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  1. kkolb71

    JCM 2000 vs JCM 800

    Just watched a rig run down for Joe Bonamassa and was surprised that he has obviously moved from the silver jubilee on the current tour and has a pair of the JCM2000 along with a Suhr head he is using now. Must be something to these that he likes.
  2. kkolb71

    General Question

    Maybe you could speak with my wife regarding the whole life is short and music is forever thing. It would make things less awkward when the delivery truck shows up! Seriously, glad to hear you are enjoying the Axe FX. It is inspiring when you have the tools to create the tone you hear in your...
  3. kkolb71

    Need Help w/ Talk Box Effect

    Maybe put the format block on the top row and run in parallel mode with the bypass state something other than "thru". Route the signal back through the main path with connectors and when it is active it will flow through both outputs as you have it now. when bypassed it will kill the second...
  4. kkolb71

    Ultrarez Ownhammers shallow around 500hz?

    I also liked the 1st and 9th sample best for my existing presets as I felt the midrange was better. After loading all of my user slots with the Cab Pack 3 ultrares files, I have found myself using the 1x12 cabs on almost every preset. Again, the midrange is more forward and the lows tighter...
  5. kkolb71

    Axe edit with the new software

    I have been using the new version of axe edit for MAC the last few days and it is working great for me. No time-outs or problems. I am glad axe-manage and cab-manage are functional as well. It saved a lot of time dragging and dropping 100 hi res cabs from the download folder to the cab-manage...
  6. kkolb71

    Soild or Chambered Warmoth Tele Body?

    I was a little hesitant at first to go with a chambered design but having now owned several Tele style bodies that are chambered I think they sound better. Especially with single coil pickups and low to mid gain stuff. You can really hear the resonance of the wood in a mildly overdriven tone...
  7. kkolb71

    In-ear Monitor suggestions?

    I am using the Westone ES-5 IEM molds with the Sennheiser 300 wireless system. Our whole band has this same setup.
  8. kkolb71

    PRS vs Parker!

    I just received a new Suhr Classic Antique and was really excited about finally getting one. It is a great guitar and sounds awesome, so no complaints as compared to a bunch of other guitars. I have just always heard that Suhr used a plek machine and the frets and craftsmanship were second to...
  9. kkolb71

    PRS vs Parker!

    I am really fortunate own a lot of guitars and I am almost on the edge of having a problem! This being said my honest opinion for what is worth: I have several Tom Anderson's, PRS DGT, Musicman Axis EVH, Gibson Les Paul Standard, G&L Legacy, G&L ASAT, Valley Arts Brent Mason, Fender 52 RI...
  10. kkolb71

    Does Axe ever freeze up on stage

    Outdoors, indoors, smokey clubs, hot and cold, mine has seen a lot of travel the last 18 months and has worked flawlessly. It is very durable and sounds consistent every time. I do not connect to a computer for live shows though. I can't say enough about how consistent the sound is. I was...
  11. kkolb71

    What are your expression pedal uses?

    I use 3 FV-500 pedals. The first is always volume regardless of preset. The second is usually wet/dry mix for delay and 3rd alternates per preset between wah, tremolo speed and or auto-engage for phase/flange.
  12. kkolb71

    Announcing Axe-Fx II XL

    Great feature updates on the XL. Thanks Fractal team for the continued improvements. I appreciate it. Sounds like the XL could be the new primary and my existing Axe II could be the backup rig!
  13. kkolb71

    XLR outs buzz when Axe is turned off?

    I had something similar happen at a club this past weekend. My rig was not powered on yet but XLR's were plugged in and there was noise coming through FOH. the sound guy said he isolated it to me. I thought he was drinking but I switched the XLR ground lift on the back of unit and the hum...
  14. kkolb71

    Global Effects Level Question

    Guys thanks very much for the feedback on this. Some very innovative ideas and I appreciate your time responding. I think I may have figured out an easier way. I think I can just leave the "x" state of delay and reverb blocks for normal indoor shows and set the "y" block to be the different...
  15. kkolb71

    Global Effects Level Question

    I have been playing a lot of outdoor shows recently mixed in with the normal club shows and have been manually adjusting delay and reverb to fit both types of venues. I understand the global level for delay and reverb and linking them as global blocks but I still have a question. As an...
  16. kkolb71


