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  1. gigawatt

    Synth Question

    So this is the first time noodling with the synth since owning the Axe III for 2+ years and it's much different than I remember in the Ultra. I added a Synth block to the chain and it was your normal, clean synth. Then I moved it over before the amp which happened to be a Recto expecting some...
  2. gigawatt

    Yellow Line In Display

    I just noticed this after updating, I don't recall it being there before. Anybody else have this yellow vertical line on the right in the display screen?
  3. gigawatt

    I have a student looking for a practice amp -

    So far she's looked at the Blackstar ID Core 10 V2 and the Fender Champion 20 and (leaning towards the 20). She'll be playing a Squier Standard Tele through it. Anything else she should look at for under $130? Mucho thanks :blush:
  4. gigawatt

    Solo S12X (RW) Legacy cab #46

    Could somebody tell me the exact speaker this is modeled after? Thanks :blush:
  5. gigawatt

    I think I know what I want in the Axe-Fx III 2.0

    Voice command and phone control :tonguewink: https://www.positivegrid.com/spark?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=PG&utm_campaign=spark_en&fbclid=IwAR2s8iIMudA4GmnJnqsAMqusFYykNGgVNyNPJglovmNaHS2nfHibKq1-xGk
  6. gigawatt

    Value Wheel

    Is there a way to make it scroll through the presets faster? Right now it will only go about 10 at a time with a spin, which obviously make iit quite a trip to got to preset 350. It goes very fast when storing a preset so I assume there must be an adjustment but I can't find it. Thanks :)
  7. gigawatt

    Need Help Updating

    I haven't updated my Axe Fx III for quite a while for various reasons and I'm looking for a way to update the Firmware from 1.15 to the current 5.05. Do I have to load every update since 1.15 or is there an easier faster way of doing it? Thanks much!
  8. gigawatt

    Updates are where??

    Where do I look specifically for the latest firmware update? They usually find me but I haven't been very active lately. Thanks much, :)
  9. gigawatt

    Pickups: Direct mounted or Ring/Bezel Mounted?

    Can you tell the difference? What if the rings are metal?
  10. gigawatt

    Loudest Vid on Youtube? Shirley Manson Content ;)

    OK here's the deal, take a look at the Video until at least after the first chorus, on my interface the meters are just tickling the red, then, when the chorus kicks in the meters are completely pegged, I don't notice any distortion so it's quite dynamic and intense. I love this band, and the...
  11. gigawatt

    Repairing a Broken Headstock

    If you all remember I received a guitar from USPS whose headstock looked like this.
  12. gigawatt

    What's with all this Digitally Remastered Crap?

    They're ruining all our old songs! I haven't heard one yet that sounds good, all it seems they are doing is raising this and lowering that here and there and making the mix almost unlistenable. I thought it was only supposed to affect the quality of the signal and maybe lower the noise floor...
  13. gigawatt

    Pickups, Active or Passive

    Seeing how this really isn't a fair comparasin since there are far more passive pickups available, what do you prefer and what type of music do you use it for? Please, no bashing of the one you don't favor, on second thought, if you have constructive criticism, I suppose that's ok ;). Remember...
  14. gigawatt

    Blue Headphones Issue

    Ok you guys (some of you guys) strongly suggested these headphones so I need a spare 1.2 to 1.5 meter cable for them. It doesn't need to have the inline control buttons like the original as I don't use them. I searched all over but all I could find was an exact replacement from Blue. I'd...
  15. gigawatt

    Solo 100 Amp & S12X + V12 Cabs

    I've been loving this combination, while a little on the dark side, high end can be easily brought out with an EQ block after it. I have a question however, are its EQ (B M T) controls before or after the preamp? I ask because they don't seem to have much affect, and neither do some other...
  16. gigawatt

    What Is Your Favorite Cab IR?

