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    Suhr Reactive Load & Axe FX Question

    In my home studio I normally use my Axe FX to track guitars with clients, but sometimes they want to use an amp head. I've been using the Suhr Loadbox with IR plugins on the DAW, but to save some DSP processing, I was thinking of using the Axe FX cab block only. Has anyone else tried this? My...
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    Logic Keeps Scanning Audio Units

    I have my X32 hooked up as my audio interface in Logic and I want to have the Axe FX hooked up to the same computer, but only so I can use Axe Edit, not as an audio interface. A window keeps popping up in Logic that it finds the Axe FX as an audio device and ask me if I want to use it. When I...
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    With Quantum Still Boosting FRFR

    Are people still using the PEQ boost for FRFR with the new firmware? Been using it since day one, along with the 'clean boost' OD block before the amp but noticed I don't need the OD anymore and will probably remove the PEQ block if I have to. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FW18 @ Gramercy Theater, NYC

    Last night I used the latest firmware, opening for RED and 3 Years Hollow, and it sounded amazing! No cabs, either. If you guys are still unsure on using it live, I would def recommend it. I don't use a lot of presets so it was easier for me to upgrade. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Programming MIDI preset changes with Ableton Live

    I'm trying to use Ableton Live to change my presets and was able to configure it. The only problem I'm noticing is the lag in changes. I know that using scenes helps with this lag, but running into problems configuring scene changes. Has anyone done this before? Any tips is appreciated \m/ -PJ
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    Hardware needed for preset changes...

    What hardware do I need to have Ableton Live 9 change my presets as we use backing tracks live. We have two guitars in the band. Looked around for some YouTube videos and found a few that shows how to program it on Ableton Live but not what type of hardware is used. Any help is appreciated...
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    IEM Users: Cab Block Room Level, Reverb, or Both?

    I'm using OUTPUT 2 for my IEM and have the Cab block's room level set to 25%. I also have a Reverb block set to small room. For those that use in-ears, do you guys use either, both, or none? Looking for some suggestions as to your setup. BTW, the output to the FOH is completely dry (no room...
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    Custom Sticker

    Anyone know of a company online that will make a custom band logo sticker, but just one? I want to cover my three space rack drawer with my band's logo. Thanks!
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    Using 2 Matrix NL212s Live

    My new touring rig. Tested it at home (gig volume), will test during practice this weekend, and then I take it out on the road. After I spend some time with them I'll write a review based on my experience. So far, I'm loving them!!! -PJ
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    Going back to cable... Suggestions?

    After ten years of playing with a wireless, I'm going back to using a cable onstage. Any suggestions on what brand you found goes well with an Axe? What is the length before the tone is affected? I've read it's about 18'. Any truth to this? Thanks!
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    Power Conditioner Alternative?

    Trying to fit everything to a 4U space rack but really can't, unless I use a 6U. So, of all the things I currently have, my power conditioner could be the one thing I can "take out." What are some alternatives to plugging everything on a rack? Was thinking of getting a power strip and drill it...
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    UltraRes IR - Sum L+R and Stereo Question

    Since I run direct to FOH (in mono), on page 2 of the Cab Block under Input Select the default is Stereo. Should I just leave it or switch it to Sum L+R (one one Output goes to the soundguy and I run everything in mono). I don't remember seeing that in the normal IRs, only the LoRes, HiRes...
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    ART S8 Splitter Part 2, with a DI Box

    For the bass, should I place the DI Box before the signal gets split with the ART S8, or should I let the soundguy use his DI box and put it after we give him our tails (send out)? We have a DI box so we can easily place it before it hits our ART S8 Mic Splitter, but don't know exactly how that...
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    ART S8 Mic Splitter (and other splitter) Question

    I'm running an IEM rig with our own mixer and giving the soundguy our XLR tails for the FOH. We're pretty much splitting the main vocals, bass, kick, and snare using an ART S8 MIc Splitter rack. My question is which of the two OUTS should we give the soundguy: the Direct Out or the ISO...
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    Routing Output 2 To Mixer

    I'm using Output 1 LEFT XLR to the FOH (running Mono) and currently using Output 2 RIGHT to my IEM mixer. However, I wanted to add some reverb to my in-ears mix only (the mixer doesn't have built-in effects). If I were to run Output 2 LEFT 1/4" unbalanced to the mixer's 1/4" input, will the...
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    Behringer x32 Rack for IEMs

    Thinking of getting this for our IME monitors. Had the Studio Live but wasn't housed in the rack and the setup time was a bit longer. Thoughts on the quality of Behringer and if it's a good idea to invest in this mixer. Thanks! -PJ
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    Any Advice on Good Snakes and Tails?

    Looking to building an IEM rig with a rack mixer and mic splitters (ART S8). Any suggestions on some good 8 channel snakes and tails? Probably looking for something like 20-30 feet the most. Looked on eBay and there's alot of options. Since this is the first time going this route, was wondering...
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    Suggestions on Lighting Back of Rig

    Any suggestions, tips on what kind of battery-operated light I can put on the back of a 10-space rig? I would put a regular light but do not have any more outlets on my power conditioner. I can run another power strip, but if there's an easy battery-operated solution where I can just stick a...
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    Going To See Periphery Tonight In NYC

    Is any other AXE users going tonight? It'll be cool to talk in person about gear and how we use the AXE, either live or in the studio! -PJ
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    When You Tell The Soundguy You're Using An AXE FX...