    I run several pedals in front of the axe before the input with no issues. It works just like running in front of a standard amp.
  17. kkolb71

    Expression Pedals

    I am sure the mission pedals are great as well. I use the FV-500 Boss pedals. They feel really solid and work great for me. The remind me of the EB full size volume pedals. If you are planning to use them for setting them in a certain spot for delay mix or tremolo speed they are very stable...
  18. kkolb71

    Positive Grid Bias-Amps for iPad

    It is a great tool for learning songs for me. Directly loads songs from iTunes library and has a feature to slow down the songs without changing pitch when the bias amps are loaded into the jam-up app.
  19. kkolb71

    Using Rear Input(s) for Guitar

    I also run the G90 into the back input with no noticeable difference in tone. I tried both ways and seen several posts on this forum about the difference in the 2 inputs but I can't tell any difference in either. The wireless probably sucks more tone away than the difference in the inputs anyway.
  20. kkolb71

    Clark Kent's Gift to Mankind

    Excellent job. the cab IR works great with a lot of my own presets. Thanks for sharing.
  21. kkolb71

    STEVE STEVENS PLEXI (Rebel Yell era - 1983) w/patch

    Great job! Preset translates well to my Suhr classic antique with SSV humbucker in the bridge. Thanks for sharing.
  22. kkolb71

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 11.04 Up

    Thanks for the update. Logged in at just the right time!
  23. kkolb71

    Eric Johnson Tone - Cliffs of Dover

    My favorite instrumental and your playing and tone are awesome. When the solo kicks in about 2:48, I always assumed he switched to the dumble and probably neck pickup. That part in your recording sounds perfect. I did not see you tap dance to switch presets or switch pickups, is there a scene...
  24. kkolb71

    Lava Cable - Brent Mason Clinic

    I got the chance to visit the Lava Cable factory in Tulsa, Oklahoma this weekend and see Nashville studio master, Brent Mason for a 2 hour clinic. He was awesome and very personable. If you guys have not tried Lava Cable give them a shot. The CEO, Mark Stoddard and his team make really good...
  25. kkolb71

    Some more far field IRs: Vox AC30 w/ Celestion Blues!

    I tried these and they sound great. Thanks for sharing your hard work.
  26. kkolb71

    Coby Bank A - All amps, only amps

    Thanks for work on this. I will upload them tonight and check it out. Sounds like your method will help in auditioning amps for new patches.
  27. kkolb71

    Might be moving

    Please don't judge Texas by 6th Street in Austin! It is as close to Hollywood & Vine in Los Angeles as anywhere in the World and completely different than that everywhere else in Texas.
  28. kkolb71

    Les Paul buying/investment advice

    I really like the 59 models and especially the Tom Murphy aged models. I watch these on line all the time and they tend to hold their value well. One of the members on here has one and did a you tube video showcasing it and it sounded great as well. If I bought another one it would be one of...
  29. kkolb71

    Fuzz, Vibe, Marshall, Greenback, Strat.... GO!

    I feel like we should be in a helicopter flying over Vietnam listening to this! Good stuff
  30. kkolb71

    FW 11.01 TX Star Lead

  31. kkolb71

    FW 11.01 TX Star Lead

    Okay, a guy that actually lives in the Lone Star State (Texas) should probably have the last word on this thread.:lol
  32. kkolb71

    For those who have tried both... Shure PSM 900 or Sennheiser EW 300 G3?

    I have owned both and I ended up with the Sennheiser as my choice. It is built well and the body pack is robust. I had a board go out on the shure receiver and so did a friend of mine. It appears they are more prone to road abuse problems but we may have been isolated cases on the problems...
  33. kkolb71

    Just ordered Ultimate Ears 11 pro. Anyone else use in-ears?

