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  1. guitvai1


    2020 is the worst year ever! Still remember the first time I heard Van Halen 1, and still influenced by all those licks.
  2. guitvai1

    Axe-Fx III Waitlist

    On the list June 20, got my invite Sept 11, ordered same day, received in Canada Sept 16th Mark II and FC 12. Looking forward to enjoying this the way I enjoyed the Ax fxII Mark I for 7+ yrs.
  3. guitvai1

    Axe-Fx III Waitlist

    me too, ordered and done!
  4. guitvai1

    Axe-Fx III Waitlist

    I‘m June 20th, fingers crossed.
  5. guitvai1

    Axe-Fx III Waitlist

    Signed up June 20th so eagerly awaiting invite.
  6. guitvai1

    Axe-Fx III Waitlist

    Still waiting on list from June 20th.
  7. guitvai1

    Let’s see those guitars

    Thank you. Yes I was going for a vintage vibe.
  8. guitvai1

    Let’s see those guitars

    Yes, I did the whole thing from scratch. The neck inlays were tedious, and getting the neck joint right was also not easy. I’m happy though with how it plays and sounds, and I’m quite particular given my love of EBMM guitars. Can’t remember exact cost but about $1000 + a couple months of work...
  9. guitvai1

    Axe-Fx III Waitlist

    On the list June 20th.....waiting patiently.
  10. guitvai1

    Let’s see those guitars

    A Les Paul style guitar I built from scratch. Stainless steel frets and Slash pickups. Nice low action on a fast neck.
  11. guitvai1

    Axe-Fx III Waitlist

    Yes me too.
  12. guitvai1

    Axe-Fx III on Stage - "Georgy Porgy" - Toto Cover

    Great playing and tone. I learnt that solo too off his live recording. He should have put that solo on the record.
  13. guitvai1

    Axe-Fx III Waitlist

    I went on the list Jun 20th
  14. guitvai1

    DLR content... Sad

    Exactly. I saw him live a few years ago and he was godawful for the entire show, and was sorry I paid money for that lousy embarrassing performance. I’ve seen many great vocalists live but DLR is pathetic at best.
  15. guitvai1

    Very 80s...

    I like it.
  16. guitvai1

    Live with my Toto Tribute band - AX8 on Stage - Atomica amp

    Wow, that was great. Toto is one of my favourite bands and you guys nailed it.
  17. guitvai1

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    I did direct download from the Fractal support site and my Plexi sounds amazing, not like yours at all.
  18. guitvai1

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    Ok after rebooting the AxeFxII and Axe Edit it finally connects. Presets sound amazing on Ares1.03. All the Marshalls, USA Lead, Solo Lead sound incredible.
  19. guitvai1

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    What's the secret to getting Axe edit 3.14.5 to actually connect with AxFXII. Mine will not connect.
  20. guitvai1

    Yngwie blues album

    I had the unfortunate displeasure of seeing him live at Generation Axe last Dec. and it was god awful. He left his guitar laying on the stage feeding back for 10 minutes at 5000 dBs and his more recognizable tunes like Far Beyond the Sun were almost unrecognizable from the mindless shredding...
  21. guitvai1

    Met Ozzy and Zakk Wylde at the Houston show.

    Wow great experience, doesn’t get much better than that.
  22. guitvai1

    Suhr Modern Satin or Jackson PC1

    Ask Mark Day. He's had both at some point.
  23. guitvai1

    NGD - Warmoth VIP and 2 videos

    Nice build, I love Warmoth guitars. Great playing and song too.
  24. guitvai1

    Why Has Slash Not Fractalized Yet?

    Also, after seeing him last summer his tone was killer, I mean really great. Why would you want to mess with it? He can afford all the amps and techs he wants. Its not like he's lugging these amps like us into gigs.
  25. guitvai1

    Incoming... Matrix Q12 Passive

    I have 2 of these- simply awesome monitors!
  26. guitvai1

    Saw Toto this weekend

    I saw Bobby Kimball a few years ago with Toto and he was great but Joseph Williams also sang on quite a few of their hits. Actually live there is not much comparison, Joe easily blows Bobby away and is a much more versatile singer. This is a multi-talented band with Luke and Paich handling...
  27. guitvai1

    Saw Toto this weekend

    Completely agree with you, I saw them June 10th at Casino Rama (just north of Toronto). Best show I've ever seen. Luke was on big time and his tone out of the Bogners was to die for. Joe was a standout and the rest of the band was supper tight. Couldn't imagine a better show.
  28. guitvai1

