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  1. Warrior

    Experiencing Audio Issues When Using Axe-FX in Logic Pro X - New Logic User Seeking Help

    I started using Logic Pro X about 1 week ago. My Axe-FX is routed to my DAW via USB. I'm experiencing some audio issues that I don't experience when using Reaper. Issue #1: Audio track - Inputs 1-2, track record armed to hear guitar - just playing guitar and not recording. Out of nowhere...
  2. Warrior

    Logic Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts / Skins / Keybords?

    I'm really starting to go all-in with Logic Pro X and I want to make the learning curve as simple as possible by picking up a shortcut keybord skin for my Apple keyboard or purchasing a new keyboard, etc. I'm hoping to get some advice from Logic Pro X users hear as to which one I should get or...
  3. Warrior

    Giving Logic Pro X A Try - Issue With Waves Plugin Licenses

    I keep getting errors for many of my Waves plugins stating it does not have a valid license. This is incorrect and I have followed all of the steps I can find to resolve the issue. Anybody have this experience? I could get by without using the Waves plugins for the trial but I can't stand...
  4. Warrior

    Sometimes My Axe Causes My DAW or Interface to Have Issues

    I've been connecting my Axe's to my DAW via USB forever. Sometimes I have a strange issue where there's no audio output from my DAW interface when using Reaper or sometimes playback is frozen, etc. When I un-check my Axe from my aggregate device or turn it off it usually resolves it. This...
  5. Warrior

    Zoom Lessons - Axe - DAW - Improving The Experience

    I'm using Zoom to conduct lessons with my students. I'm working towards improving the experience and I've purchased an Elgato CamLink 4k so I can use my Panasonic G85 as a webcam along with my Logitech webcam. The problem is the video latency is terrible. I'm working with Elgato support to...
  6. Warrior

    Humanscale Freedom Chair - Not Impressed - Seeking Alternatives

    I've been considering a new chair for over a year. After multiple marathon sessions of looking at reviews, considering costs, etc., I finally settled on a Humanscale Freedom Task Chair (No headrest and has arms that can be adjusted and lowered out of the way). It's only been one day since...
  7. Warrior

    Concrete Patio Question - Any Experts Here? (Northeastern USA - Cold Weather Climate)

    We are looking to have a patio built on our newly constructed home (We closed in February). This is a new sub and lots of people are getting cement work done right now. One of the "contractors" has poured about 5 patios here that I'm aware of. He is very reputable around this neighborhood and...
  8. Warrior

    Ruptured Finger Pulley - No Guitar for 2-3 Months!!

    I just came from an early am doctor's appointment for my finger. I ruptured a finger pulley Sunday lifting a safe! It’s a common injury amongst rock climbers. It looks as if no surgery is needed but I can’t lift anything heavy or play guitar for 2-3 months!! This article explains it well. Mine...
  9. Warrior

    Home Studio's - Basement Studio In Progress - Ceiling Question

    I'm closing on a new house today and will be building my new home studio in the basement. The basement has 9' ceilings and we'll be finishing the entire basement. A portion will be my studio and I've started designing it and am working through that with advice from folks on the John Sayers...
  10. Warrior

    Mac OS X - Video and DAW Playback Stops When Axe-FX III is On

    This issue has been occurring randomly for many years - even when using my Axe-FX II. Sometimes I can go weeks or months without having this occur and sometimes it happens daily. Sometimes the video will play but no sound & sometimes the video doesn't play. If I turn the Axe-FX off, it starts...
  11. Warrior

    Question Regarding Using Expression Knobs

    I built a small box with 2 expression knobs based on Leon's thread/video and added it to my pedalboard as I like the idea of being able to quickly make an adjustment to parameters such as delay mix or feedback, etc. However, I'm having a little bit of trouble understanding how to best take...
  12. Warrior

    Mixer AUX Send to Atomic CLR - Are Atomic Inputs TRS?

    I want to send a monitor mix from the AUX send of a mixer to a single Atomic CLR. Do the CLR's have TRS input jacks?
  13. Warrior

    Question Regarding Auditioning and Saving

    I'm not sure what I did wrong but I..... 1) Dragged the fanctory bank A to my Manage Presets Browser. 2) Auditioned the presets and selected Favorite for the ones I wanted 3) Filter to show Favorite's only 4) Selected all of those and dragged them over to prestes 1-35 (for example) 5) Selected...
  14. Warrior

    Cleaning Axe-FX III Front Panel, Display and Other Computer Displays?

