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  1. javajunkie

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.00

    Love UFO. Now I have my daily fix of Classic British Metal. Sounds awesome.
  2. javajunkie

    Custom waveform chorus: How to?

    Right now, the easiest thing is to use the flanger w/ no feedback, if the delay times fit.
  3. javajunkie

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.00 Public Beta

    I noticed that right away. I use stacked drive pedals for a lot of what I play. Also, using the volume on the guitar seems to be easier to dial in. The changes to the tone and bass focus make dialing the pedals in for various guitar/amp combo much easier. For me, this has been the best drive...
  4. javajunkie

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.11

    It would be cool to have the same relevant controls as the flanger. Min/max delay times, VCO response, Bass Focus, high and low cut order, lfo bypass reset and quantize.
  5. javajunkie

    Iron Maiden - "The Number of the Beast"

    Sucker for British Metal! Love it.
  6. javajunkie

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.06

    Loving it. I appreciate the improved gate!
  7. javajunkie

    Axe Fx III with Eventide Eclipse

    I revamped my old one for the III. I tweaked to my taste. You can adjust the amount of pitch with the mixer block. Probably could have add some more repeats to the delay. Scene 2 cuts out pitch and just leaves delay. Oh and volume block attached ext1. It also sound coll if you modulate the pitch...
  8. javajunkie

    Axe Fx III with Eventide Eclipse

    I recreated that pretty close on the 2 a long time ago. Oh some already said that :)
  9. javajunkie

    Axe Fx III with Eventide Eclipse

    PM me. I can help you later this afternoon or this evening I have an eclipse in my rack. Although, it hardly gets used any more.
  10. javajunkie

    Axe-Fx III Latest 11.02 BETA Firmware FC Controller Bug

    I love what I've seen so far!
  11. javajunkie

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #2

    This is a spectacular addition. I have spent hours and hours matching flanger settings in the past. The filter additions make it so much easier. I would think would be great to have on the chorus block as well.
  12. javajunkie

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.00

    Playing out this weekend for the first time w/ 11. The Bass player came over to me and commented on how good the guitar amp sounded. The impedance curve changes are really a game changer for me. Many of the EQ settings I was using are better done by simply change the cab impedance model. Loving it.
  13. javajunkie

    Axe-Fx III vs Helix

    I have both. I actually had a performance last night. It would have been a lot easier to use the Helix, I already had the patches ready to go, but the axe-fx just sounded do much better so I loaded my axe-fx III rig. The Helix has got a lot better, but the tone I get from the axe-fx just has...
  14. javajunkie

    Molecular Tone Match

    Sounds spectacular. I love it.
  15. javajunkie

    Anyone using a wireless guitar setup with the Axe-Fx III?

    line 6 relay G10s w/ a spare transmitter. I love not having a pack to worry about. I can go any where on stage with out an issue. I just recently switched from the Relay G55. I have no issues since switching. I have a spare in case of failure or forge ting to charge it.
  16. javajunkie

    Vendor "MIKKO" - Next Gen Cab Sim | Shoot your own IR's [ML Sound Lab]

    Nice, this is a great idea. I''ll definitely check it out.
  17. javajunkie

    On the Passing of our Co-Worker Charlie Vessey

    Just saw this, I had the pleasure of working with Charlie over the years. He was always great to work with and a pleasure to talk to. He will be missed.
  18. javajunkie

    Does it sound better than the Axe Fx 2 XL+?

    No I haven't but I can try.
  19. javajunkie

    Does it sound better than the Axe Fx 2 XL+?

    Plex Shift, Delays are noticeably improved, pitch shifting is better (especially in poly mode). Delay overloads sound really nasty, as they should.
  20. javajunkie

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Yes, this is absolutely fabulous, the mutil-delays and Plex Delays are better than ever. You can easily get ambient sounds on the III that would crush the XL+s cpu. With the combination of Channels and Scenes you can reduce the number of presets significantly. The expanded routing, channels, and...
  21. javajunkie

    Forum supports two-factor authentication

    Great, forgot about this. All set now. Love TFA.
  22. javajunkie

    MOAEE - Electric Mistress Flanger

    Yeah, the flanger really changed since I did those patches. If I have some time, I may try to rework them.
  23. javajunkie

    MOAEE - Electric Mistress Flanger

    The LFO in the controller section has a Duty Cycle, but no LFO Hi Cut.
  24. javajunkie

    MOAEE - Electric Mistress Flanger

    Have you tried lowering LFO hi cut paramter w/ a log waveform. It ought to ramp up expontentially but not get as peaky at the top of the wave form?
  25. javajunkie

    Is CPU usage something I should be concerned about?

    I was running into lots of CPU overloads before Cliff optimized the firmware a while back. It is not much of an issue for me any more.
  26. javajunkie

    Double Fuzz $cenes by M@

    These are sweet!
  27. javajunkie

    Amp block's "input select" ??

