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  1. JIMMY G

    Axe Edit 3 won't import sys files from Cab Paks

    I have Cab Paks 3-12,18 and 19. These were purchased awhile ago before I got my Axe 3, they were used with my Axe 2 and Cab Lab, Just fine back then. Now I own an Axe 3 with Axe Edit 3 and when I go into manage cabs, open directory, click on choose folder, then find the paks and speakers I want...
  2. JIMMY G

    Fractal Bot won't let me back-up axe 3

    When I pick the folder I want to save it to it wont let me continue
  3. JIMMY G

    Axe 3 cycles thru scenes non-stop

    Hi everyone, I turned on my axe 3 today and on every pre-set it just keeps cycling from 1-8 real fast thru the scenes and wont stop. It has sound but cause its changing scenes all the time its jumbled. Any suggestions? Contact Support? It's a bummer for sure. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. JIMMY G

    Need a Quiet and Clean A/B-Amp Switcher

    Hi all, I'm looking for a new A/B switch to replace my Whirlwind Selector A/B box . I'm switching between an Axe FX II and a BE-100 / FX8. The Whirlwind seems to suck tone and the power is noisy. It switches just fine but the loss of tone and noise is too much for me. I've tried a few of the...
  5. JIMMY G

    Guitar repair South Subs Chicago

    I'm looking for somewhere to take my guitars for normal maintenance and minor repairs in the south subs of Chicago ( Joliet ). The place I used to go closed and I've been without a place for awhile any suggestions would be appreciated. I have some expense guitars and don't what to go just...
  6. JIMMY G

    FX8 Edit connection issue

    If I turn on the FX8 and then open FX8 edit it connects just fine. But if I turn it on (FX8) push any switch or change something then open FX8 edit it wont connect to the FX8. It shows its connected in the upper left corner but then it says: Cant find the firmware version or something like that...
  7. JIMMY G

    Anyone get their invite to buy FX8?

    Just wondering if anyone got their invite to buy and when did you sign up?
  8. JIMMY G

    Will FX8 Relays Change Channels on a BE-100

    Does anyone know if you can change channels on a Friedman BE-100 with the relays on the FX8. It uses a trs cable so I assume it does but just want to make sure. I can't seem to get a hold of friedman to ask them. Thanks Jim
  9. JIMMY G

    4-Cables Method Hi-Gain Question

    I'm using my Axe-Fx set-up in the 4 cable method into a 100w head and when I'm using the high gain channel I get lots of noise. It's been quite a few years since I had a real amp, so would a noise gate in front of the amp input stop the noise or would it go in the effects loop or both? I tried...
  10. JIMMY G

    Preset Import Question

    How can I import just one preset from a back up and not a whole bank? Is there a way to just get one preset out of say bank B? I just can't seem to figure it out.
  11. JIMMY G

    Cab Lab 3 W/ Mac 10.6.8 (Live Mode)

    Is Mac 10.6.8 able to use live mode in Cab Lab 3?
  12. JIMMY G

    The two new Factory Cab 58 & 59

    Which cab pak are these from, There great!
  13. JIMMY G

    Which wav files (48k mono) do you use to convert to Ultra-Res?

    Do you use the 48,000k mono wav files when converting Ownhammer wav files to Ultra-Res in Cab-Lab? Found it 48k mono
  14. JIMMY G

    Is the new file for AE 3.1.1 numbered wrong?

    Just downloaded what the Fractal site says is 3.1.1 released today and the downloaded file says 3.1.0 is that a mistake? Is it 3.1.1 with the wrong number or is it the wrong file. Just wondering before i install it.
  15. JIMMY G

    MFC-101 MkII update question

    I just updated my MFC mkII to the 3.03 and it says it is now firmware 3.01 is that because it an mkII and not a Mark 3? Is the 3.03 for the Mark 3? I used the mark I ,II update.
  16. JIMMY G

    Want to buy a Computer to use with the Axe Fx II?

    I would like to purchase a laptop to use with the new Axe-Edit 3, Fractal-Bot and all things Axe-Fx. What would be the best choice be, Windows or Mac and what Operating system? Would something new be able to do the job or would you have to go with something a little older. I'm just using it for...
  17. JIMMY G

    Trouble Sending Cab Ir's to Axe II W/ Fractal-Bot?