    No aftermarket IR's please, just either the Legacy cabs or the Factory cabs (1 & 2) that come with the Axe III.
  17. gigawatt

    Facebook Garbage

    Tried to log on to my old account (it's been about 4 or 5 years) and couldn't remember my password. I was then sent a code to my email address that doesn't exist anymore. Then was sent to a dead phone number, along with questions for friends so they can enter 3 codes, ugh. Than I finally hit a...
  18. gigawatt

    NCD!! Yet Another Issue :-(

    Ok, after this one, no more guitars! Ok @Muad'zin and @Carl. Fortunately this was an inexpensive used Indonesian model but still, I hate to see things like this happen in shipping. That is, if it was shipping, I didn't see it in any of the sellers photos. These are really nice guitars,my only...
  19. gigawatt

    OK Now I'm Really Depressed

    So I was listening to Garbage the other day and just losing my mind over Shirley Ann Manson (Shirley being my mother's name and Anne being my first wife's name), anyway I'm just madly in love with her and was writing in the headphones Axe III post. Listened to about 7 or 8 songs and shut it...
  20. gigawatt

    "Do It Best"

    Ever heard of them? I just bought some Titebond glue, rubber bands, steel wool, and other assorted goods at some really good prices. I had to buy from them because my browser is outdated and wouldn't open any of the popular stores. The locations I saw were in the Chicago area but that might...
  21. gigawatt

    NGD Anticlimactic, Every Guitarists Nightmare

    Remember this girl. Thanks USPS! It's all your guys fault, u talked me into it!
  22. gigawatt

    Straplocks: Dunlop or Schaller

    What's you preference? I use both, Schallers on my Strat/Les Paul type guitars, and Dunlops on my V's, with caution, extreme caution, let me explain. In my opinion the Schallers are stronger, more reliable, and you know when they're locked, but are a little more difficult to attach in most...
  23. gigawatt

    JS410 Lead Red

    Is this a dark lead channel? I was trying to find a cab that fit well with it but everything sounds warm and dark with no hair on top, and I had all the high controls turned up to around 2 o'clock. I've gone thru about 100 cabs and while some of them have fiz/fuzz none of them seem to have...
  24. gigawatt

    OGD! This One's a Beauty, and Boy Can She Sing!

    This is the girl I've been waiting for since September, aww you're in for a treat. It's OGD! Old Guitar Day :D! Under the hood she's got EMG pickups; 81 bridge and 89 with coil tap in the neck position, both running at 18 volts, a perfect combo for the tone of the sum of this guitar's parts...
  25. gigawatt

    NGD Number 3 !!!

    You guys must hate me :p. Hey I'm just replenishing my inventory, 3 months ago I only had one guitar, but then I got my check (divorce), so now it's payback time! $m$ \m/. I don't know how I found this one, must have come up as a suggestion in an eBay listing I was looking at, I received it...
  26. gigawatt

    iCloud Question

    Geez there outta be a section for "Technical Support for Apple Users." :rolleyes: Or just me :mad: :cool:. Last week I started an iCloud on my computer and put some pictures there with my laptop, I don't remember the details. Anyway, today I tried it with my iPhone (after I backed up my phone...
  27. gigawatt

    NGD Number 2 !!!

    Todays the day! Tentatively... I was supposed to get the King V last Wednesday and FedEx had the address wrong, good thing the driver couldn't find it or someone else might have my Green Sparkly V ! :mad:. So they delivered it Thursday after the seller and myself had a few conversations wit...
  28. gigawatt

    iPhone update

    Hey I can upload more than one pic now :). Check out the caption at the bottom of Dave's pic, I find it funny that the word "attempt" is in there. :D It would have to be this upsidedown photo that loads, many of my pics are just over the 2Meg limit for the forum :(. I suppose I can try...
  29. gigawatt

