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  1. kartman

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    10-4.... Thanks...
  2. kartman

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Just tinkering with my new FM3.... sooo excited! :) I've got it connected to USB and FM3-Edit is working.... I bring up latest FracTool and the FM3 on the interface is greyed out??? Nothing on the console shows FracTool reaching out the check what FAS device is connected. Seems to be working...
  3. kartman

    AF3 + FM3: Axe-Edit co-exist???

    Sorry if this has been covered... If my PC has both an AF3 and FM3 plugged into USB simultaneously, can Axe-Edit figure this out? 2 instances? Just curious... (I guess this question applies to all FAS software too... Fractal-Bot, Cab-Lab, etc. )
  4. kartman

    Latching Switch into FC12?

    OK... There seems to be some confusion here and it may be on my part. For the record, I've not ruled anything out. I've tried several cables (standard patch, TS and TRS) and used a multimeter to check the switch. Not ruling anything out. My SP-1 has an LED on the switch and between the LED and...
  5. kartman

    Bug? Bypass with modifier connected not visually toggling?

    Please have a look at the other thread and let me know if I missed something. I tried both FC menu Bypass control and with an in-block modifier... The pics I attached are after disabling the FC Bypass and trying the in-block modifier option. Good thought but not a conflict as far as I know...
  6. kartman

    Bug? Bypass with modifier connected not visually toggling?

    Running lastest: 1.00.12 I've been playing with new FC12 today to use toe switch on my Mission pedal to toggle the bypass on the Wah block. If you're interested in that saga, see below: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/latching-switch-into-fc12.146556/ I found an interesting UI glitch...
  7. kartman

    Latching Switch into FC12?

    Well, I tried the Pedal4 and Switch 1/2 inputs on the FC. Similar issue from both options whereas Pedal input on AF3 worked like a charm immediately. I guess I'll try Switch 3/4 later tonight but I'm not optimistic. If nobody else chimes in, I'll contact FAS directly for some support/ideas.
  8. kartman

    Latching Switch into FC12?

    OK... FAS may need to give more insight... Moved the pedal switch connection to the Pedal1 input on the AF3 via a TRS cable and the modifier method of monitoring source (yellow cursor) is 100% reliable. The cursor is moving from 0% (lower right) to 100% (upper left) of the graph on every switch...
  9. kartman

    Latching Switch into FC12?

    Seems to be 100% reliable via the Bypass Page method (except that my polarity is reversed from desired and not in sync with LED indicator on pedal). At this point, I'm not suspecting switch or cable as I've done enough messing around to convince myself that these are working. Still open to the...
  10. kartman

    Latching Switch into FC12?

    No polarity on the pedal... I was hoping to accomplish on the FAS side. Typically, FAS thinks of everything! :) For reference, I attaching a couple of images. While looking at the modifiers in AxeEdit, I refer to cursor in the lower left as 0% and upper right as 100%. When I toggle the latching...
  11. kartman

    Latching Switch into FC12?

    Yes - modifier on the Bypass function of within the block. The global bypass mapping is new to me but this makes sense. I tried this approach and it seems to be functioning as expected. This is good and new learning to boot! One question: how do I invert the action? My pedal has an LED on it...
  12. kartman

    Latching Switch into FC12?

    I have a spring loaded Mission pedal with a toe switch that I had connected to MFC for Wah block. Expression O/P was to a continuous pedal and the toe switch O/P was to... well, I honestly can't remember. :) Look, what I do remember is that it worked. :) I had the Wah control on the pedal and...
  13. kartman

    White Screen Early Detection and Self Exam?

    Sorry if I missed a more comprehensive thread... I'm not a pro and, while annoying, I'm not going to have a backup plan. FAS warranty and patience will be the plan . Than said, I think I read that is a 'display failure', correct? Has FAS determined if there is a lot issue or if the failures are...
  14. kartman

    Implemented CAB/BLOCK/PRESET refresh button in main UI

    There is another wish for definable keyboard shortcuts... I could live with a keyboard shortcut. But, in short, I'd like quick and direct access to the refresh buttons that currently under Prefs-->Refresh. Thanks.
  15. kartman

    Alice in Chains style Auto-Wah?

