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  1. ezvictor

    Post here if you've received an invite for the Headphone Jack model!

    Just received it. But I can’t pull the trigger because I’m likely out of a job come October:oops: thanks Covid
  2. ezvictor

    FM3 and External IR's

    OK yeah. I toggle between normal and ultra on my AFII and really cant hear the difference. So I probably won't be able to tell.
  3. ezvictor

    FM3 and External IR's

    Time out. I have a huge library of ML sound lab and Ownhammer IRs. Are you saying they won’t sound the same loaded into the FM3? What do you mean by “won’t sound the same”? Is this something that is going to be updated in a firmware release?
  4. ezvictor

    Axe Fx 2 vs Fm3

    I think Pliny the younger is hype incarnate. Their (RR) wine barrel aged beers are better but I’d grab one for the record. 👍 im a bells hopslam fan when it comes to limited release dipas.
  5. ezvictor

    Axe Fx 2 vs Fm3

    Thanks I guess :rolleyes: If the unit sounds as good or better than tha 2 with out losing out on too much functionality, then I’ll be sold. My only problem with my current rig is that it’s big and cumbersome compared to the FM3 with an fc6. I have a feeling it will be an awesome unit but...
  6. ezvictor

    Axe Fx 2 vs Fm3

    My I get no gap with my 2 using two amps. I use scenes to bypass/mute/unbypass them. I want to know if I will be satisfied with the switching on the fm3 using channels.
  7. ezvictor

    How I use the 3 foot switches in my FM3

    Oh nelly. I’m not gonna be able to remember that much programming by the end of the first set. I’m gonna need at least the fc6.
  8. ezvictor

    Axe Fx 2 vs Fm3

    "Channels" Thats it. Thank you. My presets are all I'd need for a show. I have a bunch that are all formatted the same but with different amps to suit my tastes and moods for that particular evening. in-WAH-Phaser-Drive-null Filter-2 amps-Cab-comp-Chorus-flanger-reverb(normal)-delay- out I...
  9. ezvictor

    Axe Fx 2 vs Fm3

    I currently use an AXE FX 2 mkii with the Mfc-101. I'm interested in getting the FM3 but am I making a lateral move? Am I downgrading? All of the presets that I use have 2 amp blocks for gap-less switching. One amp is a dirty amp, and the other is a clean amp. Is PRESET switching on the Fm3...
  10. ezvictor

    Boaner cab pack?

    What amps are you guys using with this? I’ve tried the shiva and ecstasy but I’m just not gelling with this pack. It’s dark and a little undefined to my ears especially when paired with the Shiva. Am I doing it wrong? And let me just say that I have all of ML’s IRs and I think they are great...
  11. ezvictor

    A little live video (covers band)

    Simeon I just wanted to say your band is sick and you sound great. Keep up the good work.
  12. ezvictor

    Chris Broderick 5153 IRs from Cab Pack 5

    !edited! To add sound clip. There is something unique about those. Ive really been enjoying them lately. I have thousands of IRs by now but that Cab Pack 5 had some good stuff. It was the introduction of the "Ultra Res" iirc. I especially love the "4 x12 Broderick 5153 CE 2 in" There is...
  13. ezvictor

    ORNG Cab Pack | IR's based on an Orange 4x12 with UK V30s [ML Sound Lab]

    Always a big fan of your IRs. I’m sure this will Be no exception.
  14. ezvictor

    Marshall TV Greenback IR's

    They are really good irs. Well done and thanks for sharing them. 🤘:sunglasses:
  15. ezvictor

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Remember way back when you bought a piece of gear/hardware and that was the final state of its evolution as a piece of gear/hardware? Guess that was just a bad dream. Thanks a ton for your continued devotion to your legacy hardware Cliff. You Da Mang!!
  16. ezvictor

    Speaker compliance

    Is there a YouTube or soundcloud clip that demonstrates what it does? How does it sound when changed? Caveat: I haven’t updated yet.
  17. ezvictor

