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    Elder tone matching

    Hi, Loving all music by Elder, I would like to recreate their sound as much as possible. I have a beautiful sounding vintage hiwatt cabinet which should help, and since I don t like frfr too much, I want to keep playing through a real cab. I combine it with a Matrix power amp. So 2 questions...
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    Again Axe-Edit Tascam

    Hello everyone, Bought a new laptop and placed the ultra at home for some demoing. Using a II in rehearsal / gigs. Using a tascam-122L I cannot connect the Ultra to axe edit: in the axe edit I only get 'none ' in the midi input and output fields in the Midi menu red light on tascam (midi in)...
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    Power amp suggestion?

    Hi! I'm currently using an engl e850 power amp to an engl cab. I like this setup, but there's a certain warmth i m not getting compared to my hiwatt amp. I ve tried switching cabs to orange and marshall, but that resulted in minimal differences. They also all sounded very good through the...
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    foot controller blocks after several seconds

    Hi forum members, I purchased a MFC-101 4 months ago, to use with my Ultra. The MFC is powered via its own adapter. The first 2 months everything was working perfectly. But now: - as I turn the MFC-101 on, after a few seconds I see the patchname on the display dissapear or become very vague...
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    audio midi setup tascam US-122L

    I feel almost embarrassed to ask, but could someone post a screenshot of the 'audio midi setup' in OS X leopard ? The editor keeps saying there's something wrong over there and I can't find any info on correct setup anywhere. Much appreciation for any help!!!!
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    unable to update firmwre with tascam US-122L and mac leopard

    Hey, Like the title says, updating firmware doesn't work. I use sysex librarian and a tascam 122L. I believe the problem is the connection between my Imac with leopard 10,5,8 and my tascam US-122l. So my question would be if anyone has been succesful in combining these two? thx for any help!
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    updating firmware using mac and without editor

    I've got a mac with OSX 10,5 and don't have the editor. I want to update the firmware since i got the Ultra, but no luck so far. Tried to read this forum, but all options are being discussed only partly or to much alternatives at once. Or is it just me?? :? I've gathered that I need...
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    which output to use for imac

    I know there are several topics covering imac. But first, I would like to establish the best way to connect. Which output of the ultra combined with which Imac-input would give the best results? If there's any difference at all, in the first place. Thx for you comments!!
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