    Maybe I'm wrong but a bunch of the Alice in Chains lead tones seem to have a mild wah sound to them. My guess would be envelope driven versus pedal controlled but I have no experience setting something like this up in an FAS preset. Example: Anyway, any AF2 to convert (loving Fractool!) or...
  16. kartman

    Hiss on Input2?

    Thanks for the explanation.
  17. kartman

    Hiss on Input2?

    OK. 'By Design' seems to imply a purpose. Can we get a hint? I'm curious now! :)
  18. kartman

    Hiss on Input2?

    I have what I hope is a simple issue with Input2. I'm running FW1.10 and only have an instrument cable plugged into the rear instrument input. IN1 block is on the grid and all is good. I put IN2 on the grid and I'm getting a constant hiss when there is nothing connected to either of the Input2...
  19. kartman

    Wish More control over modifier curve

    +1 (Image below is from an RC controller for stick position to throttle mapping. If we had linear connection option of a user defined number of points, I could use this)
  20. kartman

    Fractool: AF2 to AF3 question

    Latest version of the tool is working amazing. Pulling in some of my AF2 faves and I'm noticing the hardware input is hotter or the amp block input is a bit friskier. Everything is sounding right except the sound is less clean and/or breakup is earlier. Just me? If not just me, how much input...
  21. kartman

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    @AlGrenadine - Totally appreciated. Just sold my AF2 so this timing is excellent. Donated before but will again shortly. I converted a relatively simple 5-scene preset the other night as a test. After loading the correct IR and adjusting the cab block to find it, I was a bit surprised to find...
  22. kartman

    Axe-Fx III hardware failure rate?

    While I agree, there is something that ISN'T the same with 'any brand'... Support. FAS is absolutely top notch for direct support (i.e. failures) and legacy support (i.e. rolling out FW for mature products). I challenge anybody to find stronger backing... anywhere... on anything. Just sayin' If...
  23. kartman

    Guitar Shop In Seattle?

    Guys... I'm going to be travelling to Seattle tomorrow for work. I'm going to be downtown (not too far from the Guitar Center) but I was looking for a recommendation... When I travel, I try to pop into a local shop as you never know what you might find and fall in love with... Any suggestions?
  24. kartman

    Implemented Per scene volume (like Axe-Fx II)

    I have used this strategy before. It worked well. Slightly tangent question: Is there a way to do this with DISCRETE values in the scene controller? It's been a while but I recall it was driven by a curve, I think. I found it to be tedious to adjust the volume on a specific scene without...
  25. kartman

    AxeFX3 <--> AxeEdit3 <--> Upcoming FCs: MIDI?

    I didn't say there was an issue, did I? Sorry if that was implied... It just seemed odd to me that, when dealing with proprietary tools like FractalBot, AxeEdit, and the new FC controllers, FAS would choose MIDI... I really want the FC controller, AxeEdit, and AxeFX3 unit to all stay in sync...
  26. kartman

    AxeFX3 <--> AxeEdit3 <--> Upcoming FCs: MIDI?

    My experience with FAS is that everything is well thought out and, as a result, is well engineered... Now that AxeEdit3 (beta) is out, I find myself scratching my head. Is all the communication in an out of the AxeFX3 via MIDI over USB? If so, this seems odd to me and I'm hoping somebody can...
  27. kartman

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    While I respect your disappointment, "fair" or "unfair" can be debated endlessly. The reality is that FAS is running the "waitlist" for AxeFX3 units exactly the same way they've been run for other product releases. No promises... no surprises. I was a bit surprised to see them offer units at...
  28. kartman

    How loud should the fan be?