    Just curious what any experts on this forum say regarding cleaning Axe-FX III Front Panel, Display and Other Computer Displays? Reading online and Apple says to use a soft cloth dampened with water to clean their displays.
  15. Warrior

    First Time Performing - Just Me and Backing Tracks - Need Rig Advice to Accompany My Axe-Fx III

    Preparing for some open mic night and small gigs where I would be playing along with backing tracks. Not sure what the easiest and most reliable way to set up would be. Two scenarios: 1) Using house PA. 2) Using single FRFR (very small rooms) Never done this before so not sure if I need to...
  16. Warrior

    [Resolved] Upgrade to OS X Mojave - Now No Signal In Reaper From Axe-Fx III

    Upgrade to OS X Mojave and cannot get a signal from Axe-FX III into reaper via USB. I cannot figure this out to save my life. Connected via USB and my Audio MIDI Setup recognizes my Axe-FX III. It's just that I cannot get a signal in Reaper. I have no idea what would have changed? Settings...
  17. Warrior

    Question Regarding Cable Length & Buffers

    I previously saw no need for any external pedals but recently developed GAS for a Germanium Fuzz pedal to put first in my signal chain before hitting the Axe-FX III input. I just ordered and Analogman Sunface and I was wondering if I'll need a buffer after the pedal? My cable from guitar to...
  18. Warrior

    Can't Figure Out Volume Difference Between Scenes

    I used one of Berg's presets as a basis for a preset I'm building. I cannot figure out why I have a volume difference between scenes 2 & 4? There are others but I think it's all related. Betting it's something silly but I can't figure it out. Want to give it a go? 001_Loose Cannon.syx
  19. Warrior

    Dialing in A Ring Modulator for Jeff Beck Tunes

    Looking to see how to get this tone from about 3:12 - 3:20. Pretty sure he's using a Ring Modulator. Next, I'm pretty positive this is Ring Mod through a large portion of the song. I've been trying to dial it in but not getting as close as I would like. Especially at the 1:03 mark where he's...
  20. Warrior

    Problem Using 2 Guitars - Need Assistance

    I have my preset setup like below. Guitar 1 is running to front "INST", Guitar 2 is running to "Instrument" in back. Can't figure out why I get no input/output signal for 2nd guitar. In 1 - blocks - out 1 In 2 - blocks - out 2 Could it be my I/O settings? Currently, USB Output 7,8 Source is...
  21. Warrior

    Plexi 50 Jump Noise Level - Is This Normal

    I was just curious if others experience this little bit of noise? It's the amp/gain noise you hear between and behind the notes with the guitar volume rolled way down (to clean up). No drive pedal on and volume on guitar is low - 3. I'm using my SSS strat in position 2. The noise doesn't...
  22. Warrior

    Considering Selling My Suhr Custom Modern

    Never thought I would be saying this but..... I may be selling my beloved Suhr Custom Modern. I wanted to mention it here just to see if there might be some interest before I decide. It's the most incredible instrument. The pictures do not do it justice. The color is a more rich and deep and...
  23. Warrior

    Building New Home - EMI & Other Noise Concerns

    Going to be building a new house in a neighborhood/subdivision. The lot were building on has one of those green electrical boxes out front. Not sure of it's for electric and/or cable, etc. Wondering if this is going to cause EMI and other noise issues in my basement studio?
  24. Warrior

    Trying To Replicate Burgs - Slowing Down Rotary

    Trying to do what Burgs is doing here (Slowing down the Rotary) but I Axe-Edit III doesn't look the same. Did something change?
  25. Warrior

    Seeking Inexpensive - Good Sounding Bass for Tracking

    Considering picking up a bass to lay down bass tracks. Not for live use. For the critical stuff, I have a friend lay down tracks but busy schedules get in the way. Other times I'll use a VI with decent results. Both scenarios have traits that make the workflow slow, delayed and/or cumbersome...
  26. Warrior

    SOLD 2016 Fender American Standard Telecaster - RW Fingerboard - Transparent Crimson Red

