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  1. Steinmetzify

    Reamping issue.....need to know what causes this.

    So I was messing around with some stuff, just throwing different stuff from the Axe at it, and I got some sort of hollow mids issue thing going on. I know that there might be some comb filtering or phase cancellation going on, I just don't know how to resolve it. I reamped the same thing using...
  2. Steinmetzify

    Another newbie question. Is this possible?

    I have some stems I was messing around with in an effort to enhance my meager mixing skills. I was using plugins and realized there's probably a way to run these in Reaper thru the Axe, and use the tones in there to get a better mix. I read the reamping guide in the wiki but it's not making...
  3. Steinmetzify

    Got A Stupid Question

    So here's my stupid story and my stupid question: I'm forever struggling to get the exact tone I use when practicing onto recordings. Problem being that it'll clip, because it's f*ckin LOUD, yo. I don't want to turn it down, because since I practice at that level, it's what I'm used to and I've...
  4. Steinmetzify

    An Afternoon in the GC Platinum Room - High Gain content

    I want to preface this by saying all of this is my opinion. I'm not trying to invalidate others' opinions or say if you own something I didn't like that you have bad taste....tone is preference and completely subjective and these are just my opinions on these amps with these guitars. For...
  5. Steinmetzify

    So this just happened...

    Got a buddy that I go back and forth with on SSO trading Axe patches.....I live in an apt with elderly neighbors downstairs, and that was one of the reasons I bought the Axe in the first place...we were talking about power amps and cabs and what not, and he asked what I had here.....told him...
  6. Steinmetzify

    Anyone ever done any Down tones from Nola?

    Getting a little obsessed with these thicker metal tones lately...haven't listened to this album in years and it still holds up....anyone ever done these? Lifer: Temptation's Wings:
  7. Steinmetzify

    Check All The Amps

    People have told me since I first started posting here about buying an Axe II to check out other stuff than I normally would once I got one. Guilty as I didn't. I'm primarily a high gain guy and my #1 atm is an Ibanez RGIB6 baritone in open B. Did the usual stuff: Mesas, Uber, Thorendahl high...
  8. Steinmetzify

    Over 90% is bad?

    Had a buddy send me some presets earlier this evening. BADASS, and I loved em. Used em on a track, but there was some static. I went thru the usual rigamarole including changing batteries in the EMG equipped guitar I was using, changing cables, adjusting the gate and output levels, etc....it was...
  9. Steinmetzify

    What causes 'hollowness' in modeling?

    Got my Axe II yesterday and as you know, I'm completely blown away. This thing is far and away the best I've ever played. I seriously can't believe most of the stuff in here. Updated to 18 immediately, grabbed a preset and got lost for an hour....hit a bunch more and started writing riffs...
  10. Steinmetzify

    Another AxeFx II first day impression

    Holy shit. More later.
  11. Steinmetzify

    Rough guess as to when Fractal stops updating the II?

    Really wanted to order an XL+ this week, but the funds aren't there with some other expenses I have at the moment. Anybody want to hazard a guess as to when they might stop updates on this model? Looking at buying a used II but don't want to do that if it's going to be stuck in 6 months or...
  12. Steinmetzify

    Experienced users! Tips and tricks for new Axe user, please?

    As the title says...I'm going to be purchasing an XL end of the month, and I'd like you guys to bust out with the stuff that took you awhile to learn. Any kind of thing that was already in the Axe but you didn't know it until months later and it made everything you did easier or whatever...I...
  13. Steinmetzify

    FNG....considering AxeII and I have a trio of questions.

    Hey, my name is Scott and I'm in SLC UT...been playing off and on for about 15-20 years and nowhere near where I should be as far as skill level for the time in.:lol As you can see by my join date and the fact that I've never posted anything until recently, you can tell that I've been...
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