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  1. ritchgbg

    Mfc Mk1 and Axe fx II Mk1

    Hi ! Got an axe fx 2 mk1, and wonder if can use the ethernet / rj45 with a MFC101 MK1 ?? So i skip the 2 midi cables(and have it powered via rj45 ...which would be neat) ! Thanks !
  2. ritchgbg

    Turning of the wah

    Hi guys !I use a mission pedal (with the spring thingy). It works fantastic but :I have let's say one preset with the wah , not activated. I use the pedal, the wah works perfectly But when i remove my foot from the pedal, it sounds like the wah is still activated.Any advice on how to turn it off...
  3. ritchgbg

    "Recording" the external pedal

    Hi to you all ! I got quite a problem. I have an exp pedal, used for the wah. I'm recording my dry signal as well as the wet, then i reamp later on. But, if i use the wah, the dry signal is not affected, and if i reamp, i need to use the expression pedal during the recording to have the wah...
  4. ritchgbg

    New melodic song / Axe fx II

    Such an inspiring machine ! Hope you enjoy :)
  5. ritchgbg

    2 xpressions pedals / AXE FX II

    Hi guys, i've searched the forum but couldn't find my answer ... I got only an axe fx II , and no MFC controller (for studio use only). Is there a way i can connect 2 expressions pedals (a mission and an EV ) ?? Thanks !
  6. ritchgbg

    Paul gilbert tone anyone ?

    Hi ! Did some of you ever made / found some Paul Gilbert presets (any year, mister big or not )? I'm really fan of his new stuff like the "Siletn followed ..." album, with really raw tones . If someone has any patch, you're welcome ;)
  7. ritchgbg

    Sending program changed ?

    Hi ! In the studio i need to have my ultra to send programs changes to my eventide h9 in the loop. Is that possible to do so ? I don't have a midi controller, so when changing presets manually i'd like to recall let's say preset 1 on the axe and preset 10 on the H9 Thanks :)
  8. ritchgbg

    Axe edit v0.9 for mac ?

    Hi to you all ! Is there someone in the forum who could tell me where to find a version 0.9 (legacy then), for mac ? I found one actually, and it's very buggy (spalsh screen freezing when chossing workspace etc ..). I have found the official for pc, but nothing for mac ...
  9. ritchgbg

    Symphony X preset anyone ??

    Hi to you all ! I'm lloking for a preset , for axe fx standard, that would sound like michael romeo's latest tones. Does anyone around here got something that would come close ? :D
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