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  1. LerxstFan

    AX8 users moving to Axe-Fx III

    This is great to hear, since I'm considering an AXE-FX III. I love my AX8, but figured I'd have some time to learn the more complex unit.
  2. LerxstFan

    Pricing of AX8

    I picked up mine last August (2018) for $1199. Incredible deal, and happy I finally joined the Fractal family : )
  3. LerxstFan

    How to dial good lead sound for live use?

    Truth! Leon's videos, from getting started to hooking up a wah, to sharing the cool rigs he makes, have been a huge help to me. I wouldn't be getting as much out of my AX8 without all the knowledge he's shared!
  4. LerxstFan

    Some thoughts on global EQ

    So true! We use different soundmen for different gigs, and some places have their own soundtech. I use a wireless so I can go out front and interact with people, but my main reason is to really see how the mix is, and how I sound in it. 8 times out of 10 it's good/good enough. Usually the best...
  5. LerxstFan

    Classic Metal with the Atomica

    LOVE the tones - so classic metal \m/ Great playing, as always! The singer gets into old Fates Warning, Awaken The Guardian, territory - cool!
  6. LerxstFan

    "Stone in Love" 2nd Solo

    Lol - same here. We usually play Don't Stop Believing' at the end of the second set, and usually play Separate Ways toward the end of the last set. Still funny to me how many 'youngsters' who come out to see us get so amped up about Journey songs.
  7. LerxstFan

    "The spirit carries on" solo cover with AX8

    Great tones and playing - love that whole album!
  8. LerxstFan

    Best FW for AX8

    10.0 - my AX8 shipped with it, and I'm happy with the sounds I'm getting.
  9. LerxstFan

    AX8 Discontinued?

    Wow - it almost sounds like my band, minus the issues with a trumpet player and second guitarist : ) I'll pick up the FM3 at some point, but I'm just starting to tweak the AX8 and get tones I really like that fit the 80's songs we play, so I'm not making the live rig switch anytime soon.
  10. LerxstFan

    AX8 Discontinued?

    I bought my AX8 last August from the shop here in New Hampshire. It's an amazing piece of gear. Between the helpful information on this forum, the wiki, and all the great user created rigs I've bought, the tones and flexibility make the AX8 a huge leap forward from the Eleven Rack I gigged for...
  11. LerxstFan

    Mötley Crüe - "Looks that Kill" with preset

    That was AWESOME! Great tone and love the ending - lol
  12. LerxstFan

    AX8s Live

    Great job and tribute! We'll be playing that one tonight.
  13. LerxstFan

    Getting an acoustic sound from my electric guitar

    I use Moke's preset live for Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Come On Eileen, and a few others - sounds great!
  14. LerxstFan

    "Peace of Mind" Solo

    Great playing and great tune!
  15. LerxstFan

    RCF Speakers?

    Thank you for all the info and feedback! I could continue with my old EV, but want something that is more clear and has more power where I can use it as my monitor - primary function - and for a speaker at smaller gigs. Looks like RCF is a good pairing with Fractal products - thanks again.
  16. LerxstFan

    RCF Speakers?

    Hi All, One of my friends who plays the AX III uses RCF speakers and says they're amazing - way better than the QSC's he used to use. I gig with an old EV 12" powered speaker which has been doing the job, but I've been reading about the RCF powered wedges and speakers and would love to hear...
  17. LerxstFan

    Using the AX8 can I control the AMP 'drive' with a pedal or switch?

    That video is a big help - thank you Bman for sending me this way, and thank you @Smittefar for the help!!
  18. LerxstFan

    Trying to Make This Work

    Thanks Bman! I'll check out the video. If I can't get the right amp, I'll still learn something new about my AX8.
  19. LerxstFan

    Trying to Make This Work

    I probably shouldn't mess with what is working - I have seen pics of AX8's where the switches are labeled for scenes only and I am thinking how does that work? Maybe it would work better for some multi effect/sound songs than presets, but maybe I'm overthinking it and should stick with what I...
  20. LerxstFan

    Trying to Make This Work

    Thank you for the info - makes more sense now. That said, there is a small gap in sound when switching from one preset to another, and in scenes, or amp XY mode, that gap is gone, so that is another reason why I want to go with scenes. I could just do an Amp XY, for clean and dirty (intro and...
  21. LerxstFan

