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  1. Omrat

    Quick metal clip with "SinMix_Axe5150_EVH" Preset

    Here is a quick clip with Axe FX II XL (SinMix_Axe5150_EVH preset was used): Best Regards, Omrat
  2. Omrat

    Rock riff with FW 9.01 FAS 6160

    Hey ! Here's a quick rock riff recorded with FW 9.01 (TS808Mod > FAS 6160 > Cab Pack 13): This FW sounds really good (Y) Cheers, Tarmo
  3. Omrat

    Short metal Clip - Fas Modern II & CP13

    Hey Guys ! Recorded another short metal clip with Fas Modern II and Cab Pack 13. This time I used only one IR - “ML USA Bulb R121 A4”. BTW - only post-processing on guitars is C4 to tame some low mids - no EQ etc. hope You like it ! Cheers, Tarmo
  4. Omrat

    Q6.01 Fas Modern II Riff

    Hey ! Just recorded short clip with Q6.01 (Fas Modern II) before final Q6.02 release ;) Cheers, Omrat
  5. Omrat

    FAS 6160 Metal Cilp

    Hey ! Here is another FAS 6160 clip (Q3.XX): Just installed Q5.03 - can't wait to try it ;) Cheers, Omrat
  6. Omrat

    Short clip with HBE and Cab Pack 13

    Hey ! Here is a short clip recorded with HBE v1 (Q4.0) and Cab Pack 13: Used HBE for the first time - what to you guys think ?
  7. Omrat

    Need serious help with IR-s :(

    Hey ! I'm a rookie Axe FX II XL owner and I have serious problems finding some nice IR-s for high-gain tones. Only stock IR that I like and that would fit in My mixes is pretty much Cali 4x12. (there is little bit too much low end though) So I bought 412-GTR_SUN_V30 and downloaded also 412...
  8. Omrat

    NGD: Axe FX II XL (video clip inside)

    Hey guys !!! Finally managed to upgrade from Axe FX Standard to Axe FX II XL ;) : I'm still discovering the unit - so many new parameters compared to Standard ;) So far I'm really happy - just need to spend more time with it. Here's a quick test with PVH6160+ Rhy B model (Quantum 1.06)...
  9. Omrat

    Axe FX Standard Mixtest

    Hey ! Anyone still using the Standard ? ;) Here is a quick test with Axe FX Standard and Mayones Regius 7 in drop A: Better quality here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35739353/Axe FX Standar Mixtest.wav Cheers, Omrat
  10. Omrat

    Axe FX Standard Clip

    Hey ! I've been discovering Logic Pro X lately (long time Cubase user) and here is first mixtest (Guitars are Axe FX Standard): Hope You like it ! Cheers, Omrat
  11. Omrat

    Quick test - Mayones Regius Elements 7 FIRE > Axe FX Standard

    Hi there ! Here is quick test with Mayones Regius 7 and Axe FX Standard - hope You like it: Cheers, Tarmo
  12. Omrat

    Axe FX Standard/Ultra FW 11.01

  13. Omrat

    Quick Test: Caparison & BKP Warpig > Axe FX Standard (OD808 > 5150 > MesaV30 > SM57)

    Just made a quick test with Caparison Horus HGS (loaded with BKP Warpig) Axe FX preset is simple: OD808 > 5150 > Cali + sm57 That is exact rig (real Amp, pedals and cab) I'm using in rehearsal - sounds pretty close to My ears.... Ignore the synth.... :)
  14. Omrat

    Solo recorded with Axe FX Standard

    Hello ! Just a quick home-made clip recorded with Axe FX Standard: This is a solo part from unreleased song "Tormented". Rhythm guitars - PVH5105 amp sim Solo guitars - Andromeda Lead preset (gain and delay reduced) Hope You like it :) Cheers, Tarmo
  15. Omrat

    Project ST - demo TS

    Hello ! Just a quick home-made demo recorded with Axe FX. We (Me and the other guitarist Slava) are currently looking for band members (in Estonia, Tallinn) - vocals, drums and bass. Hope You enjoy ! Cheers, Tarmo
  16. Omrat

    YouTube videoclip - Axe FX Standard ( SLO 100 )

