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  1. GBminA

    How can I use old one preset?

    There is a preset for ultra ver.11 and my axefx is mark ii so is there a way to convert this preset to mark ii? I tried fractool but not supported. Actually it will be enough for me that I can see its content drive, cab, amp.. etc. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=632
  2. GBminA

    FW17.04 USA CLEAN - wAvEs

  3. GBminA

    USB or SPDIF or ANALOG, Which one is the best?

    same preset same daw same guitar same .... Which one is the best? How do you feel?
  4. GBminA

    Peavey 5150 III High gain tone test

    TS 808 OD - Peavey 5150 III - 4x12 5153 mix1 CAB EZdrummer 2 - EZX drum kit from hell
  5. GBminA


    FW14 - Mesa Mark IV
  6. GBminA

    FW15 - Das metal !!!

  7. GBminA

    galata ver1

  8. GBminA

    short test for ez drummer 2

  9. GBminA

    to use builtin sound card, not axe fx 2

    I don't know if it's possible and i couldn't find any subject about that. I have an iMac and axe fx 2 and they are interconnected with usb so axe fx works as audio interface their with reference monitors. And also i use Logic pro x as a DAW with superior drummer VST plugin. What i want is that...
  10. GBminA

    Bass&guitar via FW14

    I love stock preset "W@rped Vinyl" :encouragement: I hope you like this record :) ;) :( :? :shock :o 8) :lol :-| :D
  11. GBminA

    about mixing

    What do you think about mixing, does it sound good?
  12. GBminA

    48k problem

    I use logic pro x. Why cannot i use 44.1k in my DAW or is it possible i wonder? Because a lot of audio file has been created in 44.1k and when i import it into my project, sound changes because i have to use 48k in my DAW. How can i prevent it?
  13. GBminA

    Best concert hall in Europe on Dream Theater tour?

    I want to go to the DT concert in Europe but i don't know which concert hall is the best in acoustic-sound quality. http://www.dreamtheater.net/tour What is your advice?
  14. GBminA

    USB or SPDIF ?

    Which one is the best way for recording on computer/DAW, SPDIF or USB? Is there any technical difference between them?
  15. GBminA


    Axe fx 2 and Logic pro x..
  16. GBminA

    to use both imac and axe fx 2 on same speakers, how?

    My current setup is guitar-->axe fx 2-->imac via usb and speakers are connected axe fx 2 via xlr. If i want to listen music from imac i need to turn axe fx 2 on everytime because speakers are connected to it. I don't want turn axe fx on like this everytime. I think i need a device to use both...
  17. GBminA

    New day

    it is my second attempt on Logic Pro X with Axe Fx 2.
  18. GBminA


    Hi there I'm not a professional musician but just want to share something with you. Thank you for your patience:) KINESIS Ibanez RG2550e / Dimarzio Liguifire modified Axe fx 2 / Buttery amp Cort GB4 Custom Bass Axe fx 2 / SV Bass - Euro Blue amps, two channels Toontrack superior drummer...
  19. GBminA

    Tone experts, need your help..

    Andy Timmons - Deliver Us For v10 i need this guitar tone at begining of the song. Have any idea for amp, cab or preset?
  20. GBminA

    Significant difference between the headphone and the monitor

    I searched the forum but couldn't find any info. There is a significant difference between my headphone and monitor. I hear much more high-pitched sounds from the headphone. Is there a setting I need to do, for my headphone? Both are connected to the axe fx 2 directly, there is no any mixer or...
  21. GBminA

    Ali Kutluozen - Purple Rain (Prince) Guitar Cover

    I want to share this video from my friend. I'm very proud of him. Ali Kutluozen - Purple Rain (Prince) Guitar Solo Cover
  22. GBminA

    Sarah Longfield- Seymour Duncan/Mayones Solo #mayonesduncan

    This is not mine, just want to share. Recorded with axe fx 2. Sarah Longfield- Seymour Duncan/Mayones Solo #mayonesduncan - YouTube
  23. GBminA

    Midi keyboard advice?

    I want to buy a usb midi keyboard for use with axe fx 2 but i dont have any idea for keyboards. I need your advice? Budget 500 usd.
  24. GBminA

    Escape from the marduk

    Any comment will be appreciated in terms of recording technique.
  25. GBminA

    high gain recording question?

    How can i reduce "boom boom" or "bang bang" sound (i dont know what does it called) on my records?
  26. GBminA

    Your advice?

    Reaper v4.31 Ez drummer Axe fx 2 fw9.01 Guitars: Fender USA deluxe strat. Schecter hellraiser extreme c1 Presets: 1987x treble - Fender Energyball - Schecter Fas Modern - Schecter I need your advice to make a better quality recording. I'm a newbie about recording and I do not...
  27. GBminA

    My record

  28. GBminA

    Recording problem with pro tools 10

    When i push the record on pro tools, i hear same sound two times like echo on my monitors. Axe fx 2 connected with PC via USB.
  29. GBminA

    Which amp cap mic etc.?

    Does anybody knows a source that explains detailed which amp cab mic drive etc. is used for songs. It can be a book or web site. I have searched for it for along time but i couldnt find.
  30. GBminA

    Headphones and speaker control

    Headphones and monitor speaker (output 1) are connected by same volume control. When i plug the headphones, speaker is still working what i need is when i use headphones, i dont want to hear anything from speaker. Is it possible? Otherwise when axe fx 2 is working, i hear a thiny sound seems...
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