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  1. kerrlehr


    Wow, just wow brother Eddie. Thank you for your playing and Inspiration. An entire new level of guitarist for your time. God be with you and thank you Sir !!!
  2. kerrlehr

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.01

    Not disagreeing, but stating how it works for me personally I just don't care. It's musical. I would almost prefer to turn the knob and just hear it and not even see any form of measurement. When it's where it should be, my ears will say "sounds good man". I guess what I'm saying is this: I...
  3. kerrlehr

    Rush Tribute Gig with Axe 3

    This show would be an awesome Live Feed Stream if the 3 of you can be 6' apart. I think we all would love to see it!! Donations accepted.... (BTW a fan of Swabbies on the River when passing through SAC)
  4. kerrlehr

    Will MIDI 2.0 - Require Axe-Fx III redesign soon?

    Curious if the MIDI 2.0 protocol will require a new version of the box, or can a software update, or bolt-in module do the trick if we want to utilize the great new technology coming in the near future?? https://reverb.com/news/what-will-midi-2-dot-0-mean-for-musicians
  5. kerrlehr

    Who all is running out of CPU?

    Come on guys. Who here is having a problem with wrapping out your Mc Laren at anything past 227 MPH because it's rpm's and HP just can't handle your driving....
  6. kerrlehr

    What amp did the Axe-Fx III make you discover and fall in love with?

    The beauty here is what the AX FX has always been all about. Something for everyone. I love these responses because they are truly all over the board!
  7. kerrlehr


    Bump - Same Question
  8. kerrlehr

    Any FC release time info ?

    IMHO - A little faith here will go a long way here. Cliff / Matt and company haven't steered us wrong yet. I still remember when I first saw those iPhones.... (1) button, Volume up and down and a power switch. Thinking, "how lame this phone looks". The rest was history. Ohh, and BTW, they shed...
  9. kerrlehr

    FC18 and FC21

    Bigger vs. Smarter?? I will go with smarter - So many options here - Awesome
  10. kerrlehr

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.00 Firmware Release

    This amp loves the 808 for sure. But it sound stellar dimed too! Great and appropriate playing. Nice descriptive demo - THX!! My very first amp (I'm old damn it) - Back at last - Lovin it!
  11. kerrlehr

    Pick the real amp...

    Who cares _ sounds great _ I enjoy the tones I hear on 1_3_5 very much Thank you for the audio brain exercise It really dosedn't matter as long as you lay down some nice tracks. What is cool is the fact that aside from you, nobody can seriously tell any notable diffefence. Cliff has realized...
  12. kerrlehr

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 3.03 Firmware Release

    Didn't James run via Triaxis???
  13. kerrlehr

    Rack Mounting Protection

    just wrap it with stretch wrap like they have a home depot - really - who cares - be careful when you put it in
  14. kerrlehr

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" 2.00 Public Beta Numero Tres

    dos numero tres es la mierda :D
  15. kerrlehr

    SKB Rolling Rack Case Which Size Bolts?

    The bolts from rack gear mfg's. include a plastic isolation ring. These will decouple the rack from the frame of the rack. This is done for a reason. They are not that expensive. However, if you must save a couple dollars doing DIY method, be sure to get some type on non-conductive washers for...
  16. kerrlehr

    How many don't use reverb at all for live?

    this should be a poll thread
  17. kerrlehr

    How many don't use reverb at all for live?

    Never live - Instant mush to my ears - blurred in the mixed
  18. kerrlehr

    Low Frequency hum - wtf - help!

    B-? Fluorescent lighting present??
  19. kerrlehr

    59 Deluxe

    You all have inspired me to go into my studio and re-visit the Deluxe Tweed. I cannot say how awesome the last couple hours have been. I could coax out pretty much full spectrum of sounds by changing volume and pickup settings.(PRS 24). I honestly had one of those days that jus make you love to...
  20. kerrlehr

    Just ordered my AxeFx II XL+ and MFC 101 today.

    Maybe not the same - BUT AWESOME INITIATIVE - I know when I see what you have thrown together here, that AX-FX is right up your ally. You will do just fine with your new Fractal gear
  21. kerrlehr

    19 Reverb types or 7???

    I was thinking about that tune, I had a close encounter with remembering it, but I just can't put my finger on it.
  22. kerrlehr

    Will get an AxeFX if I can achieve this tone. Can the box do this?

