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  1. actionjackson12

    4CM - Getting Levels Correct

    Hey all, so I am wanting to use the 4CM with my Rivera Venus Duex Recording 55w amp, and use the axefx just for effects only. I know how to route the cables and all that, but am having a hard time wrapping my head around getting the levels and output knobs set correctly. Here are some of the...
  2. actionjackson12

    Seymour Duncan Powerstage 700 and AXE_FXMKII routing

    2pt question: Looking at this picture of Mark Holcomb demoing the PS700. Looks like he is going: GUITAR>AXEFX>OUTPUT2>POWERSTAGE>CABINET. Looking at his chain in axe edit though... The FXloop block is in the front bypassing all the blocks. He also has a CAB block. You'll also notice in the...
  3. actionjackson12


    So...I have watched AAL's Latest Rig Rundown and as many of you probably know, Tosin is completely Analog now. He uses a Morgan amp which is super clean and has lots of headroom. He gets all the gain staging from various OD pedals and Clean boosts in front of the amp. It actually makes a lot of...
  4. actionjackson12

    IR's From Clark Kent?

    Did anyone by chance snag these IR's that ML Soundlab/Clark Kent made and posted in this thread? If so can you share or PM me? I would really love to have em but the link is expired. lmk, thanks...
  5. actionjackson12

    MIC'd Cab or DI from Axe-Fx

    I spent all of yesterday with my band testing live sounds in my living room. It's a fairly large room and we did our best to emulate a Live Venue stage/FOH setup. The consensus was mic'ing the cabs...even the BASS cab, (w/a Beta 52) was better than taking DI across the board. I'm curious what...
  6. actionjackson12


    Is it possible to split/pan the FX LOOP so that two guitarists could use TWO different cabs on stage? l know how to use two guitarists into 1axe-fx but will the FX LOOP allow it?
  7. actionjackson12


    Is it possible to run TWO AXE-FX II Units into a Scarlett 18i20 via SPDIF or AES?
  8. actionjackson12

    Calling all sound guys - 2 guitars stereo mix down to FOH?

    SoO... I know most venue house sound guys prefer taking a single DI (or single mic'd cab) from guitarists...I've been running stereo for a while now being the only guitarist so my theory was two channels DI to FOH and have sound guy treat them like TWO guitarists each channel panned hard or on...
  9. actionjackson12

    PC Changes, Abelton - Sometimes work, sometimes don't...

    I use Abelton to change presets/scenes on my AXE-FXII, and for some dumb reason certain patches/MIDI PC automations work and some are sparatic. For example: Song 1 - patch 009>Starts on Scene 5, then changes to SCENE 1- No Problems Song 3 - Patch 10>Starts on Scene 5, then changes to SCENE 2...
  10. actionjackson12

    Who is using external Soundcards with their band for DI to FOH?

    Im curious if it matters to go Direct out from the AXEFX to FOH or Direct out from AXEFX into Soundcard (18i/20) then to FOH. We use IEM so the Soundcard is necessary. I ask bc i feel like im losing some tone/gain staging by going through the scarlett...could just be me though....
  11. actionjackson12

    LIVE-Routing through Ext. sound card or DI from AXE to FOH?

    So for my band, we use IEM and i have been routing EVERYONE (Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Backing tracks, etc) through the Scarlett 18i20, I then send the FOH tails from the scarlett. I A/B'd the DI signal from the Scarlett and then DI from the AXE-FX...and the DI fro the AXE-FX was better, IMO. Does...
  12. actionjackson12

    How different are your Live patches vs. your Studio patches?

    I'm curious to know how some of you treat a live patch vs. a studio patch.
  13. actionjackson12

    Mic CAB instead of going DI?

    Curious if anyone has tried mic'ing cabs via axe-fx>power amp>cab instead of sending DI signal straight to FOH? I am getting A LOT of feedback from audience members saying my tones are lacking "power and presence...not pushing AIR" in comparison to our Bassist and Drummer. Wondering if maybe...
  14. actionjackson12

    CABs + PA vs. Active FRFR Speakers -FXloop OUTPUT 2 VOLUME DIFF!!

    So, hard to come up with a short title for this, but what i mean is that there are MAJOR Volume differences between using Cabs + PA and using Active FRFR Speakers from the FXLOOP. When I use cabs, the output 2 volume knob is full throttle (100%, what goes in is what comes out) but when I use my...
  15. actionjackson12

    Who's using FRFR as a backline vs. Cabs?

    I've been running stereo Cabs on stage for quite some time (ORange 4X12 Stage L and Mesa Vert-Slant 2X12 Stage R) Although the cabs look bitchin and sound Great, i've noticed/learned that it muddy's up my sound overall bc I also go DI to FOH in Stereo as well. So am considering using my Mackie...
  16. actionjackson12

    AVALON U51 and the Axe-Fx??

    Has anyone used the AVALON U51? Further more has anyone used it or suggest using it with their Axe-fx? https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/U5
  17. actionjackson12

    Best outputs to use for FOH???

