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  1. javajunkie

    Anyone with any experience using AVB protocol for audio?

    I decided to go for setting up an AVB network in my studio. I haven't ran into many people with much experience with it. Any around here?
  2. javajunkie

    Important thing to consider when using the preamp simulation in the cab block

    This will be obvious to most, but I thought I would bring it up. If you are using or have downloaded a patch with the preamp simulation on in the cab block, remember changing the signal level before the cab block will have an affect on the preamp simulation. It is level dependent. So you if...
  3. javajunkie

    Quick test of A/D noise with a cranked EVH III 100 watt

    I cranked ch 3 of the 5150 III. Gain all the way up, volume at ~80%. No playing so the background noise can be heard clearly. Gate is off on the Fx-8. This is using the 4 cable method with humbucker, Guitar-FX8- EVH (with fx-8 in loop) - Torpedo Live. This is 1. Fx-8 no bypass 2. Fx-8 pre...
  4. javajunkie

    New Guitar on the way

    Duesenberg Starplayer TV ;)
  5. javajunkie

    New Axe-fx II XL Rack Build

    Axe-fx II XL - FAMC - Liquid Router - RJM - Effects Gizmo - eventide eclipse, SUF Viloter Rams Head Classic, zvex fuzz factory, mobius, timeline, big sky, and pog 2. Lots 'o Fun!
  6. javajunkie

    DC30 with backing swirl FW15b

    I started playing with a new church. They are just getting things up and running with their worship team. I came up with this swirling background ambient patch to fill out things since it was just vocals, acoustic guitar, and me. http://javajunkiemusic.com/Audio/JavaAmbientWorship15.syx
  7. javajunkie

    New Chorus on the way... That's all Folks!

    Fulltone Musical Products, Inc. | pedals | That 80's Rack Chorus
  8. javajunkie

    Crazy Train Solo

    So last week I decided to learn the solo to Crazy Train. I am still working out playing it better but it is coming along. I was flipping though some patches and updating them to sound right on FW13 and I thought it would sound really good for this particular solo. It is a Orange RV model with an...
  9. javajunkie

    Sabbath Paranoid

    Quick recording of Black Sabbath Paranoid. Gotta love 'old British Metal.
  10. javajunkie

    A word of caution when using 2 cabs and motor drive

    I was messing with some UltraRes cabs in parallel and I ran into this so I thought I would share. I added the second cab (the same cab and in my cab 1) and I was getting a hollowed out sound consistent with a phase issue. I managed to track it down to one cab having motor drive on and the other...
  11. javajunkie

    Dweezil tonight and tomorrow in Denver

    Zappa Plays Zappa had their Aspen show canceled because of impassable roads. The manage to setup a last minute gig here in Denver. If you want to see an awesome show with some out of this world musicians, get on out to see the show tonight. The show is at the Gothic Theater at 8:30. I guaranty...
  12. javajunkie

    Acoustic guitar Body UltraRes

    Here is an Ultra-Res version of the venerable gtrbody IR. This will only work on FW13 and beyond.
  13. javajunkie

    1 year with Atomic CLRs

    These have been great for me. I have used them as back line (for guitar/amp interaction), as sole amplification for my guitar, and even as mini PA speakers for a small venue. They performed admirably in all these functions for me and have been rock solid in regards to reliability. Atomic put...
  14. javajunkie

    Wife singing Hard Times Come Again No More

    JavaJunkie Music - Audio First Song - Really powerful lyrics, written in 1854.
  15. javajunkie

    New Mic aquisitions

    Just got some great deals on A Neumann U87 and 2 AKG C 414Bs. Love 'em. https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-AMB9xGR_x1U/UpTMaN-UZMI/AAAAAAAACBI/2-hWR3xLRhE/w500-h666-no/414b.jp
  16. javajunkie

    Vote for our own David Walliman in the True Fire Next Top Guitar Instructor

    David Walliman is a superb instructor and has a great set of lessons here. Top 10 Finalists - Next Top Guitar Instructor - TrueFire You can vote for him at the site as well. I really think he is the best out of the bunch! He is currently ranked second. It would be awesome if he got pushed to...
  17. javajunkie

    More Scene controller Tips

    You can control multiple parameters to different values using just one Scene Controller. For example, you can morph an amp to two completely different gain settings. Say you want to take an amp from clean w/ high Master Volume to distorted with medium Master Volume while retaining the wanted...
  18. javajunkie