    Guitar *Revised*

    Hi, this is a test from my iPhone. No need to respond unless you have some tips. It seems I can only post one pic per post, when I add another it shows the same pic as the first one even though I selected a different one. Yay.... auto correct is back :p. Hehe, my roommates blanket, he's a...
  30. gigawatt

    Armor Gold Cable

    From now on I'm going to use the size 5 font so I can see it on my phone so don't think I'm shouting at you ;). Geez it's much better on my Macbook too :). Anyone using their instrument cables? Read a lot of good things about them today, $49 for a 10ft cable with Ampheron connectors...
  31. gigawatt

    Mackbook Pro "?" Question

    Doing my usual routine surfing web, posting on forum, editing pics, listening to iTunes, having 30 tabs open and bam... freeze, spinning pinwheel, and it won't go away! So I hit the restart button and have to close everthing running, it shuts down, and goes into its startup routine. Except...
  32. gigawatt

    High Quality Cable vs Economy Cable, The SRV Story

    I was about to purchase a decent Mogami cable when a little story about Stevie Ray Vaughan popped in my head. Ever here the one about when Stevie had a gig but no guitar cable? and someone had to go out and find him a new one? Well, they went out and bought the best one they could find, and...
  33. gigawatt

    Taming a bright guitar, What are some Amp Models that...

    would help with a humbucker (JB) that sounds like a single coil sometimes. I have one in another similar guitar and it sounds sweeeet and warm on the top end, it has a rosewood fretboard though, whereas the guitar in question has ebony. It has a tone kind of like fretbuzz. Funny I was...
  34. gigawatt

    Headphones for mixing Question & Studio Monitors

    If you have to use your headphones for mixing which would you prefer, a set brighter than your studio monitors, or darker with more bass?
  35. gigawatt

    NGD! means NEW GUITAR DAY!

    Well, I guess no-one here is interested in guitars anymore :(. I had been watching this one for a while, along with another quite popular guitarist's signature model, or rather he designed it and they built it. It was a tough decision, one guitar I knew quite well, a Randy Rhoads Concorde, you...
  36. gigawatt

    They Just Have To Use This Song In The Next Fast n Furious Movie!

    It should have been in the first one! I think Jesus built their Marshalls. :cool: Geez the meters are peaking! This has to be the loudest video on Youtube!
  37. gigawatt

    Do u have one of these? No? You better get one in a hurry!

  38. gigawatt

    Cabs "User 2"

    Hello from the postmaster! :D So I just went to the User 2 bank and it says it's <EMPTY>. :eek: What gives? I was going to sample the G12-65 loaded cabs and nothing is there. How do I get / load them into my Axe III? Thanks much for any help :(. Dave Boy what a bi-polar post o_O.
  39. gigawatt

    User Cab IR Scrolling

    I was scrolling through the User Cabs yesterday with the Value wheel and was wondering since there are over 1000 of them in each of the two banks, is there a button that would cut through say, 100 at a time? Lets say you know the cab/IR you want and it's #876, is there a faster way to get there...
  40. gigawatt

    Rhoads vs Rhoads

    Ok I promise this will be the last one, or two (guitars). I am trying to decide between these two Indonesian (whom I've developed a newfound faith for with my Jem 77P) Randy Rhoads V's, up first is the Jackson Pro Series Rhoads RR, black with chrome appointments ;) Some pics from the...
  41. gigawatt

    My Eventful Morning

    I recently purchased a Jackson RR5, a Japanese made Randy Rhoads, ivory w black pinstripes and gold hardware. Except the pickup rings, so I am going to change them. First let me say that I had some neck and nut issues with this guitar, and just found out I believe it is the first fret causing...
  42. gigawatt

    The Color Purple

    Wouldn't the Axe Fx III just look awesome in this color? 80's baby! GLAD I DON'T NEED THESE ANYMORE... Funny thing, the Solo models have been my favorite so far :). I had one of those Caswell's for a while, in fact it was the same time I had the Ultra and I ran it in the Ultra's loop...
  43. gigawatt