    I've not seen the line at the contract manufacturer in China (I was in China at a CM last week... for all I know, FAS product was on an adjacent line! :) ) but I can pretty much 100% guarantee that these screws and nuts are manually installed. The use of manual labour and standard machine screws...
  29. kartman

    How loud should the fan be?

    To clarify... the 4x screws that I left "just tight enough" run through the fan housing/grommets/fan plate... and then are capped by Nylock machine nuts. They are not going to come loose and float around inside the unit due to insufficient torque. Should be good for life of fan now! :)
  30. kartman

    Axe-Fx III Manual Update

    PG 156 - MIDI/REMOTE: OTHER PAGE (Tuner Parameter) - no mention of 0 and 127 as setting states. I agree that it might be clear to some or even most users. I'm not very experienced with MIDI. What you say makes sense but it would have been immediately understood if the manual was explicit...
  31. kartman

    Axe-Fx III Manual Update

    I setup my MIDI footswitch to toggle the main tuner today, Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place in the manual but I found the SETUP details for setting the CC# fine but it's pretty vague about the CC# + a value of >63 to ENTER into the tuner and CC# + a value of <63 to EXIT. The way I read the...
  32. kartman

    How loud should the fan be?

    Opened up my unit and removed the fan/fan plate... I loosened the 4x screws/lock nuts that are holding the fan to the grommets JUST to the point where the screws are not rattling in the fan housing. (i.e. absolute minimum compression of the rubber grommets) Also, when reinstalling, the plate, I...
  33. kartman

    Implemented MIDI initiated PRESET inc/dec

    I know you can do this for SCENES on the III now and rumour is that the new FCs will allow this function out of the box. I'd love to see a MIDI option to increment and decrement the PRESET... while I'm at it, a RETURN function might be useful for A/B comparison of presets? If the unit can...
  34. kartman

    How loud should the fan be?

    Thumbs up for trying this and I'm glad the result was positive... I was too lazy to open up my unit last night to do exactly this experiment. I guess I know what I'll be doing tonight! :) I'm crossing my fingers that this is the silver bullet for the rest of us and we can put this thread behind...
  35. kartman

    Wish Non-recording interface mode

    Try disabling the AxeFX audio interface in the Sound area of Windows (Playback Devs)... USB is still available for MIDI and AxeEDIT but the OS doesn't see it as a valid playback or recording dev. Just a thought. This is what I did with both the XL and III
  36. kartman

    How loud should the fan be?

    Mine too... Perfect capture. Can others with a III comment? I'm curious to get a community take on "normal". Of course, I hope FAS tunes in to this thread and weighs in too. "normal" or not, this is louder than I'd hoped it would be. I'm hoping there is a reasonable fix that comes with no impact...
  37. kartman

    How loud should the fan be?

    Sigh... I'm seeing a pattern in your posts. If you choose to swap your fan, please share what you choose as an alternative. Thanks for contributing .
  38. kartman

    How loud should the fan be?

    Basic 3-wire fan.... +ve, -ve, and tach. Speed can be throttled with any variable resistance fan controller (PC supply store). I can't see the DSPs in the picture but, before making and throttle adjustments or replacing fan, I'm wondering if Cliff and Co. might add a die temp for DSPs and CPU...
  39. kartman

    How loud should the fan be?

    100% agree. I do electronics cooling as part of my 'real life'. Our fan is circulating air inside the chassis, as far as I can tell. So, volumetrically, there so very little passing through the chassis apertures. My thought was mounting... rubber mounts can help with vibration but, in many...
  40. kartman

    How loud should the fan be?

    This accurately describes my unit, as well. As mentioned in my earlier post, I'm not in a panic... I'm reluctant to open the unit (warranty) until I can have a chat with FAS. That said, I'm curious to see how the fan has been implemented on the new design. If anybody has internal pictures...
  41. kartman

    Duty / Shipping to Canada?

    I'm in Ottawa too. In USD, my invoice was 2499.99 + 325.00 + 133.35 = 2958.34. This is unit + HST + shipping. All money was collected by FAS and the unit arrived at my door with no money owing (i.e. no brokerage, duties, additional taxes). Hope this helps.
  42. kartman

    How loud should the fan be?

