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  1. J

    Recording with FL Studio

    I've recorded the AxeFx many times with FL Studio. It works fine, but it takes some setup. The first thing is not to use the FAS ASIO driver. Use ASIO4ALL. The FAS driver doesn't let you use a different device for output, so it's always going to output back to the AxeFx, which might be causing...
  2. J

    Fractal Audio AMP models: PVH 6160 Block (“block letter” EVH 5150 / Peavey 6505)

    I love the 6160 Block. It's so powerful and bombastic, yet defined and controllable. Only downside is the tendency to drown out every other instrument in the room.
  3. J

    Coming Soon

    That's really too bad. I was hoping it would at least send CC, PC, and the expression pedals. I'd love to have something I can use as a basic controller for the Axe-Fx that would at least switch patches and scenes, and that I could then just unplug and take with me for practice/gigs where there...
  4. J

    TouchOSC Android Controller

    Yes, it works. I'm using TouchOSC on a Nexus 7 Tablet (the older version). Here's what I did to get it working: 1. Axe-FX plugged in to PC via USB 2. TouchOSC installed on tablet 3. Tablet connected to same network as PC over Wifi 4. TouchOSC bridge, TouchOSC editor, and Bome's Midi...
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