    Wah Pedal Question Engage/Disengage

    Ok, I have set up a wah pedal with an auto engage and I have at the moment disengage when I reach the top of the sweep. Problem is it shuts off immediately whenever I go toe all the way down. I seem to remember there was a "touch wah" on the Ultra that engaged the wah every time you stepped on...
  44. gigawatt

    Can the tuner be used for Acoustic

    Can the Axe Fx III's tuner be used for non electric acoustic guitars?
  45. gigawatt

    Kirk Hammett Purple Sparkle or Demonology

    I have to return a guitar: ^^ An impulse buy. Nice player, nice finish, trem stays in tune, sounds like poo, I mean the Duncan "Hunter" pickup= Horrible! My 2002 $250 BC Rich Warlock stock pups sounded better. Plus the neck feels really weird to me. I mean, well I've played a few ESP LTD...
  46. gigawatt

    Randy Rhoads Cab

    Is there an IR for Randy's Altec Lansing loaded Marshall cab in the Axe Fx III? Thanks :)
  47. gigawatt

    Legend vs Custom...

    Time to make a decision. 1st: The Legend, i.e., The Concorde Or 2nd: The Custom, i.e. Green Sparkle: Not crazy about the location of the output jack ^, makes it difficult to play sitting down... and you can hardly see the Jackson logo, it's supposed to be gold, but seems really faded...
  48. gigawatt

    Peavey Nano Vypyr, Battery Powered Portable Practice Amp

    I've been researching this little battery powered amp with the big speaker all afternoon and can't find any good sound clips of it. It's either someone wanking around on the clean channel with chorus; ok sounds nice, or, ruining the lead channel with an LFO, geeeez! Does anybody have one or...
  49. gigawatt

    iPhoto picture issues

    Ok so I found out I could copy a picture in iPhoto, and paste it into "Pictures" so I can use "Preview" to resize the image. It worked at first, but I needed to do some "resizing" and now I get a message saying I don't have permission. So I did like the prompt said and went to File>Get Info...
  50. gigawatt

    Shipping Guitars Internationally ? Customs $$

    Anyone know anything about inexpensive international shipping that doesn't take 6-8 weeks? From Guatemala and the U.K. There are a couple of guitars I am interested in but at least one of them the shipping is outrageous. The guitar from Guatemala is $1500 and shipping via FedEx or DHL is...
  51. gigawatt

    Jackson USA vs USA

    IT is time for a new (actually used but new to me) Jackson USA Select, been looking at King V's but nobody's selling anything cool, so I found a few RR1's that look worth while and won't totally break the bank. This Bolt is pretty cool lookin'. Usually the Bolt graphic wraps all around and is...
  52. gigawatt

    Is MacKeeper safe to use?

    I allowed it to do a scan of my laptop, and now it's asking me to allow it to continue and remove "junk and duplicated files and whatnot." Is this kosher or a scam to buy their product? Thanks in advance for any help/info. :):):)
  53. gigawatt

    Axe Fx III Review :-)

    The night b4 last I fell asleep at 10pm, woke at 12am, and decided this would be a good time to JAM! :D With headphones. :cool: Earlier that day I had programed the first five presets for use with my ADA MP1 Classic using Input 4 and Output 4 like a loop. This worked and sounded great, I've...
  54. gigawatt

    YouTube question

    I thought I posted this already but I must have dreamed it... Is it possible to save Youtube videos to one's hard drive? There used to be a drop down button for this but my latest browser can't see it anymore. Thanks
  55. gigawatt

    Axe Fx III Updating Question

    So, I live on the 7th floor of an apartment building, and free internet is in the lobby. Recently I talked to support about an issue and had to "de-rack" my Axe, bring it down to the lobby, and hook it up to my laptop for an internet download. It's a lot of work unplugging all the cables and...
  56. gigawatt

    New Axe-Fx III Not Working On Some Presets?