    Intelligent Shifter/Arpeggiator Key and Scene controllers Tip

    I don't know if anyone has posted this yet. I didn't see it in a quick search. But with the new Scene controllers you can control the key of the Intelligent Shifter or Arpeggiator on a scene to scene basis. For example scene 1 could harmonize in C, scene 2 in G, scene 3 in F, etc. Simply...
  19. javajunkie

    Vocal Verb

    Here is a heavy ambient verb with a vocal like quality to the attack. It uses the formant filter into a multidelay then reverb. Use different vowel sounds to change the vocal quality. Watch for resonant peaks when resonance is high. for this example I have Resonance extremely high, I compensate...
  20. javajunkie

    MOAEE - Electric Mistress Flanger

    EHX Electric Mistress First sold in 1976, the Electric Mistress Flanger has certainly made its mark in guitar effects history. The two most popular variants of the Electric Mistress Line were the standard Electric Mistress and the Deluxe Electric Mistress. The Deluxe had an internal power...
  21. javajunkie

    Interstate love song

    I did a quick recording this morning. Mix of the Friedman BE and Ac30 Layered the tracks like the album.
  22. javajunkie

    New amp day Mesa Boogie Mkiic+ combo

    I haven't had a chance to fire her up yet, but my wife is about to gu run some errands :)
  23. javajunkie

    Avenged Sevenfold - Synyster Gates rig with Axe-fx2

    I went and saw A7X last night. I got a chance to talk to his guitar tech and get a tour of his rig and set up. Synyster just started using the Axe-fx II for this tour. He is using the Axe-fx for effects. He is using the pitch shifting extensively. He has programmed several custom scales to...
  24. javajunkie

    Got a surprise from UPS yesterday -Blown Away!!!!

    So I came home early yesterday to got to a dental appointment and here I hear a ring at the door. I go to check it out and it is a package from huntington Beach. I look at it further and it is is from Craig Shewmake (Cobbler). When I opened it i was blown away. I am very touched and I really...
  25. javajunkie

    New Amp and Microphone day

    I've been wanting a R121 for a long time. I found a great deal on a used one in perfect condition. EHV III - has a sweet lead channel. Green channel is really bland though.
  26. javajunkie

    Wounded Warriors Benefit in Golden, Colorado this Friday May 31st

    Our Band, Mostly Harmless and the Colorado American Legion, are hosting a Military Appreciation night and benefit for the Wounded Warrior Project. There is free admission for active duty military and veterans. We will have several auctions for some cool stuff throughout the night. All the bands...
  27. javajunkie

    New Amp day

    1966 Princeton Reverb - It really is a nice sounding small amp
  28. javajunkie

    Atomic CLR at outdoor venue

    This Friday, we had a last minute gig at a bar and grill with a huge patio that wraps around the building. I was pretty cool we played from ~6:30 to 10:30pm. I had never been there before. When I got there to set up, the place was absolutely packed inside and out. I had turned the CLRs up a...
  29. javajunkie

    Second rehearsal with CLR

    The more I play through it the more I like it. For me it is the ability to easily get feedback with guitar without worrying about high-pitched squeal. My first gig with it will be the Thursday after next. I am really looking forward to that.
  30. javajunkie

    Killers - When You were Young at Rehearsal w/ FW10

    I took part of one of rehearsal recordings and mixed it down. I added a second guitar part afterward. I was using FW10 the SUHR Badger 30 model and a mix of 2 of the new cabs. I think it turned out pretty well:
  31. javajunkie

    First Rehearsal with CLR Actives

    Bottom line, its a keeper. I keep it short and sweet. Both the CLR and the RCF sound nice and balanced. The low end was a bit smoother to me on the CLR (at least in the room I was in). I was using FF mode on a speaker stand. The CLR's mid range sounds really good. With some of the speakers...
  32. javajunkie

    CLR Cab on the way!

