at is home -> he emailed me...
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    Switching Lag ... Is "Direct Scene Access" FSW faster/slower/same as "Scene to Scene" FSW ?

    Hi all My memory aint what it used to be :) About 2 months ago I had all my presets set up using " Direct Scene Access " For example, with Direct Scene Access FSW I could FSW from [say] "Preset 22 Scene 5" directly to "Preset 81 Scene 3" with one press of the FSW ..... it works...
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    " Global FW Version " ..... changing from Latest to a Previous Version ..... will this work ?

    Hi all A quick Global FW Version question. Currently I have:- - my Axe has FW 4.00 installed - Global FW Version on the Axe itself set to " Latest " - all my individual presets all set to " Latest " My question is:- => if I leave all my individual presets all set to " Latest " ...
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    Amp for Axe has a "Fixed 10k Ohm Balanced Input" -> any particular adjustments needed on the Axe ?

    Hey all Just picked up a very used, 2nd hand, very cheap [ $35 ] no-name brand Class A/B 100w amp. Tested it with a digital music source and it sounds great - nice and flat and loud .... go figure :) As such, Im thinking of building a small-powered-cab with it ..... the following however...
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    Mixing 2 [ Mono ] Cab IR's to 0 db ... is there a quick and easy "rule of thumb" to follow ?

    Hi all Say in a mono preset I have...... => 2 Scenes => in Scene 1 I use only 1 x Cab A set to 0 db and the Balance set to 0.0 => in Scene 2 I want to add 1 x Cab B so Scene 2 uses 1 x Cab A + 1 x Cab B ... where [again] both have the Balance set to 0.0 => I want to then...
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    Crunchy AC 30 TB .... need some help " tightening up " the low-end ?

    Hi all Justing working on a new basic patch - at this stage Amp and Cab only - Amp Block => AC30 TB Amp Block - Cab Block => 3 Sigma Audio Zilla 2 x 12 Cab Celestion Vintage 30's [ Lo cut @ 100hz / hi cut at 4500hz ] all else stock - Amp MV ~ 5 - Amp Input Gain ~ 7.5 - Amp B.M.T eq...
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    " Air " and " Mic Spacing " .... is there a way to get these "effects" when using a Real Cab ?

    Hi all Probably a silly question ...... but here goes anyway .... -> when I use my Axe with my CLR, in the Cab Settings, I find that adding some " Mic Spacing " and " Air " really brings the tone to life ........ gives it a touch of "roominess" and "sponginess" and takes away some of...
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    " Filter Block " ..... question re: Lo / Hi Cut ..... ?

    Hi all When using the " Filter Block ", you can set the lo / hi cut to taste. When you do this in the " Speaker Block " you can also chose the slope so that you get normal / musical roll-off below and above the lo / hi chosen frequencies. So ..... my question re: the lo / hi cut in the "...
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    Axe FX 2 MK 2 " Input Z " Settings .... some advice needed please ....

    Hi all Am using a PRS with a passive Kinman H/B in the bridge which measures at around 8.9k In the Input Z settings, the options are:- - 1M - 1M + Cap - 22k - 22k + Cap - 32k - 32k + Cap - 70k - 70k + Cap - 90k - 90k + Cap - 230k - 230k + Cap - Auto My Question ? Given I am using a...
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    Axe FX 2 Flagship is 48 Firmware Revisions behind its AX8 minnow ......... ;)

    Ok, I was bored and this thread has been quiet ...... :) BTW ..... given its the internet and just to be clear, this is a well-intentioned silly gag :) Ben
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    Can you load / import an Axe FX II Mk 2 " Amp Block " and " Cab Block " in to the AX8 ?

    Hi all If I have a specific Axe FX II Mk 2 " Amp Block " and a specific Axe FX II Mk 2 " Cab Block " .... can these be opened / imported in to the AX8 ? Thanks, Ben
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    " Amp Master Volume " => whats your "optimum" level to keep your low end nice and tight ?