    ‘HYSTERIA’ by Muse

    I'm sorry I no longer have it. I just created the preset for this song and have since overwritten it. It was very basic and I spent no time adjusting anything other than gain, bass, middle, treble and presence. I cut a lot of bass in the amp and used amp gain alone. I tend to go for an...
  18. ezvictor

    ‘HYSTERIA’ by Muse

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/6em2eah2pp52dqf/hysteriaT.mp3?dl=0 This one is Suhr classic ssv humbucker Axe 2 preset Amp1 Recto1 org mdrn Cab ML sound lab USA trad sm57 b1 CK to be exact. (Original) Bass was done using the digitech drop pedal and FAS modern1 ML ZILLA V30 Mix. I dropped a synth in...
  19. ezvictor

    Unchained axe 2

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/j3hjmnjryzyfm36/unch aint 3.mp3?dl=0 Les Paul into AXE FX 2 into garage band. Drums are from a youtube “isolated drum track”. Bass is les Paul into digitech drop pedal set to octave down using a clean preset. Main dirty preset is Plexi 100w high into ML sound lab BRIT...
  20. ezvictor

    Axe and QSC K12

    If you need a quick fix try using the global eq for the output you use to monitor (normally 2) and pull out a little 2k and 4K
  21. ezvictor

    Axe and QSC K12

    Turn down treble. You might need to completely rework your patches for your new monitor.
  22. ezvictor

    Tweaking one of the Mesa Recto models to emulate the Trem-o-verb?

    There’s a 1990s DR tremoverb head for sale on Facebook. Join the Northeast Ohio Gear swap and you can dial one in and compare. Guy is asking $1200. Just thought I’d share. I don’t think they’re very rare. At least not around here.
  23. ezvictor

    Total noob. Plexi model sounds nothing like a Plexi?

    I have some Larson in-laws. Will that get rid of them too? Seriously what did you mean to say?
  24. ezvictor

    If you like the Rectos...

    Buddy has one. It slays even next to a Be-100.
  25. ezvictor

    Axe FX II Live Rigs

    Haha. Especially if you use in ears. I liked the old pictures of my band. Gigged with a big ole ‘65 bassman w/ marching 2x12 cab. Looked great. But didn’t sound as good or cover as much territory as the axe 2
  26. ezvictor

    Gap Between Amp Sounds Using Scenes

    This may have been stated but I use two amps/one cab in my chain and I get a gap switching scenes without having a laptop connected. I have found that if the front panel is in edit mode, I get the gap. If it’s just on the preset label page, I get no gap. Just thought I’d share. Cheers and happy...
  27. ezvictor

    York Audio Presents: The Bipolar Pack

    Oh who am I kidding... Just take my money.:rolleyes::mad::D
  28. ezvictor

    York Audio Presents: The Bipolar Pack

    Oh ok. That explains a lot. Thanks :rolleyes:
  29. ezvictor

    York Audio Presents: The Bipolar Pack

    Where’s the free ir? Clue me in
  30. ezvictor

    Fractal-Bot crashes updating Axe FX XL+ to 9.02

    Updated mkII with my Mac. Had no issue.
  31. ezvictor

    Axe vs Plexi 100w

    Good times Had a Bray mod rework1 Marshall 1987x (50 watts) that I was blasting through a 1960bv cab at a friends house. He was blasting his Diezel through a Mesa 4x12. The marshall killed the diezel btw. Normally I'd have the master way down but in this case I decided to open the amp all...
  32. ezvictor

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

    Same here all my presets with just a touch of output compression are rendered silent.
  33. ezvictor

    So I bought a Digitech Drop...

    Here is with the guitar's volume all the way...More gain. Difference not as obvious. And...as anyone who has messed around with either of these features will say...Its not so much the tone that is different especially between the fractal and the digitech, its the feel. The higher gain covers...
  34. ezvictor

    So I bought a Digitech Drop...

    You can hear it for yourself. The difference is most apparent on cleaner patches. This is a very basic Jcm800 patch with ML Brit Flattest Mix as the IR. ----PIT - AMP - CAB - REV---- No Gate No post Processing. Noise and all. I roll the guitar volume down a bit to clean up in the quack...
  35. ezvictor

    So I bought a Digitech Drop...