    Trying to Make This Work

    So I have Austin Buddy's latest Dream Rigs pack, and am loving the tones and great options for songs. I have my AX8 set up globally with switches 1-4 as presets, and 5-8 as effects to drop in and out based on the song. My band plays about 45 songs a night. In Austin Buddy's tutorial on how to...
  22. LerxstFan

    New AX8 Owner Here

    Hey Easy J - welcome to the forum! I used an Eleven Rack for years and was never 100% satisfied with my tones. With the AX8, I have more great tones and effects than I'll need.
  23. LerxstFan

    Looking for a Good Amp / Preset for Rockabilly Sound

    Thank you all for the ideas - @Plato67 that preset sounds WAY better than what I had! I'm tweaking it and getting close to what I want to hear. Love this forum and community!
  24. LerxstFan

    Looking for a Good Amp / Preset for Rockabilly Sound

    Hi All - my band is going to play Rock This Town, and I'm having a hard time dialing in the tone and the reverb. I have a Suhr SSH+ in the bridge and a PRS VB in the neck. I'm using a Fender '65 amp model and just can't seem to get the right pickup combo (to split or not to split) that gets...
  25. LerxstFan

    So Many Options...

    I have only owned a few amps in my life.I started with a GK 250 ML (Lifeson made me do it), then a Marshall DSL 100, a Mesa .50 combo, and a Mark IV head and 2x12. I was already blown away with the amp models in the AX8 and found the ones I needed to get the sounds for my 80's cover band. Life...
  26. LerxstFan

    Another Austin Buddy Presets Question

    Thank you @DropTheSun!
  27. LerxstFan

    Scenes or Presets?

    Thanks for this - I’m still thinking about using scenes for songs, though none of the songs we cover would need 8 unique sounds or levels, it makes it easy knowing each back was for one song, and many sounds could work for multiple tunes. If there is less of a gap in switching between scenes...
  28. LerxstFan

    First AX8 Gigs - Still Smiling

    Lol - I won't dispute that. The 11 Rack served me well for nearly 8 years, but the AX8 can do more and just sounds better to me.
  29. LerxstFan

    First AX8 Gigs - Still Smiling

    I played three times this past weekend using the AX8 for the first time. Quick impressions - the sound is so much more detailed and amp-like than my old rig (11 Rack). I don't know how to describe it, but there's no high end frequency or digital 'swirl' to dial out right from the start. I know...
  30. LerxstFan

    Scenes or Presets?

    So you can run scenes and presets in different banks? That would open up some new possibilities! I thought I could only lay out the global switches for one format or the other for all the banks - scene or preset. So you can have a single scene in one bank, and then in the next bank have four or...
  31. LerxstFan

    AX8 Gig Advice?

    I went through and 'leveled' my presets using the VU meter tonight, and was not running quite at gig volume only around 80 db. I got the Db app that Austin Buddy used in one of his videos and that helped me get a ballpark. I'm sure things will get louder on stage and I'll be turning up my Out 2...
  32. LerxstFan

    Scenes or Presets?

    David's switching layout is cool and I'm going with something similar. I'm going to check out the X/Y switching to get even more out each preset. The AX8 is my first Fractal gear and I don't know what the earlier FW was like, but FW 10 is wicked good, and sounds better than any other modelers...
  33. LerxstFan

    AX8 Gig Advice?

    That's a good system - clear and easy to manage. I went with the four presets on the bottom four switches and add effects on switches 5-8. I don't need a lot of effects, but am loving how good the chorus and delay effects sound!
  34. LerxstFan

    AX8 Gig Advice?

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my thread about scenes vs. presets for a switch layout. I'm going with presets and adding effects as needed for those songs. There are so many more switch options to choose for layout with the AX8. If anyone has any advice or tips they're willing to share to...
  35. LerxstFan

    Scenes or Presets?

    That’s a good one to know - I’m nervous and excited for the gigs this weekend, nervous with not knowing all I need to know and excited to hear people's and the band’s reaction to the AX8!
  36. LerxstFan

    Scenes or Presets?