    OK, I just hooked up my new 3 (yaaayy) and ran into a couple problems. 1st. I couldn't get any signal out of the headphone jack, where is its output control? I'm also plugged into an interface between Axe and speakers so I used its headphone out. 2nd. I was scrolling through factory...
  57. gigawatt

    Best Small Battery-Powered Practice Amp

    Is it still the little Roland Cube or has something better come along? Would like it to be versatile. Wish the little Marshall DSL was battery powered... :D
  58. gigawatt

    Is There a Thread or Post with all of the Axe-Fx III's... ?

    Factory preset titles and what number they're at? Just wondering if there is a list for reference. Thanks in advance :).
  59. gigawatt

    Recorded A Song, How's It Sound Thru Ur Monitors, Or Hi-Fi's?

    Ok, I put this song together using a track without the guitars I found on Youtube. I converted it from vid to mp3, copied and pasted it into Garage band, then recorded a whole mess of guitar tracks. I didn't have my Presonis Sceptre S8 studio monitors yet, I used my Polk Lsi 15's for...
  60. gigawatt

    Ibanez JEM Questions

    Has anyone tried out this guitar...
  61. gigawatt

    Has anyone played one of these?

    https://www.ebay.com/str/chmusic123 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Popular-Top-Quality-ESPS-Kirk-Electric-Guitar-Floyd-Rose-Bridge-Water-Transfer/122910337266?epid=26013009049&hash=item1c9e06e8f2:g:EwoAAOSwGBhaWH-x They look really nice… I know they're made in China, but hey, my old black Oujia was...
  62. gigawatt

    Please, No More Gas

    I was looking for another ADA MP1 Classic to use in conjunction with my Axe Fx III and this came up, hopefully the link will work, you might have to sign in. I've wanted to try one of these for 15+ years! I had the Mesa 20/20 but it didn't have the deep switch only a mod, plus, the Marshall is...
  63. gigawatt

    Forum Clock

    Say how do I fix the clock on the forum so it reads central daylight savings time? Thanks
  64. gigawatt

    Effect Question

    I am trying to figure out what effect is being used in this song (on the guitar of course) at the 37 second mark. It's gotta be in the Axe III somewhere... But I don't know where to start.
  65. gigawatt

    Axe-Fx III and Headphones

    Hi all. :) Can you all chime in with what headphones you're using with the Axe Fx III? There's just so many to choose from, I don't know what will sound good with the Axe. I had a set of Sennheiser HD 280's but would like to upgrade, besides I think I blew the high freq. drivers, (had a Lead...
  66. gigawatt

    Formant Filter

    I used to be able to duplicate Alice in Chains "Man In The Box" verse rhythm almost to a T with the Ultra, but I thought there was an OWW vowel sound that I used. I don't see it on the III, anyone tried this? Also, the "Bow Wow" sound in Bon Jovi's "It's My Life." Any help is greatly...
  67. gigawatt


    I just happened to come across this while going through "conversations." Is Jay still here, I'm guessing he's not as he was usually in the forefront. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/conversations/re-what-is-frfr-and-why-do-i-care.2102/ Click on the bottom of the quote that is blurred if you...
  68. gigawatt

    Macbook Help

    Hi everyone. I need help updating my Macbook Pro, it's appx. a Dec. 2011 - very early 2012. I have tried uploading the last version but it says I need at least 10.8 for it to work. How do I find out what version mine is running. This is frustrating because I'd like to use the Axe III's...
  69. gigawatt

    Dual midi cable?