    I do use local source. I'll try to get an audio track up using a simple patch.
  36. ezvictor

    So I bought a Digitech Drop...

    I primarily use it for 1/2 step/Eb tuning. Axe FX II mkII btw After a few hours of A/B-ing the Fractal "Fixed Harmony" Pitch Block and the Digitech "Drop" pedal, I have come to the conclusion that the Drop does a better job. Both tone and feel are improved with the Drop pedal. This is good...
  37. ezvictor

    Output Clips

    Go into your amp block and turn the "output level" way down. Your output levels are off the charts.. post your preset or an image of your signal chain, there may be other ways to mitigate this. Are you using more than one amp at a time?
  38. ezvictor

    Sennheiser HR280 Pro/ QSC K12

    Are you using the K12 with deep on? Ext Sub switch off? I have been using k12s since my Axe Fx standard. Our FOH system is 2 x k12s, so the sound is identical to my monitor. I build my presets with the lows cut in the speaker block at 95-100hz. I do notice that my presets sound different...
  39. ezvictor

    new record - messa red - v30 sm57

    LOL!!! ...but yes it does sound "fucking". Fucking Great! Great riffs and a nice straight ahead thrash feel. If I had more thumbs, they would be way up!!! The tone is fucking too. ;) Well done. Keep thrashing.
  40. ezvictor

    Cab Block and Global EQ

    A lot of the factory cabs are dark for recording purposes but work ok when you crank it up for live purposes. They still lack a little high end imho.
  41. ezvictor

    Mark Day's (classic presets changed with q7) cab model

    Was it a scumback h75 ir? I don't remember the mic.
  42. ezvictor

    Axe-Edit 3.14.0 Released

    This is great but you guys need to slow down. :p Summer Donna
  43. ezvictor

    Unity Gain with Palm Mutes

    As always, experiment with this to see what suits you best but I would think after the cab would be the most judicial location. Youre not using a lot of proximity in the cab block are you? You mentioned using a filter block to boost...Why not try a PEQ block with some of those pesky lows rolled...
  44. ezvictor

    Unity Gain with Palm Mutes

    You could try a multi-band compressor at those freqs (between 5 and 7 frets) and just lightly compress it.
  45. ezvictor

    CAB #62 VOTE NOW to SAVE (or not)

    The new Larry Mitchell cab is pretty sweet. The older cab is too scoopy. Caveat: My not so humble opinion that isn't worth 2 cents if you're into that sort of thing.
  46. ezvictor

    Need help with live setup

    K12 is plenty loud enough. If it isn't, then you got other problems.
  47. ezvictor

    Are there any Axe FX owners here who have never owned a conventional amp?

    I've owned many regular amps. I have owned a Bray Modded 1987x, '67 Fender blackface bassman, Rivera Knucklehead Reverb 55w (still own), Peavy Rockmaster Preamp, Fender stage 112, Some old Crate SS combo etc... They all sounded great at home but when the rubber meets the road, I felt I...
  48. ezvictor

    Quantum 7.00: I found a PERFECT amp + cab pairing!

    Jesus Mikko, take my money. Just take it. I was trying not to get CP20 after getting Zilla, and Brit II but I guess resistance is futile. Cheers
  49. ezvictor

    Valhallir.at has opened its gates

    Ok I got it. Some things take me two times before I get it. little slow. Thanks cheers
  50. ezvictor

    Valhallir.at has opened its gates

    Submitted last night. Nada in the inbox. Is that right?
  51. ezvictor

    Interference Sound When Palm Muting

    Are you palm muting so hard that your pushing the strings against the fretboard or (gasp) the pickups?
  52. ezvictor

    Cab Pack: ML Brit Collection II

    Sold!! Merry Christmas to me!! Thanks Mikko!
  53. ezvictor

    Strat noodling with Dr. Z

    Sounds great. Are you using a stock cab?
  54. ezvictor

    Firmware Update

    I'm ok with that. I've been playing more and tweaking less. I might even say that's a good thing. My neighbors on the other hand...:p
  55. ezvictor

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Wrecker Rocket (Trainwreck Rocket)

