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    How Long Before MFC's Available?

    Yes! Just got the waitlist update! Thanks FAS!
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    Someone please help put my mind at ease?

    I love high gain sounds, but with the Axe-FX I find myself rolling down that volume knob and really digging in for those "edge of breakup" tones. I've discovered that the unit is so detailed, every bit of fingernail and callous can be heard. A few tweaks to the "Shiver LD" amp, for example, can...
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    AXE FX II gets here tommorow, Where the best place to start.

    Great - Enjoy! I've had mine for a month - I spent the first week just listening with studio monitors - dialing up each preset and playing with it, seeing how it responded to various guitar's pickups and volume control, switching in an out FX blocks. I found the manual to be most digestible...
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    Guess What Amp I Just Bought

    Sweet acquisition! Several years ago, intrigued by the Dumble lore, I began researching his amps, finding many of the links that have been shared in this thread. I decided I had enough information and hubris to attempt my own version of the circuit, with reasonable results. I built in the...
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