    So is that the default mode for switches 1-8? I think that's what my AX8 is doing. I'll check this theory out after work - thank you!
  37. LerxstFan

    Scenes or Presets?

    So the sticky mode is something I don't understand - how does that mode apply to scenes or presets? I know I use the F switches to set it up.
  38. LerxstFan

    Scenes or Presets?

    As I learn more about how to set up the global functions for the 1-8 and F footswitches, I'm trying to figure out the best layout for me...I'm used to having switches 1-4 on my old Ground Control Pro set for individual presets for songs and then using the other four switches for adding drive...
  39. LerxstFan

    My AX8 Journey Begins

    Lol - I can related to that. I have laundry piling up and I'm staying up way later than I should. @EdgE - absolutely! The tones are already good, and the ability to tweak and fine tune is amazing. I'm trying not to go down the rabbithole - just want to get some good sounds for songs and be gig...
  40. LerxstFan

    My AX8 Journey Begins

    Lol - I’ve watched his videos often. @2112 is the man and an AX8 master and @Moke and @Glenn DeLaune - and many more. The videos and custom presets have been a big help with great tones for a lot of the songs I play.
  41. LerxstFan

    My AX8 Journey Begins

    So I've had my AX8 for a few days and I'm learning as I go. Though the learning curve is a little steep, I haven't been this excited about a piece of gear in a long time. Having gigged an Eleven Rack with a GCP for years in my cover band, I'm used to that switching format - pretty simple and...
  42. LerxstFan

    Output Gain Setting running FOH...?

    THANK YOU for this info! I just got my AX8 and had my main out running full open and the levels were so loud. I’ll turn down between 12 and 3 o’clock and avoid any arguments with our sound techs!
  43. LerxstFan

    Andy Summers Flanger - "De Do Do Do" Preset

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Sounds great and wicked close to the record. Sounds best on my two single coil positions on my guitar. Rolled back the level and input drive and it sounds so good.
  44. LerxstFan

    The Wrecker Lvrpool (based on Trainwreck Liverpool) - FW 10 RC2

    In a word - soulful...love your phrasing. I need to practice more - lol. And the tones weren't bad, either ; )
  45. LerxstFan

    The power of new FW 10.00 RC1

    Love all the tones and your playing!
  46. LerxstFan

    Uber Love

    Holy Massive Chunk Tones, Batman! Love the harmonics, too. Instead of practicing I find a tone like that and 30 minutes later remember I have songs to learn - lol.
  47. LerxstFan

    Power Conditioner?

    I had a few reboots, and also had to deal with low voltage a few times, and always felt better running a power conditioner.
  48. LerxstFan

    Power Conditioner?

    Great info - thank you for all the responses! The Monster is a heavy beast, but I don't want to take a chance and go with nothing. I'll check out all the recommendations - thanks!
  49. LerxstFan

    Power Conditioner?

    Does anyone use a power conditioner with their AX8? I've always used my old Monster 3500 with my 11Rack and will likely use it with the AX8. If you have any lighter weight alternatives - lol - I'd love to hear those suggestions. Thanks!
  50. LerxstFan

    Playthrough with the AX8 and PRS CU24

    I like the song - two of my favorite bands! Love the suspended chords and the solo. Quite a thick tone on that ES335. Is that you on vocals?
  51. LerxstFan

    About to Dive In - A Few Questions

    Just back to my laptop, and worth the wait to read that line - lol. I'm confident that the AX8 will be a step up.
  52. LerxstFan

    About to Dive In - A Few Questions

    Thank you Bruce, Leon, and Chris! Leon - I've been watching your videos for help - very informative and love your playing! By chance, are you a Rush fan? Thanks all for clarifying the cab IR's and switching question - simplifies things and is a big help. Bruce - 80's forever, my man! It...
  53. LerxstFan

    About to Dive In - A Few Questions

    Hi All - First, let me say that the amount of information, amazing videos and helpful folks on here is amazing. The more I read and listen to, the closer I am to finally getting an AX8. I've been using an Eleven Rack with a Ground Control Pro in my 80's cover band for years. For the range...
  54. LerxstFan

    Which Line 6 Relay do you use with the AX8?

    I've been using a G55 for the last four years. Solid and reliable - very few drop outs in that time. I have it hooked up to my power supply/conditioner.
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