    Hi all ! Thread title pretty much says it all. Wth [most] real amps I have found that once I get the MV past about 10.00 o'clock / 11.00 o'clock that I dont get much more "volume" but I do get more power amp drive and [usually] with this I get an audibly "looser" low end. So I'm...
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    Extract .WAV file from a " Normal Res " [ *not* Ultra Res ] Axe 2 Cab ....... easy to do ?

    Hi all Quick question. I would like to extract the .WAV file from a " Normal Res " Axe 2 Cab. => cant his be done easily ? => if so, how do I do it ? Thanks, Ben
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    AX8 gets 3.03

    Hi all http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/ax8-v3-03-released.114621/ Looks like this is an AX8 specific (?) FW update for the AX8. Great to see - probably means a new Axe2 FW is not far off. Ben
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    Amp Block => " Depth " ...... I'm a bit confused about what it does ?

    Hi all Can someone please explain in "dumbo" [ for me ] terms what this is meant to do (?) and what I should expect sonically to hear / notice as its rolled up from 0 -> 10 (?) Many thanks, Ben
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    Axe FX 2 .... Next Generation Update Designed and Implemented ..... Available Q3' 2016 ....

    Did a show the other night and for the first song or so I could tell me Axe was "playing" up ..... luckily the "hardware fix" was quick and easy... and as such I have now proceeded to the manufacturing stage prior to marketing ..... Q3' 2016 Release .... Price T.B.A The pic below shows the...
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    " Real Compressor Pedal " ..... best place to run it ...... in front ? -or- in Loop

    Hi all Ive got my [real] Diamond Yellow Comp stomp out of my old pedal board. Ive been reading some posts and some have been saying that the Axe 2 takes [real stomp] pedals better via the Loop as oppossed to " in front " (?) With my real rig, I [not surprisingly] always ran my Comp...
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    FW:- 2.02 and " Default 0 " Harmonics settings ...... what does it *now* mean ?

    Hi all Apologies upfront if this has been answered in another thread, but as I haven't been able to find if it has, here goes. The following are the factory default Harmonics values for FW 2.01 for a selection of amps at their factory defualt - and Fractal confirmed that the following...
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    Axe Edit 3.6.0 -and- 2.01 Release ...... " Harmonics " default value ?

    Hi FAS ! Thanks for the update(s). A quick question re: A/E 3.6.0 & 2.01 Release. I put A/E 3.6.0 on ..... did the FW Refresh ...... all good ....... and to this point I have not used the Axe Front Panel to access or change any of the "Harmonics" default settings. Now, with A/E...
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    " LA2A " Compressor like settings .... some SUCCESS .... see Post #8 & Post #10

    SOME SUCCESS - UPDATED AT POST #8 and POST #10 BELOW Hey all Was doing some studio work during the week and was using both my KPA and Axe ..... mainly Vox / Marshall sounds for all tracks. Did 2 primany tracks with the Axe .... then 2 primary tracks with the KPA and blended /...
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    Ultra Basic X/Y Amp Block question ..... ?

    Hey all With an Axe FX 2:- -> can 1 x Amp Block have X being say a Fender and Y being say an AC 30 ? or -> must the 1 x Amp Block have X being say a Fender and Y being a variation of the X Amp ? Ben
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    Axe 2 Mk 2 ..... Going from 2.00 Release to 2.01b ..... quick question re: existing presets .... ?

    Hi all / Fractal I have my Axe 2 Mk 2 FW 2.00 Release presets done and fully backed up ..... and I have a full FBot 2.00 Release backup done also. After a couple of shows in the next 2 days, Im planning on going from my exisiting FW 2.00 Release to -> 2.01b ..... and I'd really like to...
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    MIDI Question .... Part II .... " Scene Selection Via Program Change " ..... A Quick Question ...