    Exactly true. When I wrote "Easily" my comment is aimed at the question of "Can the AXE-FX achieve this tone." The answer is in fact "Easily". I think the AXE-FX might even ask "Is that all you got" The OP's challenge/question was "if the AXE-FX can achieve this tone." not if he can.
  23. kerrlehr

    Will get an AxeFX if I can achieve this tone. Can the box do this?

    Honestly - easily - I have heard variations of that multiple times. They are all uniquely their own, but easily demonstrate that this can be achieved. However, I would think you would want to create your own variation once you get this tone sculpting machine...
  24. kerrlehr

    Bundles are the new black!

    I you feel like buying them, then go ahead. If you don't then don't. I think buying Coke a Cola and the like is a waste, personally. I drink water. Buy if you want to spend 1.50+ to drink something that will contribute to both getting yourself even more overweight and certainly contribution to...
  25. kerrlehr

    emulate car horns at beginning of runing with the devil?

    This is in fact a recording of their car horns, then slowed down.
  26. kerrlehr

    Rough guess as to when Fractal stops updating the II?

    Based upon the Ultra days, I would guess it would be after FW 11... Since we are at FW 18, guessing doesn't serve us well.
  27. kerrlehr

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.01 Released

    Surprised myself after UG to FW 18.01. I accidentally turned on the 000 Preset Bassman 59 and thought that I was still on the JTM45 - I thought to myself, wow this Marshall sounds more organic all of a sudden. Then looked up to see that I was back on 000 Bassman. Wow even the grandfather of all...
  28. kerrlehr

    Axe and Orange Cab ( funny )

    Wait a minute, that looks like some kind of feminine hygiene product with the Orange logo on it.......
  29. kerrlehr

    Axe and Orange Cab ( funny )

    I just tone matched it - The Patch will be uploaded soon. Tangy Tone
  30. kerrlehr

    How to pan amps hard left and right ?

    There is no "My bad" in experimenting and asking for help. The most fun you can have with this new box is to try, fail, try, fail again, try again and totally succeed. That's how it works sometimes. Other times you can find a killer sound pretty much by accident. Uses you ears more than your...
  31. kerrlehr

    How to pan amps hard left and right ?

    This hits the nail squarely on the head This is the way to use and visualize your AXE-FX always. So many see it as a box with secret codes and thousands of things to know and learn. Always try to "Imagine this in real life" try to visualize what you would do with real equipment. Only look at...
  32. kerrlehr

    This is what I'm getting if you all approve!

    Check out this Sequential power conditioner from Carvin $149.00 - A lot more for the money and if you set up sequence correctly, It will eliminate "Pops" automatically every time you power up and power down. I have one and it is really nice and a great value. Nice digital voltage readout and...
  33. kerrlehr

    Now we just need Neil

    Did they find that in Hillary's emails??
  34. kerrlehr

    TOTAL newbie question!

    +1 What ChrisCG Said above
  35. kerrlehr

    TOTAL newbie question!

    I don't look back and wish I had my old "Brick" cell phone frying my brain cells away and I certainly dont look back at my 1/4 ton rig and wish I had that either, Axe-FX XL- and Matrix GT1,000 (And now my little 2 or 3 pound RAC-12!!) and I am a happy camper who can easily blow your eardrums...
  36. kerrlehr

    Digitech 2120 dying...

    We ex Digitech heads are many here in AXE-FX Land. I think that we should put our heads together and help old JUNKDK <- (could that be short for "Junk Dick"? I'm just thinkin out loud here) To write a fitting Eulogy for his beloved and old used & abused 2120. May it rest in peace! Let's hear...
  37. kerrlehr

    New 18.00 Public Beta

    I think my Axe-FX XL- also sounds just like a Axe-FX XL+
  38. kerrlehr

    RAC12 on tour?

    Mine is solid as any piece of gear I have owned. As said previously, these knobs do feel more solid that those on my Axe-FX. It immediately made me feel more at home with, and connected to my Axe-FX XL- Totally is the missing link for me. Finally my Axe feel more like an amp and less like a...
  39. kerrlehr

    Does the Axe FX come with Pro Tools?