    I have the custom molded Westone ES-5 series that I run with the Sennheiser 300 receiver and body pack. Metal construction and a good unit. I have a stereo mix in my ear monitors and pan the instruments like the placement on stage and could not be happier. I think they sound great. Everyone...
  34. kkolb71

    Lonestar FW11.02

    Thanks for posting. I have recently switched my AC30 TB patch to the lone star amp instead. It sounds great in my opinion.
  35. kkolb71

    Preset/Scenes Tutorial - Things I've Learned from the Forum

    Thanks for the insight. One thing I noticed was the gate in between the amp and cab. Is there any significance to this location for you or does it not matter where it is located in the chain?
  36. kkolb71

    Another New Song Demo - Ownhammer 412 Marshall Cab Mix - EN - V30

    Great tone and awesome mix. Thanks for sharing
  37. kkolb71

    Cleanning up Twin Reverb model

    Can we also round up all red knob "evil twin" amps and destroy those as well? Those made the silvers sound like tone heaven
  38. kkolb71

    Plexi Jumpered 50w + Ownhammer Studio Mix G12L+H + Les Paul R8

    Great tone. Thanks for the tip on the backing track location.
  39. kkolb71

    Marshall 100W Jumpered - ¡Ay, caramba!

    Could not help replying again about this amp model. At least in my mind, the perfect lead tone is Eric Johnson, circa 1990, Cliffs of Dover. Whenever I think of a singing lead tone this is the standard for me when trying to achieve what I am hoping to recreate. The jumpered version of this...
  40. kkolb71

    My new Suhr Custom Tele Black Beauty .. gas alert !!!

    Incredible. Would love to get one of these as well.
  41. kkolb71

    Kitch'en Spammer

    I was assuming the ******* Spammer was actually Kemper trying to get us to buy a Toaster! My Bad! That was awkward...
  42. kkolb71

    Tips on working with different SC and HB guitars?

    I find that different guitars and different pickups sound wildly different to my ears even with the same style of guitar. My main guitar is a Tom Anderson Hollow T with vintage single coils that I would not want to live without. I have had 3 other Tom Anderson T style that were solid body with...
  43. kkolb71

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 11 released!

  44. kkolb71

    I HAVE NO WORDS... Fractal you did it!!!!

    Very good in every aspect. I really like the improvements that came with V11 and Axe Edit 3 worked flawlessly for me. Thanks very much
  45. kkolb71

    Marshall 100W Jumpered - ¡Ay, caramba!

    It is awesome!
  46. kkolb71

    Plexi jump / triptik modern V11!

    Plexi jump sounds awesome.
  47. kkolb71

    Confused about block levels and output clip lights

    Interesting note on the cleans vs distorted and the interaction with compression. I have noticed similar results when I do my preset leveling with a dB meter. Whenever I feel cleans and gain patches sound equal to my ears, the gain patches are usually 3 to 6 decibels lower based on what the...
  48. kkolb71

    Writing Things Down and keeping Track of settings.

    Probably a little OCD but I have a simple Excel spreadsheet with presets and cabs used in each. I have several presets that use "user" cabs and I keep track of them to make sure I don't move or replace ones that I am currently using. I also have a layout of my MFC-101 with switches labeled to...
  49. kkolb71

    Whammy Effect - Eruption?

    I usually play a Tele style guitar with a fixed bridge. I would like to end a set occasionally with Eruption but I would like to continue using the Tele style since I seem to struggle keeping a floyd on other guitars in tune when doing crazy stuff with it. Is there a possible setting on the...
  50. kkolb71

    Youtube Challange from a Ticked Off Non-Fractal Dude. (not me)

    I could not help but reply to his video as well. "Seems like a strange approach to insult a really good company (Fractal) and an entire community of professional and semi-professional musicians with members like Steve Vai, Neil Schon, Dweezil Zappa and Alex Lifeson in a weak attempt to...
  51. kkolb71

    Anyone else constantly refreshing the forum?

    I find myself stalking as well. I am really looking forward to the release of both.
  52. kkolb71

    Live Recording Equipment - Suggestions/Reviews

    Thanks for the tips on the HN4. We are an electric 4 piece band with guitar, bass, drums and acoustic guitar. Everyone is running IEM and no guitar amps on stage to miked of course since I am using the AXE. The drums are the only bleed in the vocal mics.
  53. kkolb71

    Live Recording Equipment - Suggestions/Reviews

    We are actually connecting the board to a macbook pro and recording the way mentioned above but I wanted a perspective of what it sounded like out front vs direct channels coming through the board. I will try running a couple of mics out front through the board and try to get some ambient stuff...
  54. kkolb71

    On the fence between Axe FX II and Kemper Profiling Amp

    I have owned the 11rack, Kemper, POD everything, and the AXE FX II in the last few years. I spent considerable time A/B testing the Kemper to the AXE and had no bias as to which one I was planning to keep since I was going to keep both of them for different things I assumed. I planned to use...
  55. kkolb71