    Hey all Just found this in the SCENES manual -> SCENE SELECTION VIA PROGRAM CHANGE This would be a perfect [alternative] way to set up my TB-12 Midi FSW with my Axe 2 As per the Scenes Manual, the steps are very easy:- -> Under I/O: MIDI -> Ignore Redundant PC must be ON for seamless...
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    Embarrassing Question :( => whats the MIDI PC # -or- MIDI CC # for Preset UP / Preset DOWN ?

    Hi all This is a very embarrassing basic question, but I'm having trouble finding the answer:- => what is the MIDI PC# -or- MIDI CC# to simply Increment UP by ONE or Increment DOWN by ONE from Preset-to-Preset ? Ive got the other Scene select and stomps done, but I just cant find this...
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    Axe FX 2 MK 2 ..... Compressor Block ..... having issues ..... need some tips please .....

    Hey all The only "effect" Im really having issues dialing in is the Compressor. By way of background, before going digital, my go-to-real-comp was a Mooer Yellow Compressor - which as you probably know, is a "clone" of the clasic " Diamond Compressor". Its very tranparent ... and...
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    *LIVE * Tone Matching a sound from another Modeller via SPDIF ..... is this possible ?

    Hey all. Just a few very quick TMA questions. a => is it possible to Live Tone Match a sound from another modellers SPDIF-OUT to the SPDIF-IN of the Axe 2 and thereby avoid extra stages of AD/DA conversion ? b => if yes, can I use just regular RCA cables -or- do I need "special" /...
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    Live Tone Matching .... can it be done via SDIF -or- must it be via the Analog In ?

    Hey all Looking to do some Live TMA Tone Matching from a couple of other modellers. So far I've done it the normal Analog way - no problems. But i was wondering if the Axe 2 can live Tone Match from the other modellers SPDiF out to it's SPDIF in and thereby avoiding a couple of extra stages...
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    Axe and FRFR / CLR Users ........ " None " -or- " Null " for your Cab ?

    Hey all Curios ..... for those of you/us running youe Axe 2 with Power Amp Sim and Speaker Sim " on " ..... do you mainly stick with " None " or " Null " [ or a specific Mic ( ? ) ] for your Cab ? Ben
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    Input and Gate Tab ........ "Front-End" Pure Volume Boost Question ?

    Hi all If I have a preset and I just want to "hit" the front end of the "Amp" block harder [ as if I was using a pure Volume-only Boost in to the front of a real tube amp to give me more grunt and grind ] is the best / most transparent / tonally-uncoloured way to do this to just...
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    Running Axe fully "Mono" in to "1 x (Mono) CLR ...... are my settings right ?

    Hey all Quite simple question. Im running 1.06 on my Axe 2 MK 2 My I/O settings are as follows:- -> Guitar physically plugged in to front of Axe -> Output 1 " L " 1/4 Jack goes to CLR via hi quality standard guitar cable Then on the Axe -> Main Input Source = Analog In 1 -> Input 1...
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    Axe Fx 2 MK 2 + 1.06 ....... a quick newbie question ..... ?

    Hey all So my Axe 2 Mk 2 finally arrived a week or so ago and now I have started programming my presets [previously a good friend set up some great sounds for me] with is borrowd XL+ Anyway ..... I'm clearly missing something really obvious here, so here goes with a quick explanation:- ->...
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    FXunits " RAC 12 " .... any users ? .... comments ?

    Hey all - not sure if this is the right / best place to ask, but here goes. Am looking to get a RAC12 used. Any users here ? General consensus ? Good value ? Necessity or luxury ? Pro's -vs- Con's ? I play live a lot - more live than studio work. Also ..... anyone know the...
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    Axe FX II Mark 2 ...... reset / restore to Factory / Clean State ...... how to ?

    Hi all Our other guitarist just picked up a used Axe FX II Mark 2 and it is still running [from memory] FW 14 or 15 and the owner left all his Amp / Cab / EFX / Midi / Globals etc.... presets and settings in it ...... he had never even heard of "quantum" when we asked him if he had already...
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    3 RU Padded Rack Bag for Axe and Matrix ...... suggestions please ?

