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  1. Rich G.

    BodyRez emulation in FX8?

    Anyone figure out a way to emulate TC's BodyRez in the FX8? I'd like to dedicate my FX8 to acoustic gigs since those seem to be the only gigs happening these days. I know I can just go and get the pedal, but I'm trying to down size.
  2. Rich G.

    Recommendations on wireless audio control to old stereo

    I have an old Kenwood receiver I use to play music while working around the house. I typically have a tablet directly hooked up to it via 3.5mm to RCA connection and use it to play Pandora or Spotify radio. Occasionally, the stations will stop and I have to go over and tap the screen to...
  3. Rich G.

    DC Adapter voltage variance

    Now that I'm pretty much stuck at home for a while I decided to do some organizing. One of the items on my list is to sort out my ever growing collection of about 50 wall warts. Some are AC, some DC, some 12 volts, some 9, some have special connectors, others are standard 2.5 mm barrels. During...
  4. Rich G.

    Gigs canceled due to COVID-19?

    One of my Facebook friends just posted that he had his first gig cancellation due to COVID-19. As of today (Wednesday), my gigs are still on for the weekend. Anyone else have their gigs canceled?
  5. Rich G.

    Fancy displays on products- Yay or Nay?

    I say nay-nay! I'm seeing more and more products come out that have integrated touch screens. The screens are getting bigger. The graphics are getting 'prettier'. I say there's no need for fancier displays. In fact, there's no need for an on-board display at all for a few reason... The...
  6. Rich G.

    LR Baggs Soundscape. I'm intrigued.

    LR Baggs recently unveiled a new product called Soundscape. It captures an IR from your acoustic guitar. Very intriguing. I'm tempted to try one out.
  7. Rich G.

    Elixir Optiweb feel tighter?

    I've been using Elixir Nanowebs 10's for something like 10 years. Just to try something different, I decided to order Optiwebs. Had my first gig with them last night. I don't know if it's just me or what... but today my fingers feel like I had 12's on last night. I found I had to 'double-up' to...
  8. Rich G.

    "Daily Driver" amp recommendations

    I'm thinking about getting a decent inexpensive SS amp for daily use around the house, band practices, and possibly gigs if needed in a pinch. I've a Tech 21 Trademark 10 which is good enough for sitting down and learning songs, but not enough for band practice. The 1x12 50W Boss Katana MKII...
  9. Rich G.

    How to tactfully decline playing benefits

    I'm not sure if this is a universal thing, but it certainly happens a lot where I'm from. Something unfortunate happens where people need money. A house burns down, an unforeseen illness, a tragic accident. People group together to see what they can do to help... and someone suggests "let's get...
  10. Rich G.

    Using the Harmonizer / Queen project

    I'm doing a one-off project from my band where we're doing a bunch of Queen songs. A lot of Brian May's solos contain inter-weaving harmony parts. My Best Friend, for example, sounds like it contains 3 or 4 harmony lines at various points in the song. I haven't used the Harmonizer all that much...
  11. Rich G.

    MFC-101 SysEx Decode Utility

    I recently created a Windows 10 command line MFC-101 SysEx decoder utility that produces a csv file output that can be imported into an Excel spreadsheet. The accompanying spreadsheet further decodes the csv into a report format. It has tabs for Presets, Switches, Songs, Sets and Info. I'm...
  12. Rich G.

    Bank Select MSB sent with Program Change, but no LSB?

    I was looking at the MFC-101 output using MidiOx and noticed whenever a Program Change is called for, the Bank Select MSB is also sent. The data looks like this: 0xB0 0x00 0x00 0xC0 0x00 The Bank Select LSB is missing. Is there a way in the MFC to have it also send the LSB?... so the msg...
  13. Rich G.

    Cracking The Code

    Ok, I know I'm a little late to the game on this. I did a search for "Cracking the code" and found posts going waaayy back. However, maybe some of you, like myself, were unaware of this series. I recently was told about and watched this 12 part series: Cracking The Code. It dives deep into...
  14. Rich G.

    How to get Reaper output to monitors

    Sorry- Really new to using Reaper. I have Reaper set up to use FAS USB Audio ASIO Driver. I can record and play along with other tracks by using the Phones output of the AxeFx. How do I route things so the audio goes out the computer's sound card output? All I see for output options is OUT 1...
  15. Rich G.