    Live Recording Equipment - Suggestions/Reviews

    Thanks for the input and good to know that only one mic source can be selected at a time on the Tascam unit. I appreciate it.
  56. kkolb71

    Live Recording Equipment - Suggestions/Reviews

    I was curious if anyone here has explored recording live performances with one of the newer handheld recorders from Zoom (H4N, H6) or Tascam (DR-100MKII)? Our band has the presonus digital board and I am considering getting one of these units to record our live shows. These are multi-track...
  57. kkolb71

    AxeCabManager - a new utility for Axe-FX II users

    Thanks for the great tool. I am running windows parallel desktop on a macbook pro. It loaded without any issues and runs fine.
  58. kkolb71

    Is a 6 space shock rack overkill? what racks are you guys using?

    I am guessing most will think my 16u rack is way overkill. I love the way it looks on stage. I grew up in the 80's! I can't help myself. Seriously, I was using a 6 space and did not like the way it looked on stage sitting on top of a keyboard stand.
  59. kkolb71

    What Ideas/Concepts/Tutorials to cover in YouTube videos?

    Scott, thanks for considering this video lesson concept. I look on youtube regularly for new videos relating to the AXE FX II. Any of the ideas you mentioned would be welcome viewing.
  60. kkolb71

    Post Your Rig!

  61. kkolb71

    New OwnHammer cabinet Poweramp differences

    I liked 3 best. It sounded kind of "flubby" on the low end similar to what I perceive a mesa amp to do overdriven verses a tighter Marshall sound. Cool, since the amp model is the same on all 3 recordings and the IR makes this much of a tone impact. I think it is awesome that we have all of...
  62. kkolb71

    FW10.12 Vibrato Verb

    Nice guitar. sounds great. Thanks for sharing.
  63. kkolb71

    Rockabilly-Swing For the Less Gainey Vintage Dudes

    Great tone and outstanding playing. I really enjoyed listening.
  64. kkolb71

    All purpose patch for live playing

    Good preset and thanks for sharing. Sounds good with a Tom Anderson Hollow Tele.
  65. kkolb71

    What is your Power amp of choice for use with the Axe FX II?

    Matrix GT800FX 1u. It is very transparent and really loud for live shows. Could be happier with it.
  66. kkolb71

    Which is the Real Amp?

    I voted "c" as the real amp but I liked "a" the best. The Axe FX II is so awesome. I had no doubt the best sounding clip would be the AXE.
  67. kkolb71

    Most Underrated Amp Models

    I love the AC-30 and the Matchless.
  68. kkolb71

    FW10.6 Cleans (Class A-20/Comet Concourse)

    I like the second one.
  69. kkolb71

    AXE FX 2 Guitar competition video TONE!!!! :)

    Great playing and love your guitar. It looks and sounds great as well.
  70. kkolb71

    Artists you would like to see using Fractal

    Michael Landau and Dann Huff. Huge racks website may never forgive Cliff if that happened!
  71. kkolb71

    Ratt In Concert last Night at House of Blues Houston

    I felt the same way last year when I saw Van Halen at the Toyota Center in Houston. The band was awesome but I left early due to David Lee Roth. He spent 15 minutes between songs telling lame stories and did not do the band justice in my opinion. Eddie is still Eddie though. Seeing EVH and...
  72. kkolb71

    Ratt In Concert last Night at House of Blues Houston

    I thought they all sounded good last night and as much as they have been playing they are probably gelling better together than when TFC saw them I would guess. Warren had two bottom cabs miked and I think the rest were for show. Carlos had one cab miked. Both had their Soldano heads on the...
  73. kkolb71

    Ratt In Concert last Night at House of Blues Houston

    I got see RATT last night in Houston with the original members plus Carlos Cavazo from Quiet Riot playing guitar along side Warren Demartini. It was a great show. Both of them were using Soldano amps through Marshall cabs. They sounded like they were still 20 something and had chops to spare...
  74. kkolb71

    Again, solo

    Don't see a link or attachment. Thanks
  75. kkolb71

    Vinai Trinateepakdee "Move The Sky" Cover

    Great tone and excellent performance. Thanks for sharing
  76. kkolb71

    Country Player needs some help from a Marshall Guy!

