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  1. Rexxyboy

    Selling AXE MK II and MFC for an AX8. Is that a vibe?

    2 years a happy AXE FX II and MFC owner for daily home studio use and gigs, love the thing. Should i take the plunge? Does it sound identical? I can work around only having one amp block and less CPU. The convenience of taking one less heavy case to gigs is a bonus. I'll miss the headphone...
  2. Rexxyboy

    Suggested tweak to the user manual

    On page 4, where it says a. Change USB ADAPTER MODE to “ON”. b. Change SEND REALTIME SYSEX to “NONE”please add: PLEASE ADD c) Change MIDI THRU to off. In all my Fractal Bot and MFC experiences, leaving this on when SENDING data FROM my MFC TO Fractal bot results in files around 67k in size...
  3. Rexxyboy

    Confirm latest plugin version versus Stand Alone?

    Hey Guys, is the latest plugin version - 26/11/205 ? I could not find a plugin update online, just the stand alone update which is 3.0, my stand alone app updated itself when i launched it. I have a licence for the bundle, Using Windows 8.1 The stand alone works fine, just trying to...
  4. Rexxyboy

    Howling Feedback on High Gain amps problem AXE MK II

    I'm having howling low-mid feedback at gigs when i turn up my GT1000fx on high gain scenes (5150 100w Red Amp). If I turn the GT back down of course it goes away, (also if i pull my volume pedal back a touch (VOL/PAN block). Input gate and a gate block help a little, but that aside, i feel like...
  5. Rexxyboy

    WISH: Remap F8 (Pause Communications) to another key

    Holding Function then pressing F8 on a Macbook Pro (or any laptop with the function modifer for function keys) is 2 handed job, or a mega stretch with one hand. I'd love to be able to map 'Pause Communications' to just a single alphabetic key.
  6. Rexxyboy

    Wish - 'Always On Top' added to Settings/View menu

    An "always on top" added to the Settings/View menu to toggle AXE edit staying on top of my DAW windows when crafting tones :D:D:D
  7. Rexxyboy

    4CM and feedback at high gain.

    Hey guys, Been using 4CM at times and i find that to get the same amount of “gain” tone that i would normally get just by going straight into my amp (with no AXE FX), i need to slam an extra 25db of level into output 2. So on the FXL edit page/screen, I’m maxing the Level 2 input knob all...
  8. Rexxyboy

    Bypass states not updating in Axe Edit

    Hi all! Since updating my Axe and MFC to the latest version, i've noticed the bypass states do not update on the AXE EDIT screen. Program and scene changes to update but not the bypass or X/Y when pressed on the MFC-101. Is there an obvious setting i should be changing in my AXE or MFC...
  9. Rexxyboy

    How to have 2 MFC setups for 2 different Gigs. 1 x Bass, 1 X Guitar?

    Greetings to all! I’ve had my AXE FX II rig for a week and its fantastic. I play bass in one band and guitar in other bands, so i need two completely different setups for my MFC-101. The guitar one is quite complex as I use the 4 cable method to my EVH 5153, has lots of blocks and uses up 3...
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