    I run Stereo from axe-fx to a Scarlett 18i20 to FOH. Im wondering which is the best output to use from axe-fx. XLR, TS, or SPDIF? I'd love to be able to free up some I/O on my scarlett by going SPDIF but not sure if there is tonal quality loss... thanks in advance.
  18. actionjackson12

    I LOVE THE AXE-FX-Live Double tracked Guitars & Backing Tracks=HUGE.

    Hey all, I wanted to write a quick post about my new live setup technique(s). I've seen a lot of posts, and even made some myself, in regards to getting authentic double tracked guitars live. I will also touch on my technique for creating backing tracked guitars. Gear: TC ELECTRONIC HYPER...
  19. actionjackson12

    How to access AMP blocks from older firmwares

    I swear I read in one of the Quantum firmware release's that you could select amp models from previous firmwares, is this true or am i crazy? For the life of me I cannot find out how to do it. Trying to get the Friedman HBE amp from Quantum 1.00 w/o having to reinstall Quantum 1.00 firmware...
  20. actionjackson12


    I'm curious how some of you setup your stage monitoring w/soundguy/FOH. I run axe-fx DI to FOH and also to matrix PA that powers my Orange 4X12 as a backline on stage. I'm the only guitarist in the band and only have one side backlined on stage. The last show we played, the stage volume was so...
  21. actionjackson12


    Has anyone heard of Lectrosonics QUADRA Digital Wireless system? It's a 4channel transmitter/receiver that accepts both Analog and digital I/O, 2 Stereo Mixes or 4Mono Mixes. I use a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 so w/this wireless system I could utilize the digital I/O options freeing up my Analog...
  22. actionjackson12

    Curious question in regards to preset Levels

    I use the Utility page (horizontal level meter) to set all preset levels to be the same across the board (I set all levels to be at 0, or the vertical line that is 3/4 way up on the output level). In order to achieve this 0db my amp block level ends up being at like -20 or -18...but i've...
  23. actionjackson12

    MONO or STEREO for Backing Tracks live?

    I'm sure this has been answered at some point, but cannot find where. We use backing tracks in our band but only for FX and Guitar II. My question is should we make the guitar II in the BT Big MONO or STEREO double tracked? My live guitar is in MONO w/Enhancer block widened all the way, on the...
  24. actionjackson12


    Ok, i know the many options for running the axe-fx with real amps, at least I think I do. Here's what I want to do. Run my AXE-FX to FOH w/amp and cab sims, while running my Orange OR100 & 4X12 (like normal, no bypassing pre-amp etc.) on stage but use some axe-fx Effects blocks (i assume on a...
  25. actionjackson12

    AMP LEVEL or OUTPUT MASTER for presets?

    Ok, I know this has been asked a lot, but am still curious. Is it better to adjust preset volume from the AMP block or the OUTPUT MASTER at end of chain? The reason I ask is bc all factory presets have significantly higher AMP Levels and sounds way more punchier that when I create my own presets...
  26. actionjackson12

    PRO TOOLS IR plugin????

    How can I get my AXE-FX CAB IR's into protools? Needing to run a bass DI instead of through axe-fx.
  27. actionjackson12


    Ok...title says it all. How do I set this up on the axe-fx? Is it even possible? I assume it is since there are two outputs. I need the guitar in stereo to utilize panning and the bass down center in mono. FYI I already know how to run two guitars through the axe, one panned L and one panned R.
  28. actionjackson12


    SoO for all you producers out there I am curious if you record guitars using the axe-II effects (compressor, reverb, delay, pitch, chorus etc. and the like) or do you record dry (amp and cab only) and add effects in POST via pro-tools, logic etc. ? Feel free to explain your reasoning ok go!
  29. actionjackson12


    Which is a better method to control the final output volume for presets, the AMP's MASTER volume or the Preset's OUTPUT volume? I only ask bc I have read in past posts that the proper method is to adjust volume by adjusting the AMP blocks MASTER Volume...but I am seeing a lot of Pro artists...
  30. actionjackson12


    Hey all, I'm in self produced two piece prog metal band and the plan, live, is to play to a click with in-ear monitoring, and the axe-fx II controlled via program/control changes via Logic 9 (perhaps cubase or pro tools down the road) through a macbook pro with a few parameters controlled...
  31. actionjackson12


    Im using Protools or Logic to automate Program MIDI changes for my axe-fx MKII. My question is which option is best and/or incorrect? 1) COMPUTER USB-MIDI ADAPTER>MFC-101MKIII>ETHERNET>AXE-FX MKII 2) COMPUTER USB-MIDI ADAPTER>MFC-101MKIII>MIDI OUT>AXE-FX MKII MIDI IN (MFC fractal power supply)...
  32. actionjackson12


    Anyone else feel like they spend more time "programming" than playing? I would love to see how others approach using the axe-fx MKII/MFC-101 to really simplify, control, and access everything quickly and effortlessly...like a traditional rig (I miss having 5 knobs to control my amp etc.) MY...
  33. actionjackson12

    how to set Global Tempo?