    I have my III and XL in a home studio and very close to where I tend to sit... I have to say that the fan noise from the III is worse than I expected and, frankly, it's the ONLY way in which I'm disappointed in the new unit. The III noise is definitely more intrusive than the XL. Even then, I'm...
  43. kartman


    I too would be interested in this reverb!
  44. kartman

    Loving my AxeFX3 but...

    ... I'm so bummed that the front panel of this new monster didn't get some of those cool AX8 LED lighted knobs! My buddy has an AX8 and it's a running discussion... I thought for sure that that FAS would have put them in the O/P positions cuz they could! :) Great work FAS. I tease about the...
  45. kartman

    Freeze/Hold Patch for AxeFx3?

    Well... I got a pulsing in the drone. I didn't expect this from the REV block (maybe from DLY). Clearly, I've done something wrong. I'm happy to keep tinkering but, if anybody has a block or settings to share, it'd be appreciated.
  46. kartman

    Freeze/Hold Patch for AxeFx3?

    I've been messing with the DLY and REV block hold function to "freeze" a chord and then colour over it... After reading some AF2 posts (some of which are ancient), I'm wondering if anybody might have a patch or block details to share on how they are approaching the setup. Basically, I want to...
  47. kartman

    Wish Envelope-driven display off?

    Not even sure if this is possible in new AF3 hardware... but my units (AF2 and AF3) are often turned on for most of a day or evening. Of course they are played a lot but intermittently... say break for dinner... dumb kids needing to do piano practice... or wife saying, "you love that guitar more...
  48. kartman

    Wish Tempo changes NOT flagged as 'edited' preset

    Agree... Options would be cool. Didn't mean to imply that my way was the only way.
  49. kartman

    Wish Tempo changes NOT flagged as 'edited' preset

    I set most of my presets to be "global" tempo and have an external MIDI clock (BeatBuddy) syncing tempo with all my MIDI clock aware gear. This is just a nit-pick but, especially now that new AxeFX3 has me doing much tinkering/experimenting, it's annoying that any tempo change makes the front...
  50. kartman

    Wish Quantized Midi-synced Looper

    I run an Infinity looper with AxeFX... I would also love to see more smarts (i.e. MIDI sync'd) in the FAS looper. That said, beyond just MIDI clock my BeatBuddy and Infinity have been coordinated by the developers to also track the time signature and start a bar.
  51. kartman

    Axe-FX III Tri Chorus vs. Fulltone TERC

    Yup... I was listening on my phone speaker in car. My bad! :)
  52. kartman

    Axe-FX III Tri Chorus vs. Fulltone TERC

    Rush - In the End? Nice!
  53. kartman

    Implemented Modeled control highlights

    There are many ways to approach this 'wish' but I think I agree with many of these posts. It would be nice to be able to differentiate between "real" controls and the "bonus" features that FAS has provided us with their magic. I really don't care about fancy skins but, sure, why not? That said...
  54. kartman

    Axe Fx III & Mission Engineering

    Hmmmm... I never thought of that. SMRT... S.M.R.T. You are so SMRT. I think I'd miss the spring in the wah too much. Now, I must run and try! :)
  55. kartman

    Axe Fx III & Mission Engineering

    Spring loaded SP1 with toe switch and LED option for Wah... everything else, EV1 or EV2. Minimum of 2x pedals are best with one spring loaded for Wah, IMHO. Have fun@
  56. kartman

    ToneMatch/Cab block??