    Recording with effects Yay or Nay?

    Despite having decades of stage experience, I'm a complete novice when it comes to recording. I've recently been asked to provide some guitar tracks for a local artist's recording. Would it be better to track the dry guitar and add effects later? I think of reverb as an overall effect so I...
  16. Rich G.

    Santa Cruz Shred

    I'm a little late to the game on this one... The other night I discovered Santa Cruz. This was followed quickly by discovering Santa Cruz is no more. Too bad, I'd love to see some new stuff from them. There's some serious shred going on here that reminds me of old Racer X or Cacophony. In some...
  17. Rich G.

    Apps On SALE

    I just saw this: 50% off AnyTune Pro+ thru Dec 23rd I've used many different slow down programs to learn songs and found AnyTune Pro+ to be my favorite. I highly recommend it. Any other good apps on sale?
  18. Rich G.

    MFC-101 SysEx checksum help

    I'm doing some decoding of the MFC-101 SysEx file and having a bit of trouble determining how the Checksum is calculated. It doesn't appear to be the same as the AxeFx XOR calculation. For example, the second message in a MFC-101 SysEx dump is: F0 00 01 74 02 76 04 07 01 00 00 00 01 00 08 01...
  19. Rich G.

    Getting I/O CTRL settings

    Is there a way to get and/or set all the I/O CTRL settings from the AxeFX II via MIDI SysEx message? Also, Is there a way to set them all to their default values?
  20. Rich G.

    Market Woes

    Anyone else getting killed in this market?? Getting a little tired of seeing my portfolio decrease 2% daily since the beginning of October.
  21. Rich G.

    ISO Whitesnake: Here I Go Again

    Looking for a good preset for Here I Go Again. Something with Rhythm, Solo, and Clean scenes... bonus points for a Synth scene for the intro.
  22. Rich G.

    Surprise of a lifetime

    One of my band mates got me real good tonight. Did not see this coming at all... Joe Travers is Joe Satriani’s drummer for this year’s tour. He was also the drummer for Zappa plays Zappa. He’s from my home town of Erie, PA. He’s back home for a little time off. While he’s here his family is...
  23. Rich G.

    Stupid FC-6/FC-12 question...

    Ok, stupid FC-6/FC-12 question... Is it a general Midi foot controller or is it specifically meant to be used with the AxeFX III only? I can't find anything on the Fractal website about it, and a search for FC-6 or FC-12 and MIDI brings up too many unrelated hits for my lazy self to sift...
  24. Rich G.

    Need a simple sample player.

    im looking for something that will play a sample when I step on a switch. Any suggestions? Can be a stand alone unit or something that runs on Windows 10. I've looked into some samplers like the SPD-SX or the SPD-ONE series, but even those seem like overkill. We cover a lot of Country songs in...
  25. Rich G.

    Old Tube Amp instructional video

    love these old instructional videos!
  26. Rich G.

    Flame maple top warping?

    I have an Suhr Pro Series S3 that has developed a peculiar problem. The flame maple top has become very wavy. Admittedly, The guitar has spent the majority of its life in the case. It's been a few years since I last looked at it. I took it out of the case to check something on it and I...
  27. Rich G.

    The logistics of being a wedding band

    The bands I'm in traditionally shy away from playing weddings. The simple reason being I don't know what's required to legally play these of events. We get asked a lot about playing weddings so we're considering it. Can someone point me in the right direction here? Would we need insurance...
  28. Rich G.

    Cliff Notes

    Cliff posts great insights. I often come here to see if he posted some magical tweaking tips regarding specific fw. To find these posts I go to the Search box, click on it, click more, yada yada... search for all posts from Cliff. I'd like to book mark this somehow so I don't have to go...
  29. Rich G.

    Great site for Cover Band guys who are learning songs

    I'm in three cover bands and am constantly learning songs of various genres. I recently found this Karaoke Versions site that lets you play a sample of the song broken down into separate tracks. Sometimes it really helps to hear an isolated guitar or (especially for me) background vocal track...
  30. Rich G.