    It should get here tomorrow. I am anxious to check it out.
  33. javajunkie

    Really looking forward to the Release of the FAMC Liquid Router

    U2JustMe - YouTube This is just what I have been looking for. I probably be replacing my venerable Switchblade with it when it is released. U2JustMe - YouTube
  34. javajunkie

    New Router/Switcher/Mixer from FAMC

    U2JustMe - YouTube My switchblade is getting a little long in the tooth. This looks like the absolute perfect replacement for me. I've been waiting for something like this for a long while.
  35. javajunkie

    axeomatic and windows 8 FYI

    It seems to work well as long as I put it in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode.
  36. javajunkie

    Mother of All Effect Emulation preview: TC1210 Chorus/Flanger/Spatial Expander

    Moved on to matching the tc1210. This one has a lot of options. I will be matching the settings that TC provides. Here is a preview of the 1210's chorus setting. Not perfect but not bad for a first stab.
  37. javajunkie

    Mother of All Effect Emulation: TC2290

    TC2290 The TC 2290, where to start? This iconic device hardly needs an introduction. Designed and built by TC Electronics in 1985, this effects unit was well ahead of its time. Sporting delay times of up 32 seconds (after upgrade), stereo output, tap tempo, sampling, automated and triggered...
  38. javajunkie

    Mother of All Effect Emulation preview: TC2290

    Getting some good initial results here. I though I would give a preview. This is a reamp track that grape posted a while back as a challenge. It is not me. Here is the comparison. Only effect is the Axe-fx and/or the TC2290 (half is one, half the other) Bad
  39. javajunkie

    Iceish (shimmer) type preset ala timeline

    Here is a preset similar to an modified ICE preset on the Timeline. The delay sounds nothing like the timeline (that would have taken a tone more routing to do). however, I like the shimmer better on the Axe-fx II. It is grainier than I would prefer (but that is the way the timeline is). Up the...
  40. javajunkie

    Mother of All Effect Emulation: Boss DC-2 Dimension C Chorus

    Boss DC-2 Dimension C The Boss DC-2 is a compact pedal version of the venerable Roland Dimension D. The Dimensions C and D have locked in their place in guitar effects history. Both were analog Bucket Brigade Delay (BBD) effects known for a “motionless” type of chorus that was very different...
  41. javajunkie

    Boss Dim C MOAEE sneek peek

    I am on to emulating the the Boss DC-2 Dimension C. This turned out better than my expectations so I though I would give a little audio preview. I have the mixer block set to switch between the real deal and the Axe-fx II. I am switching every chord. No amp or cab emulation here completely dry...
  42. javajunkie

    Go My Way - Kravitz solo

    Quick go at the solo:
  43. javajunkie

    Bands first full gig

    Finally got some video of our band. We've had a lot of challenges on the way but we now our band going full-tilt. This was our Black friday gig and i was sporting the obligatory black Fractal Audio t-shirt :) It was great to see a full dance floor and really engaged crowd. This video is from...
  44. javajunkie

    Mother of All Effect Emulation: A/DA Flanger

    A/DA Flanger Released on June 1977 and designed and manufactured by Analog/ Digital Associates (A/DA),this iconic flanger featured a design and feature set that instantly set it apart from other flangers at the time. Sporting a heavy cast metal enclosure and a plethera of knobs, it made a...
  45. javajunkie

    Newest Editor for Liquiid foot + products

    Just downloaded it last night. The revamped reports feature is awesome. Print all your presets, song, sets, configurations of lay outs to PDS, jpg, or printer. Very handy for keeping track of stuff and planning.
  46. javajunkie

    Presenting the Boss CE-1 - MOAEE (Mother of All Effect Emulations)

    Boss CE-1 The Boss CE-1 is a classic chorus effect that first appeared in June 1976 and is based around the chorus circuit used in the Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus amplifier. The CE-1 is one of the earliest pedal style chorus to employ the BBD (Bucket Brigade Driver) chips. Despite its input...
  47. javajunkie

    The mother of all effects matching thread

    I plan to go through my pedals/rack system (at least the most sought after ones) and figure out how to get them close as possible. I would like input as to which users would like to see first. Keep in mind more complicated ones will take longer to figure out. I am going to probably start with...
  48. javajunkie

    Matrix support is fantastic

    My 800 wound up having a failure. It was out of warranty. They really went out of there way to help me and made sure I was completely satisfied. Standup support from them. Also, I was just talking with hem and they have a new 3 channel amp at the amp show that they haven't even announced yet...
  49. javajunkie

    Matrix Gt800fx won't power up

    Went to turn it on and nothing. No lights, nothing. I looked at the fuse and it looked fine, replaced it jut in case. No love.Any ideas?
  50. javajunkie