    2016 Fender American Standard Telecaster - Rosewood Fingerboard - Transparent Crimson Red - w/case. $1000 In MINT condition - Original Owner Has never left my smoke free studio. Was setup by expert Luthier at Ann Arbor Guitars - Same luthier Robben Ford uses for his historic LP when in town...
  27. Warrior

    SOLD Sonic Research ST-200 Turbo Tuner

    Sonic Research ST-200 Turbo Tuner - $100 In very good condition. Has velcro on bottom. Has only been out of my smoke free studio a few times. Location: USA / Michigan Shipping cost: Will be based on your location - at cost. (*Mighty even be free shipping) Prefer to sell in continental USA...
  28. Warrior

    Volume Block - Jumps / Not Smooth with Expression Pedals

    I don't normally use a volume block but needed too recently. I've tried 3 different expression pedals and all 3 have a point where the volume jumps higher - it's not a smooth transition. They are calibrated. One is a Mission's, one is a Boss FV-500H, One is a Roland EV-5. Any suggestions?
  29. Warrior

    XLR to DAW - Does DAW Sample Rate Have Top Be 48k

    I'm going to a studio and never use the XLR outputs. If going XLR to their DAW, do they need to set their sample rate to 48k?
  30. Warrior

    2010 Line 6 Spidr Valve - Bogner 212 Combo - Cleaning Pots

    The pots need cleaning - Never pulled the chassis out of one of these. Are the pots hard to get too?
  31. Warrior

    Need Tips Using Looper Using FC - Hard Time Synching

    I haven't used a looper a lot in the past and I want to begin using it. I'm having a hard time creating a loop and then starting playback right on time. I always seem to be a little out of synch. Is there a setting that quantizes the loop or do I just have to practice nailing it?
  32. Warrior

    Switching Amp or Channel and Cab w/o Using Scene (FC-12)

    Say I'm playing with Plexi 50 Amp model and I turn on my Phaser. Then I want to switch to a Fender Twin but also change the cabs at the same time..... but, I don't want to use a scene change because I want to keep the Phaser on that I just turned on. Is this possible?
  33. Warrior

    FC-12 Ring Light - Delayed Response

    I notice when I turn and effect on/off the action is instant but the switch ring light is delayed. Is this normal?
  34. Warrior

    AX8 For Bass - Recommended To A Friend -

    Hey Folks, A long time friend and fellow musician of mine (bass player) has been inquiring about recommendations for FAS for his bass needs. His priorities are great sound (of course), portability and keeping it simple and keeping cost down. He plays in his church's praise and worship band and...
  35. Warrior

    User Experience Requested - Who Has Experimented With FC-6 & 12?

    I am on the waitlist and have decided I want an FC-12. I want to be able to plan presets for certain sounds and/or songs but I also want flexibility for improv. I want to use scenes and channels but I also want blocks easily available & I also don't want to do much tap dancing to get to things...
  36. Warrior

    Wish Preset "Notes" Field

    I would love to have a "Notes" area where I could store information about the preset. Ideally, this could be text, hyperlinks, images, studio/live session info, specifics regarding settings for different venues, etc.
  37. Warrior

    Will There Be Demo Video's B4 FC's Release?

    I'm on the wait list for an FC-12. Reading so much about the units, it's hard to imagine it's capabilities and contemplate if I will truly need a 12 or if a 6 will suffice. The small footprint of the FC-6 is extremely appealing. I don't want to purchase a 12 an then learn the 6 would have...
  38. Warrior

    iTunes Not Seeing iPhone after Upgrading to OS X 10.13.6

    I needed to upgrade beyond OS X 10 in order for iTunes to work with my iPhone. Waiting for a few bugs to be worked out with Mojave so I upgraded to High Sierra. Now iTunes doesn't see my iPhone at all when I plug it in. iTunes is at latest level, iPhone is updated, tried restarting computer...
  39. Warrior

    Atomic CLR & Ae-FX III - Gain Staging LED's Show Nothing?

    I haven't used my CLR with my Axe-III yet. Just plugged it in and went to set my gain stage levels and I get no red light even with the level at 100%. Axe-FX Output 1 > CLR Input 1 Axe Output one set to 50% and even 100%. I get sound but no lights. What am I doing wrong?
  40. Warrior

    22 AWG Stranded Wire

    Is impossible to find locally! Can't believe nobody carries this stuff! Not around here anyway. Just venting because I literally only need a 10" piece and I want it today.
  41. Warrior

    Axe-FX III Causes YouTube to Freeze?