    SPD-SX Users?

    My drummer just got a Roland SPD-SX sampler and I'm trying to help him out with it. Anyone use one of these?? I can't find decent any forums out there. I'm trying to do the most fundamental of fundamental things with this and I can't seem to make it happen! ugh! I have a short hand clap sample...
  31. Rich G.

    Drum Samples for Live use

    For years my Drummer has been using an Alesis DM5 for hit Kick & Tom sounds. He's migrating over to an Alesis Sample Rack. I'm looking for some recommendations on good sounding Kick & Tom sounds that can be used live. Just a basic rock drum sound- not an electronic sound. Not even sure where...
  32. Rich G.

    Searching for a small Android device...

    I have an application where I'd like to use a small Android based device to control lighting (details below). I started searching and immediately became overwhelmed with choices so I thought I'd ask for recommendations here since we're a large diverse group of people interested in hi-tech...
  33. Rich G.

    Backup reaches 97%-99% ,but won't finish

    I'm trying to do a complete backup of my AxeFX Mk I running Q3.03 using FractalBot 2.8.2 on a Lenovo Thinkpad X130e Running Windows 10. It reaches 97% to 99%, pauses for a brief moment, then goes to 0%. Everything in FractalBot goes to a grayed-out state and no file is saved. I have to close...
  34. Rich G.

    At what point did the switches change definition on the FX8?

    I have an FX8 Mk1 with switches 1-4 on the upper tier nearest the display and 5-8 on the bottom tier near the player. This is opposite my AX8. I just looked at pics of the FX8 MkII and those switches match the AX8. At what point did the FX8 switch button definition?
  35. Rich G.

    Looking for EWF Let's Groove funky synth preset

    Looking for a a preset to mimic the Vocoder intro to EWF's Let's Groove- I'm thinking a synth with a formant on it or something. Any hints?
  36. Rich G.

    Obtaining guitar clarity in a venue with hard surfaces

    A venue we play at regularly recently renovated their interior. It's more open now with hard surfaces everywhere. For a lot of my standard sounds I use the HBE amp. When I went out front to evaluate the sound. I've never really had a problem with the HBE, but this time it seemed like it was...
  37. Rich G.

    Stock Presets too bassy?

    I've had my AX8 for a few months now and finally had time to sit with it last night. I went through many of the stock presets and found them to be way too bassy. My setup was simple- Guitar>AX8>QSC K10's. When switching to a new preset I found myself making three quick changes: 1. Set Bass to...
  38. Rich G.

    Firmware Release Dates?

    I know I can get previous versions of AxeFX firmware HERE. Is there a list of release dates for all these versions somewhere?
  39. Rich G.

    Is there a way to check for a corrupt preset?

    Had something happen to me this at a gig this weekend where I believe I have a corrupt preset. I switched to a preset- One I had used for many hours in the past- and the output volume maxed out. I'm surprised I didn't take out the sound system and monitors. It took me all of 100ms to realized...
  40. Rich G.

    Do AxeFX II Amp Changes & Additions result in new AX8 FW?

    Cliff recently released Q4 firmware for the AxeFX II. Will this mean a new FW will soon be available for the AX8?
  41. Rich G.

    Bug? Strange case of no output FW 3.03

    Had something strange happen at last night's gig. I selected my Main preset and had NO output. It was working fine prior to that- actually it's been working fine for years... so I know it's not something with the preset. Following a quick wtf moment, I changed to a different preset and sound...
  42. Rich G.

    Moving Front input to rear?

    The display on my AxeFX II was getting dim and showing ghost lines the other day so I opened it up to reseat the ribbon cables. I noticed there's a separate little circuit board for the front instrument input & headphones output. It looks like it could easily be moved to the rear panel just...
  43. Rich G.

    iPhone or Laptop practice setup

    There are times when I need to do some 'silent' practicing when learning songs for my cover bands. Right now I play an unplugged electric guitar along with playback music on my laptop. I plug in one earbud so I can hear the music in one ear and my guitar with the other. Is there device I can...
  44. Rich G.

    Where does song writing ability go as we age?

