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  1. Gilly

    Removing rack ears

    This may be just me overthinking, but is it ok to remove the rack ears on the AxeFx? I was a bit hesitant as it looked like it may be connected to something else on the inside. Any info would be appreciated!
  2. Gilly

    Axefx XL cant find modeling version

    Hoping this isn't something simple, but at the same time I hope this is simple fix! I have an Axefx XL and cant see the modelling version in the global config menu? Has it been moved? Any help, really appreciated!
  3. Gilly

    Bass Amp models with Quantum modelling?

    I seem to remember reading that it was just the FAS Bass amp that had Quantum? Anyone confirm this?
  4. Gilly

    Steve Vai Pedal board

  5. Gilly

    Help with Bass Tone through FRFR

    ​ Being my first post, I d just first like to say that I've been really blown away by the Axe guitar tones right out of the box.:encouragement: I cheekily actually gigged with it on guitar 3 days after getting it and even though I didn't have the knowledge to get it sounding the way I really...
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