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    Sold My AX8, Bought a Mark V

    Good on ya... What ever works is all good. No need to justify your decisions. I've had a Mark IV and V ( and a lot of other amps ). While I loved the sound when it 'worked', I hated the night after night of different sounding situations and hoping it would sound the same. I've stayed in the...
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    Help - Atomic Reactor 50 Sounds Bassy and Not Clear

    Sounds to me like EMI with a compressor adding to the ringing.
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    AX8 as a MIDI controller for Ableton

    This can probably be done with Max for Live. I created a CC to Midi device to do in song patch changes from Live (since it is not natively supported)
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    [Moke's Custom Presets] 'AX8' Thread - Updated to Q9.04/10.01 -New presets, Videos, Huge Discounts

    The Rebel Yell and Surrender patches should be a 'must buy' for anyone trying to explore what can be done with the AX8. There are things Moke is doing that I would have never thought of...
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    FC Dimensions

    I like how the design started January 18 of last year.
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    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Confirmation 1/29 4:25pm EST. Ordered today.
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    Only 2 Amps?

    I frequently do shows where I also play keys. I have a King Korg and MOX. I am using an AX8 now, but have had a XL in a rack as well. My plan is: Outputs 1&2 Guitar FOH Outputs 3&4 CLR's when not using in-ears Outputs 5 - mono out to King Korg mic in for vocoder stuff Outputs 7&8 possibly as...
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    Cmon people, where the waitlist order thread lol

    I'll be late.. 2:25 PM MST
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    AX8 live - "Eye in the sky" cover

    I know we are supposed to be focused on guitar and bass, but I love that snare sound <g>
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    Am I the only one who has downsized my pedal board?

    What is this pedal board you speak of <g>. I have the AX8, an expression pedal, and wireless receiver that I pull out of a Gator bag. Depending on the stage some stuff goes in different places. Adding a pedal board makes it heavier. I can carry my whole rig in 1 trip - AxeFX bag, two...
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    If I but an AX8 will I always be dreaming about an Axe FX?

    I had the XL+ and MFC. Bought the AxeFX8. Sold the XL+ and MFC.
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    How come no one posted about new AX8 factory presets?

    The file is 58k bigger so I would guess more presets? I have not opened it yet.
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    Let's Talk Cover Band Setups!

    3 piece cover band here - I use about 8 presets a night. Some are song specific, some are feel specific. Within those presets I use 4 or more scenes.
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    AX8 V6.01 Public Beta

    Thanks- Ran into this last night on stage <g>...
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    AX8 midi "Ignore Redundant PC"?

    I did a fully automated show with a AxeFXII XL for a few years. All patch changes, scene, and filter sweeps were done with Ableton Live. I thought I was done with it and sold the XL and picked up a AX8. Of course, now I have a one off gig using Ableton this weekend. I restored my patches...
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    AX8 V3.52 Release

    Soon is better than eventually. Those are the two answers I usually give.
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    Sigh... gig failure.

    For a year I did a fully tracked show (2014). I had all patches and scene changes done via midi through Ableton Live - but still had a MFC MK3 on the floor 'just in case'. I had several times where the volume would disappear or the patch would change to somewhere WAY away from the intended...
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    AX8 V2.02 Release Available Now!

    False alarm - after a computer reboot it is working as expected. A little strange...
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    AX8 V2.02 Release Available Now!

    Do you see the modifier moving? I am on Win10 64.
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    AX8 V2.02 Release Available Now!

    Possible AX8-Edit 1.1.0 bug with loading saved blocks from other open editors. I am doing some block transfers from my Axe-FXII XL. I have AxeEdit open for my Axe-FXII XL. I save a block. I go to AX8-Edit and try to load that block. It is not there. If I close AX8-Edit and reopen it the new...
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    AX8 V2.02 Release Available Now!

    False alarm - fixed by a reboot. AX8-Edit 1.1.0 visual bug (not sure if this is the right section). Add a modifier to any control Set source to Extern 1 (and have a pedal connected) The position on the right side of the Edit Modifier window does not change when the pedal is moved. It shows...
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    FX8 V1.02B Public Beta

    Thanks for the replies. As long as it is 'as expected' and turning off Auto True Bypass works I am good. John
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    FX8 V1.02B Public Beta

    I updated to 1.02b and am seeing some interesting behavior with drive pedals. Pull up Mark Days HBE (not sitting at the unit right now). In the Global settings turn on Global True Bypass. Enable and disable the 2nd pedal (drive). When it goes on it is seamless. When turning it off all...
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    Clark Kent Job - First Time (Official Music Video) [CHECK OUT MY BAND]

    Nice! If it were my mix I might consider pulling back the effects on the vox by about 5-10% and pushing up the bass @ 140hz by 3db OR just add a little more overall. But that's just me <g>.
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    Relay question with ENGL amp

    Thanks everyone. I'll try a few things... John
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    Relay question with ENGL amp

    I have a ENGL Screamer 50 watt combo. I've been playing with the Relay function and have some questions. I have it connected from FX8 Relay Out 1 -> ENGL Footswitch jack with a TRS cable on both ends. From the ENGL manual on how the Relay jack works: Footswitch Clean/Lead, Gain Lo/Hi: 1/4"...
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    invite to buy fx8

    I got my list confirmation on 10/3 @ 1:32pm Mountain, so must be close....
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    Source for Professional Backing Tracks?

    parismusic.co.uk songgalxy.com - check their multitracks Hope this helps
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    Guitar Picks, What do you play?

