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  1. LerxstFan

    RCF Speakers?

    Hi All, One of my friends who plays the AX III uses RCF speakers and says they're amazing - way better than the QSC's he used to use. I gig with an old EV 12" powered speaker which has been doing the job, but I've been reading about the RCF powered wedges and speakers and would love to hear...
  2. LerxstFan

    Trying to Make This Work

    So I have Austin Buddy's latest Dream Rigs pack, and am loving the tones and great options for songs. I have my AX8 set up globally with switches 1-4 as presets, and 5-8 as effects to drop in and out based on the song. My band plays about 45 songs a night. In Austin Buddy's tutorial on how to...
  3. LerxstFan

    Looking for a Good Amp / Preset for Rockabilly Sound

    Hi All - my band is going to play Rock This Town, and I'm having a hard time dialing in the tone and the reverb. I have a Suhr SSH+ in the bridge and a PRS VB in the neck. I'm using a Fender '65 amp model and just can't seem to get the right pickup combo (to split or not to split) that gets...
  4. LerxstFan

    So Many Options...

    I have only owned a few amps in my life.I started with a GK 250 ML (Lifeson made me do it), then a Marshall DSL 100, a Mesa .50 combo, and a Mark IV head and 2x12. I was already blown away with the amp models in the AX8 and found the ones I needed to get the sounds for my 80's cover band. Life...
  5. LerxstFan

    First AX8 Gigs - Still Smiling

    I played three times this past weekend using the AX8 for the first time. Quick impressions - the sound is so much more detailed and amp-like than my old rig (11 Rack). I don't know how to describe it, but there's no high end frequency or digital 'swirl' to dial out right from the start. I know...
  6. LerxstFan

    AX8 Gig Advice?

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my thread about scenes vs. presets for a switch layout. I'm going with presets and adding effects as needed for those songs. There are so many more switch options to choose for layout with the AX8. If anyone has any advice or tips they're willing to share to...
  7. LerxstFan

    Scenes or Presets?

    As I learn more about how to set up the global functions for the 1-8 and F footswitches, I'm trying to figure out the best layout for me...I'm used to having switches 1-4 on my old Ground Control Pro set for individual presets for songs and then using the other four switches for adding drive...
  8. LerxstFan

    My AX8 Journey Begins

    So I've had my AX8 for a few days and I'm learning as I go. Though the learning curve is a little steep, I haven't been this excited about a piece of gear in a long time. Having gigged an Eleven Rack with a GCP for years in my cover band, I'm used to that switching format - pretty simple and...
  9. LerxstFan

    Power Conditioner?

    Does anyone use a power conditioner with their AX8? I've always used my old Monster 3500 with my 11Rack and will likely use it with the AX8. If you have any lighter weight alternatives - lol - I'd love to hear those suggestions. Thanks!
  10. LerxstFan

    About to Dive In - A Few Questions

    Hi All - First, let me say that the amount of information, amazing videos and helpful folks on here is amazing. The more I read and listen to, the closer I am to finally getting an AX8. I've been using an Eleven Rack with a Ground Control Pro in my 80's cover band for years. For the range...
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