    No it doesn't. But it comes with: - All new algorithms based on our new patented modeling technology - Super duper hardware design with better intermodulation distortion and lower interphase coupling - Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) LCD with superior brightness and contrast - Custom black-and-white "+"...
  40. kerrlehr

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    Spoiler Alert. And..... This forum is going to be destroyed when 100,000 kids suddenly log on after getting one of these bargain Mini Axe's under their Christmas Trees. I just thought about that part of the equation. You think we have occasional issues with bad apples on this forum now. I fear...
  41. kerrlehr

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    Interesting - So in an "Add on Model" environment it might go something like this, some respected player says "I'm only using amp X now" on this forum. Within minutes 16,500 now substandardly equipped, impressionable users start grabbing up their dad's credit card and at, say $9.95 each, they...
  42. kerrlehr

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    If you go with the H9 model (which I personally find as a brand identity error - but that's just my opinion) I would be curious how FW updates would be executed when almost no two units are the same anymore. Seems like a big complication to the single most awesome feature on our black boxes.
  43. kerrlehr

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    Damn Craig, You are creating one hell of a big carbon foot print. LOL
  44. kerrlehr

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    Makes business sense. However, I don't see how it could "actually" lower the cost as you already have produced the amp models and the effect algos. I suppose that the same applies to the H9, but it is really a nut and shell game at this point. I feel that you keep your brand prestige if you just...
  45. kerrlehr

    How do I get this clean sound?

    Ton of that is coming from two non-amp areas. (1) As has been said - It's the pickups and how they are wired. Piezo?? Listen to how different it sounds when he switches the pickup selector at 2:15. (2) It's Tosin man. Those fingers (both hands) are magically talented, dynamic, his varied...
  46. kerrlehr

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    Totally formidable. Why the hell not - See what happens when it gets so cold outside that you piss out piscicles up in Fractal land. Awesome to see the Basic controls on the dash!! Like it! (But the "Not So Fractal Green" lights look like they belong on a want-to-be competitors rig........)
  47. kerrlehr

    Fw 18 Dizzy Silver Ch 3 [FIXED]

    100% yes. Good find at that BTW. I suppose that if Cliff is going to put out Public BETA releases. there should be a formal Public BETA issues reporting thread where all Public users can post these bugs, issues, etc in a central place where they can easily be addressed without having to search...
  48. kerrlehr

    Fw 18 Dizzy Silver Ch 3 [FIXED]

    = BETA
  49. kerrlehr

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    THE ROTARY - WOW - Thank you for this Cliff
  50. kerrlehr

    B9 Organ Machine. Can the Axefx do this?

    When I want to play a B3 (not (9)) I just switch on my wireless Fishman Triple Play and play a B3, or a Rhodes or any other instrument known to man kind. It's kind of pretty damn cool to play keys on a guitar. Makes the EH box a toy. NAMM '12 - Fishman Triple Play Guitar Controller Demo
  51. kerrlehr

    G3 modeling thread

    You mean you were supposed to keep your hands on the grips. Shit, I thought those were just for quick turns. To think, I was riding around with no hands half the time. Lucky to still be alive I guess. I should have just played it safe and waited around the house speculating on G3:eagerness:
  52. kerrlehr

    G3 modeling thread

    @CK - The first section of the clip sounds like a bit brighter and more focused on the high end - otherwise same. Which is G3??
  53. kerrlehr

    G3 modeling thread

    Who needs G3 - I have my eyes on this!! I remember the excitement of anticipation back in the 70's when G3 meant nothing. This was all that mattered in the world to me. Still pretty cool I must say!
  54. kerrlehr

    FW18 Twin Reverb - Albert Collins Style!

    Killer tone there. Do you realize just exactly how insanely LOUD a twin reverb would be dimed like this? It would blow your ear drums out you nostrils. One of the coolest things about the AXE is getting tones like this in a civil manner.
  55. kerrlehr

    I'm interviewing Mark Day tonight

    Describe how you took a cheap MIM Strat and what you did to turn it into a Mark Day Shread Machine - The one you had at Axe Fest at Van Nuys, CA.
  56. kerrlehr

    FW18 - AC30

    Back to the OP - Looks like not quite yet based on the absence of Beta responses here. This will be a great amp to hear honed by GGG
  57. kerrlehr

    Semi Broken Up Brit 800 G3 FW18 Mark Day

    Kind of like a pro supercross racer saying this trail is just a little bumpy!! Nice quite a bit broken up tone Mark
  58. kerrlehr

    FW 18 Release Notes please?

    Seriously - The Release Notes aren't written before the release of a new firmware like a script. It is the Summary of What has taken place. It is the final step. Once the Release Notes are written, it gets published. Any intelligence would have this known as common sense.
  59. kerrlehr

    FW 18 Release Notes please?