    Band is now all Axe-fx for guitars

    The other guitar player in my band could resist no longer. He has gone axe-fx from mesa recording pre and and a 2-90 poweramp. He'll be using the II and MFC w/ a Matrix and Atomic speakers. It ought to be fun :)
  51. javajunkie

    First Gig with new band

    It went extremely well. House was full. The club owner said we should play every night :) Everyone seemed to have a great time. Soundman hadn't heard an Axe-fx before. After the show he sound it sounded great and was the first modeler he had heard that sounded like a real amp. All in all a...
  52. javajunkie

    RCF NX 12-SMA at rehearsal last night

    I brought the RCFs to rehearsal last night to see how they worked in a band context. I mounted them on speaker stands. The singer was a bit worried that it would rip his ears off. I didn't make any adjustment on the axe-fx from using the atomic 50/50 and atomic cabs. I thought it probably would...
  53. javajunkie

    Example of how to get 32 steps in the arpeggiator

    Normally the pitch arpeggiator only has 16 steps which can be limiting on some sequences. Thanks to Bakerman's idea to use a square LFO, I was able to get 2 pitch blocks in series to do a 32 step pattern. This patch needs to be tweaked for your own use. I have spent much time on it tone wise...
  54. javajunkie

    A couple of new pedals came in Strymon and FoxRox

    Just got the Strymon Flint and the FoxRox CC Hybrid Fuzz. Both pedals are great. The Foxrox fuzz is a hybrid germanium and silicon fuzz, very smooth sweet fuzz The flint is sweet. I love the harmonic tremolo. The 70s and 80 reverbs are very cool and quick to dial in. The spring reverb is one...
  55. javajunkie

    Quick try at plush

    The band decided to do Plush today. Here is my attempt at a ball park tone. The CD is a double tracked guitar so it is lacking a little width and I need to remove so of the early reflections, I think it is a little much. also, the orginal is brighter, but I like it darker.
  56. javajunkie

    Another Filter Trem experiment

    This time I am trying to emulate a Harmonic Tremolo used on some brownfaced fender amps. It uses 2 filters (HP, LP) hooked up to an LFO. The LFO of one is 180 degrees out of phase with the other. This creates a tremolo effect with a bit of phasing included.
  57. javajunkie

    Messing with Tremolo effect ideas

    If you haven't noticed there is a phase reverse available in the filter block. Lovely. You could alway due trem effect with a filter block, but with the phase reverse you can get it swirling around your head. Here is the effect: I love this type of effect.
  58. javajunkie

    Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way Solo

    We are doing this in our band. I wasn't really going for a spot on tone but just my own thing. Easy to get the backing on this one. The lead is orginally played in just one channel, so I just panned away from the side with the lead and played over the track.
  59. javajunkie

    New amp day! Just arrived.

    Can't wait to get home and open it up!
  60. javajunkie

    Listening to Mob Rules

    Its been a long while since I listened to the whole album. I forgot how much I love this album.
  61. javajunkie

    LF+ 1.47 firmware is up on FAMC site 6.0 compatabilty

    Note: this firmware will not auto-load axe-fx II v5.x or below downloads
  62. javajunkie

    Just noticed on FAMC music's site - LF+ jr

    Liquid Foot+ Series JR+ - YouTube
  63. javajunkie

    IMPORTANT – Firmware 5.07 and Axe-Edit 1.273 FAQ and how to resolve issues after the

    IMPORTANT – Firmware 5.07 and Axe-Edit 1.273 FAQ and how to resolve issues after the update A number of users have had questions and problems regarding the 5.07 firmware update and the Axe-edit 1.0.273 update. This post serves to explain issues that have been encountered, define best...
  64. javajunkie

    New Amps day

    67 Super Reverb and Triple Recto They shall be named Sugar n' Spice :)
  65. javajunkie

    Important - Do Not Recover System Backups saved with Axe-edit AND firmware 5.04

    System backups created using the editor and 5.04 may contain corrupted data and should not be used to attempt to restore cabs or globals, etc. after upgrading to 5.07.
  66. javajunkie

    Just a little snow today

    18 inches and counting.
  67. javajunkie

    LF+ 12 and 12 + now has USB drivers and 1st version of the editor

    Saves A LOT of time programming and the layout is great. Allow for much simpler programming of complex tasks. The firmware update will require you to reassign your colors and MIDI names because some memory alocation had to be moved.
  68. javajunkie

