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  1. zecure


    Funny as you are Belgian too. Yes am big fan of wayne hussey too during Sisters of Mercy time but also when he led The Mission. Anyway. Great cover. Well done!
  2. zecure


    Fantastic song. Great sound. Well done. Reminds me of my youth.
  3. zecure

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    Thanks Bryant for the ongoing improvement in this fantastic piece of gear. !!
  4. zecure

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.00 Public Beta

    I just tried this beta and The drives sound way more realistic and punchy to me. Also when playing together with wah it sounds fantastic. This update is a game changer for me. Have to admit i played with headphones so will test tomorrow for real. Well done prof. Cliff and team!!
  5. zecure

    FM3 Noise

    Also having more noise with FM3 compared to ax8, axe fx 3
  6. zecure

    Fractal Audio COVID-19 Response

    Good decision. We are countering wave 2 as we speak here in Belgium. Stay safe, wear masks and keep social distance! No gigs for near future. Enjoying fractal@home here 😀
  7. zecure

    question for non-hp version owners

    Mine is fine but freezes regularly on 1.04. Hope it is software related.
  8. zecure

    Freeze ups in 1.03?

    M@ am on 1.04 and have same sort of freeze when changing preset after about 30 mins playing. My left and right preset name goes blank and nothing happens from there. Restarting the unit solves it temporarily. Should i contact g66 or is this firmware related?
  9. zecure

    Fixed FM3 Freeze FW1.04

    Same here. ( no headphone model ) Not connected to laptop. Freezes regularly when changing preset. Could it be because my presets are around 85/86% cpu power? Is it a real bug? Or is there another problem? Hope Fractal team looking into it as quite annoying during rehearsal/live gig.
  10. zecure

    FM3: G66 availability?

    Don’t think G66 decides on everything. All I know is that Sussi and team have always been super friendly, professional, and supportive during the years they distribute fractal products. It is fair they give the discount for models without headphone jack. They do everything to service clients...
  11. zecure

    Any Love for the JC120?

    Playing in a new wave cover band. The jc120 is my favourite amp. Combine it with japan chorus. Flanger digital delay an super overdrive and result is top.
  12. zecure

    USA & International Stay-at-home / shelter-in-place orders: please post

    I am from belgium. We are in lockdown and trust me in Europe it is heavy. Stay home as much as possible. Whatever your president may say this is something really scary. I hope you health system works well because in Italy and spain hospitals can’t follow. They have about 500 casualties every...
  13. zecure

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Any chance to get an update for European customers? When Will shipping start to g66.
  14. zecure

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #3 (Beta 2)

    Overhaul of flanger block. Like it!
  15. zecure

    Am I the Only One Not Using High or Low Cuts Anymore?

    Low cut 80 hi cut at 8000. Always use this in my presets. Accidentily i can do minor tweaks if needed for the sound. I use it in both the amp as the cab block.
  16. zecure

    Tinnitus sufferers: ever find anything that helps?

    i have it for 10 years now. The big trick for me has been not to think about it. It comes back more intense occasionally but then disappears again by avoiding to focus on it. In a nutchell avoid thinking it is your enemy but more a friend that is there to stay.
  17. zecure

    Greatest band of all time?

    Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Cure. Depends on era.
  18. zecure

    FCs in Europe?

    Same here asked for fc12 but swapped for fc6.
  19. zecure

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.02

    Tx Cliff !
  20. zecure

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.02

    same here can't download
  21. zecure

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02

    Tx Cliff. Love the improved drives. And please please... transfer this technology to the AX8
  22. zecure

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta

    Might be a stupid question and impossible in terms of cpu but is the idea to transfer this improved drive block also to the ax8?
  23. zecure

    Wish Hoping for AX9 or whatever name you will give it Cliff

    Dear Cliff, dear FAS team, I am a Belgian client owning most of your products. This thread is just to say that I am really looking forward to the next generation of the ax8. I don’t need a smaller version as mentioned on some threads but one that is offering close to the quality of the axe III...
  24. zecure

    Axe-Edit III 1.00.10

    Cool tx!!
  25. zecure

    U2 "Streets" Clip

    Axeman, Just watched your video’s and they are SOOOO good. It makes me rethink how I should tweak a preset. Tx for the inspiring material in it and i agree that a preset of someone else never sounds the same on your own gear. One small question maybe, could you give me an insight in the...
  26. zecure

    Exploring the 2290 Delay

    Cool just love your clean sounds!!
  27. zecure

    Any plans for a small stomp AX4?

  28. zecure

    Coming soon...

    Cure, simple minds, cult, sisters of mercy.....??
  29. zecure

    Axe-FX III Causes YouTube to Freeze?