    ...and he replies, "What's that?" How should we respond? That it's a digital modeler? I feel like it kinda has a negative connotation. Since my guitarist and I started using the AXE last year, we've gotten maybe a half dozen times the response "It's that like a POD?". So, how do you guys...
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    What About the Cleans?

    When it comes to live settings, the high gain amps get alot of advice and suggestions. For example, to cut through and sit in the mix nicely, the mids should be up; use low/hi cut in the cab blocks; less gain is better in gig volume, etc. However, when it comes to clean tones, there isn't...
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    Hi Cut Cab + Bass Cut Amp = Overkill?

    I've always cut around 100-120 hz on the cab block to give my bass player his space... but with the new bass cut switch in the amp block would have both "engaged" be an overkill? If so, which of the two is preferred for sitting in the mix in a live situation? Thanks!
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    CLR and Reverb

    I've never used reverb live when I ran my tube amps (and 412 cabs) since the venue always created that "reverb" sound. Since switching to the AXE FX I still tweaked my tones very dry, relying on the soundguy's mix in my monitors (same feed). However, now that I'm using a CLR for my stage...
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    Computer Playback Question

    When hooked up through the USB, the computer's audio playback only comes out through Output 1? Can it come out through 2 or both? Is there an option?
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    My Road to an AXE FX

    It started with a reply about using an ISO cab or an AXE FX live on another forum, and I ended up writing my own personal road to the AXE FX. It's a long read, but hope you enjoy :) Rig-Talk • View topic - LIVE: Axe FX II/Kemper vs. Iso-Cab PJ
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    In Ear Monitor Users - Please Chime In

    I've decided to go in-ears and bought the Shure PSM 900 transmitter, which came with the SE425 ear buds. Let me give you a quick rundown of my setup, followed by some questions that those using in-ears with their Axe FX can advice me :) Running a personal monitor mix using the one rack Rolls...
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    "Fizz is Good"

    I'm playing preset #170 - Thick & Chunky and I hear this fizz when palm muting the E string. I've noticed it in other amps as well (Splawn). Just wondering if with the new MIMIC technology that the actual amps actually sound like that, or is it something wrong on my end? When I play along to...
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    Reverb To Out 2 Only?

    How can I set it up so that I'm having Reverb block routed to OUT 2, but not OUT 1. Both using Cab block sims. I set up a split after the cab and put a Reverb on a second line, thinking that it automatically was routed to OUT 2, but that's not the case. Thanks!
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    No Cheezy Metal?

    I can't find it. It was around the 350s preset, a few away from 80s clean. Was it replaced? Thanks!
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    Stage Monitor Feedback

    It's my third time using the AxeFX live and tonight there was tons of feedback coming from the stage monitor. I plugged direct to FOH. Did not have a personal wedge, I used the stage monitors. Every time I hit the distortion preset I heard a hiss, and if I got near it it feedback Loke crazy...
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    Using AxeFX Opening for Nonpoint and Hinder!

    Last night was the first time me and my other guitarist went direct with our AxeFX, and we chose to debut it opening for Nonpoint and Hinder! What were we thinking LOL The crew were actually really cool, but wanted to use my DI box instead of just using the line out. My other guitarist didn't...
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    How To Copy A Block

    Sorry if I'm posting something that's obvious. Tried going through the manual, and searched the boards, but couldn't really find an answer (although I'm sure it's there). I'm trying to copy an amp block to create a new line in the layout. Trying to set up my Axe for direct to FOH with real...
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    To Reverb or Not to Reverb...

    That is definitely the question! I'm coming from years of playing modern heavy rock music using tubes and reverb was never a part of my rhythm tone. However, after watching Scott's video on creating a preset, he mentioned that he likes using reverb to create some space. I've been using reverb...
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    After twenty years...

    ...playing live with nothing but tube amps, tomorrow I'm using an AxeFX II for the first time! In my twenty years of playing I've used my trusty 5150 (EVH faceplate), MESA/Boogie Dual Rectifier, FUCHS Mantis (short time), and now the Axe FX II. My main tone is the FAS Modern. Also going the FRFR...
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    FRFR AC Power Cord

    Can anyone recommend an online store where I can purchase a 15-20 foot universal power cord for my wedge? Going live this weekend and have a power conditioner in my rack and wanna run one power line to the wedge. I can purchase an extension cord but rather have one less thing to worry about...
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    Recording Two Axe-Fx II at the Same Time?

    I have my Axe FX II connected via USB and use my laptop to record tracks. Is it possible for another guitarist to plug into the same laptop through his USB and record two guitar tracks at the same time? If not, what would be the best way to do this? We're just trying to lay down tracks for...
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    Acoustic Guitar Preset

    Is there a preset that simulates an acoustic guitar? Recently got the Axe and updated to the latest firmware.
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    Plugging to Rehearsal Studio PA System

    Just got the Axe FX II and took it to our rehearsal studio (hourly rental place). I went Output 1 1/4" to a Line In channel on the PA. I put the Mic Trim all the way down (to like 9:00), and the fader to "Normal" (U, or 0, or whatever the little line thingy is called on the mixer). Sounded...
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