    I had the same questions... not sure if this thread adds anything... just in case. Tone Match Blocks
  57. kartman

    Wish Add Input 2-4 Source with SPDIF/AES option

    I would totally use this! Right now, I'm using SPDIF in on my Apollo interface for AF3 output and my AF2 is now demoted to analog (only 1x SPDIF on my Apollo). I'd really like to feed the AF2 SPDIF into the AF3 and drop it onto the grid as IN2-IN4. May get processed... might just get passed...
  58. kartman

    Tone Match Blocks

    OK... I was looking in AxeEdit... I'll look in the block directly on the AF2. Once saved as .syx, I load it to a user IR slot and then attach to a CAB, correct? Does this mean my new preset on AF3 will have 2x CAB blocks to replace the CAB+TM from the AF2? Using the new IR mixer in AF3, can I...
  59. kartman

    Tone Match Blocks

    Guys... This is a bit AF2 and a bit AF3... I have an AF2 preset that carries a tone match block. The TM follows a AMP and CAB in the chain. I can recreate the preset in AF3 pretty easy with some elbow grease but I'm wondering about getting the TM imported. I notice that the AF3 has an export...
  60. kartman

    Stock Presets...Wow!

    +1 Finally got some time to play today (as opposed to tinker with the new interface, etc). I managed to get through the first 80+ factory presets. Then, I found 'Petrucci Rig'! Great stuff in this box but that preset just stopped me in my tracks and it was simply time to play guitar. Great...
  61. kartman

    How much are the new foot controllers for the axe FX 3 going to cost and when will they be available

    +1 Repurchase as used MFC? I'm hanging onto mine until the FC12 ships.
  62. kartman

    BitDefender Antivirus Interferes with Axe-Fx III Driver Installation

    I just did the install this AM on a Win10-64bit machine. I had issues with my antivirus SW interfering. After a temporary bypass, the install went through with no issues. I've not fully tested but the Device Manager looks correct (no exclamation marks) and I was able to interact with both the...
  63. kartman

    SPDIF Passthru?

    Yeah... I'll try the preset later tonight. Sorry! At office right now... but thinking about AxeFX3! :) If you get this figured out, please post the solution as I think we're trying to accomplish the same routing. Upon further reading about IN1, this is the only input that has the magic...
  64. kartman

    SPDIF Passthru?

    Yup. I re-read this section of the manual. I misunderstood during an earlier read. Later today, I'll drop the IN1 block onto the grid with the source changed to SPDIF and switch to IN2 for the instruments. I usually only use a single input at a time and prefer the one of the front but I can...
  65. kartman

    What? No new FW since March 13th?

    FAS is slipping! :) Before somebody flames me.... I'M KIDDING! I'm so excited about where this new platform is going to take us!
  66. kartman

    SPDIF Passthru?

    I typically connect my AF2 into my Apollo interface via SPDIF but the Apollo only has one for these inputs. I'd like the connect the AF3 in the same fashion and connect the SPDIF O/P of the 2 into the I/P of the 3 and have the 3 pass this thru and add the actual AxeFX3 output. Can this be done...
  67. kartman

    Wish Global Superblocks

    How about the concept of nesting presets... so a preset can be used as a 'superblock' and then nested into one or more other presets as a single block that works like a 'pseudo-effect loop'? Just a thought and, if implemented, think of how fast we'll be looking for the AxeFX4 that has another...
  68. kartman

    Axe-Fx III - PDF Manual!

    In AxeFx2 land, I found Yek's Amp Guide work to be interesting and invaluable. I was reading the new manual today and also noted the "shout out" to Yek. This is a ground breaking, world class product that references the work done by a community member in it's documentation. To me, this really...
  69. kartman

    Overlay: Block Default?

    I think this was discussed on AxeFX2 at one point as a 'wish list' item... On the new display on AxeFX3 (and in Axe-Edit), it would be great to be able to graphically overlay the block default settings as a toggle. Being able to see the current value in any setting on any page on any block with...
  70. kartman

    SPDIF O/P Levels (again... sorry)

    Gang... I apologize in advance because this is a rehash of some other threads I've read through. On my AxeFx2, I use the analog FX loop but I ignore the analog OP1 connections. I have my unit mirroring to the SPDIF connector and I go into my Apollo interface digitally. Bottom line, for my final...
  71. kartman

    Tuner: 1/4 step?