    I have good success with clean patches and low gain stuff from The AXE II but I am struggling on mid to high gain stuff that requires enough clarity for arpeggiated chords. I have attached a link to a song that I need some help selecting an amp model and settings. One clear spot to hear an...
  77. kkolb71

    Road case for MFC?

    SafeCase in Tomball, Texas makes the best ATA case I have seen. It was constructed with close tolerances and has been great for traveling with the MFC and expression pedals.
  78. kkolb71

    HBE meets Lead Yellow in a rock/metal track

    I have also switched my clean patches to the JTM 45 and away from the Fender amps. It sounds to me like it has a tighter bottom end and more clarity. I enjoyed your sound clip. Thanks
  79. kkolb71

    Should I wait...?

    I went and played some amps today at a music store. A Dr Z, AC30 HW and a Marshall 410. I am glad I did not wait. I would hate to go back and try to pick one good amp when I have most all of them in the Axe.
  80. kkolb71

    Yahtzee! Tone matching defintely works in 10.05

    sounds like a perfect match to me. Good job.
  81. kkolb71

    Seeking practical advice for Live use

    I think setting sag to zero is the same as turning off the global power amp sim. I would think you would want to have the amp models on even using a clean power amp like you mention in your first scenario. Otherwise the Axe would simply be an effects processor. Unless I am wrong you are...
  82. kkolb71

    Live Clips - Axe 2 and Tom Anderson Hollow T

    Thanks guys. I have not posted a clip before but after hearing the recording it is hard to believe it was not a real amp on stage. I love FAS products. I think 3 of my friends are buying one after hearing it.
  83. kkolb71

    Live Clips - Axe 2 and Tom Anderson Hollow T

    I thought I would share some live clips I spliced together that were recorded directly from our Presonus board. Sorry for the sloppy playing! and no post processing on the recording. It is a sample of some of the tones I have created with the latest firmware version on the Axe 2. I run direct...
  84. kkolb71

    Going to see Joe Bonamassa this Friday - Boston Wang Theater

    Just bought my tickets for his Houston, Texas show in November. Looking forward to seeing him for the first time.
  85. kkolb71

    What are you guys using for Back-up Rigs

    Self contained pedal board with overdrive, modulation and time based effects and at the end of the chain a Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B simulator. This is a cool stomp box format that allows for cab and amp simulations including user generated ones. This means no amp or preamp needed if you are...
  86. kkolb71

    Fw10.02 Marshall AFD100 Slash w/FREE PATCH \m/

    Awesome job and thanks for the patch
  87. kkolb71

    How to keep my wall warts in my furman?

    Clear silicone works great as well and removes easily if you need to unplug it.
  88. kkolb71

    Dear Fremen :)

  89. kkolb71

    Firmware 10 lead noodling with Marco Sfogli preset-feels and sounds great!

    Incredible. Thanks for sharing. Love the tone and performance
  90. kkolb71

    Phil Keaggy Cover - "The Wind And The Wheat" - 100% Axe FX II

    Solo sound with the Dumble and AC Booster sounds great.
  91. kkolb71

    Attention all SRV Tone Experts!

    Great insight and awesome presets. Thanks
  92. kkolb71

    Any Country Music / Clean Picken /Chicken Recordings?

    I am a country player using the Axe Fx 2 and play the Houston area with a Texas Country group and I am very happy with the FAS stuff. It replaced a Matchless DC-30 and a ton of boutique pedals. The latest firmware update was a huge blessing and really did wonders for the Fender stuff...
  93. kkolb71

    Track for album - need feedback

    Awesome playing and thanks for sharing. I agree more mids would help it come alive and bring it to the front of the mix.
  94. kkolb71

    Do you use the tuner on the Axe?

    Korg DTR-1. Great tuner and easy to see from 50ft away. Cool blue lights.
  95. kkolb71

    FW10 Plexi/Marshall TV ir and a Suhr

    Great tone and playing. Thanks for sharing
  96. kkolb71

    Building presets - Best way to get uniform output levels?

    Regarding the sound level meter, I watched Scott's video and bought an inexpensive one from guitar center for around $70.00. It was a great investment and quickly helps to level all my presets. The reason I bring this up is I learned something during this process. Gain presets that I...
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