    I've recently noticed that if I am watching something on YouTube and I turn my Axe-FX III on, the audio on the video cuts out. The video will continue to play (movement) but there will be a spinning white wheel over the video (buffering). If I pause the video and then hit play, the video will...
  42. Warrior

    FC-6/12: Any Thoughts On How You'll Configure Yours?

    I know we don't have many details to fully understand the functionality of these units but I'm curious if anyone has put much thought into how you might set yours up? I'm planning to get the FC-12 but I must admit the smaller footprint of the FC-6 is very appealing. To be honest, I just really...
  43. Warrior

    Can We Hear Some FC Beta Tester Experiences?

    This has probably been asked ad nauseam but…. are there any “experiences / details” that can be shared by the beta testers for the FC-6 & FC-12? It would be great to get some hands-on info as to how the FC’s are fitting into their workflow with the Axe-FX III.
  44. Warrior

    Better Than Even Expected - Loving My New Axe-FX III

    Arrived yesterday, fired it up and I immediatly noticed a big difference (improvement) in sound quality and authenticity over my Axe-FX II. So glad I made this purchase and I haven't even scratched the surface!
  45. Warrior

    Will This MIDI Foot Controller Work With Axe-Fx III? (Yamaha MFC05)

    I have a Yamaha midi foot controller from the late 80's and I am considering using it until the FC-12 is released. I'll have to look when I get home but I think it's the Yamaha MFC05. Will this unit work? (Shows how much I know about MIDI, huh?)...
  46. Warrior

    Preparing Axe-Fx To Sell - Factory Reset & Update to Latest Firmware, etc?

    Hey Folks, Preparing to list my Axe-FX II for sale and I want to make sure I prep it correctly. I've got some aftermarket cab IR's and want to make sure everything is legit - delete, install latest firmware, factory cabs. Advice is greatly appreciated!
  47. Warrior

    Effects Pedal for 16 Year Old - Opinions?

    Hey Folks, I have a student that is turning 16 soon and I am considering getting him a pedal for his Bday. I want to keep my costs at $50 or below and this Behringer looks like it might be a great first effects pedal. Any thoughts, suggestions would be appreciated.
  48. Warrior

    FC Request for FAS - Not A Feature Request Though

    I just wanted to put this out there for the FAS Team to consider, if you haven't already....... The addition of Channels on the Axe III - combined with Scenes and extra horse power - provides opportunities we've never had before. Based on some recent posts discussing how 1-2 presets might get...
  49. Warrior

    Yes - Another Joe Satriani Delay Question

    In this seris of videos, Joe is using an Axe-FX and his delay is so smooth and sustainy (is that a word) that it sounds very much like a reverb. In the video below at 1:00 he hits a note and releases it and it seems to just sustain du to the delay. Yet there is very minimal repeats being heard...
  50. Warrior

    Question Regarding Latency Issue with Interface and Axe-FX II

    I don't think my Axe-FX II has anything to do with the issue I'm experiencing but I'm hoping someone might have experienced this and can help. I'm running my Axe-FX II direct to DAW via USB. I'm using my Axe-Fx as my input and my interface as my output. When I start recording or even just...
  51. Warrior

    Crackling Sound in DAW Only When Axe-FX is On - Need Help

    I've been getting a light crackling sound during recording and playback (Reaper) and I thought it wasmy buffer size or sample rate. All of those settings seem fine. I just noticed the issue goes away (During Playback) if my Axe-FX is off. I"ve recorded direct to DAW using both USB and analog...
  52. Warrior

    Who's Planning To "Eventually" Move Up To The III?

    I just can't fathom the thought of not experiencing this awesome machine. With all of the other gear expenditures I've made recently I just can't swing bridging the gap between what I would get from selling my Axe-Fx II MkI and MFC-101 so I could get the Axe-Fx III and FC-12...... But I KNOW I...
  53. Warrior

    New Forum Category Request for FC-6 / FC-12 for Admin's

    This would be nice to have separate from the Axe-Fx III category discussions.
  54. Warrior

    Axe-Fx III - Lower EMI?