    Hey all My Axe and Matrix combo isnt going to leave the house -too often- so am looking for a 3 RU Padded Rack Bag ..... suggestions of good ones please ..... one with inlcuded zip-pockets would be "extra good" :) Thanks, Ben
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    Axe FX 2 ……. Phantom Power Out ….. can I do this ?

    Hi all My Axe 2 will [finally] be here next week. I will be using it with a BJ Devices TB-12 Midi Floor Controller. The TB-12 takes its midi power from Pin 2 and Pin 4 whereas [I believe] the Axe 2 sends its midi power out to Pin 6 and Pin 7 ..... so this isnt an option ....... however...
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    Axe 2 MK 1 'vs' Axe 2 MK 2 ..... any sonic / tonal differences ..... ?

    Hey all Was doing a show 2 nights ago and one of the guys in another band and I were talking that I use a Kemper but that I have an Axe FX 2 MK 2 [ and AX8 ] on the way. He said he has been looking at an Axe FX 2 MK 1 and asked if I knew if the Axe 2 MK 1 "sounded different" to the Axe...
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    Question re: Loading XL & XL+ Presets in to a Axe II MK 2 ..... a bit confused ?

    Hey all Putting aside my ramblings over on the AX8 forum ....... I'll be taking possession of a friends Axe FX II Mark 2 in about 4 - 6 weeks [ I've bought and paid for it but he is using it in his bands shows until then] So been reading the manual - and I have to say it is an excellently...
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    Hey Fractal .... can we please get some detailed progress updates ?

    Hi Fractal Given my geography [ oz ] I am at peace :) with the fact that I wont get "my" AX8 realistically until Feb/Mar next year ..... all good .... I'll have my Axe FX II MK II well before then ....... However ..... there seems (?) to be a somehat growing frustration / dismay from...
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    Axe Edit & Axe FX II Mark II ..... easiest Tablet option ?

    Hey all I have an Axe FX II Mark 2 arriving soon [ a purchase from a friend ]. I was wondering, what is the easiest / most portable tablet option [ presumably Windows as I assume no iOS available yet (?) ] to run Axe Edit on the road ? Also, how is Axe Edit when used with a touch...
  80. B

    AX8 Manual ...... any update re: likely availability ?

    Hi Fractal Any update re: likely availability of the AX8 manual ? Ben
  81. B

    Wait for AX8 -or- Axe FX II Mark II ....... same price :) ... :( ..... cant decide ..... ?

    Wow This has caught me off guard. Background. - I'm a Kemper user eagerly [ and somewhat impatiently :) ] waiting on the AX8 wait list - I have had the please of using a good friend XL+ at a few live shows - very happy - hence why I am on the AX8 wait list. - he is aware of the AX8 "...
  82. B

    Axe " Matchless DC 30 " ..... looking for video / audio clips ?

    Hi all I'm a current non-Fractal owner -but- am on the waitlist for an AX8. I am looking for / trying to find audio/video clip examples of the Axe doing the Matchless DC 30 - in particular the EF86 side [ Ch 2 so to speak ]. Anyone here have any such clips or has links to any such...
  83. B

    AX8 Stock Factory Presets ...... can someone please explain the "issue" ?

    Hi all Putting aside my "impatience motivated" posts :) ...... this is a serious question as I am not [yet] a Fractal owner ands am genuinely confused / not sure about this ...... so here goes ...... Fractal - at least I think it was them - stated in a post here that the AX8 would have the...
  84. B

    First gig with my AX8 ..........

    ....... oh that's right ... I don't have one yet ... no email, no manual ... no official "progress updates" ... :( Sorry - impatience and endless unrequited forum speculation got the better of me .... :) Ben
  85. B

    Hey Fractal ... can we please get clarification on what "started shipping" means please ... ?

    Hi Fractal I think it was last Friday (?) that you posted that the first shipments had gone out. I guess my question is this:- -> did that mean that ordinary " Joe-Shmoe's " on the wait list started getting AX8's shipped to them ? or -> does that mean that the first shipments only went...
  86. B

    AX8 shipping -> presumably with a Hard Copy Manual (?) -> PDF Manual Hyperlink ?

