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  1. ducmike

    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    And the official PRS forum. That and this forum are the only places I frequent. Though I have hung out at he Z forum a lot in the past, and it is civil and informative. The common theme for these 3 forums is members that are passionate about the product, and want to be helpful to others, and...
  2. ducmike

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    It overhangs a little, but fits just fine in the carry case.
  3. ducmike

    Has Anyone Mounted An FC6 Or 12 On A Pedaltrain Metro?

    I have my FC6 on a Metro 24 with 2 stand in and 2 expressions. Fits in the included gig bag too.
  4. ducmike

    Bug? IR names periodically disappear in Cab block

    Yep, I'm getting this too. Mac 10.15.3, Axe and edit current firmware. Closing and refreshing Axe edit corrects it for me.
  5. ducmike

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    I’m 5’10”, 50 with lasik corrected eyes and I can see them just fine. I had to make one adjustment though. The rings were so bright I they were blinding me some, so I turned the rings brightness down to 25% and I have no problems. But my eyes have always been sensitive to bright light.
  6. ducmike

    Trying To Replicate Burgs - Slowing Down Rotary

    You could that with scenes and channels. Just assign the relevant channel to a different scene.
  7. ducmike

    Axe-Fx III Tutorial #1 - Create a preset for live gig

    Very well done. And, your english is great. Thanks!
  8. ducmike

    Vendor AustinBuddy's new Axe-Fx III 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack available now for firmware 12.x

    First, I was super happy with V1 of the Naked pack. But, you killed it with the this update. I finally downloaded Bank A the other day, and I am blown away at how great it sounds. Been hooked on the Friedmans for a couple days now. This preset pack has also really opened my eyes to the power of...
  9. ducmike

    So... what is everyone using their Stand In Switches for?

    SW1 - scenes/presets SW2 - Tap/Tune SW3 - Bank +/Layout 3 (effects) SW4 - Bank-/Layout 4 (more effects)
  10. ducmike

    Hold/freeze function like Strymon Timeline/Big Sky

    Not sure of the hold function. But, might try the "Plexverb in the Plexdelay block to get the tone you want.
  11. ducmike

    USB B (Axe-Fx III) to USB C (computer) cable works fine

    I used to use an adapter, now I have the C-B cable. Always plug into my Mac last and never an issue with either the cable or the adapter. I have the MacBook Pro with only USB C ports.
  12. ducmike

    I can admit when I'm wrong. (Virtual Capo content)

    I use it for a 1/2 step down for a couple songs. Works perfectly for me.
  13. ducmike

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Got the FC6 invite Wednesday afternoon and ordered it 2 day shipping so I will have it for practice Monday. I wasn't supposed to be home until tomorrow, but a meeting canceled and I just got here. Wish I would have done overnight shipping now. UPS normally shows up about this time of day here...
  14. ducmike

    Power Amp Head for Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2x12 CAB

    I have a SFZ ported 1x12 (copy of the forte closed back with side ports) and an open back 65 Whiskey, both with Cream Alnico speakers. Usually just use the SFZ, but sounds great running both.
  15. ducmike

    Video - FC-12 - Quick Look | Default Layouts | EZ Switch Editing

    Also, @rnjscooter made a few videos doing this with the FC6, but same process on the 12. Very helpful. @chris Great video, very helpful too. Thanks for doing it. Even though I'm happy with the MMGT16, I got on the waitlist just in case. The videos and reviews are making me ready to buy...
  16. ducmike

    Will There Be Demo Video's B4 FC's Release?

    @rnjscooter, Thanks for the videos. Your video and @hippietim and @yek got me thinking about getting the FC6. I didn't get my III until the first week of October, and I ordered the MMGT16 since I needed to be able to gig with it right away. I waited until December to get not the FC list since...
  17. ducmike

    This may sound silly... Reading

    Yes, read it! :) I read the manual twice before I ordered the III, then a couple more times before I got it. I still refer to it regularly. I'm going to buy Cooper's class, looking for more in-depth info on it. I have built patches that sound great, but I'm barley scratching the surface of what...
  18. ducmike

    Block Order Question

    I run a similar set up, mainly because I use a PS170 into real cabs for live and rehearsal. I always have a cab block before out 1 incase I want to run direct live, or if I take it with me on the road I have an 8” monitor to play through, or headphones if late, in the hotel. Not sure I hear a...
  19. ducmike

    Power Amp Head for Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2x12 CAB

    I had the Fryette PS1 for a long time. It was awesome with my NMV amps, I used it attenuate my 62 Super and Komet, and boost my Swart. I sold those amps, really miss the Super. Just sold my Helix too. Yes, I could hear a difference with my Helix compared to the Duncan alone in my studio, but...
  20. ducmike

    Power Amp Head for Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2x12 CAB

    I have the Duncan PS170. Sounds great, small and light enough to fit in a gig bag. And under your budget.
  21. ducmike

    My favourite new power amp! Seymour Duncan Power Stage 170

    I use a XLR to TRS and it works fine, no noise or hum. I have mine set to +4.
  22. ducmike

    RJM Mastermind GT 22 vs. Liquid Foot Pro+

    I have the GT16, only had it 2 weeks now. I looked at the FAMC, and really considered it. Seems to be a lot of power and features at a great price. But, I went with the RJM for several reasons: it already has AxeFX3 integration, the 16 buttons is just right for me with my main effects on P1, a...
  23. ducmike