    WH-1 Whammy and Axe-fx

    I just got a WH-1 this Christmas for my other hobby of collecting effects pedals ;) I have to say, I really prefer the Axe-fx's to the WH-1. Each has a different character but with the poly local mode set on the whammy block, I just like how it sounds and reacts better. This is a totally...
  69. javajunkie

    Tape delay - Matchless - intro to Foo Fighters walk

    Here is the lead line to the intro of walk with the new tape delay. The patch is very bright in isolation but sits really well with the band.
  70. javajunkie

    new tape delay - Modulation

    Per Cliff, "The LFOs actually modulate the tape speed. It’s the same as attaching a modifier to the tape speed. This is because in an actual tape deck the tape speed is what is typically subject to variation. Wow occurs due to variation in motor speed (or belt/pulley, etc.) and flutter is...
  71. javajunkie

    Super quick new Tape delay demo

    somebody asked for a clean delay, subtle modulating tap delay effect. Took the delay into super saturation at the end. I tried to stay out of the way of the echo so the could be better heard. tape speed is being lightly modulated for a subtle effect. I'm going to love this when I have more...
  72. javajunkie

    Just got my LF+ 12+...another on the way

    These are absolutely awesome. Once I got 1.12 loaded, it worked great with Axe-fx II. Still trying to figure out how I will lay things out. I did decide to go with 2 12+s. The configuration options are endless with 2 of these. They seem to be built quite well and look great.
  73. javajunkie

    New guitar day - PRS Tremonti

    I was looking for a new guitar with a non locking nut, fast neck and whammy to reduce the number of guitar I am toting around and found this. 2011 Tremonti McCarty Burst :: IMG_3673.jpg picture by headstock_bucket - Photobucket I love it sounds and plays great.
  74. javajunkie

    Decided to learn to intro to Hendrix's Little Wing

    Not the final version of the tone and I need to get more solid with parts but I like where it is going:
  75. javajunkie

    New Amp day - just came in

    Orange OR50 40th Anniversary Edition. Sounds very Citrusy :)
  76. javajunkie

    Liquidfoot pro and jr firmware update. 2.16 for Axe-fx II

    Looks like 2.16 is up. Axe-fx II support is there. Tuner, Autoload, and direct mode all seems to work great for me. Actually with the Axefx II the direct mode is actually usable now. No delay changing presets.
  77. javajunkie

    Funny thing at rehersal

    We were playing a few green day songs. Whenever I would get to end of a "solo" on that patch I would get the high gain howls. So, no problem turn up the noise gate a bit. I went and checked and I didn't even have the noise gate on at all. Pretty darn quiet for a loud as we were.
  78. javajunkie

    Atomic 50/50 - Got to really turn it up today

    I am starting in with a new band in a couple of weeks and will not be using IEMs so I decided to put the Atomic through it paces. Man it sounds huge cranked. It kept up well w/ my Bogner XTC. Not as loud but I always had to use an attenuator w/ it or keep it low anyway. I was very please with...
  79. javajunkie


    Long flight. Horrible traffic getting out of NYC. So far awesome. Listening to Zappa plays Zappa. They finished an awesome 30 minute improv. Outstanding.Internet access is spotty. Took some pics and video. Will have to wait until I get back to upload
  80. javajunkie

    Axe-fx II does Iron Man :)

    Decided to learn the solo to Iron Man. I'm on an old British Metal kick. The original has the solo on one side of the track, so I copied the other side and mixed it to mono (added some mastering processing to beef it up). All the lead guitar that was left was the room ambience. I soloed over...
  81. javajunkie

    Atomic 50/50 on the way!

    I've been waiting for this form factor for along time. This and a couple of passive reactors ought to do great.
  82. javajunkie

    Amp block - Triode Plate Frequency

    Anyone know exactly what this parameter is. It seems to effect the HF response. Does it have to do with Miller capacitance?
  83. javajunkie

    Another AxeII delay sound

    I modified one of Matman's awesome presets. This use stereo delay, minor ducking, the new builtin delay eq, subtle use of the bit crusher, diffusion, and modulation all in the delay block.
  84. javajunkie