    Damnit Stratman68!!! Thats why we can't have nice things. I enjoyed the video anyway.;) And of course A BIG shoutout to Yek for these great amp threads.
  56. ezvictor

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Hipower (Hiwatt DR103)

    Yek, I can't thank you enough for doing this. It gets me to try amps that I otherwise would just gloss over. I love that you give suggestions and settings for the amps as well. Kudos dude!!! Love from Ohio!!!
  57. ezvictor

    Filter Block for Single vs. Humbuckers

    Clever trick. I assume having X/Y filter block ability is an XL feature.
  58. ezvictor

    Fender deville alternatives?

    Blues Jr perhaps with a 2x12ir?
  59. ezvictor

    Fractal Audio AMP models: The Presets (Q7.02)

    Thanks for doing this. BTW do you use the 6 or 12 filter slope in the cab block?
  60. ezvictor

    What is "it" that the axe fx is missing?

    I still wish there was a "compare original" when editing.
  61. ezvictor

    Is there a pickup that helps the Axe FX II be most versatile?

    I can't agree with fromthebark enough. Low output. The amps have gain for days, you don't need a hot pup.
  62. ezvictor

    Live strat blues - Big-Legged Woman

    Sounds great Cainer. I don't know why I never thought to try a marshall 4x12 for my more strat-y tones. Thank you and phenomenal playing btw.
  63. ezvictor

    Live strat blues - Big-Legged Woman

    Great. I'm about halfway there. What IRs are you using? 2 cabs in parallel right?
  64. ezvictor

    Congrats to Ghost ! Grammy winner and Fractal users ...

    Its all the time and it rocks!! Although, the last show, Papa took off the hat and played the second set without the papal garb. Its for entertainment value.
  65. ezvictor

    Congrats to Ghost ! Grammy winner and Fractal users ...

    These guys remind me of Ghost for some reason.;)
  66. ezvictor

    Congrats to Ghost ! Grammy winner and Fractal users ...

    Hail PAPA!!! Saw em twice. Great show. Clear Sound
  67. ezvictor

    Live strat blues - Big-Legged Woman

    Great playing. And great sound. Mind posting the patch? You run frfr? Sounds full. I'd like to see what you're doing. I'm a 2 user so some screen shots would be greatly appreciated.
  68. ezvictor

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Thanks a bunch!!!:)
  69. ezvictor

    Running with das Diablo.

    Preset here if you like http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=4049 Cab is: Fractal Cab GB 57 from Cab pack 10 Universal Noise Storage.
  70. ezvictor

    Running with das Diablo.

    Ingredients: Quantum 2.03b Plexi 100 1970 Fractal GB 57 Pure Rawk!!! Eddie!!! A440;)
  71. ezvictor

    Eq tips for 80's hard rock tone

    80s tone is in the hair spray. You have to have the jumbo can of Aqua-Net. That will get you 80% there.
  72. ezvictor

    IR collection of Marshall 1960 A with many mics

    Call me crazy but I dig the AKG. There is something about it. Its has the different. More character err something. Well done and thank you. You put in some work.
  73. ezvictor

    My singer's Flextone cuts mix amazing.....tips on how to get Axe Fx II to do the same?

    This may not help but it's definitely something worth trying to avoid: Does your singer's mic pick up his amp? Is it in line with other mics on stage? It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall and watch the levels on the board when your singer is just playing guitar. The axe fx does...
  74. ezvictor

    ML Brit Collection: The Mothership!

    Thank you much. I'll definitely start saving my pennies.:D
  75. ezvictor

    ML Brit Collection: The Mothership!

    Anyone have Cab Pack 8 (Brit 4x12 TV) and this new one? I'd like to hear your opinion on the difference or similarities of these two Cab Packs. Thank you in advance.
  76. ezvictor

    Recommend an amp for P&W

    For P&W I'd go with a PT6A. Never let me down. Great design Oh sorry. Wrong forum. :p
  77. ezvictor

    Fulldrive model - TONS of gain???

