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  1. kerrlehr

    Will MIDI 2.0 - Require Axe-Fx III redesign soon?

    Curious if the MIDI 2.0 protocol will require a new version of the box, or can a software update, or bolt-in module do the trick if we want to utilize the great new technology coming in the near future?? https://reverb.com/news/what-will-midi-2-dot-0-mean-for-musicians
  2. kerrlehr

    lost all of my effects after FW 3.05

    I have no effects anymore after upgrading to FW 3.05 om MK1 MFC 101 - Nothing but preset controls for bank of 5 presets. Switches 6 - 16 do nothing now. I did not use wrong version for MK-3. What am I missing here?
  3. kerrlehr

    New XL arrived w Beta AXE-FX III inside the box

    I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the box to find a totally different looking unit inside labeled AXE-FX III - has several new illuminated dials and a upgrade card slot on the rear. I am going to plug it in now. :mrgreen
  4. kerrlehr

    New - 5F1 Tweed - CHAMP Tweed Amp - Huge Tone here

    Cliff - You hit a huge home run on this one. Thank you! Guys, do not overlook this little amp - I grew up with one in the early 70's. It was awesome for a little amp, except if had not even close to a usable volume level - If you tried to get it loud the speaker would fart out and you would...
  5. kerrlehr

    Captain Phillip's

    Tom Hanks <- Performance of his career - I was emotionally floored. What a fantastic movie. Did you see it? If not - it is a must see.
  6. kerrlehr

    Pignose = snot loads of fun

    I have some seriously nice gear in the studio. Although this won't make that list - it is still über mud bath cool. Recently, I was remembering back to '79 when I used to goof around on a little pignose. I was telling my wife about it and low and behold a little piggy was under the tree on...
  7. kerrlehr

    AXE-FEST 2012 WEST COAST - Oct 6th-7th - Van Nuys, CA

    Please join us for the 1st annual AXE-FEST - WEST COAST event. The event is being produced by FAS users, for FAS users. Matt Picone of FAS has taken a leadership role (Thank you Matt!) to help to guide us with organizational elements, as well as to bring his resources to the table, so that we...
  8. kerrlehr

    MATRIX CFR12's Are shipping

    FYI just got this from Matrix: "Hi Kerry, Thank you for your Order and prompt payment for 2 x CFR12, we will confirm shipping details shortly. Kind regards, Pamela -- Pamela Jones Matrix Amplification Limited" Will report back here once they arrive!!
  9. kerrlehr

    / 13 = Wow

    I wanted to post a clip about how much I am enjoying the new Divided by 13 amp in 7.0. This amp is really unique and has a very touch sensitive and organic feel. It seemed to elicit new material from my fingers as soon as I started playing through it. It has a sound all it's own when compared...
  10. kerrlehr

    It's Not a Tubes Only World Here ~ What Tube Amp Did You Keep??

    It's not a Black or White - Tubes only, or AFX-II only world here. Many, if not most of us will never, ever sell some of our amps. Badger and Chieftain for me. (not to mention my Solid State Roland Jazz chorus) These babies are each a part of my soul. Which of your prior amps have you...
  11. kerrlehr


    If you have not heard yet. We lost an ICON today. Jon Lord passed today at age 71 SPACE TRUCKING TO HIS HIGHWAY STAR IN THE SKY!! http://jonlord.org/
  12. kerrlehr

    Cordovox CL30 Leslie with Suhr Badger 18 watt head experiment

    I would like to work with any others who are interested, to develop some seriously powerful Leslie based presets. I am talking authentic, not what is currently available. They are not the same. Good, but quite different to me. I have taken on the task of attempting to see if I can get a close...
  13. kerrlehr

    TM a soulful female voice?

    I am one of these guys who is always thinking of abstract musical (and other) concepts. So, I'm thinking of what else can be done with this new Tone Matching tool. Would it make sense, or even be possible to TM a really full and soulful female voice singing and apply it to a cleanish amp...
  14. kerrlehr

    4/6 a great day For 6

    Coincidence that today's date (4/6) is just begging to be the date: For Six. It is a perfect fit.
  15. kerrlehr

    I can't feel my fingers any more - Seriously - Surgery Required - Bummed

    Seriously - ARM NERVE SURGERY MARCH 20th... After extensive CAT scans, MRI's, Nerve conductivity studies, multiple cervical epidurals, even epilepsy medications (gabapentin) the neuro-surgeon has told me that my condition is not un-common with lifetime guitarists, violinists and pianists. He...
  16. kerrlehr

    Carvin TRx115N Passives ?????

    I am looking at the TRX115n package ($779.00 for 2 and I live near the Carvin Store so no shipping - just don't want to waste $$ if not a good fit with AXE-II) It may really increase the lower end response. Anyone have experience with these. Carvin.com : TRX115N-2 1X15 600W MAIN/MONITOR PACKAGE
  17. kerrlehr

    Eerie Silence!!!!!!!

    So, has anyone else noticed a certain silence/absence around here these last few days.....? I have a suspicion why and like it!:?
  18. kerrlehr

    So just what is "Fizz" I'm still woder'in

    I am seeing a lot of reference to this, or that having "FIZZ". So, tell me, in your own wirds, not what you think we want to hear. what is "FIZZ"? Please feel free to post clips of what it is that you perceive as "FIZZ"? Let's make it "Official"???? So who will be the first to post s clip?
  19. kerrlehr

    Suggestions for MISSION SP-1 + EP-1 pedals used via MFC-101 - Mine just arrived!

    I did not want to hi-jack "trancegodz" thread with his questions on his midi controller w/ 2 pedals, so I started a separate thread. I just received two pedals from MISSION Engineering. (1st) is SP-1 w/L.E.D. "ON" indicator. (intended to be my global WAH with it's toe down selectable...
  20. kerrlehr

    Bug? AXEFX II > MFC101 - stutter every MFC101 preset change

    Using AXE-FX II 4.01 > MFC-101 1.04 Each and every MFC-101 foot switch activated preset change is met with approximately 15 perfectly time fast stutters. Saw tooth in nature and sometimes the speed of stutter is a different bpm. They are not in sync with the tempo pulse and happen 100% of the...
  21. kerrlehr


    It would be great if the Admin. of the FAS Yahoo store could try adding a BOT Deterrent tool to the Store page. Perhaps a box where you need to type in the letters numbers words that you see in the box. This Bot problem is old school to most online sales sites and many remedies are readily...
  22. kerrlehr

    Thank You to AXE-FX II Developers, Engineering Team, Staff and Assembly Crew!

    I think that we need to lift you all up with our genuine gracious appreciation after weeks of serious anxiousness, and a few over the top comments. The release of your product is upon the near horizon and you still have much hard work to do for us. We want you to know that your hard work...
  23. kerrlehr

    FRFR - For Small Space / Rehersal Use

    I see so many excellent speaker/cabinet options here on the board. Loud, high watt rated options at that, which I am sure rock at rated levels. My question is this; For a smaller rehearsal, day to day practice, creative uses, are these speakers really even able to move their magnets, or is there...
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