    "A thoughtfully designed multi-layer circuit board features gold plating and extensive ground fill for low EMI and immunity to interference. This impressive level of engineering yields the most pristine sound quality, lowest THD, and lowest noise floor of any product we’ve ever created—by far."...
  55. Warrior

    Heading to Hawaii - Bring Laptop for Long Flight?

    The wife and I are headed to Hawaii in 9 days and I'm tempted to bring my laptop to work on some tracks during the 10 hour flight. I'm just wondering if I would regret having that extra weight, etc when I will not be using it except for the plane ride. I'll be bringing my iPad for my other...
  56. Warrior

    Need Help Understanding A Routing Scenario

    I need help understanding why this particular routing scenario is occurring. I have an aggregate device set up that includes my Axe-FX being connected to my Mac via USB and a Focusrite Saffire Pro24 connected to my Mac via firewire. When I create a track I select an Input: Stereo that is my...
  57. Warrior

    Webcam for Skype & Producing Video's?

    Considering a webcam for high quality Skype sessions as well as producing your own video's for tutorials. Has anyone used a webcam for dual purposes like this? Also open to other suggestions. Trying to keep costs under $300. Preferably at $200 or lower.
  58. Warrior

    Neal Schon's Reverb/Delay in This Video?

    How to get thistle of ambient reverb or delay?
  59. Warrior

    Adding LED to Switch Box - Use With MFC-101

    I have 2 switch boxes that have 2 switches in each. I plug this into my MFC and currently use them to control scenes (4). I would love to use one of them to control Amp X/Y (for example) but not having an LED indicating which amp is selected (Red/Green) makes it less desirable. Does anyone...
  60. Warrior

    Strange Low End Issue - Don't Give Up On Me Folks!

    I'm getting some strange low end on this model. Check out this audio example. Firmware is Q9b - Playing a 2017 Fender Professional Strat - Stock Pickups Amp Block Amp Block Pwr Cab Block Drive Block I'm going after a similar tone as this and am using the same model and cabs as in the...
  61. Warrior

    Amp Block Not Allowing "Hard Reset"? Q9b

    Pressing "Bypass" 2x's in the amp block is not performing a hard reset (resetting all perimeters). Any suggestions? Axe-Edit keeps timing out on me so can't use it.
  62. Warrior

    Seeking Advice - Redesigning My MFC-101 - Pedal Board Needs

    Hey Folks, I’ve gotten caught up in trying to get the most out of what my Axe-FX has to offer instead of tailoring it to fit my true needs. On one hand, the Axe-FX, and it’s awesome capabilities, has created a monster that has become inspired to delve into and explore so much more just because...
  63. Warrior

    NGD - My First Strat

    Have had my share of Strat style guitars but never a real Strat. Been jonesing for one for a while and have been playing a lot of American Standards, Eric Johnson Models and the new Elite and Professional Strats. Finally settled on one that feels like me. This one will be here Tuesday from...
  64. Warrior

    The Search For A Vocalist Dilemma - Oh What To Do?

    I’ve been working with a vocalist friend of mine off and on since around 1981. It’s one of those musical relationships where the stuff you write is subconsciously composed with that persons style in mind. Everything I write, he sounds great on. We live in different states now and, although we...
  65. Warrior

    Gigging W/O Burning the Midnight Oil - Who Does It?

    Been thinking about putting something together for a while but I really don't want to get into the typical bar scene where you play 3 sets until closing time. Wondering if anybody else is in the same boat and what you found works for you?
  66. Warrior

    DAW Interface Question - To Upgrade or Not?

    So I may be giving my interface to my son to get him started with his own recording rig/DAW. If so, then it's a no brainer. OR..... I may buy him a different one and that's got me thinking about upgrading my interface anyway. I'm currently using a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP, Mac OS X and...
  67. Warrior

    Leaving Your Acoustic Out of It's Case?