    Lame Ass BROKE DICK thread
  60. kerrlehr

    FW18 "Unchained" EVH

    F'ing rocked it out of the park Cooper - Who cares what those guys say. I notice all of their clips showing how it should have sounded. I for one would almost kill to play that song as well as you did in this clip.
  61. kerrlehr

    G3 FW18 mini review

    Now you are easily amused!!
  62. kerrlehr

    Setting up volume pedal with MFC 101 and Axe-Fx II

    If you are not planning on changing it throughout the show, or even just a few times, just use the output 1 control on the right side of the face of the unit and use the pedal for something more important. If you are using it often (not sure why you would) then go back to the wiki and the...
  63. kerrlehr

    Does Amp Block Improvements affect the FAS amps?

    You got it wrong here - In fact, Elon Musk is more like the Cliff Chase of Electric Cars
  64. kerrlehr

    G3 FW18 mini review

    That is it - we are here!! Love these dynamics! This is all I want.
  65. kerrlehr

    FW18: WRECKER 2 Demo

    Liking this a lot my friend
  66. kerrlehr

    Shirley turned 18 - fw18 preview

    @Vegasbaby I love that tone as well. I would really love to hear this again but dialed in with a little less gain - like 20% less (clean on the light dynamics) and see how you can dynamically go from true clean to grit solely by using picking variations. It sound like this dirty gal will go...
  67. kerrlehr

    Your favorite guitar (that you own) and why...

    1996 PRC 24 Custom 10Top - Violin Finish - I just melts in your hands, it feels like I have played it forever since the first time I picked it up. Tone is second to non. It just feels right. I have no desire for anything else. Funny, after Axe-Fest I in CA - when Scott Peterson used it, he...
  68. kerrlehr

    Fryette LXII Finally! Some progress!

    So, you are aware that Matrix offers a 2 rack space version for studio environments which has virtually silent fans?? Why would you be using a 1,000 watt amp and be worried about fan noise? I have a GT1000FX and when I want/need "dead silent", I throw on my AKG702 Cans, or use my studio...
  69. kerrlehr

    EV-1 Expression Pedal

    Hey guys, Any news on these??
  70. kerrlehr

    Ok wish me luck last chance for my CLR today with the full band

    :lol That is f*&^%ng hilarious man :sorrow:
  71. kerrlehr

    Ok wish me luck last chance for my CLR today with the full band

    A watt is a watt ?? This simply is not true. I own a S-Load of all the equipment types in question and I guaranty you that the tube watts are not equal to their SS counter parts - I really don't know, or care why. But I do know for certain that a 2x22 watt mesa 20/20 will melt a SS pushing...
  72. kerrlehr

    Chinese guitar knock-offs... opinions?

    How would you like to find out that your Axe-Fx-II Mk II that you bought used was in fact a copy? Fraudulently created, with inferior parts by a bunch of reverse engineering crooks. I won't accept stolen music, software or Liar guitars. Period. It is very different when it says "Gibson", has a...
  73. kerrlehr

    Alex Lifeson talks about "The Fractal"

    ALEX - My main man - I, as a great many of you, have been studying his every note and nuance since around 1979 (in my case). I have to have had well over a thousand hours of scratching vinyl back then. I think I owned about 4 of the 2112 album (Wish we had iTunes back then) and a few copies of...
  74. kerrlehr

    AOTM - Bogner Shiva

    I own the 6L6 version and can only say that it is ungodly. As has been stated, you will not find a nicer clean and the amp's overdrive is enormous and highly variable with amazing dynamics. I do find that my Dr. Z-Airbrake is mandatory with this and mine is only 60 Reinhold watts. I can only...
  75. kerrlehr

    Recording Violin with the Axe-Fx II?

    or my old favorite single Universal Audio SOLO/610 | Sweetwater.com
  76. kerrlehr

    Recording Violin with the Axe-Fx II?

    take a look at: Universal Audio Apollo Twin DUO | Sweetwater.com Mojave Audio MA-300 | Sweetwater.com
  77. kerrlehr

    ODS Ford???

    A breath of fresh air enters the week old porta-potty - Love it Knuckles - Well timed humor is always a good way to help segue out of an uncomfortable situation.
  78. kerrlehr

    ODS Ford???

    That ending decay trails sounds very whole, full, good to me. It trails off into an almost bell like deep ringing like one of those biggest hand bells. Very cool.
  79. kerrlehr

    Ah, the new flanger: Thank you!