    Axe-fx II - Very quick Shiva Clean Ambient Verb Patch

    5 minute dial in and record: Shiva Clean w/ some pretty reverb:
  85. javajunkie

    Another Song w/ my wife Modern take on the Lord's Prayer

    Axe-fx at the last quarter. Another song my wife sang for a friend who is dying from cancer. A friend and I did the music, my wife sang. Mix still needs work. I thought her vocals turned out nice. Marsha axe-fx (reamped) at the end. JavaJunkie Music - Audio First song
  86. javajunkie

    Axe-fx Tuner w/ axefx mode set to off

    The only thing I use axe-fx mode for is the tuner. The rest is not very useful the way I do things. It would be nice to have the abilty to use the tuner even when I am not is axe-fx mode. That way I can use the tuner on the mfc, name and recall the mfc patches (not use the axe-fx names)...
  87. javajunkie

    Project I am working on: Ave Maria w/ axe-fx acting as pizzicato strings

    My wife has a friend who only has a couple of months to live. She really likes my wife's voice. Kathryn, my wife, used to sing opera when she was young. She has been out of it for a very long while, but decided she wanted to put together 3 Classical vocal style pieces for her friend. This is the...
  88. javajunkie

    Look what arrived today - Phaser goodness

    Sounds dreamy :)
  89. javajunkie

    Axe-fx used on"Gem" from Eric Johnson's new Album

    Source: Guitar Player March 2011 pg 63. Used for a echo-y shimmery sound.
  90. javajunkie

    This looks likes it will be an awesome foot controller

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjXe4IByTvU I can't wait to see what this is like when it is complete. It looks like it has the potential blow everything else out of the water.
  91. javajunkie

    Run parameter on ADSR

    Mike Lebofsky and I ran into a little issue yesterday and came up with a wish list item. Mike is controlling his Rotary ramp speed with an ADSR. Part of it is a slow ramp up. He has it triggering at the threshold he wishes, but if he is playing a hard chord with the rotary off then kicks in the...
  92. javajunkie

    some Lincoln Brewster youtube sightings

    Brewster does Journey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIp_nJbUKwQ Brewster does Eruption sort of ;) - all to you (cool solo at ~5:30) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zijv-a_eWdk Nice shraaaang on the intro here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNJLK3B8mJk
  93. javajunkie

    slight ephinany - ebow

    I was messing with the synh and got a pretty cool moogish type sound out of it. I started playing legato with it and it reminded me of an ebow a bit. So I thought why not use the feedback send/return to make it sustain forever. It worked. This patch need a lot of work. It was designed for...
  94. javajunkie

    Worship Team from a couple of weeks ago - Today is the day

    Trying to dial in new Lincoln Brewsterish tones w/ the 1987x sim. Here is the result from a couple of weeks ago. Recorded from the back of the room. Forgive the weak solo. I've been hammering away to get that smoothed out since that weekend. I think I have it pretty much under my fingers now...
  95. javajunkie

    How to get a Ray gun/Spaceship effects using delay

    set up delay block mono is easiest go to delay time, hit enter assign delay time to lfo 1 set start at 0%, mid 2, end 3.9 (you can play around with this but keep it low) go to feedback, hit enter assign to a expression pedal or IA start =0, mid 50, end 100% set mix 50% or less if you still...
  96. javajunkie

    Run parameter on Pan/Trem Bock

    I think it would be great to have a Run Parameter (like the arpeggiator has) on the pan/trem block so you can easily trigger then pan or trem to start at the top/bottom of the waveform. This really is important when you are trying to sync a trem to a song.
  97. javajunkie

    Video of our Worship Service a couple weeks ago

    Here is a video of our service a couple of weeks ago. The video is in HD and Vimeos servers aren't the fastest so its best to hit play, then pause, and come back to it in a couple of minutes to get a good buffer. I am not happy with the soundmans mix. Drummer had a bit of trouble keep a steady...
  98. javajunkie

    Lincoln Brewster Youtube sighting

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03D6mifI ... re=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtbNCm0JKpQ
  99. javajunkie

    Dweezil in Denver last night

    I got to see Dweezil Zappa play last night with his newly configured rig. It sounded absolutely awesome. He was playing his Les Paul (instead of the SG) most of the night. The tones were thick and meaty. It is the best I've heard his tone. He had 4 atomics on stage (he said they were turned down...
  100. javajunkie

    Keep Amp model setting when reinitializing defaults in amp b

    Right now when you reset the amp blocks to default, the model type goes to tube pre. It has been suggested, and I agree, that it should retain the current amp model type and its defaults rather than reverting to the tube pre.
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