    Hi Fractal ! Now the first units are shipping - I presume they are shipping with a hard copy manual (?) - if so, is a downloadable .PDF Manual far off ? Thanks, Ben
  87. B

    AX8 / FX8 ..... trying to find a full listing of the FX8 Effects ..... anyone have a link ?

    Hey all ! I realize the AX8 manual is probably only days away, but in the meantime I figured I do some research. As the AX8 will likely have the same / virtually identical efx as the FX8 I was trying to find a listing of all the specific different individual effects in the FX8 ? For...
  88. B

    AX8 ..... will it have " Tone Matching " ..... ?

    I know all will be revealed very soon but was just wondering ..... => will the AX8 come with the Tone Matching feature ? I'm kind of assuming "no" ... no biggie or deal breaker [ for me ] if it doesn't ..... but am curious though . Ben
  89. B

    Is it just me ... or is anyone else starting to think we -wont- see the AX8 until Q1 2016 ?

    Hey all Just a sense I'm getting .......but ....... I'm thinking that given the lack of any further "specificity" from Fractal about the AX8 means we wont see the first batch in retail customers hands until Q1 2016 ? Anyone else thinking the same thing ? Ben PS: Yes I -know- the above...
  90. B

    AX8 and Amps, Cabs and EFX ...... in lieu of a *full* manual, can we just get the following .... ?

    Hi Fractal In lieu of a full manual - which clearly can take a lot of time to do - can fractal at least officially confirm / correct the following:- => with the AX8 have all the same Amps as the XL+ ...... Y / N ? => with the AX8 have all the same Cabs as the XL+ ...... Y / N ? =>...
  91. B

    AX8 and Preset Switching -vs- Scene Switching ........ a few questions please ?

    Hi all As a current Kemper user - but waitlisted AX8 buyer - here goes:- => even though the AX8 has dedicated FSW built-in I presume that it will still have the normal Axe FX switching lag from full preset to full preset ? => more generally, does X / Y switching also have the same...
  92. B

    Manual ..... still far off ?

    Hey Fractal Any update / timeframe on when the manual will be available or d/load ? Thanks, Ben
  93. B

    AX8 (w) Qauntum ....... are /will all the amps be " G3 " ?

    Hey all Pardon my newby'nes again [ Im on the AX8 w/list but not a current Fractal user yet ] ..... and I realize that this is not [probably] just an AX8-specific question. I understand that AX8 users will be able to run Quantum when they/we get our units. So ...... with Quantum ..... =>...
  94. B

    Maybe an E.T.A on the Manual / Full Amp + EFX lisiting ?

    Hey all Firstly, thanks to Fractal for opening the AX8 wait list and especially to Independent Music [here in Oz] for opening their Oz wait list ..... wooo hooo ....... :) No doubt someone at Fractal is frantically working on the .PDF manual / Amp and efx listing as I type this...
  95. B

    " I come from a land Down-Under " => wait list / getting an AX8 *before* Christmas ?

    .........where beer does flow and men chunder Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover ......... Hi Fractal For those of us non-USA AX8 wanna-be-owners - howdy from Oz by the way :) ...... how will it work ? I have made intial contact...
  96. B

    AX8 Cab Block ...... quick questions

    Hi all Apologies in advance foe the likely " obvious' nes " of my questions, but as I’m not yet a current fractal user ( soon to be though :) ) can I please ask if my understanding of the following is correct:- (a) => the AX8 will run one cab block, but that one cab block can...
  97. B

    AX8 “ Sound “ ‘vs’ XL+ “ Sound “ ……. (3) quick questions from a Kemper user

    Hi Fractal My first post here. By way of full disclosure, I am a happy Kemper owner and user. I use it live [ classic rock / hard rock ] with my Atomic CLR. I also have a colleague who uses the XL+ live and I have been fortunate enough to also [ from time-to-time ] use his...
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