    Keep it simple, unless you have a reason just use the default sum l+r. That is the way it was originally designed.
  28. javajunkie

    MOAEE - Electric Mistress Flanger

    Good catch on the negative feedback. On the deluxe I measured, it was a pretty even triangle wave. I measured by sending clicks to the mistress and measuring the delay time differences between the dry signal and fully wet signal and plotting it out on a graph. I don't think the the exp or log...
  29. javajunkie

    Strymon BigSky style verb!?

    I think it was from that collection.
  30. javajunkie

    " Real Compressor Pedal " ..... best place to run it ...... in front ? -or- in Loop

    By turning the output 2 knob all the way up, you will get unity gain out of the loop (same as setting up 4 cable method with a real amp). You may get a little more hiss running the compressor in the loop, it probably would be minimal.
  31. javajunkie

    Still looking for MK II Mutron filter like this:

    If you are talking about the Mu-Tron III, you can select low, high, or bandpass filtering. Listening for a couple of seconds that sounded like a lowpass to me.
  32. javajunkie

    Axe Fx N00b pointers

    agreed, they are great to get a new person up and going.
  33. javajunkie

    5 months and not a single update?

    As has been said, an update is in the works.
  34. javajunkie

    Announcing FAS-FX REVERB!

    I love this verb. This is my go to algorithmic reverb now. It iust sounds so smooth. From natural sounding verb to super spacey, this reverb just get the job done.
  35. javajunkie

    ML Class-A in a mix test!

    I love this tone. Absolutely fantastic!
  36. javajunkie

    USB Ground Loop Isolator - Full speed or High Speed?

    you need a high speed, it will not work with the axe-fx if only supports full speed. I have another brand of something similar. It didn't work with the Axe-fx, it did work with a MIDI interface the has a ground loop issue.
  37. javajunkie

    Welcome Danny Elfman!

    Lets not forget the Simpson theme. One of my favorite film scorers. Awesome. I love his song "The Little Things" he did for Wanted as well.
  38. javajunkie

    Amp model suggestions for worship music (rock)

    Ohh, i forgot. I changed most of my worship presets over to the AD30. I love that amp.
  39. javajunkie

    Mark Holcomb PRS Signature!!

    I absolutely love my Tremonti.
  40. javajunkie

    History of all Axe-Fx models, Product history timeline

    What a long strange trip it has been. I got on board with the Ultra. I got Ultra #4.
  41. javajunkie

    Amp model suggestions for worship music (rock)

    Models I use: combo: Class A 30W TB and Matchbox D30 D30 alone Buttery (awesome amp - turm master all the way up, drive down) I use the FET preamp for drive (distortion very low). It seems to give a lot of drive but keeps the clarity. I use scenes to set drive levels of the amp as well. For...
  42. javajunkie

    M160 IRs?

    I liked those cab captures so much I bought 2 m160s
  43. javajunkie

    Studio Lead

    What is the mix on in the preset. Can you post the preset?
  44. javajunkie

    AOTM - Bogner Shiva

    Dr Z rt 66
  45. javajunkie

    Axe FXII CPU Chart - firmware 17.03

    External controller CPU will be dependent on what they are controlling. Modifying some parameters takes more CPU than others.
  46. javajunkie

    Axe Fx ii XL JAM

    That sounds great!
  47. javajunkie

    Alex Lifeson talks about "The Fractal"

  48. javajunkie

    Vegas Baby....update Slash Is here!!

    Awesome, that sounds like a blast.
  49. javajunkie

    Any FAS presence at NAMM?

    wish I could be there!
  50. javajunkie

    The evil super reverb amp - Super666+1.73

    Thanks for the EQ settings
  51. javajunkie

    The evil super reverb amp - Super666+1.73

    That sounds fantastic.
  52. javajunkie

    Why do Tone Matches seem so thin?

    I would go over the tome matching guide, make sure you are collapsing a stereo signal to mono and having phase issues. Also, do not generally trust others tone matches of songs. Too many variables. Also, make sure you understand what you are tone matching. Many times (besides sitting the mix)...
  53. javajunkie

    Low level clean amps

  54. javajunkie

    Trans Siberian Orchestra - Axe FX interview

    We used play that every Christmas at the last church I played at. Always a blast.
  55. javajunkie

    Cabinet Modeling Issues

    Did you perhaps unintentionally turn off the poweramp modeling?
  56. javajunkie

    Axe II XL + Mesa Mark V

    There is no problem turning your input 1 level down to 10% if that is what is needed.
  57. javajunkie

    Dr. Z Route 66 Model

    Two weeks is a long time in Fractal world :)
  58. javajunkie

    Dr. Z Route 66 Model

    Nope. It was not.
  59. javajunkie

    Anyone Want to Test This Beta Firmware

    It should work just fine.
  60. javajunkie

    The mysterious submenues of the amp block

    I had not seen that. It is a great compilation document.
  61. javajunkie

    Supertweed Love

    I love the supertweed, it has a unique growl to it.
  62. javajunkie

    Another noob question...1/4 mono or stereo cabble?