    Dr. Feelgood cover

    Sounds great, and the singer sounds a lot like Vince Neil when he's not completely out of breath :)
  29. guitvai1

    Is pickslating usless, this guy say YES

    I know for me pick slanting does work. I've gone through a couple of periods recently were I haven't picked up the guitar for a week or two. When I come back to it my playing sometimes feels clunky, especially alternate picking, this actually happened to me just yesterday and I remembered the...
  30. guitvai1

    Queensrÿche - Eyes Of A Stranger FULL COVER w/vocals (all AX8)

    Killer cover! Perfect in every way.
  31. guitvai1

    Horror of horrors, I could hear my sound in my cab.

    I concur with NeoSound. I use my Matrix Q12's to dial up my tone at home at fairly high volume and they seem to transfer really well to the PA. To test this I A/B'd our PA against the Q12's in a rehearsal studio and they were pretty bang on.
  32. guitvai1


    Nice tone, reminds me of Whitesnake Is this Love tone. Dann Huff is one of my favourites too, stellar player and producer.
  33. guitvai1

    What Brand of strings do YOU like best ? ( include guitar type )

    Ernie Ball 9's RPS Slinky's. The ball ends are reinforced for tremolo work. They are solid for about 3 gigs then I change them.
  34. guitvai1

    What DAW should I get?

    I use and like Logic Pro X, I find it quite easy to get around.
  35. guitvai1

    DAVID LEE ROTH / STEVE VAI - Going' Crazy (Solo Cover) | New Pickup Day!!

    Sounds great, nice solo. Pinch harmonic missing at 0.20, correct?
  36. guitvai1

    How do you increase your guitars volume when playing a solo?

    I just change scenes and have the solo scene output boosted by about 4db.
  37. guitvai1

    Harem Scarem No Justice

    Pete Lesperance sure can play. In fact when I saw him live with the Axe fx I ordered mine the next day.
  38. guitvai1

    Ray Gun sound on Rebel Yell?

    I just found it better when playing live just to do a screaming pinch harmonic and vibrate the crap out it with the whammy bar.
  39. guitvai1

    Cliffs of Dover Patch/static question?

    Try your axe fix in another building.
  40. guitvai1

    Cliffs of Dover Patch/static question?

    That's a ground hum issue, nothing to do with the Axefx. That's the same sound I hear when my guitar is unplugged and the cable end is laying on the carpet. You likely have a computer with a big monitor in front of your guitar and the gain is ridiculously high. Or...your speakers, amp, and/or...
  41. guitvai1


    I love Dan Huff, fantastic player (and musician), every solo is so melodic. Nice job of covering this solo and good choice!!
  42. guitvai1

    After 10 years, I'm done...

    Yes I also got rid of my 2:90 (heavy as a concrete block and expensive to retube) when I got my GT1000fx.
  43. guitvai1

    Toto - "I'll Be Over You" (Solos)

    Very nice playing and tone! Love Luke.
  44. guitvai1

    Who likes guitars?? See 1 Mil worth in 10 minutes

    This whole notion in the guitar world that everything vintage is somehow better than what's made today in a load of bologna in my opinion. I'm sick of hearing about this voodoo nonsense that gets perpetuated throughout the industry, most likely by collectors who want to artificially increase...
  45. guitvai1

    Bedroom Players Vs. "Pros" & the Blanket complaint

    Another thing is to go into the cabinet setup and cut the low frequency's at 100 Hz and high frequenciecs at 15-20KHz.
  46. guitvai1

    Bedroom Players Vs. "Pros" & the Blanket complaint

    I found the best way to really test your patches is to get your normal bands PA in a rehearsal studio and listen to how they sound through the PA board and speakers. I was happy to discover that they were pretty bang on with what I was hearing through my Matrix Q12s (FRFR) powered by a Matrix...
  47. guitvai1

    R.I.P. George Michael

    Definetly won of my favourite singers and song writers. He was right up there with the great Freddie Mercury.
  48. guitvai1

    R.I.P. Rick Parfitt

    Sad, as an Irish boy in Belfast growing up "Rockin' All Over the World" was my first 45rpm.
  49. guitvai1

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.02 Firmware Released

    Cliff cannot have unsatisfied customers = AWESOME! Another reason why I love this product.
  50. guitvai1

    R.I.P Michael Casswell

    Yes very sad indeed. Such a talented guitarist.
  51. guitvai1

    1987 jem shocking pink value?

    go to jemsite.com guys on that site have all the info you'll need.
  52. guitvai1

    Pick the real amp...

