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  1. MaxTaylorGrant

    Simple Lighting Rig help?

    Hey guys, Looking for some lighting suggestions for a metal core band I tour manage. Looking to do a simple and effective set up with 2 floods and 2 strobes synced to our click tracks. The same playback device would ideally control 3 Axe Fx, Light Rig, and Backing / Click. Bonus points if we...
  2. MaxTaylorGrant

    Majesty Question 2: Preamp input gain.

    Hello again guys, So, a week has passed with the new Majesty 7. I'm sure you don't need told how that's been. Anyway, I had a go of a friend's Mark V and noticed something when I kicked in the on board pre-amp. The axe fx acts very little like a real amp when it's engaged. I assume the...
  3. MaxTaylorGrant

    EBMM Majesty Stereo Question

    Hey guys, long time no post! Looking for a bit of advice. Recently purchased an EBMM Majesty 7 string and need advice in regards to the stereo jack it has. Obviously I'd like to run it in stereo and process the magnetic pickups and the piezo separately, but I'm not sure how to best go about...
  4. MaxTaylorGrant

    Summer hollowbody vibes

    Hey guys! Here's a wee summer jam I wrote / produced in under an hour last night using my friends Ibanez hollowbody. The guitar is absolutely immense and I'm trying hard to make him sell me it so fingers crossed! Guitars and bass are all the same, Ibanez > Axe Fx II > Logic. The bass is...
  5. MaxTaylorGrant

    Phone Sex... (FW 10.9 Shredbang)

    Hi guys! Since my last post here my band, Gambit, has disbanded. So now I'm working on new material with a very talented bunch of folk and having a great time doing it! Here's the first of theses musical exploits. Rhythm guitars are the Cameron CH 2 amp, cleans are factory preset "Deley...
  6. MaxTaylorGrant

    Periphery Engage madness, now with rough vocals!

    So, in my first ever post on this forum, I shared a recording of my good buddy, Calum Blair, and I having a rough jam entitled "Engage your Peripherals". Calum is a monster drummer and actually holds the title as Britain's young drummer of the year! Now my other good buddy, Sean McChord, of...
  7. MaxTaylorGrant

    FW 10 Shredbang. Full original track!

    So, in my last post I had a snippet of a track my band Gambit are working on. This is how that has progressed, and here's a video of me playing it! I managed to keep the silly solo from last time. Can't have it being all bang and no shred, can we? :lol Max has a shredbang. - YouTube
  8. MaxTaylorGrant

    FW10 5153 Shredbang goodness.

    It's been a little while since I've posted anything here and thought I should change that. I've actually been on tour for the past 2 weeks and got home to find FW10 had dropped. My jaw is still on the floor (which doesn't make playing very easy:mrgreen) everything on this sounds immediately...
  9. MaxTaylorGrant

    Metalcore for the masses Ft. Your's truly on guest harmonies.

    Recently I've been producing a few bands in the metalcore and hardcore scene here in Glasgow, and this is my latest work with the band, Insights. Kinda goes without saying that my Axe Fx II was used exclusively for guitar and bass tones, however it also saw use as an insert effect on vocals...
  10. MaxTaylorGrant

    Monday Morning Heavy Times!

    Recently I've really been digging channel 2+ on the Diezel Herbert sim so I thought I'd get my 7 out and let it rip with my spare time this morning! Guitar is double tracked, with a third track an octave above dead centre. Bass is a blend of SVT and a Darkglass B7K tone match! Drums are...
  11. MaxTaylorGrant

    Bulb and Nolly goodness!

    Anyone else excited for these? I know I am! :D Axe-FX II Presets by Misha Mansoor and I - YouTube
  12. MaxTaylorGrant

    EHX 44. Magnum Power Amp REVIEW.

    As a new Axe-Fx owner I’ve found my whole guitar experience has improved greatly. From simply jamming at home, to band rehearsals, to playing live in front of an audience, every single facet of my playing has seen an improvement. In each of these situations, there has always been one constant...
  13. MaxTaylorGrant

    Help! New 7 string tone & Drum mix?

    Decided I'd get some tasty Axe-tion going on with my trusty Ibanez 7 string and this was the result: All of the drums were played (sloppily) by me using my Roland TD-6 into Superior Drummer's Metal Foundry. I'm no drummer so let's not judge my sticksmanship too harshly please gents...
  14. MaxTaylorGrant

    Power Amp Advice?

    Greetings! As a new AFX2 owner my tonal prayers are answered in every way possible.... almost. At home, I run my Axe through my studio monitors or headphones, depending on the time. As you can well imagine, the thing sounds utterly orgasmic, there really is no competition! However, for...
  15. MaxTaylorGrant

    Periphery Engage madness with Britain's young drummer of the year!

    Yay for first thread! This is a rough recording of some material that my good buddy Calum Blair and I are working on. We both love Periphery and Killswitch Engage and Calum is an incredible drummer so we couldn't resist thrashing it out a bit! All guitar tones are, of course, straight from the...
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