    I use an XLR to TRS cable.
  63. javajunkie

    'Thumb Trick' by James Norbert Ivanyi

    Love it! Great song.
  64. javajunkie

    If all I need to do is mix IRs, is Cab-Lab good enough?

    It is a lot faster and easier to mix in the new cablab. Hearing things in realtime makes a world of difference, plus you can adjust phase, delay, hp/lp filtering.
  65. javajunkie

    Bug? What happend to the Enhancer effect in FW 17.03? [NOT A BUG]

    Sounds fine here, something in your patch?
  66. javajunkie

    AOTM - Bogner Shiva

    One is now a stock preset (Shiva on the Rocks) and the other may have been from the Ultra. I think I converted it to the II in a preset called amazed. I'll try and find it.
  67. javajunkie

    AOTM - Bogner Shiva

    These are very old but, why I love the Shiva Clean: All the CloudVerb stuff here is the Shiva as well: Sean | JavaJunkie Music
  68. javajunkie

    Dialing in the AXE and Atomic CLR volume levels

    Follow the procedures described in the CLR manual. Middle of page 6 http://www.atomicamps.com/images/ATOMIC-MANUAL-1.3.pdf
  69. javajunkie

    ODS #102 Patch and Clip

    No, you would have to add it. It is a global parameter. It does not come in patches. To match what he did, you need to add to +2db of input gain to the amp. There are a variety of ways to do this. To do this using the trim, increase the trim to ~1.26. That is equivalent to a 2 db boost.
  70. javajunkie

    Holdsworth with the XL

    A great addition to the artist roster.
  71. javajunkie

    Anyone Want to Test This Beta Firmware

    All you need to eliminate the room is have a big enough space so the reflections don't return by the time the IR is captured. Before the Ultra-Res that was pretty doable, Ultra-Res would need a pretty big room. But we are not talking about room here. We are talking about capturing frequency...
  72. javajunkie

    Anyone Want to Test This Beta Firmware

    And this technique eliminates one of the variables and only if you wish it to do so.
  73. javajunkie

    ODS #102 Patch and Clip

    Just curious, why use global amp gain? Input Trim does the same thing and can be set on a preset level.
  74. javajunkie

    Pink Floyd On The Run Synth Patch

    Very cool patch
  75. javajunkie

    Anyone Want to Test This Beta Firmware

    You are not trying to capture the amp in this case, you are capturing the cab, the amp coloration makes that capture less accurate.
  76. javajunkie

    Your New Years Resolution?

    Live. The rest will take care of itself. :)
  77. javajunkie


    Great player, huge loss.
  78. javajunkie


    I've tried most everything and always fall back to multiple guitars or capos. The Tronical stuff might be better now, but I had all sort of issues on the version used in the Dark Fire (multiple mechanical failures - a string break from a freaked out tuner scratching my bottom eye-lid was the...
  79. javajunkie

    NGD- Music Man Albert Lee HH

    Agreed. It seems from all the ones I have played guitar and bass that they have high quality standards and a great design team.
  80. javajunkie

    stereo or mono

    Or just use one output and make sure that sounds good. That is sometime easier than trying to keep mono compatibility.
  81. javajunkie

    If all I need to do is mix IRs, is Cab-Lab good enough?

    The new Cab-Lab will allow you to hear the adjustments of your IR mixes in real-time, so I would highly suggest it for mixing IRs.
  82. javajunkie

    Anyone Want to Test This Beta Firmware

    seems pretty straight-forward here. Just a more accurate way of capturing IRs without having to have a bunch of fancy equipment.
  83. javajunkie

    Question about Midi CC messages

    Is the midi light on the axe-fx lighting when you toggle?
  84. javajunkie

    Poll: Axe FX II vs EZmix2 (Full song mix)

    I noticed this as well, the stereo image seemed more apparent on the second example.
  85. javajunkie

    Compare patches...

    You can use snapshots in axe-edit and go back n forth.
  86. javajunkie

    Anyone Want to Test This Beta Firmware

    This is a really great idea.
  87. javajunkie

    Best stock or firmware IR to make a twin sound like twin!

    I like the Double Verb Mix as well.
  88. javajunkie

    AOTM - Bogner Shiva

    I love the big deep clean of the Shiva. Turn the Master all the way up and keep the drive down. Huge clean tone with lots of body but not muddy.
  89. javajunkie

    Noise in output1 using usb ti pc

    What kind of noise?
  90. javajunkie

    Speed of tremolo or vibe based on volume of playing

    You can even attach it to pitch so the rate go faster the higher up you play.
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