    After seeing THIS thread about Heart's new album I decided to listen to the whole thing. I was surprised that of the 10 songs on the album, only 3 were new tracks. The other 7 were remakes of songs from Heart's past. This got me thinking about songwriting. It seems that most artists come up...
  45. Rich G.

    TC's Sub 'N' Up - Alternative to EHX B9 / C9?

    TC just came out with a nice sounding pedal (per demos) called the Sub N Up. I've always been intrigued by the EHX B9 & C9 pedals and their polyphonic pitch shifting. Maybe the Sub N Up will be an a nice alternative.
  46. Rich G.

    [BUG] Volume/Pan block, 100% balance produces no output

    [v3.02] I'm working on a way to bring both signals from a piezo equipped guitar into the FX8. I connect mag pickups to the left input Pre. Amp is connected using 4CM. Piezo is connected to Right input Post. Post input mode is set to stereo. Note that my piezo has no controls on the guitar-...
  47. Rich G.

    FX8 + 1 Amp = Mono

    I'm using an FX8 with one amp therefore I'm running mono. What's the recommended way of setting the output? I'm assuming it's L+R, in whica case some effects just won't work. Panning, of course... Enhancer, and I think 80's chorus. Maybe a few others Is there a list somewhere of effects to...
  48. Rich G.

    Using FX8 to Switch Channels on a Carol Ann Tucana 3r

    Anyone know how I can use the FX8 to switch channels on a Carol Ann Tucana 3r? Can I use the FX8 relays or do I have to get the Carol Ann Midi switch interface?... or can I modify the Carol Ann footswitch somehow?
  49. Rich G.

    iPad Air 1st Gen Mic Stand Mounts

    I'm in need of of a mic stand mount to hold an iPad Air 1st Gen. The iPad will have a Griffin Survivor (non-slim) case and I don't want to take the case on/off to use the mount. Anyone have recommendations? I've seen them between $7 and $100 and there are tons to choose from. Many look like...
  50. Rich G.

    Going back to an AMP... what to use for Effects??

    I picked up a Carol Ann Tucana 3r a little while ago. I've been using it at band practice and have REALLY been getting into playing through an amp again. There's just such an immediate organic connection when it's just guitar to amp. I like playing through it so much that I'm actually...
  51. Rich G.


    So... Vertigo. No. Not the song, but the condition. Anyone experience it? It happened to me last week out of the blue. It was non-trivial to say the least. Anyone else experience it? More than once? I'm very concerned that it will strike again at an inopportune moment.
  52. Rich G.

    Live Karaoke

    An opportunity just fell into my lap- a steady guitar gig playing with a live Karaoke band. Not all that glamourus, but it should be fun. I do have some anxiety over the amount of songs I'll have to learn. Is there some sort of subscription service or something where I can download the sheet...
  53. Rich G.

    NAD (New Amp Day!)

    Now I get to compare the model to the real deal! This just arrived:
  54. Rich G.

    Clip On Tuners

    I've been thinking about getting a new Clip On Tuner. I read through this thread. I wasn't able to find a similar thread here so I thought I'd start one. I've had the Snark SN-1 in the past, but the connection broke at the ball joint in the back and that thing ate batteries. My bass player...
  55. Rich G.

    5 Country Amp/Cab presets

    I'm setting up a group of 5 presets to use for Modern Country songs. I've had good luck with light gain using the Dr. Z amp, but I need some help with other areas. What would be your choice Amp (or Amp+Drive)/Cab for: 1. Clean 2. Light Breakup 3. Mild Rhythm 4. Heavy Rhythm 5. Lead Guitars...
  56. Rich G.

    What's a Preset-Cab Bundle?

    So I got my first Cab Pack (20) and I see a folder called Preset-Cab Bundles. The Read Me file says they're a "quick starting point" and are "specifically chosen"... that's great, but what's going to happen when I load that sysex file? Will it overwrite my current preset? Will it load a cab...
  57. Rich G.

    Winamp is shutting down. Alternate MP3 Player?

    According to THIS article, my MP3 player of choice for Windows is shutting down on Dec 20th. I'm in the process of installing programs on my computer after installing a new SSD. Can someone recommend an alternative MP3 player?... preferably one that is geared towards musicians who need to...
  58. Rich G.