    How can I set my tempo globally? Basically I want to tap tempo for each of my songs and want the tempo change to be applied across the board for all presets until i change it again. I run the MFC-101 MKIII in preset mode. Running Axe-FX MKII & MFC-101 MKIII please help thanks!
  34. actionjackson12

    LOOPER starts over when changing presets

    Hey all, after updating to Quantum and 3.08 on the MFC-101 MKIII I had to completely reprogram the MFC-101 MK III...it just wouldn't work right. Anyways, I have my looper setup to be IA switches 1-5 in the reveal mode of preset mode. When I switch presets the loop starts over...I cannot for the...
  35. actionjackson12

    DUB MIX in LOOOPER Not working since 20Beta FW

    The Dub mix in the looper is not working since I updated to 20public beta (i know...it's a beta, prob has some bugs) Is anyone else having this issue? The looper mode doesn't have anything to do with it does it?
  36. actionjackson12

    Ext. drive/boost pedals and ext. looper pedal-MIDI CONTROL with AXE-FX SCENES???

    Hey all, Im currently experimenting with some different pedals. I prefer an external drive pedal and clean boost before the axe-fx. I also want to include the Ditto Looper X2 to free up space on my MFC101 (I don't use the looper mode on MFC). Is there a way to connect these pedals to the...
  37. actionjackson12

    BKP Blackhawk PUP height adjustment for a JPX7???

    Does anyone have any suggestions/tips/references to adjusting Humbucker pickup height, preferably and specifically the Bare Knuckle Black Hawks Ceramic Pickups in a JPX7 Musicman? These guitars come standard with the Dimarzzio Crunchlab/Liquifire Combo and are non adjustable... I have the...
  38. actionjackson12

    Independent block usage outside of scenes???? Global Block switching???

    I use several guitars, all of which have different tones and I would like to toggle a filter block on/off when using certain ones. I simply need the block to apply to the WHOLE PRESET(s) (Always on until I turn it off and vice-versa even when switching presets) rather than having to individually...
  39. actionjackson12

    Looper Mode Clipping

    Ok, I know "Tickling the Reds" is appropriate and DOES not mean i'm clipping. But exactly how much should I be "Tickling" them? I am in a 2 piece band and play prog/fusion metal and I use the looper a lot. Obviously when you loop something you are doubling the signal, I get that, but I cannot...
  40. actionjackson12


    Is it possible to control the Looper using MIDI program changes through logic and/or pro tools?
  41. actionjackson12

    Superior Drummer/Axe-FX Simultaneous MIDI control/patch changes through Logic/Protool

    Is it possible to control Superior Drummer via electronic kit while controlling axe-fx patch changes via logic/protools simultaneously? Current Setup: Axe-fxII >XLR Out 1 (L&R)>Tascam USMKII XLR IN L&R Roland electronic kit>MIDI out>Tascam USMKII MIDI In TASCAM USMKII USB out> Macbook...
  42. actionjackson12

    AXE-FX MK II, POWER AMP, FRFR Speakers RIG AND recording

    Greetings Fractal Community, I mainly do a lot of studio recording but am starting to gig here and there. As of now my rig consists of: -2-FRFR Mackie HD1221 powered speakers running stereo -AXE-FX MK II-direct into pro tools -MFC-101 Mk III Guitar: -JP6 Black Sugar, Roasted Maple Neck...
  43. actionjackson12

    AXE EDIT 3.0.1 only works for about 2 min. then loses connection.

    I have all the latest firmware/software updates etc. but when i try and use AXE-EDIT with my AXE-FX-MKII, AXE-EDIT only works for about 2 min. then I get an error message (see attachment) that says "connection lost due to timeout"....it is extremely frustrating. Has anyone else had this issue...
  44. actionjackson12

    AXE-FX MKII wont' work with multiple machines via axe-edit software

    AXE-FX MKII won't connect to multiple machines I have a laptop that I typically run my AXE-FX through and all works fine via AXE-EDIT 3.0.1 AND Fractal BOT. But I've installed all of the same software (even from fresh downloads from fractal audio.com) and also the appropriate MAC OSX USB...
  45. actionjackson12

    AXE EDIT 3.0.1 Error (can't load any preset, or see any blocks in the chain)

    I just installed AXE-EDIT 3.0.1, I read the initial release information: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "The location of saved Block Definitions has changed in version 3.0.1. Default...
  46. actionjackson12

    Trying to Create a Dynamic Delay within AXE-FX MKII

    I have exhausted several possibilities in trying to come up with a Dynamic delay setting within my Axe-FX MKII. I am particularly partial to the sound of the 2290/MOD and would prefer to keep the delay settings as is, but the problem im running into, is the delay keeps stepping on notes when I...
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