    Hello ! Made a quick videoclip with Axe FX Standrad (SLO 100 amp sim). Thought I will share it here as well: All Best, Omrat
  17. Omrat

    Livin - Empaatia (Axe FX Standard)

    Hi ! This is second demo from my band "Livin". All home made and all guitars are recorded with Axe FX Standard, I hope You like it : All Best, Tarmo
  18. Omrat

    YouTube videoclip - Axe FX Standard (Das Metal)

    Hello ! Just made a quick videoclip with Axe FX Standrad (Das Metal amp sim). Thought I will share it here: BTW: This is my very first track with some vocals :):):) All Best, Omrat
  19. Omrat

    Short videoclip: Axe FX Standard - ART SLA 2 - Yerasov Bull 212V

    Hello ! Here is a little videoclip I made with my latest rig for another forum ( New Cab Day :) ). Thought I will share it here as well: The 2x12 cab is handbuilt in Russia and the brand is YERASOV. Cabinet is 120W and loaded with Celestion V30-s. Stereo - 2x8 Ohm Mono - 4 Ohm...
  20. Omrat

    Is my ART SLA 2 damaged ?

    Need Help with ART SLA-2 and 2x12 cab ..... AGAIN :) I'm running my Axe FX with ART SLA 2 and custom 2x12 cab Cabinet is 120W and loaded with Celestion V30-s. Stereo - 2x8 Ohm Mono - 4 Ohm Right now I'm running my ART SLA 2 Bridged (Mono). ART SLA 2 volume is set to maximum and I'm...
  21. Omrat

    Need Help with ART SLA-2 and 2x12 cab

    Hello ! Just got my first 2x12 cabinet for Axe FX and ART SLA-2 Cabinet is 120W and loaded with Celestion V30-s. Stereo - 2x8 Ohm Mono - 4 Ohm Like I said, this is my first cabinet and I dont have any experience with Watts and Ohms :) What would be the safest way to connect poweramp...
  22. Omrat

    Short clip - Das Metal sim

    Just short clip with "Das Metal" sim. This patch was uploaded by DonPetersen ( Thank You !), I just reduced bass and tweaked the noise gate, that's all. BTW - I just noticed that lead guitar may be out of tune :) All Best, Omrat
  23. Omrat

    Quick Clip withh Recto Sim :)

    Just quick idea with Recto New amp sim: Idee by T-Instrumental on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free I Hope You like it :) All Best, Omrat
  24. Omrat

    Need help with analog reamping :(

    Hello ! Just wanted to try reamping with Axe FX. My signalchain is exactly like it's described Axe-FX Wiki. Problem is - I'm still getting the dry signal after reamping. Any toughts ? Thanks, Omrat
  25. Omrat

    YouTube videoclip - Axe FX Standard ( PVH5105 )

    Hello ! Just made a quick videoclip with Axe FX Standrad ( PVH5105 amp sim ). Thought I will share it here as well: All Best, Omrat
  26. Omrat

    Wierd noise when recording with Axe FX ( audioclip inside )

    Hello ! Got new audio interface 2 weeks ago. Before that I used my pod X3 as audio interface without any problems. But now, with Cakewalk UA-25EX I have wierd noise problem, when recording and playnig ( I use headphones ). I hope there is something wrong with the connection ( wrong cables...
  27. Omrat

    Need help with Cakewalk UA-25 EX ( digital connection )

    Hello ! I have Cakewalk UA-25 EX audio interface and Axe FX Standard. Today I wanted to record via digital cable and I discovered, that Cakewalk only has optical In / Out, not S/PDIF. So my question: is there such cable - S/PDIF Out -> optical In ( I'm pretty dumb about cables and...
  28. Omrat

    Quick Videoclip with Axe FX Standard ( Energyball )

    Hello ! Another happy Axe FX owner here :) Got my unit month ago and LOVE IT !!! Here is my first recording/videoclip with Axe FX ( Energyball ) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVteTP9cWQA All Best, Omrat
  29. Omrat

    Axe FX LCD screen behavior ?

    Hello ! This is my first post in this forum and I have a question about LCD screen of my Axe FX Standard. Yesterday, after playing with the unit I turned it off and I noticed, that LCD screen had many dark vertical lines on it ( unit was turned off ). After 15 seconds or so they slowly...
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