    WISH: Value is different color when set to default

    Most of the time I just play with BMTP when adjusting amp values. Sometimes I play with the advanced parameters, but then promptly forget which ones I've changed. It would be nice if the default value were green and then changed values were shown in white.
  59. Rich G.

    What's Best for Live Video Streaming?

    At our last gig our singer started a Periscope session and set his phone so it was pointed at the drummer. Pretty cool idea I thought- anyone with the app can check out some live action of the band. Then I got to thinking... in an effort to generate publicity, what if we scheduled a half...
  60. Rich G.

    Preset Challenge: Shut Up And Dance With Me

    I play in a cover band and one of the songs we just picked up is Walk The Moon's Shut Up And Dance With Me. I came up with a preset, but I'm interested in what other people come up with. I found this song to be a bit challenging with all the variations going on. From what I hear, there are...
  61. Rich G.

    2 Guitars, 1 AxeFX

    Anyone using 2 Guitars into 1 AxeFX unit? I'm curious as to what amp/cab combinations you're using. For my application I'd be using it in a modern country band with a Les Paul Traditional/Fender Tele. What would be would be a good combination for those guitars?
  62. Rich G.

    How to adjust for guitars with different output levels

    I know this has to have been covered somewhere, but I just can't find it... Is there a way to adjust the level going into a preset across the board? I'm not talking about adding a boost block to every preset I use- I'm looking for a one time turn the knob up slightly when going from a high...
  63. Rich G.

    Looks like you sound bad

    I'm thinking about getting some fake cabs to put on stage after this weekend. During a break at a gig this weekend a guy stops me and we have this conversation: Him: Hey, sounds great! What amp are you using? Me: No amp. I run through a processor direct to the board. Him: (winces) ugh...
  64. Rich G.

    Lessons in Mono operation

    I have all my presets set up to be in stereo. When we use our sound system this isn't a problem. Occasionally we have to use a mono In-House system. In that case I just set the output to sum L&R. This isn't always best. Some of my chorus sounds are completely useless in mono. Is there a...
  65. Rich G.

    Ignore Tap Tempo on PC?

    My midi controller (Axess FX-1) sends all it's CC values out when doing a PC. One of these CC's I have assigned to tap tempo. This occasionally screws up the tempo I have tapped in and I end up with a suuupeeerrr loooooooooong deelaaaayyyy... when entering the new preset. Is there a way for...
  66. Rich G.

    Stereo to FOH, but only have ONE monitor

    There's been some talk of phase cancellations recently so I thought I'd start a topic on something I've wondered about for a while... I typically run stereo to FOH, but only have one monitor. I'll route both channels to that monitor aux at FOH. This, of course, is going to sum the channels...
  67. Rich G.

    Much rework needed when going from 17.04 to 18.01?

    I'd like to go from 17.04 to 18.01. I've a big gig tomorrow and I'm on a tight time budget tonight. How much rework is needed when updating the firmware? I usually spend 3 hours or so verifying levels across my library of 10 or so gig presets. This includes solo levels and heel down/toe down...
  68. Rich G.

    Schenker fans check this guy out!...

    So I'm compiling invoices of my yearly gear related purchases this evening. I go to the InTune Guitar Picks site where I had custom picks made and see a name on the opening banner... Richie Faulkner of Judas Priest. At first I'm like, meh?... but I used to like Priest back in the early Sad...
  69. Rich G.

    Tuner Talk (Grover, Sperzel, Schaller, Gotoh, ...)

    I need to get a new set of tuners. Anyone have any pros/cons they can say about various manufacturers? I'm thinking of getting the Grover mini with the locking cam (not the thumb wheel on the back). I like the 18:1 GR and the fact that it's self locking without the need to tighten the thumb...
  70. Rich G.

    Damian Salazar - Arpeggios at the speed of light

    I know a lot of guys don't dig super fast rippin' arpeggios... but you can't deny that this kid's fretboard gymnastics are nothing short of amazing!
  71. Rich G.

    acoustic guitar processor

    I'm looking for a small acoustic guitar preamp/processor to use with my acoustic act. I have an AG Stomp, but that's a bit much. G Natural would be overkill. Battery operated is preferred. Any recommendations? edit: I check around and listened to a few online demos. I decided to get a Zoom A3...
  72. Rich G.

