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    Bug? AX8 manual gives wrong expression pedal wiring

    Page 19 of the AX8 manual v1.00.2 says: "Expression pedals require TRS cables because full control voltage is transmitted to them on one contact (the tip), while less than full voltage is returned to on another (the ring) so the host device is able to sense and utilize the pedal position. The...
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    Axe-PC interface wish list

    Some wishes for the Axe-PC interface: (1) Direct connection to the MFC. That removes the need for a separate PC MIDI interface. (2) A stereo audio output. That removes the need for a separate PC Audio interface. (3) A headphone output. Could be combined with the stereo audio output. In...
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    Tone Czar expression pedals

    Somebody sent me a PM asking about Tone Czar expression pedals, and I wanted to answer publicly in case anyone else had similar questions. I haven't check whether this material has already been gone over, but it won't hurt to say it again. > I've readin the old forum that you have some EB Jr...
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