    It would be cool if there was a "Basics" Page where it has only about the amount of parameters as an actual equiv. pedal might have. - Then if you want to dive in - just page up to the deep menu. Just a thought -
  80. kerrlehr

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 17.03 Released

    Fantastic -> Suhr Badger Models undated <- they were good - but I could not A/B the 18watt against my actual unit and call them matched - hoping this does it!! Thank you for your attention to detail Cliff - These various re evaluations and corrections you keep doing show a huge desire for...
  81. kerrlehr

    "new blocks for sending MIDI and manually controlling the onboard RELAYS"

    This is not how scenes are intended to be used. The whole concept is that if you "turn on drive and delay In scene 1" you would just save that as scene 2. If You then want to change a relay, That is then saved as scene 3, change it again, it is saved as scene 4 and so on. This is how scenes are...
  82. kerrlehr

    Floydrose Flutter

    One more for your check off list: Try swapping springs the the other guitars - see if the flutter reactions goes with the springs to the other guitars.
  83. kerrlehr

    FX8 Teaser Video Clip

    So you are just using the practice amps on this one Mark?
  84. kerrlehr

    What, no FW 17 Dumble yet? Quick Blues jam with the HRM model and 50us Tape Pre!

    Seriously Guitar V @ 50% huh. Too cool massive Dynamic response there. Sounds like a D 2 Me
  85. kerrlehr

    Question for FAS: Can you Daisy Chain two AXEFXIIs?

    This is something that M@ has written of in the past (not so much the XL part - But the doubling up part yes) - Obviously it is possible no problem. You can do what ever you want as long as electronic reality permits. (And with our Axes, we often do things only which can be done in or boxes and...
  86. kerrlehr

    Major fault with Axe fx XL

    Have you considered that it is a weekend and that perhaps they will get back to you when they are open Monday?? Just a thought.
  87. kerrlehr

    Hello and thank you...

    Love that tune dearly - Sounds fantastic just the way you played it (wished he would have done a version without the new age-y stuff and kept it all guitar and vocal only).
  88. kerrlehr

    Announcing MFC-Edit - Official editor for the MFC-101

    What is so hilarious?? Did you fart out a series of vowels from your bowels? See an old man trip and yell out awkward obscenities outside of your apartment window? Anyway, glad to see you had a good laugh.
  89. kerrlehr

    Also Available in Black...

    Fractal Black!!
  90. kerrlehr

    Tape deck emulation presets?

    Easy, buy one and put it in the loop. I just per-ordered mine. This deco is something I really like. It is it's own thing IMHO. Love the hold to slide in and out of TZF on the fly feature. One classy pedal.
  91. kerrlehr

    Cliff, you directly go for FW16 ?

    So you have been looking at M@'s avitar huh....
  92. kerrlehr

    Where's Waldo

    Waldo is everywhere in the room - That is what I see every time that I look at my Axe-FX II. Well, actually it's only a small sampling of what's in the box.
  93. kerrlehr

    Why Fractal users are rabid about their AxeFxs...the Tesla analogy

    Just can it - Fish medley sandwich spread
  94. kerrlehr

    Why Fractal users are rabid about their AxeFxs...the Tesla analogy

    My community uses solar, wind, hydro electric and nuclear we do not have any coal burning plants at all here. We can make that the way of the dinosaur if more of the nations, and communities of the planet joins in. I for one, love the Hydrogen powered car model being pioneered by Germany / BMW...
  95. kerrlehr

    A question for Cliff

    Regarding this question being posed to Cliff: Of course the answer to the question "could you" is Yes. The really question here is "Will he".... We can be certain that the long answer is, ..... Soon.
  96. kerrlehr

    Axe-Edit 3.1 released!

    This software is really blossoming into a highly usable tool. I remember a while ago not too long ago when we had no tool at all (Glad because I really learned the Axe front end because of it) - now this - THANK YOU FAS
  97. kerrlehr

    simulating a guitar volume knob roll off.

    There are some easy techniques where you can roll the volume without moving your hand or changing your picking position. For me it's just a simple "Hang loose" type hand position where you straighten your pinky and pull forward a hair to roll the vol knob when needed. A bit of practice and doing...
  98. kerrlehr

    mfc switches...volume of the actual hardware switches...

    If it is so important to have the noiseless switches, then someone will gladly pay you "$520.00 shipped" (as evidenced above) and for the the cost of the new switches (have you souced and costed the new switches?) and the value of a few hours of your time, (Not to mention the risk of destroying...
  99. kerrlehr

    Which amp sealed the deal for you?

    YEP "II: Nuclear-Tone (Swart Atomic Space Tone)" This is one damn cool amp for sure.
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