    All good suggestions... I have tried this approach and actually use Transcribe .I used to use ASD too but found Transcribe to be a better tool. Anyway, Transcribe only allows semitone adjustments. I'll look into Audacity. It's installed but I've never explored it for slowing and / or pitch...
  72. kartman

    Tuner: 1/4 step?

    I've got my 12-year old playing over the studio recording of Alone Again by Dokken, It's standard tuning minus 1/4 step and I was looking for a dirt simple way to get it tuned correctly when I'm not around. Then, after I tried to show him and failed (I assumed the Axe tuner would have the...
  73. kartman

    Tuner: 1/4 step?

    I know this is a bit uncommon... but, other than using my ear, I'd like to tune down 1/4 step... In the AF2 tuner, I believe making the ref 440hz about -12.5hz would do it or set a 50cents offset. Sadly, the tuner doesn't seem to want to be set that far out in left field for either option . Am...
  74. kartman

    Ares on XL+ ... mission possible or impossible!

    I'm a AxeFX2 owner and plan to move to AxeFX3 as soon as FAS sees my name at the top of their list... I read this forum as a guitarist and a geek but, some days, I find myself in dumbfounded by the ridiculous expectations of some. FAS is a business. They could work under any number of models (SW...
  75. kartman


    Hmmm... I hadn't considered connecting via SPDIF and then using the SPDIF OUT on AxeFX3 to my audio interface. Might have to look into this. To answer your question, I plan to keep both for a while but, ultimately, having both the II and III appeals to the geek in me. That said, wife would kill...
  76. kartman

    AxeFX2 Emulator?

    To respond to my own post, you can have the perfect 'emulator' for the low price of not selling your AxeFX2 or buying a used one to share the rack with your shiny new AxeFX3! :) The underlying idea here is that there are tons of good AxeFX2 resources out there... paid-patches, personal-patches...
  77. kartman

    AxeFX2 Emulator?

    Well... I'm just dreaming and FAS may be laughing their collective asses of reading this... :) I'm talking EMULATOR. The old and new units are completely different so TRANSLATION may impossible or maybe even undesirable. The idea would be just opening and using the existing resources we already...
  78. kartman

    AxeFX2 Emulator?

    If there is CPU available and translating between AxeFX2 and AxeFX3 blocks/presets is an issue for end users, I've been wondering about an AxeFX2 mode... I realize this may be a ton of work and seems silly for those looking for a new platform. If you want an XL+, buy one. If you want an AxeFX3...
  79. kartman

    Generate Midi Clock to all my downline midi devices?

    Sync with BeatBuddy via midi (like Pigronix Infinity looper)? Right now, my BeatBuddy generates the midi clock and Infinity (and AxeFX2) sync to this. But the FAS is only tempo... Infinity understands time signature and beat 1....
  80. kartman

    A tender little ballad

    Very nice... +1 on wanting to try this preset!
  81. kartman

    Bass Presets (amp + cab)

    My kid seems to have taken a shine to a cheap Fender Squire bass that I've acquired from an acquaintance that wasn't using it... Till now, I've never paid any attention to bass ideas for AxeFx. Anybody care to share some presets and/or fav amp/cab combos for me to tryout I'm using an XL...
  82. kartman

    AC20 Deluxe Treble and OH 1x12er Class-A Duo IR's

    Thanx! Much appreciated... I have a friend with an AX8 that has never bothered to play around with anything beyond the stock presets. I showed him this recording... Congrats, you've convinced him that it's time to dig deeper into the capabilities he's got sitting at his feet! :)
  83. kartman

    AC20 Deluxe Treble and OH 1x12er Class-A Duo IR's

    I have this pack... can you clarify? the preset has only a single IR CAB on both x/y... your post says you mixed. Great tone! and great playing (as always)
  84. kartman