    This solved it for me for the moment. Will post if problems come back. Tx sustainerplayer!!
  30. zecure

    Axe-FX III Causes YouTube to Freeze?

    Have exactly same problem. Need to restart macbook pro to get youtube going.
  31. zecure

    AX-8 Firmware Version 10.00

    Had a 2.5 hrs gig last night. And, woaaw what a sound with fw10. Everything is so real. I wonder how Cliff could improve further from here.
  32. zecure

    U2 "Streets" Clip

    Yes would be fantastic if you could share the preset. I always have trouble to get that chimey delayed tone.
  33. zecure

    AX-8 10.00 Release Candidate

    Has someone else had this problem or am I alone?
  34. zecure

    AX-8 10.00 Release Candidate

    Installed rc1. Sounds great but found i believe a bug. When using the delay linked to bpm tempo The timings are not correct. Also in the 2 modulation tabs i have the same issue with the lfo1 and 2 Rates. I wonder if it is due to ax8 edit or yhe firmware. Just flagging.
  35. zecure

    AX-8 10.00 Release Candidate

    Cool. Tx!!
  36. zecure

    AX-8 10.00 Public Beta #3

    Installed last beta. Volume issue solved my end. Sounds great for me.
  37. zecure

    AX-8 10.00 Public Beta

    Yep same here!
  38. zecure

    AX-8 10.00 Public Beta

    Exactly same here. Had to crank up everything with approx 5 db. So looks normal.
  39. zecure

    AX-8 10.00 Public Beta

    great news. gig soon. looking forward. tx for all the great work!!
  40. zecure

    Axe-Fx III

    If only it would ship soon to Europe....waiting list here.... i am sure I will say the same when playing with it for the first time
  41. zecure

    Best Wishes For Cliff on His Upcoming Spinal Surgery!

    Hoping for good surgery and recovery Cliff!
  42. zecure

    How many patches do you all use?

    80’s new wave cover band. 1 preset per song. Main fx used : delay chorus phaser and flanger.
  43. zecure

    High and low cut in cab block....settings???

    90/7500 for me
  44. zecure

    So What's New on the III? ...(Axe-Fx II vs III)

    Congrats Cliff and co for creating this new baby that everyone is/was waiting for .. I am already on G66's waiting list in Europe. :-) Does anyone have a rough idea btw on when shippings to Europe are planned. With such an internal power, I am personally hoping the Axe III will be able to...
  45. zecure

    A Gift from Fractal Audio! Free Cab Pack!

    Super cool. Tx Fas
  46. zecure

    AX8 Firmware 9.03 Released

    Coooool! Tx Fas. Merry x mas.
  47. zecure

    AX8 V9.01 Public Beta

    For the ones doubting. I just giged with this beta firmware and it sounds great. No issues my end. Tx FAS.
  48. zecure

    AX8 V9.01 Public Beta

    Yeeha. You make my day
  49. zecure

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.01 Beta

    Wow. Quick. Love it. Tx FAS
  50. zecure

    AX8 vs Ultra. Worth the upgrade?

    absolutely !!! I only use my Ax8 for live these days ...
  51. zecure

    Just Like Heaven (Cure) Tone

    my pleasure. hope you like it. I have more eighties presets if needed
  52. zecure

    Just Like Heaven (Cure) Tone

    finally got to my pc here you are. is for ax8 and I use it with a fender Strat
  53. zecure

    Just Like Heaven (Cure) Tone

    ah yes had forgotten it. sorry Am away this week but will try to post asap
  54. zecure

    Brilliant service!

    They are indeed fantastic ...friendly, supportive and a flawless service
  55. zecure

    u2 JT2017 With or without you tone

    Sounds fantastic. Great preset. Great playing
  56. zecure

    Comfortably numb - live cover

    Fantastic. Awesome. !!!
  57. zecure

    Just Like Heaven (Cure) Tone

    and use the roland amp which has some chorus sound in it (JAZZ 120 (based on Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120)) and indeed the CE-2 Chorus + flanger + delay. To create a heavier live tone you can add the super overdrive. I have an updated preset of just like heaven given I play it with my cover band...
  58. zecure

    Wish VU Meters in AXE-EDIT

    I can only say +1 on this. Would be very handy for both ax8 as axe fx ii.
  59. zecure

    AX8 V8.02 Released!