    Alex Lifeson talks about "The Fractal"

    Can't believe I didn't see this around here before... maybe it was and I missed it. Alex mentions "The Fractal" several times in this interview. Talks about using it to process his piezo sound. No real secrets given away though... just some good Fractal plugs.
  73. Rich G.

    A $266 Tom Anderson Guitar?

    Huh?? A $266 Tom Anderson guitar? How can they do this???... Algae Green Tom Anderson Guitar Some interesting things to note: * HSS pickup configuration. Hmmm. Never seen one of those before. Not saying it doesn't happen, but I've just not seen a TA guitar with that before. * From...
  74. Rich G.

    Acoustic Guitars for around $1000

    Starting to do some acoustic gigs and need (well... would like) a second acoustic guitar. My main one is a Taylor 314CE. What's worth considering out there?
  75. Rich G.

    Bug? v16.02, Utility Bugs

    1. Utility, Page > until you get to the Credits screen. Hit Page > 2 or more times requires that you hit Page < at least twice before getting to the Firmware page. 2. Utility, Preset, Update Amps Defaults. Pressing Enter on this causes the Axe to 'freeze' for about 45 seconds. Progress bar...
  76. Rich G.

    Axe Manage: Presets. Browser/Bank Open/... then what??

    I just updated my firmware from 14.02 to 16.02 and am using Axe Edit 3.1.1 with OS X Yosemite. Prior to the update I saved a backup of all my presets. After updating the firmware with Fractal Bot (and confirming I have 16.02) I loaded V15 Factory Presets. Now I'm trying to bring back my...
  77. Rich G.

    Need advice fixing a bass body

    To say my bass player is hard on his bass is un understatement. It's not that he doesn't care about it... he just beats on it! His right hand thumb is digging a hole though his bass! It's right where he rests his thumb on the pickup. The attached picture doesn't really do it justice. If he...
  78. Rich G.

    Sample Player for Live use - Looking for something, don't know what!

    I need some guidance here... I'm looking for some product and I'm not even sure if it exists! I need something that will play a sound sample. I just want to hit a button (foot switch) and have a sound play. I don't need velocity control or any other percussion attributes. I guess at the...
  79. Rich G.

    Gigging Shoes

    Well... it was time. My old Vans had zero tread on the bottom after 6+ years (?) of gigging. Time to get new gigging shoes. After a fruitless search at the local mall I turned to the internet. For gigging I like a flat bottom shoe. Skate shoes are perfect. I like these because they give me...
  80. Rich G.

    Does FW14 have more gain??

    I loaded FW14 last night and WOW what a difference. I know things get better & better with each release, but this is the first time I can remember where I was blown away. An area I've had trouble with since the beginning is in getting nice singing/blooming feedback and pinch harmonics. I...
  81. Rich G.

    MFC-101 Sketchup Model now in 3D Warehouse

    For those of us who like to use Sketchup to map out new pedalboards, I've uploaded a fairly accurate model of the MFC-101. You can find it HERE. Here's a sample image:
  82. Rich G.

    FW:13.07, Display stripes

    I've seen this in the past so I don't think it's linked directly to 13.07. I'm not sure what causes it. Last night I was playing guitar, spun around in my chair to get something and when I turned back around I saw this. A power cycle seems to cure it, but I'm afraid there could be an...
  83. Rich G.

    Power & Midi holes not quite lining up

    I have an MFC-101 that will soon be incorporated into my rig. It's been sitting around for quite a while so I just got around to noticing this. The MIDI and power chassis holes don't quite line up with the connectors inside. I haven't opened it up yet... Can anyone tell me if this is a...
  84. Rich G.

    Bug? 13.07: Amp Bright knob not saved correctly when Global used

    I have an amp set to to Global Amp 1. If I change the value and save it, it shows up as 0 in the other presets that use that Global amp.
  85. Rich G.

    Phase Invert block?

    Is there a simple block that has a Phase Invert option? I found it in the Enhancer, but I need a couple of them.
  86. Rich G.