    Is there any reason now to use dual midi cables to connect to an interface/computer to download new firmware, edit, etc. now that there's USB? Thanks much
  70. gigawatt

    This came up when I did a search for the Axe Fx "3"

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Phase-3-Thor-Stormbreaker-Marvel-Avengers-Infinity-War-Titan-Hero-Power-FX-NEW/332632706871?epid=11015840066&hash=item4d72744f37:g:lX4AAOSw4J5a4b8a Isn't he supposed to have a hammer? :confused: …and a bunch of tie rod ends-- (no, not Thor, these)...
  71. gigawatt

    50 Msgs.

    /_____ 50 Messages and I'm Regular? ...I wish I was regular! :mad: \ Now where's my Colace?
  72. gigawatt

    FCB1010 and Wah

    I was going through the manual and what I found were only instructions for an external expression pedal. As most of you know the 1010 has two built in exp. pedals. There must be a way to use them for wah. volume, wammy, CC, etc., but I haven't been able to figure it out as of yet. Any help...
  73. gigawatt

    Effects Loop Help, Axe Fx III

    Hi all. Could someone refresh my memory as how to put an external preamp in an effects loop and use it in place of an amp sim block on the Axe Fx III? I used to have an Ultra and from what I remember you take an… here where I'm fuzzy. Is it; "output block, effects loop block, input block?"...
  74. gigawatt


    Hello everyone… I was just figuring out what cables I'd need for my rack, interface, and studio monitors and was doing the math and came up with $180! I could probably do it for 1/4 that if I used economy cables. What are your thoughts on economy vs expensive? I'm sure some of you look at...
  75. gigawatt

    Audio Interface

    " and better USB audio performance than most dedicated audio interfaces." Does this mean I don't need one of these anymore? http://www.m-audio.com/products/view/m-track I mean……. Can I plug a mic into the Axe FX III? Sorry for my ignorance. Hey my smiley's aren't working…
  76. gigawatt


    I know it's 3 rack spaces, but could someone tell me what the depth in inches the new Axe FX III is? and where to find the manual pdf and specifications page if one exists? Thanks much:-)
  77. gigawatt

    Studio speakers for Axe-Fx

    I'm on the fence between the Presonus Sceptre S6, Equator D8, and the Tannoy System 800/600. I'm torn between active or passive, and 8 inch or 6 inch woofer. They're going in a bedroom about 15'x15' with lots of curtains, I will be sitting very close to the monitors so will I feel some bass from...
  78. gigawatt

    3 year Axe FX user, what I tell folks about

    Sorry I left out customer service and updates, but still think it's a good sell... Sure, always happy to talk Axe FX, hope ya got a few minutes... As far as other components I use with it; 1st a Carvin Poweramp for about $600, then about another $100 to retube it cuz the tubes it came with...
  79. gigawatt

    Led Zep, Whole Lotta Love solo sound

    Gotta be in here somewhere :? . I originally thought it was speaker distortion, but after hearing all the cab sims with drive at diff levels, has not been the case. If you haven't heard it lately, take a listen. There's some kind of breakup going that I can't put my finger on. Is it amp...
  80. gigawatt

    I found the ultimate cab!

    Check it out here: http://cgi.ebay.de/MARSHALL-JMP-TREMOLO ... 286.c0.m14 ;)
  81. gigawatt

    Thank you Marty and Cliff for outstanding service!

    Once I figured out my emails weren't getting thru by clicking on the support tab, I copied and pasted support@fractalaudio.com in my comcast email and all was good. I sent my Axe Fx Monday for repairs, and the next Monday I get an email from UPS saying it's being sent back to me. Is it fixed...
  82. gigawatt

    Cliff, tried to contact you about this and had no response

    Something strange happened with my Axe Fx last night after bringing to band practice and plugging everything in. I turned everything on and after a few seconds the led’s for input 1 all began to light up, all the way up to red. My guitar’s wireless was not turned on yet so this was really...
  83. gigawatt

    Routing dilemma

    With all the routing capabilities there must be a way... I am trying to use a Soldano X99 in conjunction with the Axe FX. Currently before the X99 was introduced, I ran output 1 direct to the PA and output 2 to a poweramp and guitar cabs. The only way I currently know of how to run a seperate...
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