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  1. hoss

    Retro Channel RR1 (Retro Wreck)

    This is an amp designed by our friend Lance Keltner It's solid state, has anyone tried it yet? YouTube - ‪Retro Channel (Now with bedroom Volume!)‬‏ YouTube - ‪lancekeltner's Channel‬‏ PRO-TONE, ANALOG DESIGN, MADE IN THE USA - RR1 Guitar Amp
  2. hoss

    Crossover Ethernet Cable?

    Years ago I destroyed my Line 6 FVB floor unit by using a crossover Ethernet cable from my POD XT Pro (because the cable was a nice red). Is there a similar danger to the MFC, when connecting it to the Axe-FX II?
  3. hoss

    RIP Benoit Mandelbrot

    Fractal visionary dies at age 85 http://seerpress.com/benoit-mandlebrot- ... -85/10075/
  4. hoss

    The Marshall Wall Of Death

  5. hoss

    Line 6 POD HD500 as floor controller for Axe FX

    This looks really interesting, is there anybody on the forum who has a HD500 and an Axe FX? The MIDI controls of the 500 are supposed to be fully programmable. For the price it could make a nice foot controller (with pedal!) and a backup unit, too.
  6. hoss

    Sorry, but my Axe FX had to go

    because I ordered an Ultra today :twisted:
  7. hoss

    my clips on YouTube (southern rock)

    Hi, I have a few clips on YouTube, mostly southern rock covers. Some were done with Eleven Rack, the newer ones with my Axe-FX Standard (but with Eleven Rack as the audio interface). http://www.youtube.com/hossguitar
  8. hoss

    using Eleven Rack and Axe Fx together

    Hi, I am pretty new to the world of Axe-FX but have used hardware (and software) modellers and computer audio interfaces for about 8 years. My other background are classic tube amps, though. My main interface now is the Digidesign Eleven Rack which I got in November 2009. It's price is very...
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