    How many of you leave your acoustic out of it's case most of the time? I tend to keep mine in it's case to control humidity levels.
  68. Warrior

    Can't connect to Axe-Edit after upgrading to 8.00

    Can't connect to Axe-Edit after upgrading to 8.00. I get an "unknown device - version information could not be queried" message.
  69. Warrior

    MFC-Edit Will Not "Quit" - Launches on Startup

    MFC-Edit launches on start u and will not quit. I cannot "Force Quit" either. I also just noticed that when I click on MFC-Edit in the Dock, it does not open the program. It seems like it's stuck in limbo. It's open but not open. Max OS X 10.10.5
  70. Warrior

    Question Regarding Controlling Looper Volume

    I'm currently using "Mix" with an expression pedal to control my looper volume. Is there another way to control looper volume? What's your preferred method?
  71. Warrior

    Question Regarding Controlling Looper Volume

    Disregard - accidently posted in wrong thread. Should have been in the Axe-FX II thread. I posted the question there.
  72. Warrior

    Anybody Doing 1 Man Band Gigs w/Backing Tracks?

    Curious if anybody is doing this? If so, anyone doing as instrumental?
  73. Warrior

    Quick Way to See Cab IR's Used in Your Presets?

    Is there a quick way to see all of the Cab IR's used in your presets without having to go into each preset and manually looking at the cab block?
  74. Warrior

    Seeking Pedal Board Config Opinion - Advice From Admin M@

    M@, I would love to get an idea of the way you would consider building a pedal board (or even see what you currently use) based around an Axe-II and MFC-101. The majority of my playing takes place in a studio environment where the functionality of my pedal board is not as critical as a live...
  75. Warrior

    Delay Setting Question - 1st Repeat Too Loud

    How do I control the level of the first repeat while maintaining the mix level? If I hit a note you'll hear the first repeat at almost the same volume as the first note. Is "Input Gain" the best way to control this?
  76. Warrior

    Using Axe-FX as External Effects for DAW - Routing Question

    I run my Axe-FX II - Mk I via USB directly to my Mac for recording guitar. I use a Focusrite interface as my soundcard for playback as well as recording audio via mic. I would like to use some of the effects in the Axe for some of my tracks but I have never done this before. Can I do this via...
  77. Warrior

    Changed Similar Amps in Preset - Volume Much Lower At Same Level

    I changed the amp model in the amp block of one of my main presets from "Friedman HBE" to "Euro Blue Modern". The level on both is set to -12 dB but the output of the Euro was much, much lower. Can't determine what is causing the difference.
  78. Warrior

    Axe-Edit Issue After Upgrading to Quantum 4.00

    After updating to Quantum 4.00, I am getting an "Unknown Device" error that reads "The version information could not be found". When I close Axe-Edit and open it again I get an error that reads "Unknown device - The version information could not be queried". Tried shutting my Axe II down and...
  79. Warrior

    Grid Setup for Wet and Dry Tracks in DAW via USB - Seeking Help

    I'm recording direct to DAW via USB. I know how to record a wet track and a dry signal track that could be used for reamping. What I don't know how to do is set up my grid to allow me to record one track with just the amp and cab and another track that has all effects. Or maybe even a...
  80. Warrior

    Vai's Delay Settings in New Video Lesson?

    What's the trick to getting a thick delay like Vai is using here (around 7:30) that doesn't step all over the initial signal? I like the way you can here the delay as he continues to play but it isn't overpowering and there isn't a pronounced first delay.
  81. Warrior

    Can You Change Block Numerical Value (i.e. "Delay 2" to "Delay 1")

    Is it possible to change a blocks numerical value (for lack of a better/correct term)? For example: If I have 2 delay blocks in a preset, ("Delay 1" and "Delay 2") and I delete "Delay 1"..... can I change the remaining "Delay 2" to "Delay 1" so my MFC now see's this block as "Delay 1"?
  82. Warrior

    MFC-101 Delay Light Not On At All

    I updated my firmware on my Axe-FX II to Qv2.0 and now the Delay on my MFC-101 is not lighting. I'm not 100% certain it is related to the firmware upgrade though because I was editing the preset in Axe-Edit around the same time. I originally had 2 Delays in the preset and deleted one. I did...
  83. Warrior

    Using Cab-Lab 3 to Quickly Audition IR's - How?

    I should know this but I cannot figure out how to use Cab-Lab to audition IR cab packs quickly without loading into my Axe. Can someone point me in the right direction please?
  84. Warrior

    UltraRes Samples with Firmware - Install/Load Question

    Do these IR's automatically update, or get loaded, into Axe-FX when upgrading firmware?
  85. Warrior

    MIM Telecaster - Opinion On This One

    I'm in the market for a MIM Tele and I saw these today. Looking for some opinions from Fender folks with experience. The white one was purchased in 2007. Not sure if that was the year it was made. Thanks! https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/msg/5309540819.html...
  86. Warrior

    Squier 60th Classic Vibe Stratocaster - Thoughts?