    I have a blue fd2 pre mosfet version. With the vol knob up its a gain beast. With the knob down its a ts9 with a little extra hair. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  78. ezvictor

    Passing the time in Cleveland rush hour with Mikko and the boys....

    There is rush hour in Cleveland? [emoji57] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  79. ezvictor

    Saw Ghost last night.

    Newport Music Hall, Columbus OH They sounded epic!! Are they still using the AXE FX II?
  80. ezvictor


    Liked 1,2,and 4. Something about 3 was meh. It might sound better in a mix Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  81. ezvictor

    any tips for 1st time K12 use ?

    No first hand experience with the k10 but the k12 has a ton of headroom to spare when used as a stage wedge. Should be plenty loud enough. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  82. ezvictor

    any tips for 1st time K12 use ?

    Hey yek, Folks say the beam blocker improves the sound/cuts down on ear fatigue? What are folks using? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  83. ezvictor

    any tips for 1st time K12 use ?

    Set the k12 eq switch to flat. Do you already have frfr presets that you like? If you are used to playing through a power amp& cab then you might need to rework your presets or create new to work with the k12 (which is essentially frfr) It will be loud enough. I'm sure of that. Just use...
  84. ezvictor

    Getting a low end 'thump in the chest' while also cutting through the mix

    I know it goes against all that we've heard on this forum for quite some time but turn your cab block's low cut down near default (20hz). The big boom will return but it might muddle things. Another option is to send out 1 with some of the global eq lows rolled off to the board (foh) and use...
  85. ezvictor

    Can a looper recording be saved in a preset?

    Yes the axe fx 3 xl ++ should have a usb memory card port for additional IR storage and for storing loops. That may have come out sarcastically but it would be a VERY cool feature. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  86. ezvictor

    Boss fs-5U vs fs-5L for Axe fx use

    This is where I get confused.
  87. ezvictor

    Boss fs-5U vs fs-5L for Axe fx use

    Could someone explain the differences between a latching and unlatching switch, and the applications one would use one over the other. Please explain this in airhead guitar player language please.
  88. ezvictor

    tone matching a hot rod deville 4x10

    Blues Jr Good call on getting the 4x10. I always thought it was a sweeter sound than the 2x12 version. Never bonded with the dirt channel much, but it was good for some random fun. The cleans on that amp are great though. cheers!!
  89. ezvictor

    Master of puppets for FW19

    The saturation switch goes a long way to achieve this. Having a bright IR also helps a bit also.
  90. ezvictor

    Biased tremolo effect of the Fender EC Twin-olux

    Oh that's what that does? [emoji5]️ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  91. ezvictor

    Biased tremolo effect of the Fender EC Twin-olux

    Anybody have any idea how one would go about achieving that effect. Very cool. https://youtu.be/n5kBZTRsdck FFWD to 3:15 to hear the tremolo.
  92. ezvictor


    Must have been a Russian Spy.
  93. ezvictor

    Struggling with dynamic and punchy cleans

    You guys putting this at the end of your chain? Post amp & cab? Seems to decongest some of my troublesome lows. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  94. ezvictor

    Struggling with dynamic and punchy cleans

    How do you set the MBC? That's a block I haven't tweaked with yet. Maybe you could get me started. I use the axe fx for live purposes almost exclusively and I run frfr. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  95. ezvictor

    air parameter

    Have you tried the santiago cab(s)? They are not Alnico Silvers or Blues but they are sure bright where it counts. Also try using the sm57 mic sim and re-introduce some low end with the proximity parameter. The Sm57 should get you sizzling.
  96. ezvictor

    air parameter

    I don't use it at all. I try to keep the number of knobs I tweak down to a minimum. Perhaps try another amp model that provides more top end. Of course you should be able to get there with AC-30TB.:) Maybe try adding a bit more treble in the "preamp section of the "cab block". Let us know...
  97. ezvictor

    Still struggling with cleanish to full solo

    Try a plexi with a drive in front. I really like the 1987x treble for this. It gets really saturated and fat and when I roll my volume off it gets sparkly clean. In fact I use the drive mainly to tighten up the sound when its needed. I don't add much gain. Its not gonna sound like a super...
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