    York Audio Presents: The Bipolar Pack

    I'm going to pick up this pack, me thinks.... for the 'Class-A 15W with Plex Delays', can you share the preset? Knowing which IR you were using would be great!
  85. kartman

    FAS + UAD Ocean Way Studio Plugin

    I totally respect your honesty. I'm crossing my fingers that I don't end up sharing your 'buyer's remorse'.
  86. kartman

    FAS + UAD Ocean Way Studio Plugin

    I will try this... Seeing as you have the Ocean Way plug available, should I read between the lines here and say you're not a fan? I had coupons and it was on sale so I paid about 50% price for it but, even so, it's pretty pricey for a failed experiment. :( Thanx for the input.
  87. kartman

    FAS + UAD Ocean Way Studio Plugin

    Just curious how many FAS owners out there might also be UAD Plugin users and have the Ocean Way Studio Plugin. I've been trying different configs using a fairly simple Axe preset. Clean tone (AMP + CAB) with very limited fx and a simple spring reverb. The goal is to add some room ambiance that...
  88. kartman

    MFC-101 with Mission SP-1, Wah switch works backwards?

    Sure... More info can't hurt. If you post here, it might help other too! Thanx.
  89. kartman

    MFC-101 with Mission SP-1, Wah switch works backwards?

    Interesting. For what it's worth, I also assumed LED on meant pedal engaged. Many ways to solve the issue. I chose to just reverse settings in Axe... Now that I'm thinking about it, I may add a little micro switch to my pedal that swaps the LED state or disables completely. Thanx for filling...
  90. kartman

    MFC-101 with Mission SP-1, Wah switch works backwards?

    I use the same pedal. Just go into the controller setup again and reverse the on and off dials. Will function exactly as expected.
  91. kartman

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.01 Firmware Release

    Dude... I've been traveling on business starting the day v7.00 dropped! :) Home tonight to install v7.01! I missed an entire firmware in one trip! I love being an AxeFx owner... FAS kicks ass! :grinning:
  92. kartman

    How To: Axe II into Apollo 8 TB

    I don't use SR CONVERT but I do use the S/PDIF to avoid an extra layer of D/A + A/D conversion. For SR I just lock the Axe to the UAD and use the UAD at 48kHz sampling. I don't have much need to run higher rates but, when/if I ever do, the plan would be to let both devices use their internal...
  93. kartman

    Ax-APE: Orange Tiny Terror

    Bravo! My recent thread about "Reality Mode" was misinterpreted by many, generated a wide range of opinions, and was eventually moved to the "wish list" sub-forum. All I was really tossing about was the good/bad implications of having such ready access to the inner workings of the wonderful FAS...
  94. kartman

    CA3+ Clean anyone?

    Being a UAD user, care to elaborate on this setup? :) I don't (yet) have the OBot Pack but that is easily fixed. Now, this plugin is pricey! Can you share a clip?
  95. kartman

    CA3+ Clean anyone?

    Big fan of the Deluxe Verb Vibe model but, funny you should mention CA3+, I stumbled across this the other day and I've been stuck on it ever since. I'm playing my PRS HB on the neck pickup and I'm really digging the "chime".
  96. kartman

    External switch for Preset Increment... help

    I never bothered to set it up but I'd planned on using a MIDI controlled relay to emulate a footswitch in to the AxeFX (could be used for real amp channel switching too?) Like I said, I never actually tried it but I have all the hardware to make an attempt. Just a thought, if you're bent on...
  97. kartman

    Compressor Block: confused by makeup function

    I agree... the comment wasn't meant to imply that my instruments weren't capable of being the source of the noise. Your input is well taken. My thought was only that I'd look beyond the guitar itself first. I swapped some cables and double checked the ground on my favourite patch cord. :) Seems...
  98. kartman

    Compressor Block: confused by makeup function

    I appreciate the response... I trust the quality of the instrument... I have a favourite cable that I always use but I have a few spares about. I'll swap that and see if it cleans up the buzz. As always, this community is the best. Many thanx.
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