  60. zecure

    Where the streets have no name...my favorite U2 song

    Like it would maybe add a bit more modulation in delays. Have you tried the sdd preamp drive. Works well too. What delay times you use? I play this song on every gig too. Would be great if you can share the preset.
  61. zecure

    AX8 V8.00 Public Beta

    For the ones doubting. I gigged twice this weekend with 8 beta. Absolutely no issues. Instead my cut through the mix was excellent and the sound slightly different but better than fw 7. Tx fas team and do take the time needed to finalize the public version.
  62. zecure

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.01 Firmware Release & New Bank A Presets

    Wow.. impressive Cliff ! Hope update for Ax8 will follow soon
  63. zecure

    AX8 V8.00 Public Beta

    Wow. Just what i was waiting for. 2 gigs next week. Tx FAS team!!!
  64. zecure

    When will we get 8.0? After all we play an AX-8........

    Even if kidding, it is close to the truth. Me waiting here as well
  65. zecure

    my first steps (and obstacles) with motor drive

    Same here yes.
  66. zecure

    Mission SP-1 only going up to 90?

    I have the same. Nothing to worry about I guess.
  67. zecure

    AX8 Sample of U2 tones

    Fantastic. Well done .Hope indeed you will want to share your presets.
  68. zecure

    Let's Talk Cover Band Setups!

    cover band here. Mostly new wave of eighties. 1 preset per song !
  69. zecure

    Anyone not a fan of Quantum 6?

    love Q6 2.. reworked drives and distortion sound much better. Hoping for all drives to be reviewed in next version
  70. zecure

    Any regrets coming from a AXE FX II?

    I have absolutely no regret. I do use cab sims but no dual amp. I am using a lot of FX but if you do small tweaks you can get 95% of all presets made in Axe Fx II over to AX8. I almost exclusively use the AX8 now both for rehearsals and live gigs due to less weight, versatile etc.. Trust me go...
  71. zecure

    XLR or 1/4 to mixer?

    same here XLR out to FOH
  72. zecure

    What is your tweaking-performing-ratio?

    90/10 here.. Tweaking a lot and anyway rehearsing at the same time.
  73. zecure

    For the next AX8 gen : Headphone connection/Bigger preset names

    Probably been said already on other posts but for the next version it would be great to have the potential to connect a headphone. I am tweaking most of my presets that way on my Axe II. For the rest bigger preset names on the LCD screen and I would be a very happy person. Zecure
  74. zecure

    U2 Bad (Studio) Q4

    yes i noted the muting occasionally, hence my comment .. and don't get me wrong . both your sound and playing are very good !
  75. zecure

    U2 Bad (Studio) Q4

    Very nice. Sounds good. Let highest note ring a bit longer. Care to share your preset?
  76. zecure

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.00 Public Beta

    Cool. Great news. Tx Cliff and FAS team !!
  77. zecure

    First Gig with the AX8 ... wow !!

    After having played live many times with my axe fx II, I finally gigged twice this weekend with my AX8.... and wow.... it sounded incredible. First of all, I would like to thank AlGrenadine (vive la France) for having created with some developers the Fractool. It transformed my Axe presets...
  78. zecure

    No instrument level lights on AX8

    I use the same cable as on the axe fx where i have all lights lit.
  79. zecure

    No instrument level lights on AX8

    Honestly it sounds great. But as mentioned above when using guitars with humbuckers instead of single coils i have the sale.
  80. zecure

    No instrument level lights on AX8

    Have done all that Joe, result is that I get 1 light and nothing more . With default settings I had no lights.
  81. zecure

    No instrument level lights on AX8

    fyi.. I have exactly the same.. When I power up the unit all lights are on. When playing at best I get one light lit nothing more. i have set my input padding as low as possible too. I play a fender stratocaster but am having same result with a gibson with 2 humbuckers. I don't see it as a...
  82. zecure

    My new beauties..

    cool nice guitars !
  83. zecure

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    And especially for the one behind it : Un grand merci Algrenadine !
  84. zecure

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    This is a fantastic tool. Tx a lot !!!
  85. zecure

    U2 - AIWIY Clip...Q3.01

  86. zecure

    U2 - AIWIY Clip...Q3.01

    Impressive Toopy. Love it.
  87. zecure

    U2 - Iris (Hold Me Close)

    Great work edo. Well done !!!
  88. zecure

    Brussels today...

    I am from Belgium.. another sad day for the world ! my thoughts are with all families who lost a dear person today. Hope we never stop fighting terrorism !
  89. zecure

    Favorite guitar shape?

    Strat here!!
  90. zecure

    AX8 V2.02 Release Available Now!

    Hell yeah!!!
  91. zecure

    Qauntum v2.01Beta U2 Clip

    Your tone is just so spot on. i play in a cover band and have a big focus on amongst others U2 songs (I will follow, WOWY, pride, Streets, Bad etc) I am even surprised you put your delay after the cab block. I tend to have better results when putting it before the amp Block. Would you mind...
  92. zecure

    Qauntum v2.01Beta U2 Clip

    This is fantastic and really helpfull. Tx a lot.
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