    Cheap small PowerAmp to get my AX8 onto an ENGL 2x12

    This. I use a PS170 with my Axe3 and it sounds great. I also used it my Helix. I had a Fryette power station, awesome unit, but the PS170 sounds just as good and fits in the pocket of a gig bag. I also like that it has the great EQ knobs in easy access, much quicker to adjust to the venue than...
  24. ducmike

    Made the jump: RJM MMGT/22! (And the learning experience)

    I too pulled the trigger on the MMGT 16. I was out of town, so didn't get to mess with it until yesterday. Took me awhile to sort it out, even with the Axe3 firmware. I got my main buttons assigned for 2 pages though, and it works great, far more powerful than I can wrap my mind around at this...
  25. ducmike

    Made the jump: RJM MMGT/22! (And the learning experience)

    Any more thoughts on the MMGT now that it has the AXE III firmware? Especially from those that have the MMGT and are beta testers of the FC. I made up my mind to get the 3, been playing a Helix LT for a couple years now. I use it full FRFR to FOH with IEMs at church, and into a SD 170 into a...
  26. ducmike

    Why do peeps use an external tuner in their rig ?

    I don't have the AX8 yet, but I have had the FX8, so I'm assuming same tuner. I use the Fractal tuner for live work because the whole point for me is to simplicity of set up. It works very well, and is very accurate with some patience, but my Turbo Tuner tracks so much faster and is easier to...
  27. ducmike

    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    Waitlist confirmed 10/15/15 6:08 pm central. Invite received 1:06 pm central 3/28/16. I have not ordered yet, waiting on a fund transfer. Does anyone know if we have a few days to order? I would rather not put it on my cc because then I have to explain why I just spent 1500 on more guitar...
  28. ducmike

    New AX8 and My Thoughts...

    Sounds great, pretty much spot on.
  29. ducmike

    Modular Pedalboard for AX8

    I do this too when I use the wireless, except I just lay the cable ready to go right next to the pedal board. I haven't used my wireless or pedal board since I got my FX8, and I'm not sure I will with when I get the AX8. A shame since I have an awesome Blackbird 30x15 with the rolling hard case...
  30. ducmike

    Cable "snake" solution for AX8?

    This is what I'm looking forward too with the worship band. I'm going to run it in 4CM with my Friedman for my rock band stuff. I already do this with the FX8, but it will be cool to have the choice of amps for a clean channel.
  31. ducmike

    Cable "snake" solution for AX8?

    I use the pedal snake with my FX8. You can do hum buster with it too. I ordered a couple of the TRS plugs, and I run the TRS pigtail at the Humbuster out, and a TS into amp and effects return. Works awesome.
  32. ducmike

    Eliminate Cab Hiss with noise gate?

    Try this gate setting. I use this in the loop with a couple amps and works great to quiet any hiss and buzz. I also use the pre gate. I use this particular preset with my Friedman.
  33. ducmike

    AX8 with Fryette Power Station

    Thanks for posting this. I plan to run the AX8 with my PS into a V30 1x12 too. Now I know it will work and sounds great. I didn't get on the list until 10/15, so might be awhile before I actually get the AX8 though. So it's working well in 4CM like the FX8? I will probably need to sell my...
  34. ducmike

    Show Us Your FX8 Rig!

  35. ducmike

    What setup are you gonna build with AX8

    I will have different rigs for different situations. Right now I am running an FX8 with my Mark V:25 cab clone out to FOH and in ears at church. I tend to run a tube amp and cab with no effects for other gigs and jams. I use an old line 6 floor modeler gigabit for the FX8, and will probably do...
  36. ducmike

    first gig report with the FX8

    TO USE STICKY PRESET/BANK SELECT MODE… The FX8 returns to Stompbox Mode immediately after you select a Preset. If you want the unit to remain indefinitely stay in Preset/Bank Select Mode so you can change from Preset-to-Preset with single foot taps, just enable “STICKY PRESET/BANK SELECT MODE”...
  37. ducmike

    FX8 relay switching with Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster

    You can also control the relays per scene change with out a dedicated block. You don't have to use a relay block unless you want to specifically stomp it in a preset. I do both with my Mark 5:25, and it works great.
  38. ducmike

    invite to buy fx8

    On the waitlist 10/4/14 3:17pm. Got the invite and ordered this Wednesday.
  39. ducmike

    Show Us Your FX8 Rig!

    Thanks for the info. The EP and KTR are my 2 main pedals into my Mark 5:25. Happy to hear the FX8 can get really close. Sucks that I am going to be out of town when my FX8 arrive next week. I won't get to play with it until next Saturday.
  40. ducmike

    Any advice for a newbi on playing live

    I don't have the Axe, yet.... But, I noticed that when I set up some patches on my 11R at home that sound great, I have too much high end when I get it up to gig level. I thought I was setting them up with some volume, way above quiet home playing, and the patches also sound great recorded, but...
  41. ducmike

    Thinking of getting a Standard to replace my 11R

    +1. I really want the Axe, but I can get an 11R for half the cost. I know I can get along just fine with the 11, but I will always wonder if I should have gone with the Axe. If I can narrow the gap a little with a B stock standard I might be able to swing it.
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