    I 've seen a few video's pop up recently with this guitar and I'm quite impressed with the tone. The reviews have been very positive. Especially for an inexpensive guitar. Anyone here have any experience with one? I've been wanting a strat for years and I've been considering an EJ model or...
  87. Warrior

    Faslink Adapter in a Rack/Rackbag?

    Anyone using a Faslink adapter and storing it in your rack or rack bag? I'm seriously considering getting a set but not 100% certain how it will secure it semi- permanently (Velcro) in my rack bag or in a rack.
  88. Warrior

    Output - Strange Sound When Turning Level Knob?

    I'm getting these strange sound when I turn the Level knob up or down. It does this on both outputs and with different presets. Output's going to my CLR. Any ideas?
  89. Warrior

    Delay Spillover Question

    I would like to have the delay from scene 2 spillover when switching to scene 1 but I don't want the same delay active for the remainder of the time while I'm in scene 1. Is this possible?
  90. Warrior

    Setting Up Presets - Preset Mode, Song Mode, Set Mode

    I have always had my MFC set to Preset Mode. I am considering setting it up so I can have the 1 preset for each song in a set for 3 different sets. I would like to be able to easily switch from 1 set to another and access the presets for each set. Each set would have 15 presets. What's...
  91. Warrior

    Pitch Detune - Phase Issue?

    I'm using a Pitch block to Detune a half step and it sounds like it has some weird phase issue. Is this normal? Voice 1 & 2 set to -50.0 ct. Mix and input gain set to 100%.
  92. Warrior

    Scenes Set-Up Scenario Question

    Is it possible to set up a preset with X/Y Amps (using one switch on my MFC to control "Amp X/Y") and have each "Scene" ignore the Amp X/Y? I want to be able to use Scenes to control the effects blocks regardless of which amp is selected (X or Y) at the time. Hope I'm explaining this...
  93. Warrior

    Issue Setting Levels between X & Y Amps

    Hey folks, I've got a preset with 2 amp models via X/Y and for some reason when I set the level of amp Y (using the VU Utility function) and store the preset, it doesn't save. I'm getting clipping issues and I can't solve the problem. Perhaps a beta bug? Preset attached
  94. Warrior

    Axe-FX II Sighting - Via Mention In Pro Sound News Article

    Prosound News Article - "Live Sound Showcase: Papa Roach"
  95. Warrior

    Fletcher-Munson - Give Me Back My Tone You Dirty $#@%!!

    I understand the Fletcher-Munson effect when we crank up the volume and how to tweak the lows and highs and maybe increase the mids to compensate. But there is one effect on my tone that I have not been able correct and it is driving me crazy. It’s difficult to describe the characteristic I’m...
  96. Warrior

    Restore Preset - Accidentally Saved Wrong Preset

    I was working in Axe-Edit on the wrong preset and saved it! I have not backed up this preset in a few days and things may have changed a bit. Is there a way to restore a preset in the Axe from the previous save?
  97. Warrior

    Axe-Edit Timing Out Then Not Recognizing Axe- Restart Axe-FX To Reset

    Axe-Edit is acting up on me. I'll be working with a preset and it seems to disconnect from the Axe-FX and I get a "Time Out" message. So then I restart Axe-Edit and I get an error message: "The version information could not be queried". I then have to restart Axe-FX To Reset and it will...
  98. Warrior

    Axe-Edit Changes Reflected on MFC - Question?

    Is there a way to have the changes I make in Axe-Edit (i.e. adding a block) show on my MFC without turning off my Axe-FX and turning it back on? I know I can attach the Bypass parameter of any block in the preset to a controller to make the changes made on the MFC to reflect back into Axe-Edit...
  99. Warrior

    Not Certain "Upgrade" Installed - Please Advise

    I allowed MFC-Edit to "upgrade" and the install appeared to be complete. However, when I select "About MFC-Edit" it shows I'm at version 1.0. Shouldn't it be at 3.2? Now when I select "Help - About" it says "Version: 3.2, Build #2,527" I'm on OS X 10.10.2 & Java 1.8
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