    I"m using a Mac 10.6.8, latest Mac driver 167, latest Bot, Firmware 11b. When I send an ir to the Axe it runs up to 80% on the progress bar and then says cab sent but theres nothing in the slot I sent it to. Midi light blinks on the axe like it getting the info but still no luck. Also used...
  18. JIMMY G

    Waiting For Tuner? After 2.18 Update

    After updating to 2.18 I get: Waiting For Tuner? Does something need to be switched back for the MFC to see the Tuner again? I'm sure I'm overlooking something anyone know? Sorry I see the other thread about his now. But it looks like things are still not resolved.
  19. JIMMY G

    Error 14 message after trying to update ??

    While trying to update (from 2.16 to 2.17) I first got an Error 6 then error 18. Now all I get when I turn on the MFC is an error 14 message and my board dose not work at all. I must have skipped a step or done something wrong. I just realized I didnt tell the MFC which port to get update from...
  20. JIMMY G

    MFC Mark II with Original AXE FX II ??

    Can I use the new mark II MFC board with my original Axe FX II. I see the new MFC has an "Ethercon" jack is it compatible with the original Axe FX II that doesn't have the "Ethercon" jack? My wait list number came up and I want to buy it but I just wanted to make sure the are compatible. Would...
  21. JIMMY G

    Updating W/ mac OSX 10.6.8 ?

    What would be the best way to update to V.10 with OS X 10.6.8?
  22. JIMMY G

    New AE and FW10 update order?

    When things do come out, I was wondering what we should do first. Should we install the new AE then back up 9.02, Then download the firmware. If anyone knows what the best way to go about things when the day comes, maybe they could give us the info so we know what to do to get the new stuff...
  23. JIMMY G

    Can I use MFC Mark II with my original Axe FX II ?

    Can I use the New MFC Mark II with my original Axe FX II ? Do they both use the same Cat 45 cord just a better connection point on the mark II's, or is there an issue? Thanks Jim
  24. JIMMY G

    MIDI Program change wont work anymore

    I have not used my ground control pro for awhile, but today I hooked it up and it will not change programs anymore. When I move my volume expression pedal it changes the programs randomly in the upper 2 banks and causes them to to be edited some times. The midi in light comes on (on the Axe)...
  25. JIMMY G

    New Preset Banks V7.0 Show up as code ??

    When I click on the the link to download the new preset banks A,B,C all I get is a page of code, anybody else have this happen or is there something I can do to get the banks? Thanks Jim
  26. JIMMY G


    APRIL FOOL!!!!!!!!
  27. JIMMY G


    Hi guys, I would like to control the drive, delay and chorus levels on different patches with my Ground control pro and an EV-5 expression pedal. I found the CC #'s for bypass for my on /off switches but not sure where the CC's are for controlling levels. I see the assigning external controllers...
  28. JIMMY G

    Great Place for Us Newbies to Learn

    I came across this page on Wiki, It really covers a lot when your just learning. I find myself here a lot, check it out if you are new to the AxeII like me! :D Yeks How Tos - Fractal Audio Systems Wiki
  29. JIMMY G

    Review after five days

    I've had the Axe FX II for five days now and I couldn't be happier! I have a lot of pedals, rack gear, and amps, and they are all going to be sold. My set up is Les Paul's into the Axe II, into a Peavey 50/50 stereo power amp, into a Line 6 stereo 4/12 cab with Eminence Texas Heat speakers. I am...
  30. JIMMY G


    Can buy the Axe II for $2600 without going on the waiting list? I've seen it mentioned that people would rather wait then spend the $2600. I wouldn't mind spending the extra if it means I don't have to wait. I thought about getting an Ultra but if you don't have to wait maybe I should get the...
  31. JIMMY G

    Any suggestions on how to deal with waiting?

    Any suggestions on how to deal with waiting for your number to come up on the waiting list. I'm on here all the time trying to learn about the Axe Fx and it sounds so great! I think I'm going to go into a deep depression if I don't get mine soon. I watch all the utube videos and it keeps getting...
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