    Bug? FW:13.02, Pitch / Fixed Harmony Weirdness

    I have a couple presets that I use to lower the pitch of my guitar -3 with the mix set at 100%. When I played I would hear two tones instead of one. The first one was higher pitch and would ring out for about 750ms before the lower pitch would kick in. The first one sounded like if may have...
  87. Rich G.

    Wish Wish: Save/Recall block chain

    I use the Save/Recall block quite often. It's nice to be able to save away my favorite chorus or delay blocks and recall them when building new presets. Taking this a step further I think it would be pretty useful to save a group of blocks that can be imported into an existing preset. For...
  88. Rich G.

    Wish Block Compare to default / compare blocks

    I wish there were a way to compare two blocks- Either two totally separate blocks, or a compare to default settings for a given type. (Sort of a Winmerge for blocks).
  89. Rich G.

    Fractal Audio not at NAMM, but it was there in spirit

    I attended NAMM for the first time this year. Fractal didn't have a booth, but they were everywhere in spirit. When I got to talking to some of the exhibitors at different booths they'd ask me what I used. When I told them I used an AxeFX II their eyes would light up and the tide would turn...
  90. Rich G.

    Retaining user defined presets when updating firmware

    I run into this occasionally when updating firmware and was wondering what the best process to follow would be... I have about 20 user designed presets. I'd like to retain these presets when loading new firmware and new preset banks. Can I save these presets on the Axe and recall them...
  91. Rich G.

    How do Scenes differ from X/Y?

    Sorry if this has been covered already. I can't seem to find it. How do Scenes differ from using X/Y? Isn't X/Y just like having two Scenes? Truth be known, I don't use Scenes or X/Y at the moment. I still need to wrap my head around how to implement that with my midi controller (Axess FX1).
  92. Rich G.

    NAMM 2014

    I always look forward to reading about the latest gear revealed at NAMM each year. This year I'll be experiencing it first hand for the first time! I'm seriously excited about this! Anyone else here on the forum going to be there?
  93. Rich G.

    Axess FX1 and Scenes

    I'd like to use my Axess FX1 midi controller to select scenes on the AxeFx II. Anyone out there doing this with success? How do you have your FX1 set up to do this?
  94. Rich G.

    Request: Feedback / Synth Fade In (Boston - Long Time)

    My band performs Boston's Long Time. We don't have a keyboard player or another guitar player so I have to cover a lot of sonic ground. One area that sounds a little empty is during the verses where the guitar sustains a chord which blooms into feedback. I'd like to swell in something that...
  95. Rich G.

    Breathy Noise

    Ok... so the band has decided to incorporate Tone Loc's Wild Thing into the set list. I'm trying to get out of breathing rhythmically into the mic so I don't pass out. lol! I'm working on a way to simulate the breathy sound found throughout the song. Anyone care to help? I figure a synth...
  96. Rich G.

    Need Carling switch for FX1

    One of the Carling switches (110-PBM-OFF) on my Axess FX1 midi controller has failed. I need to get a replacement. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to get one of these... or a direct replacement? It's the one with the PCB thru-hole mount not the side solder lugs. I've tried...
  97. Rich G.

    Emergency Replacement for a dead AxeFX

    This was mentioned as a side topic in another thread, but I believe it deserves it's own... It's almost time to go on stage and your AxeFX dies! now what? You have under 10 minutes to set something up. You have to go to your bag of emergency items and pull something out that will carry...
  98. Rich G.

    Will the Freidman BE do clean?

    Many firmware revisions ago I would adjust the Drive and MV in the Freidman BE to go from a clean sound to a dirty rock sound. With more recent versions of firmware it seems the BE won't clean up nicely. I tried decreasing the input trim, MV and drive while increasing the Level to keep the...
  99. Rich G.

    Vinyl Guitar Wraps

    Anyone ever apply one of those vinyl guitar wraps? Like the ones from Axe Wraps or [url=http://www.skinyourskunk.com/]Skunk Your Skin[url]? I'm thinking of doing this to one of my guitars and was wondering about durability and ease of installation. Are there some that are better than others...
  100. Rich G.

    10.06 Recto Before/After test?

    Anyone do a before/after test of the recto amps? I'd like to know if there's enough of a difference where I should update from 10.02 or not.
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