    The Diesel Amp #5 sounded the best to my ears, amp #2 FAS sound great too.
  53. guitvai1

    Mötley Crüe - Primal Scream SOLO COVER (Video)

    sounds great in the mix. Would love to hear just your guitar isolated.
  54. guitvai1

    Saw GNR live in Nashville last night...

    I saw them in Washington DC a couple of weeks ago and couldn't agree more with your assessment of the show. Slash's live tone was great, really thick and he played great too as did the other guitar player. I thought Axl was really energetic and put on a great show, and the set list was long...
  55. guitvai1

    Kid Charlemagen - Larry Carlton/Steely dan w/Preset

    Excellent playing - this is one of the solo's that I love to play and I'm well aware of the timing and nuances of the solo and you nailed it.
  56. guitvai1

    RIP Prince...

    Disagree, he has a right to his opinion just like you. Just because his opinion is different from yours and others on this forum doesn't make him wrong, it's just different. Quite frankly he makes some good points, I don't agree with all of them but so what. It shouldn't be, "let's gang up on...
  57. guitvai1

    Rethinking My Method for Boosting Leads.

    Yes this is what I've always used - so simple and on the "boosted" scene you can turn on the drive if you need to wet it up.
  58. guitvai1

    EVH Wolfgang Special thoughts?

    I have an EVH Wolfgang Special, the Japanese made one. It's an awesome rock guitar in a lot of ways. The Birdseye maple neck with stainless steel frets is one of the best playing necks I've ever played. The pickups are very powerful and "meaty" sounding, and it feels good around your neck...
  59. guitvai1

    Question on crackling in guitar track in DAW, using Axe as USB interface

    I seem to get some crackling when sitting 2-3 ft away from my iMac. Goes away when I back up a bit.
  60. guitvai1

    Q1.05 vs Q2.00 Friedman HBE

    Couldn't hear any difference. Was that Kemper vs Helix ;)
  61. guitvai1

    Fretwire choice dillema

    The frets on my Wolfgang Special are SS and are quite small and I don't think Eddie VH has any problem with tapping, and actually I find them pretty fast.
  62. guitvai1

    My take on Tom sawyer by rush

    Sounds great, what amp did you use?
  63. guitvai1

    Steve Lukather CAE 3+SE preset

    Works on my axefxII MarkII
  64. guitvai1

    Steve Lukather CAE 3+SE preset

    This preset sounds great on my Axe FXII MarkII. I tried the OH_212_BOG-SH_FN-42_Studio-Mode IR and it sounds great with my EBMM LIII - thanks!!
  65. guitvai1

    NGD day... Sort of

    If it is cracked all the way through then I would try and fully break it and glue it back together with wood glue and clamps - yes it will have the crack in the paint but the cosmetics will be the only thing wrong with it, and as stated above it could be a "relic". Actually you could probably...
  66. guitvai1

    Power Amp Quality Does Matter - No Hype

    I enjoy my Matrix GT1000fx in two Q12s - sweet setup.
  67. guitvai1

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release

    Yes, me too. A reload sorted it.
  68. guitvai1

    U2 - Bad (live)

    Sounds great, nice vox tone.
  69. guitvai1

    georgyporgy plays Georgy Porgy

    Your video shows as 'Private'. I also play that Paris solo, it's a kickass solo, learned it by ear so I don't think there is any tabs of it.
  70. guitvai1

    new Q12 user

    Yep, usually just one, but when I set up 2 they sound amazing - powered by GT1000fx. Also I have them on stands at shoulder height.
  71. guitvai1

    Zakk Wylde Stylish Tonematch test AXE FX II Quantum

    Sounds great, just please don't do his super annoying pinch harmonics that he does over and over again on every song.
  72. guitvai1

    What pickups work best with Les Paul and Axe FXII?

    Just installed Seymour Duncan Slash Alnico II's into my self made Les Paul and they sound great for mid-gain classic rock - GnR, Journey type stuff. Nice and bright.
  73. guitvai1

    Steven Slate Drums or Ocean Way Drums???