    +1 on the Claytons - same thickness (1.52mm).
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    backing tracks

    Backing Tracks & Professional Music Backing Tracks Song Galaxy Online Shop Get multis and mix to taste. ParisMusic usually has better separated tracks.
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    PSA: Great deal on a 2013 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    My order was canceled.... oh well.
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    PSA: Great deal on a 2013 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    I was able to order one last night. My card was charged, but I have not received a shipping notification yet.
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    Looking for Amps on Craigslist and Found This

    Hmmm. I went from an amp wall to an AxeFX II and a ENGL Screamer for when I need a grab a go amp.. (and sadly, this was not the full collection). Glad I got over the constant changing of tubes, speakers, cabs. Still have the 4x12 and a Port City 2x12 looking for a new home - everything else...
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    MFC-101 Mark III Now Shipping to Waitlist Customers (USA/CAN)

    Got my notice today - on the list 10/2.
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    Axe FX freezes after updating firmware

    I had a freeze incident after updating the firmware over the weekend from 10.06. I went to rehearsal last night and started the AxeFX. It started, but froze after booting on one my custom patches. Segment one of the output LED's were lit, but it was passing no signal. A power cycle from...
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    Mixing & Auditioning Cab IRs?

    I have the same problem. I think it started with 10.02...
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    Facebooks bizarre copyright policy.

    I uploaded some vids of my band doing 5 cover songs from a club that pays their ASCAP/BMI fees (for our critique). They are marked as private. Nothing is from the original versions other than structure and lyrics. All tracks / playing is done by the me or the band. YouTube has flagged 4 of the...
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    MFC / Scene problems when receiving Midi Sync

    No USB adapter involved here - midi is via the physical MIDI port. Total sync is set to On on the MFC. Actually, I reset the MFC to factory defaults and it happened 2 times during the show. I will recreate it again and see if I can do anything from the front panel of the AxeFX. It was not in...
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    MFC / Scene problems when receiving Midi Sync

    Chris, Yes - sorry out of reveal mode. John
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    MFC / Scene problems when receiving Midi Sync

    AxeFX II 9.02 / MFC I 1.15 connected with Ethercon Cat 5 (converter box on the MFC). I run a heavily tracked show. I recently switched from Sonar X2 to Ableton Live 9 for live playback of the tracks. Ableton feeds patch changes and Midi Sync for delays to the Axe FX. I automate most patch...
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    auto-engage not disengaging

    Happened to me on a show last night as well. I have mine always configured as a wha control. Engaged correctly, but did not disengage - I had to select another preset then come back. I plan on more testing tomorrow.
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    Video: Cliff and Team Working on 601

    My aunt was the dead lady with the buzzard near her in the outside 'dead people' shots that movie. Most of the exterior was shot around Marfa, TX IIRC.....
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    Bare Knuckle PUP's in a custom 22

    I have Rebel Yells in my early McCarty. For what I do, works well.
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    Ethernet to Ethercon adapter box

    I use the above linked box attached to the MFC with a piece of strong Velcro. I have a mounted front panel "D" ethercon jack as well on the rack with the Axe FX II. I then use a ethercon cable to connect the two. The panel mount ethercon is easy to find. Finding something that did not have...
  45. L

    Ethernet to Ethercon adapter box

    Here you go: Neutrik NE8FF Feed-Through Ethercon Coupler | Full Compass I ordered one a few months ago <g>....
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    Wish 4 CC's in a IA

    Thanks for the info. I'll give it shot.
  47. L

    Wish 4 CC's in a IA

    I read that thread....would someone explain the custom Hex code I would need to do this? I really don't want to define them all to the same CC because I may use them individual. Also, would this change the state of the the IA LED's for whatever I have mapped to this switch? Thanks
  48. L

    Wish 4 CC's in a IA

    Currently we can set 2 CC messages per switch. I would love to be able to send 4 CC messages! 1) Turn On/Off Boost block 2) Turn On/Off Drive block 3) Turn On/Off Delay block 4) Just in case <g>
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    MFC Tuner display does not look right

    I tried a reflash to 1.04 today and still have the same tuner display. Sent an email to Fractal Support and will now wait to see what they come up with.
  50. L

    MFC Tuner display does not look right

    I changed the cable, tried using a Midi cable, and still have the same results... Looks like a call to Fractal is in order.... John
  51. L

    MFC Tuner display does not look right

    I received my MFC today and hooked it up to my AxeFXII via ethernet. The display does not look right (see picture). I have reset the MFC and AxeFXII (and updated to version 3 <g>) and it still looks the same. Any ideas? Thanks John
  52. L

    Pete Thorn plays "Homage" on the Axe FX 2

    Purchased from Amazon... great CD! Axe II arrives tomorrow as well.
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    MFC-101 Wait List Update Report

    On the list 7/10/2008. Got the coupon email last week. I am 'coming back' after a few years... I have an Ultra coming with it. I sold my first ultra a while ago and thought I would try again. The MFC-101 email was the tipping point for me to try again.
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