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    AX8 midi "Ignore Redundant PC"?

    I did a fully automated show with a AxeFXII XL for a few years. All patch changes, scene, and filter sweeps were done with Ableton Live. I thought I was done with it and sold the XL and picked up a AX8. Of course, now I have a one off gig using Ableton this weekend. I restored my patches...
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    Relay question with ENGL amp

    I have a ENGL Screamer 50 watt combo. I've been playing with the Relay function and have some questions. I have it connected from FX8 Relay Out 1 -> ENGL Footswitch jack with a TRS cable on both ends. From the ENGL manual on how the Relay jack works: Footswitch Clean/Lead, Gain Lo/Hi: 1/4"...
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    MFC / Scene problems when receiving Midi Sync

    AxeFX II 9.02 / MFC I 1.15 connected with Ethercon Cat 5 (converter box on the MFC). I run a heavily tracked show. I recently switched from Sonar X2 to Ableton Live 9 for live playback of the tracks. Ableton feeds patch changes and Midi Sync for delays to the Axe FX. I automate most patch...
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    Wish 4 CC's in a IA

    Currently we can set 2 CC messages per switch. I would love to be able to send 4 CC messages! 1) Turn On/Off Boost block 2) Turn On/Off Drive block 3) Turn On/Off Delay block 4) Just in case <g>
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    MFC Tuner display does not look right

    I received my MFC today and hooked it up to my AxeFXII via ethernet. The display does not look right (see picture). I have reset the MFC and AxeFXII (and updated to version 3 <g>) and it still looks the same. Any ideas? Thanks John
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