    I know Pete Thorn uses Steven Slate drums and his demo's sound awesome.
  74. guitvai1

    Hot Crazy Matrix - A Man's Guide to Women

    Its funny cause it's true!!
  75. guitvai1

    A counter that counts down to the next firmware releases - thumbs up?

    Quite frankly I cannot find a single thing wrong with the current Quantum Beta 1 that I would ever need anything else.
  76. guitvai1

    A counter that counts down to the next firmware releases - thumbs up?

    The most ridiculous thread yet!!!
  77. guitvai1

    Live clips of new JMP-1 'de-phased'

    Nice tones!!
  78. guitvai1

    Atomic CLR vs Matrix Q12a

    Love my Q12's paired with GT1000fx. Sounds great as monitors or a backline and also comes very close to replicating the sound out our PA. I've also used them in a practice room with very loud drums and they sound incredible.
  79. guitvai1

    New Lukeather tone

    No, the necks in my opinion are nothing like the JEM's. The JP6 is closer to the JEM/RG Wizard necks in my opinion. I used to exclusively use the RG Wizard necks but I've since switched to a narrower fatter neck which feels more comfortable to me. The Luke III neck has a bit of a soft V...
  80. guitvai1

    New Lukeather tone

    I absolutely love my LIII's which I have two of. Both models have the HH setup and stainless steel frets/mahogany body and roasted maple neck as they are limited editions. The tone is off the charts in my opinion and the playability second to none. I tried the Luke 2 side by side but it just...
  81. guitvai1

    Steve Stevens guitars

    He also plays a Suhr with a floyd rose and a LP custom fairly regularly.
  82. guitvai1

    New Lukeather tone

    A lot of Luke's tone comes from the EBMM Luke III guitars with Dimarzio Transition pickups. I have two of these guitars and they don't sound like anything else - it's a very smooth tone. I used the Bogner Xtasy sim on the AxeII and can get pretty close - I also found a pick of Luke's rig that...
  83. guitvai1

    Purchasing an Axe FX 2 in Canada

    I concur with the above - all fees were included at time of purchase (2 yrs ago).
  84. guitvai1

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 20.00 Public Beta

    Just upgraded to 19.01 last night and it kills so not too upset about not getting to put FW20 on my AxII just yet.
  85. guitvai1

    tornado of souls solo cover - regular speed/half speed

    Excellent playing, one of my favourite pieces too.
  86. guitvai1

    Should I bring a backup AXE-FXII when touring?

    If you have two then why not - I never even go to a local pub gig without a backup - like RDH said above - "the gig is pretty much over" if you have no backup. Although the Axe FXII is very reliable anything can happen with any piece of gear especially a computer based system - the power...
  87. guitvai1

    Gravity (John Mayer) - by Garry

    Sounds great - nice job.
  88. guitvai1

    Just about to give up with my CLR

    I have a really really heavy hitting drummer and had no issues being heard with a GT1000fx into a single Matrix Q12, in fact it sounds amazing (even better when I hook up the second one).
  89. guitvai1

    Music recommandations for a long run

    If you don't have it already then pick up "Ah Via Musicom" by Eric Johnson - it's always been one of my favourite travelling CD's.
  90. guitvai1

    Ernie Ball Luke 3 SSH, very nice

    The action on my LIIIs out of the box is about as low as one could get - super low and no buzz whatsover.
  91. guitvai1

    Ernie Ball Luke 3 SSH, very nice

    My LIIIS have bigger wire and its SS, (PDN NEPTUNE BLUE)
  92. guitvai1

    Ernie Ball Luke 3 SSH, very nice

    Yes, I love the Transitions too, the tone is awesome.
  93. guitvai1

    Ernie Ball Luke 3 SSH, very nice

    Totally agree, I've got two H-H Luke 3's (PDN Neptune Blue) one with roasted maple neck and fretboard, and one with roasted maple neck and rosewood fretboard, both with SS frets. Just unbelievable tone and playability, and the 12 db onboard boost is great too.
  94. guitvai1

    FAS Factory tour video?

    It's a computer assembly shop, what exactly are you expecting to see - "magical tone" being inserted into a black box?
  95. guitvai1

    Music Man Luke 1 with EMG's or Luke 3 with DiMarzio Transitions?

    PDN = Premier Dealer Network - they are a limited run (always different every year) with options that you cannot normally get. This Neptune Blue Run had the roasted maple necks with the option of a roasted maple fingerboard or rosewood fingerboard, stainless steel frets, with a mahogany body...
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